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North Carolina’s Official State Folk Dance. Origins. People who settled in the Appalachian Mountains in western NC came from many different backgrounds. African, . European (mostly English, Irish, and Scottish).

Canadian Folk Music of the folk; focus is on the lyrics because it often tells a story or recalls a
Canadian Folk Music of the folk; focus is on the lyrics beca - presentation


Leonard Cohen (1934- ). Gordon Lightfoot (1938 ). Bruce Cockburn (1945- ). Joni Mitchell (1943- ). Stan Rogers (1949-1983). Anne Murray. Buffy Sainte Marie (1941- ). Neil Young. Classic Folk Musicians.

CLOGGING INDICATOR Series AE electrical  visualelectri
CLOGGING INDICATOR Series AE electrical visualelectri - pdf


Clogging indicator AE 11 Type index ordering example AE 30 15 P 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 series AE clogging indicator electrical visualelectrical 2 version 3080 see table below 3 indicatorpressure difference pnominal 15 22 PSI 25 36 PSI 50 73 PSI 4 s

Appalachian  clogging
Appalachian clogging - presentation


What is clogging? . Clogging is an American folk dance where the feet become part of the music by striking the heal and the toes. It comes from the Appalachian Mountains. . You try!. Stand up next to your desk and follow these steps to clogging. You might be great at it if you try! .

Folk Tradition
Folk Tradition - presentation


The traditional beliefs, customs, stories, songs, and dances of a culture. Folklore is based on the concerns of ordinary people and is passed down by word of mouth.. Oral Tradition. Literature that passes by word of mouth from one generation to the next. Oral literature was a way of recording the past, glorifying leaders, and teaching morals and traditions to young people..

Folk  paintings of
Folk paintings of - presentation


Ukrainian Polissya. Maria. . Vilshanska. . Form 10. «. A picture is a poem without words. ». Но. race. Folk painting of Polissya is one of the important components of spiritual culture of this land. Conceptualization of painting as an imitative part of the integral ceremonial-folklore whole, semiotic approach to the phenomena of painting give an opportunity to penetrate into the context of its extra-plot and extra-thematic connections, to determine more exactly its ritual-magical and social-utilitarian functions. However, the study of folk painting of Polissya, particularly of icon painting and folk picture, still requires much effort, because folk icon painting has not yet been a subject of systematic collecting and studying and in the XVIII-XIX centuries suffered persecutions from official church circles. During all the years of Soviet governance folk icon and picture were not studied and in specific periods were even prohibited and destroyed. Besides, the actual state of things with collecting and studying of imitative folklore of Polissya, comparing to that of Middle .



Dhamal. Dance. This is the dance of men. This dance is popular in . MahendraGarh. , . jhajjar. .. The . Dhamal. dance is performed in the month of . Phalgun. and is an expression of the deeper emotions of the people. .

Issue 2: Clustering of Folk Cultures
Issue 2: Clustering of Folk Cultures - presentation


Isolation promotes cultural diversity. Himalayan art. Influence of the physical environment. Distinctive food preferences. Folk housing. U.S. folk house forms. Isolation and Cultural Diversity . Folk culture typically has unknown or multiple origins among groups living in relative isolation. .

Why is Folk Culture Clustered?
Why is Folk Culture Clustered? - presentation


C4K2. Objectives. Influence of the physical environment. Isolation promotes cultural diversity. Influence of the Physical Environment. Folk culture is much more dependent and tied to the land than popular culture. Why?.

Polish folk
Polish folk - presentation


music. Polish folk music:. There are many similarities in folk music to other slovenian countries like: Chech Republic, Slovacai, Ukraine, Belarus. . and Russia. . Folk music was produced by amateur singers and music players.

Folk community
Folk community - presentation


January 18, Week 12. Folk community. “I have been expelled from the folk community”. T. he Nazi folk community. More a notion than a reality. Idea of an equal community of racial comrades. Everyone’s participation.

Highlander Folk
Highlander Folk - presentation


School. Introduction to Adult Education. Dr. Crosby. Highlander Folk School: . Today. Mission Statement: “A catalyst for grassroots organizing and movement building….” . Highlander Research & Education Center.

Introduction to Folk Literature
Introduction to Folk Literature - presentation


Definition of Folk Literature. •Before writing, people were . telling stories. , . reciting poetry. , and . singing songs . about their . beliefs, dreams, and experiences. . . Much of this material formed part of the .

Folk Psychology and Phenomenal Consciousness In studying folk psycholo
Folk Psychology and Phenomenal Consciousness In studying fol - pdf


Philosophy Compass. This research was assisted by a Dissertation Completion Fellowship, which is part of the Andrew W. Mellon / American Council of Learned Societies Early Career Fellowship Program.

1 Folk and Popular Culture
1 Folk and Popular Culture - presentation


. . Culture:. .  . What people care about …. .  . What people take care of…. 2. Folk & Popular Culture: Terms. HABIT. “a repetitive act that a particular . individual. . performs”.

Chapter 4 Folk and Popular Culture
Chapter 4 Folk and Popular Culture - presentation


. Read pg. 108 in book. Culture and Customs. People living in other locations often have extremely different social customs. . Geographers ask why such differences exist and how social customs are related to the cultural landscape..

The composition of Russian Folk Orchestra
The composition of Russian Folk Orchestra - presentation


S. Petersburg, October 2013. Russian folk orchestra includes 6 main groups of instruments . 1.. Domras. .. Domra. . – a Russian . folk stringed musical instrument with three or four strings. Used to produce sound pick..

Folk and Popular Culture
Folk and Popular Culture - presentation


Origin of Culture. Folk Culture. Isolated, clustered. Topics involve every day life, environment, beliefs. Passed down orally. Traditions . Spread by relocation diffusion. Little change over time. Separate, multiple hearths.

Highlander Folk School
Highlander Folk School - presentation


Lue Her. Early Years. Founded in 1932 by Myles . H. orton, Don West and James A. . Dombroski. Originally established in . Grundry. County, Tennessee.. Early Years. D. uring . the 1930s and 1940s, the school’s main focus was labor education and the training of labor organizers.

The American Folk Tradition
The American Folk Tradition - presentation


Unit 10. Part 1. Objectives. To read, comprehend, and interpret Folk Literature.. To apply a variety of reading strategies particularly strategies for reading folk literature.. To recognize literary elements used in these selections. .

Indigenous Knowledge Pertaining to Folk Medicine of Kalab
Indigenous Knowledge Pertaining to Folk Medicine of Kalab - presentation


Mr. D. S. . Amoji. Research Scholar. Research Guide . Dr. V. T. . Kamble. Professor & Chairman. Dept. P. G. Studies and Research in Library and Information Science. Gulbarga University. , Kalaburagi.

Genres of Croatian Folk Music
Genres of Croatian Folk Music - presentation


Sonee Goles. Ganga. Lone singer for one line then other singers come in with what is described as a wail. Passionate, limited in popularity to small towns. Rare on Croatian airwaves. Popular musicians work “ganga” into their music.

Mame Khan – Folk –Sufi- Fusion
Mame Khan – Folk –Sufi- Fusion - presentation


We are Rajasthan! . Mame Khan – Folk –Sufi- Fusion. Mame Khan . . ~ . Folk Star & Coke Studio Fame. Mame. . Khan is one of the most renowned Folk and Sufi singer from Rajasthan. He sings a wide range of Folk and Sufi music from the .



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