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Sky Sky Fibre Launch
Sky Sky Fibre Launch - presentation


Results. The taxi & radio promotion achieved 5,126 competition entries, driving strong impressions online (+54% above the norm) and in social (+21% above the norm). .. OOH . in particular performed strongly, with recall being 43% higher than TV per £1 million spent. .

IS 455 Project Management
IS 455 Project Management - presentation


IS 455 Project Management – How to Launch a TPM Project Introduction Agenda: Calendar/Canvas *Tuesday: Guest Speakers: David Staloch and Tami Carlson – US Bank *Thursday: Guest Speaker: Bret Bushman - JAMF

Modern Space Exploration
Modern Space Exploration - presentation


Integrated Science. Intro. For the next few decades, the launch of Sputnik into space started a chain of events which lead us to modern space exploration.. Competition between the United States and the Soviet Union for astronomic dominance advanced technology at a pace not seen before..

Developing an Aerial Workflow for UAVs
Developing an Aerial Workflow for UAVs - presentation


Jon Skiffington, . Director of Product Management. Robert Parker, . Sales Engineer. Overview. Why UAVs?. Orthoimagery. production workflow. UAV specific concerns. Post-production workflow. Storage and distribution.

Launch year
Launch year - presentation


Interval 2: Time to first withdrawal (years). Interval 2. Launch year. First reported death. Fig . 3. . Launch year versus interval . 2 (the time lapse . between the launch of a withdrawn product and the date of the first reported .

BeauBronz - presentation


VIP Launch. (2011). Event: . BeauBronz. VIP Launch. Venue: Millennium Hotel Mayfair 6-8pm. This summer, . BeauBronz. teamed up with The award winning Gina Conway Aveda Salon and Spas to launch a brand new natural spray tanning treatment – Spa Bronze. .

Regulating - presentation


eGaming. in BC. NAGRA WEBINAR. March 17, 2011. . . Terminology. Terminology used during presentation.. BCLC, GPEB, TST, CGI. eGaming, eCasino, ePoker, . . Gaming supplies (equipment).

FRR Presentation
FRR Presentation - presentation


Launch Vehicle. Launch . Vehicle Summary.  . The length of the rocked is 114.500 inches, and the mass is 373.66 ounces..  .  . We have a dual Deployment Recovery System with a 24 inch drogue parachute and a 72 inch main parachute. The drogue is a Fruity Chutes Classic with high strength webbing and the main parachute is a Fruity Chutes Iris Ultra Parachute..

Origins Space Telescope (OST)
Origins Space Telescope (OST) - presentation


Mission Concept 1. Open Issues. Face-to-Face . #5. June . 1-2, 2017. 1. . 1. Concept 1 Design Status/Issues. Concept 1 mass is . ~. 2. ,000 kg over the launch vehicle (Vulcan Aces 5m fairing) lift capability .

Peninsula Clean Energy
Peninsula Clean Energy - presentation


Board of Directors Meeting. April 14, 2016. Agenda. Call to order / Roll call. Administering the Oath of . Office (if necessary). Public Comment. Action to set the agenda and approve consent items. 1. County Staff Report.

Burton’s Foods
Burton’s Foods - presentation


Cadbury Biscuits. Results. Ad awareness was significantly ahead of industry norms, with purchase consideration increasing massively to finish +10% versus the industry average. .. Point-of-Sale advertising drove a +24% sales uplift during the campaign and +13% post campaign – again above industry norms..

Christopher M. Hearsey, J.D., M.S.
Christopher M. Hearsey, J.D., M.S. - presentation


Founder & CEO, OSA Consulting, LLC. Closed for Operations: Non-Interference Zones and the Cadence of the New Space Race. *This presentation is for academic purposes only and does not constitute legal or business advice*.

Rocketry - presentation


In . Motion. GRASP. Review:. SC.6.P.12.1. Measure and graph distance versus time for an object moving at a constant speed. Interpret this . relationship. . . 10 m/5 s= 2 m/s. 5 m/10 s= .5m/s. 0. m/10 s= 0m/s.

AESIR Ballooning 02/28/18
AESIR Ballooning 02/28/18 - presentation


Updates. USIP launches asap. HASP- waiting for ozone sensor. LMAH V habitat launch. Pre- flight roles. Flight prediction. Weather. File NOTAM. Heavy supplies/state vehicles. Payloads. Weights. Tracking and cameras.

Startup Lessons Learned
Startup Lessons Learned - presentation


Drew Houston. @drewhouston. Background. Cofounder & CEO, Dropbox. Earlier: MIT comp sci (‘05), started online SAT prep co, engineer @ startups . Easiest way to share files across computers & with other people.

Launch of
Launch of - presentation


AsianLII’s. . Myanmar/Burma legal databases. . Launch hosted . by . AustLII. and by the. . Australia/Myanmar Constitutional Development Project. . Background. Objectives. To provide a useful tool for researchers.

PIZZA TO POLICY: - presentation


Social Media Analytics of a Pizza and implications for policy making . Ashish. . Rathore. IIT Delhi, . INDIA. CPRsouth. 2016. Zanzibar. Research Question. How does the usage of social media provide valuable insights to businesses in developing new products?.

Shuttle-Derived Heavy Lift Launch Vehicle
Shuttle-Derived Heavy Lift Launch Vehicle - presentation


Presented to the Review of U.S. Human Spaceflight Plans Committee . June 17, 2009. 1. 1990’s NASA sponsored Shuttle C. Side-Mount Shuttle Derived Vehicle Concepts. Have Matured Via Several Major Design Studies.

An Assessment of
An Assessment of - presentation


CubeSat. Collision Risk. H.G. Lewis. 1. , B.S. Schwarz. 1. , S.G. George. 1. and H. Stokes. 2. 1 . Astronautics Research Group, Faculty of Engineering & the Environment, University of Southampton, UK.

Should we be this close to the roc….
Should we be this close to the roc…. - presentation


Health and Safety . On the United Kingdom Rocketry Association (UKRA) website you can find their safety code which cover most things you need to know…and yes it does tell you how far back you should stand when launching a rocket. .

Robert D. Cabana Director, Kennedy Space Center
Robert D. Cabana Director, Kennedy Space Center - presentation


NASA Vision. Ground Systems Development and Operations Program. O&C High Bay. Mobile Launcher. Interim Cryogenic Propulsion Stage Umbilical. Orion Service Module Umbilical. Aft Skirt Electrical Umbilical.

MDB1031 ADVANCED ENGLISH - presentation


MDB1031 ADVANCED ENGLISH I SKILLS FOR THE 21st CENTURY SKILLS FOR THE 21st CENTURY Did any of you think whether Einstein really said the previous qu o te ? SKILLS FOR THE 21st CENTURY Geneticists

- presentation


EMCEE DEEPTI. . Anchored events for. :. Toyota. . (. Etios. , sports car launch),. LG. (deep cool refrigerator launch). Hero . honda. . (Hunk Launch). Taaza. Tea . ( event with master chef . Pankaj.

University of Central Florida
University of Central Florida - presentation


CDR Presentation. 2015-2016. AXIOM . Overview . Launch Vehicle Design. Dimensions. Stability. Propulsions. Avionics. Recovery System. Payload Bay Integration. Subscale Manufacturing . Subscale Data. AGSE Design.

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