Repartitioning PowerPoint Presentations - PPT

Dynamic Load Balancing in Scientific Simulation
Dynamic Load Balancing in Scientific Simulation - presentation


Angen Zheng. Static. Load . Balancing. Distribute the load evenly across processing unit.. Is this good enough? . It depends!. No data dependency!. Load distribution remain unchanged!. Initial Balanced Load Distribution.

Lecture 17: Distributed Transactions
Lecture 17: Distributed Transactions - presentation


11/8/2017. Recap: Parallel Query Processing. Three main ways to parallelize. 1. Run multiple queries, each on a different thread. 2. Run operators in different threads (“pipeline”). 3. Partition data, process each partition in a different processor.

OpenFOAM on a GPU-based Heterogeneous Cluster
OpenFOAM on a GPU-based Heterogeneous Cluster - presentation


Rajat Phull, . Srihari. Cadambi, Nishkam Ravi and Srimat Chakradhar. NEC Laboratories America. Princeton, New Jersey, USA.. OpenFOAM Overview. OpenFOAM stands for:. ‘. O. pen . F.

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