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Electrical Code Definitions. Understanding Code. Accessible. Wiring components are considered accessible when access is gained without damaging the structure.. Example:. Conductors connected to switches and receptacles are accessible by a removable plate or device.. ID: 478186

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Article 100

Electrical Code Definitions

Understanding Code



Wiring components are considered accessible when access is gained without damaging the structure.Example: Conductors connected to switches and receptacles are accessible by a removable plate or device.

If you can move this dresser, and it has a cover plate it’s accessible


Accessible (Equipment)

Accessible equipment is equipment not guarded by locked doors, elevators, or other.Exception: Overcurrent devices don not have to be readily accessible if located adjacent to the equipment where access is achieved by the use of portable means.

Meaning that if you had to get a ladder to reset this breaker, it’s considered accessible equipment as long as it’s not blocked.


Accessible (Readily Accessible)

Readily accessible means capable of being reached quickly without have to climb or remove obstacles.Example: A service disconnecting means must be readily accessible or near the entry point of the service conductor.

Bushes in front electrical components that come under the code of readily accessible must be cut down.


Accessible (Readily Accessible)

Ready accessibility to wiring in luminaires is not required. In most cases, access can be gained through the use of a ladder or scaffolding ect. Conductors: With junction boxes of recessed luminaires can be accessed by removing part of the luminaire.

As long as you can remove the trim and access the junction box it will be considered readily accessible!



Utilization equipment of a commonly built-in standard, installed as a unit such as AC, or a stove….


Not Readily Accessible

Capable of being reached quickly for operation, renewal, or inspections without climbing over or having to remove obstacles.

A ceiling receptacle installed is not readily accessible, and it must have a ground-fault interrupter (GFCI) .


Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupter

A device intended to provide protection from the effects of arc faults by recognizing characteristics unique to arcing and by de-energizing the circuit when an arc fault is detected.

An AFCI is basically like a GFCI but it will protect the entire circuit from the breaker and back.


Attachment Plug

An attachment plug (plug cap) is a device that, when inserted into a receptacle establishes a connection between the conductors of a cord and the receptacle.



Connected to establish electrical continuity and conductivity.

Bonding means that everything is connected or conductivity of the electron through wires.


Bonding Jumper (Main)

When metal parts are required to be electrically connected, a reliable conductor (Bonding Jumper) is installed, thereby guaranteeing electrical conductivity.

The main bonding jumper is connection at the service between the grounded circuit conductor and the equipment grounding conductor.


Bonding Jumper (Main)

An Equipment bonding jumper is the connection between two or more portions of the equipment grounding conductor.

Notice the bonding jumper must be made of copper or other corrosion-resistant material. A wire, bus, screw, or similar suitable conductor is acceptable as a main bonding.


Branch Circuit Appliance

An appliance branch circuit supplies energy to one or more outlets for the purpose of connecting appliances.

These circuits exclude the connection of luminaires (lights) unless they are part of the appliance being connected.


Branch Circuit

The circuit conductors found between a circuit’s final overcurrent protective device (breaker) and the circuit’s outlet is called a branch circuit.

Branch circuits are divided into four categories: Appliance, General purpose, Individual, and Multi-wire.


Branch Circuit Individual

An individual branch circuit supplies only one piece of utilization equipment.

Branch circuits are divided into four categories: Appliance, General purpose, Individual, and Multi-wire.


Branch Circuit General Purpose

A general purpose branch circuit supplies two or more receptacles or outlets for lighting and appliances.

Here we see a general purpose branch circuit.


Branch Circuit Multi-wire

A. A voltmeter will not register a voltage when connected to the same ungrounded (hot) phase.

B. There a multi-wire circuit must consists of two or more ungrounded (hot) conductors that have a voltage between them.

Main panel


Branch Circuit Multi-wire

C. The one grounded Neutral conductor of a multi-wire circuit must be connected to the neutral or grounded conductor of the system

Main panel


Branch Circuit Multi-wire

D. All conductors of a multi-wire branch circuit must originate from the same panel board or similar distribution equipment.

Main panel


Branch Circuit Multi-wire

E. There must be only one grounded neutral conductor, and there must be an equal voltage between it and each undergrounded conductor of the circuit.

See 210.4 A through D for additional requirements…


Branch Circuit Multi-wire

Multi-wire circuit

consists of one (or more) duplex receptacles, one or more multiple receptacles single or combination.

A. A

duplex receptacle

can be supplied by two branch circuits by removing the tab. This receptacle is fed from a multi-wire branch circuit.

B. This


has been removed to allow separate feeds of each outlet.


Branch Circuit Multi-wire

C. Each multi-wire branch circuit must be provided with a means that will

simultaneously disconnects

all ungrounded (hot) conductors at the point where branch circuits originate.


Branch Circuit Multi-wire

D. Although the box contains a multi-wire branch circuit,

only one ungrounded (hot) conductor is feeding this duplex receptacle.

See 210.70 for switch controlled



Concealed means rendered inaccessible by the structure of finish of a buildingConductors in concealed raceways, even though they become accessible by withdrawing them, are still considered concealed.

Raceway containing branch circuit conductors in concrete


Conduit Body

A conduit body is a separate portion of a conduit (tubing) system providing access to the interior of the system through a removable cover at a junction.

Conduit (Junction) Box


Conduit Body

B. FS, FD and larger boxes (cast or sheet metal) are not classified as conduit bodies.C. A single conduit is not permitted as sole support for an FS-type or weatherproof junction box.Show FS boxes in Material PDF

FS (Ferris Box Standard) FSS (Ferris Box Continuous)


Continuous Load

A load having the maximum level of current sustained for three hours or more is referred to as a continuous load.Office lighting is an example of a continuous load.

It can apply to industrial motor as well that run facilities…



A unit of an electrical system that carries or controls electrical energy as its principal function is known as a device.

Duplexes control outlets of energy, as well as switches and can be used in conjunction such as a garbage disposal…



Equipment, conductors, ect., surrounded by a case, housing, fence, or walls and it prevents people from accidentally contacting energized parts is referred to as “enclosed.”



Any case, housing, apparatus, fence, or wall surrounding an installation designed to prevent personnel from accidentally contacting energized parts to protect the equipment from physical damage serves as an enclosure.

Enclosure for a motor starter



Equipment is a general term, including fittings, devices, appliances, luminaires, apparatus, machinery, and ect., which is used indirectly or directly on electrical installations.

All this can be considered equipment…pretty much anything sold at home depot



A. A feeder consists of all circuit conductors located between the service equipment, the source of a separately derived system, or other power supply source and the final branch-circuit overcurrent device. B. Branch Circuits…

B. Branch Circuits…


Festoon Lighting

A. Festoon lighting is a string of outdoor lights suspended between two points.


Festoon Lighting

B. Overhead conductors for festoon lighting shall not be smaller than 12 AWG unless supported by messenger wires…


Festoon Lighting

C. Messenger wire(s), together with insulators is used to support conductors in all span exceeding 40ft (12m) in length. They can’t be attached to any fire escape, downspout or plumbing equipment.



A. A fitting is an accessory, such as a locknut or bushing, whose function is primarily mechanical, rather than electrical in nature.


Grounded Conductor

A. A grounded conductor is a system or circuit conductor that is intentionally grounded. Ground is defined as earth.


Grounded Conductor Cont…

B. Grounded (grounding) is defined as being connected to ground or to a conductive body that extends to the a ground connection.


Grounding Electrode:

The path installed with all the parts of the path A – G.

A. Main Equipment

B. Conductive Path

C. Grounded Neutral

D. Bonding Jumper

E. Bonding Conductor

F. Grounding Electrode Conductor

G. Grounding Electrode



Guarded is defined as covered, shielded, fenced, enclosed, or otherwise protected by barriers, rails, screens, mats, or a platform removing the approach of contact by people or persons.


In Sight

A. NEC defines in sight from, within, or within sight to the applied equipment and indicates that specified items or equipment is visible and not more than 50 Ft. apart.B. A motor disconnecting means must be located in sight from the motor location as required by 430.102NEC


Lighting Outlets

A. An outlet intended for the direct connection of a lamp holder or luminaire is called a lighting outlet.NEC


Location Damp

A. Damp locations are those subject to moderate degrees of moisture. Exterior protected locations under canopies, roofs, porches, and similar sites are considered damp locations.NEC


Location Dry

A. Dry locations are those not normally subject to moisture except on a temporary basis such as a building under Construction…NEC





is a complete lighting unit consisting of a light source such as a lamp or lamps, together with the parts designed to position the light source and connect it to the power supply.

It may also

include parts

to protect the light source ballast or distribute the light.

A lamp holder itself is not a luminaire.



Multi-Outlet Assembly

A. A surface, flush, or freestanding raceway designed to hold conductors and receptacles (in the field or the factory).


Location Wet

A. Installations in any of the following categories are wet locations, underground, within concrete slabs, in masonry areas subject to saturation or liquids and in locations unprotected from weather.


Neutral Conductor or Point




neutral point

is the common point on a Wye-connection in a polyphase system.


Neutral Conductor or Point



neutral point

is the midpoint on a single-phase portion of a 3 wire system.


Neutral Conductor or Point

C. The neutral point is the midpoint on a single-phase portion of a 3 phase Delta System.


Neutral Conductor or Point



neutral point

is the midpoint on a single-phase portion of a 3 wire direct current system.



A point in a wiring system from which current is taken to supply utilization equipment is known as an outlet.


Overcurrent Protection Device

A branch-circuit overcurrent protection is a device capable of protecting feeders, branch circuits, service equipment between its rated current and its interrupting rating.

Overcurrent Protection (Breaker)


Plenum (Space)

A. The space above a suspended ceiling used for environmental air-handling purposes is an example of other space used for environmental air described in 300.22


Plenum (Space)

B. A compartment or chamber having one or more attached air ducts and forming the distribution system is known as a plenum.



A. A contact device installed at an outlet for the connection of an attachment plug is a receptacle.


Separately Derived System

B. A separately derived system is a premises wiring system whose power is derived from a source of electric energy or equipment other than a service. It has no direct connection from circuit conductors.



A. The conductors and equipment that deliver energy from the serving utility to the wiring system of the premises are called the service…


Service Conductors

A. The conductors from the service point to the service disconnecting means are known as service conductors…


Service Drop

A. The overhead conductors between the utility electric supply and the service point.


Service Equipment

A. Service equipment is that equipment (circuit breaker), switches, fuses, and other that is necessary to constitute the main control and cutoff that is connected to the load end of the service conductors.


Service Lateral


The service lateral is the underground conductors between the utility electric supply system and the service point.


Service Point

A. The service point is the point of connection between the facilities of the serving utility and the premises wiring.


Special PermissionAHJ

Special permission is the written consent of the authority having Jurisdiction or the AHJ who enforce the NEC and grant variances in the code (building department).


Check The Knowledge…

A ____ branch circuit supplies two or more receptacles or outlets for lighting and appliances?



Check The Knowledge…

Not readily accessible means you don’t have to worry about it at all or ever have to service it? T/F



Check The Knowledge…

A grounded conductor is a jumper to the main box on a feeder tube.







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