Dx xDD MxbD bMfb kk x D fbkDbDkfD  kD  k    D   k Dx fDkM f bT Df Df
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Dx xDD MxbD bMfb kk x D fbkDbDkfD kD k D k Dx fDkM f bT Df Df

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Dx xDD MxbD bMfb kk x D fbkDbDkfD kD k D k Dx fDkM f bT Df Df

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Page 1
Dx ˜x˜D2˜_D– 2˜__˜–M–_–xb\D b–Mfb ˜_k–_k– x 2D˜ fb–_k2D–b_D–˜_2_˜–_k–f_2D –__\8–– kD 8–– k˜\_ 8– – 8–– `D\ ––– \ k Dx ˜fDk˜–M–\ f 2bT8– _2\Df_˜8– _2\Df_˜ 8–  ˜\bT––  ˜\bT–– k ˜f8– \ b b– k˜_˜˜D–M–˜T ; ˜D– k ˜f 8– \ b b–

k˜_˜˜D–M–˜T ; ˜D– D;_2 b–;2 ˜_k––DD 2\8–;2\D8– k;_ D2D_D–DfD–R8–  2aTnk;–#–n(`D2˜_D –b\D b–Mfb ˜_k– _b bD–_˜\– –_D– kTD–M–_k_2 ˜_k–b_aD–x˜D2˜_D– ˜–b_D8– xxD˜_˜D– k–T˜\–xf˜D8–T ˜_k˜D˜_k b– k–\Dx ˜_2–DTb ˜8– –˜D ˜fDk˜–M–\Dx ˜_2–

Mk2˜_k8–M–\Dx ˜_2–DTDkD ˜_k– –Dbb– –b_D–˜_fb k˜– k–˜k_2}–Dx_˜D–˜\D–_DxD –D8– ˜\DD–_– –b 2a–M–2_Dk˜_N–2–D_Dk2D–k–˜\D_–DMN–2 2– k– MD˜}–\_–˜– –kD˜ aDk–˜–D b ˜D–˜\D– \Dx ˜x˜D2˜_D– 2˜__˜–M–_–2ffD2_ bb– _b bD–Mfb ˜_k8–k fDb–

_–O8– _DTDk8– _a_k8– 2˜TDk8–˜_fb_– k–DMb_–_k– 2˜D–b_D–˜_2_˜–_k–f_2D–fDb–_k2D––x 2D˜ fb–z} D˜\n; –_– b_k–f_2D–M–D_˜\D–D–DD–D8–__D–_k–E–Tx–_˜\–_–_k–D 2\–Tx}–\D– D–M–˜\D–xb\D b–Mfb ˜_k– –2 b2b ˜D–Mf–\f k–D–z–fb• –_kT– –˜ k –

2kD_k–˜ bD}–\D–DD–T_Dk– –xD˜D ˜fDk˜–z}”–fb•aT• –M–– –– b–˜D–˜_2D– – – x_–˜–– f_k_˜ ˜_k}– Dx ˜˜_2_˜– –_k2D–– f_k_˜D_kT– –_kTbD– b–D–M–– zO–fT•aT––k– –E}–\D–˜–x fD˜D–DD–2k2˜D–k– –}–\D–_2\Df_2 b–x fD˜D–

_k2bD–b_D–DkfD–bDDb– b k_kD–˜ k f_k D–z 8– x ˜ ˜D–˜ k f_k D–z– k– ba b_kD– x\x\ ˜ D–z }–\D–x\ f 2bT_2 b– k–x ˜\bT_2 b–x fD˜D–DD–x\Dk _˜kD–bDDx_kT– ˜_fD– k–f 22x_2– k–f_22x_2–2\ kTD–M–b_D–˜_D–DxD2˜_Db} Db˜ ––˜_2_˜–_Tk_N–2 k˜b–_k2D D– 8–– k–

–zš}––E}š8–š}––RO}”E8–O}O– –}”R– •b––kf b–2k˜b8–šš}šš––}”8–E}šš––}O8–O}––}R– •b–DxD2˜_Db8–  }O8– xbkTD–x\Dk _˜kD–_k2D–bDDx_kT–˜_fD–zMf–}O––E}R–f_k–˜–ššO}Eš––}–f_k8– }O}– }O}–

\Dk––\_T\D–D–zT•aT–x}}–_kTbD–D– –D8–˜\D–b_D–˜_D8–_k–f 22x_2– xxD k2D8– \D–D˜Dk_D–kD2_– 2_ ˜D–_˜\–\ Df\ TD}– –D–zO–fT•aT–x}}–_kTbD–D–\D– xk2˜ ˜D–\ Df\ T_2–kD2_–M–b_D–˜_D}– k–˜\D–f_22x_2–˜_D8––_k2D–˜_2_˜–\D– \ Df\ TD8–M ˜˜–2\ kTD–

k–kD2_}–\D–xD˜D ˜fDk˜–_k–b–D–z}”–fb•aT• –_˜\–b__– Mfb ˜_k–M– _–O– k– _DTDk–DDD–˜\D––_k2D–b_D–˜_2_˜}–˜–\_T\D–D–zO}–fb• aT• 8– bb–˜\D–_–\D b–Mfb ˜_k–2k2b_Db–\D–f aD–DkDN–2_ b–DMMD2˜–_k–˜\D–˜_D– x\ f 2bT_2 b8–_2\Df_2 b– k–\_˜bT_2 b–x

fD˜D} k˜DxD˜ ˜_nk–#–2nk2b_nk –\D–xDDk˜–N–k_kT–Dfk˜ ˜D–˜\D–DMN–2 2–M–xb\D b–b__– Mfb ˜_k– ˜–˜–D–bDDb–_k––_k2D–\Dx ˜˜_2_˜–_k–f_2D}– DD8–_˜–TTD˜–˜\ ˜– –D– `˜fDk˜–f –D–kD2D –˜–x˜_f_D–˜\D–DMMD2˜–_k–2b_k_2 b–D˜˜_kT}– D–

– Dx ˜x˜D2˜_D–^–\Dx ˜˜_2_˜–^–b_D–DkfD–^–x 2D˜ fb–^–xb\D b–Mfb ˜_k– k_ k– –D–D–8– –8–xx–O”^O
Page 2
\D D– D–kfD–xb k˜– k–˜ _˜_k b– Mfb ˜_k– _b bD–M–˜\D–˜D ˜fDk˜–M–b_D– _D D 8 –˜–”–2ffD2_ b–\D b–Mfb ˜_k– _˜\–2b _fD–\Dx ˜x˜D2˜_D–

2˜__˜– D–D_kT–b– bb– D–˜\D–b–k––x\˜2k˜_˜Dk˜–_b ˜D– Mf––xb k˜–DbkT_kT–˜–OO–M f_b_D–\ D–DDk– Dx˜D–˜–xD–\Dx ˜x˜D2˜_D– 2˜__˜–– k– k_ 8– fD–˜\ k–š–fD_2_k b–xb k˜– D–D–_k–_MMDDk˜– 2f_k ˜_k–_k–˜\D–xDx ˜_k–M–R–x ˜Dk˜D–\D b–

Mfb ˜_k – DD8–kb– –f bb–xx˜_k–M– \Dx ˜x˜D2˜_D–xb k˜– –Dbb– –Mfb ˜_k–D–_k– ˜ _˜_k b–fD_2_kD– D–x\ f 2bT_2 bb–D b ˜D– M–˜\D_– MD˜– k–DMN–2 2 –fD–\D b–xDx ˜_k– D_˜– –˜ k _D–D˜ 2˜–_˜\–f `–akk– _kTD_Dk˜––DDk–xD–2fxk–\_2\– D–D_kT– D b ˜D –  _–

2˜_D–2k˜_˜Dk˜–_b ˜D–Mf–xb k˜– D– kT x\b_D–Mf– k;T x\_–x k_2b ˜ 8– x_2b_–Mf– _2\_ –a 8–x\bb k˜\_k– k– \xx\bb k˜\_k–Mf– \bb k˜\–k__ – k–fD˜\– Dk_2– 2_–Mf–  xx _–x_k 8–\_2\–\ D– DDk–Dx˜D–˜–D– k˜_\Dx ˜˜_2 O^ –\DD– 2˜_D– 2k˜_˜Dk˜–_˜\– k˜__ ˜_D8–

k˜_N–˜_28– k˜__ b– k–˜\D–xxD˜_D–f –DD– –x_f –2fxk– M–M˜\D–DDbxfDk˜– –\Dx ˜x˜D2˜_D–T – k–˜\D–xDDk˜–˜8–_–xb\D b–\Dx ˜x˜D2˜_D– Mfb ˜_k8–k fDb– _–O8– _DTDk8– _a_k8– 2˜TDk8–˜_fb_– k–DMb_–DD– kfb–DbD2˜D– Mf–R–2\–Mfb ˜_k–\D–2_˜D_

–M–DbD2˜_k– DD– D–k– z_ –2b _fD– –D_2–fD_2_kD8– z__ 2ffD2_ bb– _b bD8– z___ –b__–Mfb ˜_k–M– D – f_k_˜ ˜_k8– z_ –_˜\–akk–\Dx ˜x˜D2˜_D– 2˜__˜–M–kD––fD–xb k˜8– k– z –MN–2_Dk˜–\DbM– b_MD–\DD–\D b–T–\ D–DDk–˜ _˜_k bb–D– M–b_D–_D D– k–˜\D–xb\D b–Mfb

˜_k8– 2b _fD–˜–D–D_2–fD_2_kD– D–D_kT–b– – b_D–˜k_2 k– k–D b_D–˜8– k˜_\Dx ˜˜_2– 2˜__˜–M–– k_ k–\D b–Mfb ˜_k– –_kD˜_T ˜D– T _k˜– 2 k–˜D˜ 2\b_D–_k2D–\Dx ˜˜_2_˜–_k– ˜– k–2fx _k– –f D–_˜\–_bf _k–˜D ˜fDk˜ –

\D–Db˜–M–˜\_–˜–˜\T\–`˜_N–D–˜\D–D–M– _–xb\D b–Mfb ˜_k–M–\Dx ˜x˜D2˜_k– \ –f k–b_f_˜ ˜_k– –_˜– –k˜– –b_kD–˜8– b__–Mfb ˜_k–DD–2fx D–_˜\–_bf _k– \_2\–_– –b_–Mfb ˜_k8–˜\D–T–DD– f_k_˜DD–_k˜ xD_˜kD bb8– k–k b–˜D–M– \f k–

k–_˜–b 2aD–_k–\_˜x ˜\bT_2 b–D_Dk2D–M– \Dx ˜x˜D2˜_k k–˜\D–xDDk˜–˜8–_–DbD2˜D–Mfb ˜_k–DD– b_kD– k –2D– k–˜\D_–DMN–2 2– –˜_D–k– b_kD– k 2D– k– ˜\D_– DMN 2 2– – ˜_D– k– b_kD– k _2\Df_2 b8–\_˜x ˜\bT_2 b– k–x\ f 2bT_2 b– x fD˜D–_˜\–˜\D–`D2˜_D–˜– 2D˜

_k–\D˜\D–˜\D– _–\Dx ˜x˜D2˜_D–xb\D b–Mfb ˜_k–DbD2˜D– DD–DMMD2˜_D– T _k˜–x 2D˜ fb–z–_k2D– \Dx ˜˜_2_˜–_k–f_2D  ˜D_ b––D˜\ k_f b kD–_– b_k–f_2D–D_T\_kT–^ š–T–M–D_˜\D–D8–D–_k–Dk˜ b–k_f b– D8– \ b b– k˜_˜˜D–M–˜T ˜D–D_2 b–2 ˜_k– –DD 2\–z

8–2\D–DD–x2D– k–D–M–˜\D–˜–\D– k_f b–DD– bbD– M–xDbbD˜–z _k˜ k– DD8–f _– k– ˜D– ;–b__˜f –k_f b–DD–f _k˜ _kD–_k–˜ k –b – 2k_˜_k–z–\––\– a– k–b_T\˜–22bD––O– – ˜DfxD ˜D–\D–˜– – xxD––˜\D– k˜_˜˜D– k_f b–˜\_2–ff_˜˜DD8–

8–2\D– _–xb\D b–\Dx ˜x˜D2˜_D–b__–Mfb ˜_k– z bD– –DD– kfb–DbD2˜D–Mf–kD b–R–\D b– xDx ˜_k– _b bD–_k–˜\D– k_ k–f aD˜–M–˜D ˜_kT– b_D–_D D–\DD–Mfb ˜_k–DD–b_kD– k– 2D– k–˜\D_–DMMD2˜_DkD– –˜D˜D– T _k˜–˜\D– ^_k2D–\Dx ˜˜_2_˜–_k–f_2D–k–_2\Df_2 b8–

\_˜x ˜\bT_2 b– k–x\ f 2bT_2 b–x fD˜D– \D–Mfb ˜_k–DD–D2D– M˜D–˜\D–Db˜–DD– ˜ _kD– \D–D–M–xb\D b–T–DD–2 b2b ˜D– ˜–xD2_Db–f ˜2\–_˜\–˜\D–\f k–D–DfxbD– 22_kT–˜–˜\D–f kM 2˜DŠ–_k˜2˜_k–\D– D TD–D2ffDkD–\f k–D–M––fb• – – 2kD˜D–˜–˜\

˜–M–f_2D–– –˜ k –2kD_k– ˜ bD –\D–D b_D–a –TTD˜D– –x ˜_ b–x˜D2˜_k– –_kT–O–fb–˜\DD–˜_fD– – – –\f k–D– _f_b b8–D–\ D–D– –2ffk–f_k_ff–M––fb• – –˜\D–\f k–D–\D–Mfb ˜_k–DD––˜_fD– _b˜D– k–DD–T_Dk–˜_2D– _b–M–– –– b–

˜D– –xD˜D ˜fDk˜–z”–fb•aT–• –MbbD– – –_kTbD– b–D–M––k–˜\D–D_T\˜\– –\D– DMMD2˜–DD–2fx D– fkT–˜\D–_–xb\D b– Mfb ˜_k––bD–D–xD˜D ˜fDk˜–zx–O–fb• aT–• – – b–˜_D–_˜\–˜\D–Mfb ˜_k– M˜D–

N–D–˜_fD–_b˜_kT–_˜\–_˜_bbD– ˜D–\_– –kD– ˜–DD–_M–˜\DD– –\Dx ˜x˜D2˜_k– ˜–˜^D– bDDb––DD_kT–˜\D––_k2D–\Dx ˜˜_2_˜– \D–xDDk˜–R–fb• –\f k–D–M _b–f ˜2\D–_˜\– ˜\D–D b_D–˜–M–RO–fb• – –\f k–D D ˜fDk˜–Tx k_f

b–DD–__D–_k˜–– Tx–zkI”•Tx8–_˜\–R–Tx–M–_2\Df_2 b–  – ––8––
Page 3
k–\_˜x ˜\bT_2 b–x fD˜D– k– k˜\D–R– M–x\ f 2bT_2 b–x fD˜D8– _D ’–x\Dk _˜kD– _k2D–bDDx_kT–˜_fD x–^– f b–2k˜b –\D– k_f b–D2D_D– _˜_bbD– ˜D–M–– x–^– k;2˜_k–M–\Dx

˜˜_2_˜––_kT– \D– k_f b–D2D_D–_˜_bbD– ˜D–M–– – k– T_Dk––z\Df_–\ f 8–f _–_kTbD–D8– O–fT•aT–– bb–k– –––––––––––––––– x–š–˜–^–D˜D ˜fDk˜–_˜\–xb\D b– Mfb ˜_k– ˜–”–fb•aT–• –M–– –zx– MbbD––

–_kTbD–D–M––k– – x––˜–R–^–D˜D ˜fDk˜–_˜\–xb\D b– Mfb ˜_k– ˜–O–fb•aT–• –M–– –zx– MbbD–– –_kTbD–D–M––k– – x–O–^– f b–x\Dk _˜kD–\xk_–˜_fD k_f b–D2D_D–_˜_bbD– ˜D–M–– –MbbD– – –_kTbD–D–M–x\Dk

_˜kD8–R–fT•aT8–_x–z– T8–\Dkk _– x–”^– \Dk _˜kD–\xk_–˜_fD– M˜D–– ˜_2_˜ –\D– k_f b–D2D_D–_˜_bbD– ˜D–M–– – k–T_Dk––_kTbD–D8–O–fT•aT–– bb– k– ––MbbD–– –_kTbD–D–M–x\Dk _˜kD– k– –– x––˜–^–D˜D

˜fDk˜–_˜\–”–fb•aT–• – M–xb\D b–Mfb ˜_k–M–– –MbbD–– –k– –– k–x\Dk _˜kD–k– – x–š–˜–^–D˜D ˜fDk˜–_˜\–O–fb•aT–• – M–xb\D b–Mfb ˜_k–M–– –MbbD–– –k– –– k–x\Dk _˜kD–k– – _2\Df_2 b– k;–\_˜x ˜\bT_2 b–x fD˜D –

M˜D–R–\–M–– f_k_˜ ˜_k8– k_f b–DD– k D˜\D˜_D–_kT–D˜\D–z –\ f 8– D – k––fb–M–b– –2bbD2˜D––2 _ 2–xk2˜D–  bD– }– _˜–M–_–2ffD2_ bb– _b bD–xb\D b–b__–Mfb ˜_k–_kD˜_T ˜D–M–\Dx ˜x˜D2˜_D– 2˜__˜– b–k  fD–M–˜\D–Mfb ˜_k b k˜–D–_k–˜\D–Mfb ˜_k

k_2 ˜_k D _–O z _f b – T–8– kT bD 2\_bbD –f_bbDMb_f8– xx _–x_k 8–  _ –22_;Dk˜ b_8–_2\_f–_k˜8– b kf–k_Tf8– f _–T bb_2 8– Df_k b_ – `k D_2–fD_2_kD8 x˜D2˜–b_D– T _k˜– _–\Dx ˜˜_k8– xf˜D– xxD˜_˜D– k– T˜\ ^š–˜D xk––˜–š– ˜_fD– _b– _DTDk z˜ k –\ f 2D˜_2 b8– D fxD8–D˜–DkT b k;T

x\_–x k_2b ˜ 8–x_f–T DbDk8– ˜D 2 k˜\ –bkT_Mb_ 8– _ – kT˜_Mb_ 8–  2\xDff– ff_8–_TkDbb –MDkf^– T D2f D_2–fD_2_kD8– T ˜_k˜D˜_k b– k– \Dx ˜_2–DTb ˜ ^R–˜D xk–˜_2D– _b _a_k z D^fD8– ba ˜ k;T x\_–x k_2b ˜ 8–x_f–T DbDk8– DD_–b2_f8– f–2x˜_2f8 –_2\_f–_k˜8–xD–˜k;8– 2b_x˜ – b 8– xfD

–˜xD˜\f8–b;Dkb k;_ – 2f 8–_2\_ –a 8– Tx\_b – x_k 8–bf T–Db k_2 8–b kf–k_Tf8– Dx\_ –xxD 8–Df_k b_ – `k 8– Df_k b_ –2\Db 8–_TkDbb –MDkf^– T D2f D_2–fD_2_kD8–M– \Dx ˜_2–Mk2˜_k ^–˜D xk––˜–š– ˜_fD– _b 2˜TDk zbD˜\_2–\ f 2D˜_2 b– ˜8– kD T \_k_– 8–\bb k˜\–k__ D_2–fD_2_kD8–\_T\b–

x˜Dk˜–\Dx ˜x˜D2˜_D –_D2˜D–– x\_2_ k ˜_fb_ z k2^ k_ k–\ f 2D˜_2 b– ˜– ˜8–f _ k;T x\_–x k_2b ˜ 8–2b_x˜ – b 8– \bb k˜\–k__8– ˜_2_ –x2fDk D_2–fD_2_kD8–b_D– ˜_fb k˜– k–˜k_2 ^–˜D xk––˜–š– ˜_fD– _b DMb_ z –\ f –˜– ˜8\Dkk _ k;T x\_–x k_2b ˜ 8–2b_x˜ – b 8– 2_ff–

k2˜f8–\bb k˜\–k__8– _2\_ –a 8–_xD–bkTf8–b kf– k_Tf8–Dx\_ –xxD 8–Df_k b_ – 2\Db D_2–fD_2_kD8– ˜ k _D–b_D– Mfb ˜_k–M–DMMD2˜_D– \Dx ˜_2–DTDkD ˜_k –˜D xk–˜\_2D– _b–– –_D2˜D– –x\_2_ k 2D – fx_bD–Mf–f kM 2˜DŠ–_kMf ˜_k D b–_kTD_Dk˜– k–˜\D_–D˜ 2˜_k–x2DD– D–k˜–DD

bD––˜\D–f kM 2˜D– DD8–_˜–_–Dx˜D– – –\D^f_kD b– xDx ˜_k–2k˜ _k_kT– –a – –˜\D–f `–_kTD_Dk˜ šO –    – D˜– b  –  ––  –
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\D–b– – bbD–˜–2b˜– k–2Dk˜_MTD– zDf_8–f _– ˜–šO–T–M––f_k–\D–Df– – Dx ˜D– k–D–M– –M–

b k_kD–˜ k f_k D– z 8– x ˜ ˜D–˜ k f_k D–z– k– ba b_kD– x\x\ ˜ D–z ––˜ k –fD˜\–_kT– DkfD– –a_˜–zx k–_ Tk˜_2– ˜8– k_ – x˜D–˜–_2b ––Df_ ˜– k bD–z– D2a8–Df k–\D– k_f b–DD– 2_N–2D–– 2D_2 b–_b2 ˜_k– k–b_D–DD–D2_D8– \D– _˜\–x\x\ ˜D–MMD–

k–_D–_˜\–˜_D–x xD– \D–b_D– –D_T\D––_kT–DbD2˜k_2– b k2D– z ˜_8–Df k– k–˜ kMDD–˜– ––xD–2Dk˜– Mf b_k–N– ˜_D–b˜_k–M–R–\–\D–b_D–˜_D– DD–x2DD–M–x MN–k–DfD_kT– k–D2˜_k– M–O–f_2k–˜\_2akD–DD–˜ aDk–_k– –f_2˜fD– M˜D–˜ _k_kT–_˜\–\ Df

˜b_k– k–D_k–z 8– b_D–DD–D f_kD–kD–f_22xD–zbfx8– x k–M–\_˜x ˜\bT_2 b–2\ kTD \Dk _˜kD–_k;2D;–bDDx_kT–˜_fD –M˜D– x\Dk _˜kD– f_k_˜ ˜_k8–bDDx_kT–˜_fD– – D2D–_k–f_k˜D–Mf–kD˜–M–bDDx–˜–_˜–k ˜ b– b–\D–fD˜\– –f_N–D–Mf–D b_D–Dx˜– –_kT–x\Dk _˜kD–_k˜D

–M–xDk˜ _˜kD – \D–2k˜b–bDDx_kT–˜_fD– –2fx D–_˜\–˜\D– M––˜_2_˜–Tx– k–xb\D b–Mfb ˜_k– xD˜D ˜fDk˜–Tx \_–˜D˜–_– D–k–˜\D–M 2˜–˜\ ˜––_k2D– \Dx ˜˜_2_˜–2 D–Dk\ k2DfDk˜–M–bDDx_kT–˜_fD–D– ˜–\Dx ˜_2–_k`– – _˜ ˜D–fD˜ b_f–_–Db D–

k–D2D˜_k–_–bD– DD8–\Dx ˜x˜D2˜_D– T–D˜D–˜\D–x\Dk _˜kD–_k2D–bDDx_kT– ˜_fD––D2_kT–_˜–DDk– M˜D–– f_k_˜ ˜_k– 2˜_ ˜_k–M–\Dx ˜2Dbbb –Mk2˜_k–D˜D–˜\D–T– fD˜ b_2– 2˜__˜– k–D2D–x\Dk _˜kD–_k2D– bDDx_kT–˜_fD– ˜ ˜_˜_2 b– k b_ –\D– ˜ –DD– k

bD––kD– ––MbbD––˜Dk˜^Df k^ Db– ˜D˜–_kT– x\x – k˜ ˜–D_k–š”–z x\ – M˜ D8– k2–8––\D–2fx _k–D˜DDk– Tx– –kD––2 b2b ˜_kT–˜\D–xD2Dk˜ TD– D2˜_k–_k–D 2\–x fD˜D–2fx D–˜– _–O8– 2k_D_kT–˜\D–_MMDDk2D–D˜DDk–– k– _– O–˜D ˜fDk˜–Tx–

––xD–2Dk˜–  O– – 2k_DD– –˜ ˜_˜_2 bb–_Tk_N–2 k˜– Db˜ –zO–fT•aT––T_Dk–k2D– bb–\D– \Dx ˜˜_2_˜– M˜D–R–\– –D_Dk˜–Mf–_2\Df_2 b8– x\ f 2bT_2 b– k–\_˜x ˜\bT_2 b–x fD˜D–M– ˜\D–˜– –˜D ˜fDk˜–_Tk_N–2 k˜b–_k2D D–˜\D–Df– b_D–DkfD–bDDb8– _

8– 8–– k– –\D–  bD– } –MMD2˜–M–xD˜D ˜fDk˜–_˜\–_MMDDk˜–xb\D b–Mfb ˜_k–zD–”–fb•–aT––•– –k–Df–bDDb–M–b_D–DkfD– k–b_D– D_T\˜–M–f_2D–_k–x 2D˜ fb–z–_k2D–\Dx ˜˜_2_˜ x –_k– •b z|–D2˜_k –_k– •b z|–D2˜_k –_k– •b z|–D2˜_k

_D–D_T\˜–zT|–M– –D_T\˜ f b–2k˜b šššš––” šš––O O––R– š––O  š––š– š––RO”– OO–––”R– OR––– _–O–€– š––””– ‘8– – z ”––O– z ”Oš––R–– z ”––š– _DTDk–€– O”––””O–

‘8– – zR ––R– zš š––šš– zR O––R– _a_k–€– šORš––O– ‘8 882 z^” Ošš––RO– z šš”––O– ‘8 8 z^ R––šR 2˜TDk–€– š”O––– ‘8 882– z^š š”––” zR šR––– ‘8 8– z^” ROš––Rš– ˜_fb_–€– ––O”–

‘828– z” ORšš––š– z ”––”– ‘8– z^O R––š” DMb_–€– Ošš––O”– ‘828–– z” Oš––šO– z” ššš––ššO– 28‘– z Oš––R– \D– bD– D–DxDD– –fD k–––zkI–”–f_2D•–Tx–  O–2fx D–˜–kf b–2k˜b–Tx8––  O–2fx

D–˜–– Tx8– –  O–2fx D–˜– _–O–˜D ˜D–Tx8– –  O–2fx D–˜– _DTDk–˜D ˜D–Tx8– 2–  O–2fx D–˜– _a_k–˜D ˜D–Tx8– –  O–2fx D–˜–2˜TDk–˜D ˜D–Tx––kD^ ––MbbD––˜Dk˜^–Df k^– Db–˜D˜– –x˜^–\2–˜D˜–D2Dk˜ TD–

D2˜_k–_k–_MMDDk˜–x fD˜D–_–2fx D–˜– _–O– k–_–T_Dk–_k– 2aD˜–2k_D_kT–˜\D–_MMDDk2D–D˜DDk–– k– _–O–˜D ˜fDk˜– Tx– ––xD–2Dk˜  – ––8––
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2˜__˜–M– –zš––š– •b8––zš– –RO”– •b– k– –zOO––”R– •b– –

_Tk_N–2 k˜b–\_T\D–z _Tk_N–2 k˜b–\_T\D–z _Tk_N–2 k˜b–\_T\D–z O–_k––˜D ˜D–Tx–_k– 2fx _k–˜–kf b–2k˜b–z –šššš––”’–– šš––O’– –O––R– •b–_k_2 ˜_kT– – f aD–\Dx ˜2Dbbb –_k`–z bD– – _–xb\D b–Mfb ˜_k–k fDb– _–O8– _DTDk8–

_a_k8–2˜TDk8–˜_fb_– k–DMb_– DD–T_Dk–M–– –x_–˜––\D–xD˜D ˜fDk˜– _˜\– _–O–_k–bD–D–_Tk_N–2 k˜b–z _˜\– _–O–_k–bD–D–_Tk_N–2 k˜b–z _˜\– _–O–_k–bD–D–_Tk_N–2 k˜b–z O– D2D– – k– – bD––2fx D–˜– _–O– z|8–˜\DD– –

–R–xD–2Dk˜–D2˜_k–_k–Df– bDDb–M– –_k– _DTDk–xD˜D ˜D–Tx D˜D ˜_kT–_˜\–\_T\D–D–M–˜\D– fD– xb\D b–Mfb ˜_k–zO–fb•–aT––\Dk–˜D˜D– T _k˜––_k2D–\Dx ˜˜_2_˜8–˜\D_–DMN–2 2– –M˜\D–_fxD– –D_Dk2D–– –_Tk_N–2 k˜–

bD_kT–M–b_D–DkfD–bDDb–\DD–DMMD2˜–DD– DD–x ˜_2b b–_k– _–O– k– _DTDk–Tx– DD8–DMb_–Tx–\D–_f_b –˜–b_T\˜b– bDD–DMMD2˜–_k–2fx _k–˜–˜\DD–Tx– _a_k– k–2˜TDk–x2D–_f_b –DMMD2˜–_k–b_D–DkfD– x fD˜D–\_bD–˜_fb_–x2D– –D aD–DMMD2˜–_k– 2fx _k–˜–˜\Df–z

bD– – \D––_k2D–b_D–_k`– –Db _kT–˜\D– fD˜ b_f–M– _˜ ˜D8–˜\DD8–b_kT–˜\D_– D2D˜_k– ˜D– k–bD _kT–˜– k–_k2D D–_k–˜\D– ˜_k– M– _˜ ˜D–_k2D–\xk_–zMf–O––R– f_k–_k–kf b–2k˜b–˜–ššOš–––f_k–_k–– _k2D–\Dx ˜˜_2_˜–Tx’– O–z bD–

–– D2˜_k–_k–bDDx_kT–˜_fD– –DD–_˜\– bb–˜\D–_– xb\D b–T–DDk– ˜–bD–D–˜_D8– b˜\T\– k˜–˜ ˜_˜_2 bb–_Tk_N–2 k˜––_Tk_N–2 k˜–D˜ ˜_k–M– x\Dk _˜kD–_k2D–bDDx_kT–˜_fD– –DD– _˜\– _–O8– _DTDk8–2˜TDk– k–DMb_–k– xD˜D

˜fDk˜–_˜\–\_T\D–D8– _DTDk–D_kT–f˜– DMMD2˜_D–_˜\– –xD2Dk˜ TD–D2˜_k–M––xD–2Dk˜– bDDx_kT–˜_fD–\Dk–2fx D–˜–˜\D–DMDDk2D–T– _–O– \Dk– –\_T\D–D–M––zT•aT–x–_kTbD– D– –D8–˜\D–b_D–˜_D8–_k–f 22x_2– xxD k2D8–\D–D˜Dk_D–kD2_– 2_ ˜D–_˜\– \ Df\

TD–\Dk–D– –D2D–zO–fT•aT– x–_kTbD–D8–xk2˜ ˜D–\ Df\ T_2–kD2_–M– b_D–˜_D– –DDk–_˜\–b–D–xD˜D ˜fDk˜8– ˜\D–T– xxD k2D–M–˜\D–b_D–˜_D–\D–fD– x ˜_ b–D2D– k–_˜\–\_T\D–D8–˜\DD– – 2fxbD˜D–D2D––\_kT– Dk2D–M–xk2˜ ˜D– \ Df TD8–Dbb_kT–

k–_˜\–f˜\–f T_k–_˜\– –˜D ˜fDk˜8–˜\D–fD k–b_D–D_T\˜– –_k2D D– ˜–OR–––T–xD–2Dk˜–M––D_T\˜–Mf–˜\ ˜–M– kf b–2k˜b–zš––O–T–|8–\_2\– –Mk–˜– D–˜ ˜_˜_2 bb–_Tk_N–2 k˜–\D–b–D–xD˜D ˜fDk˜– _˜\–xb\D b–Mfb ˜_k–

b–Db˜D–_k– k– _k2D D–_k–˜\D–fD k–b_D–D_T\˜– –2fx D–˜–  bD– } –MMD2˜–M–xD˜D ˜fDk˜–_˜\–_MMDDk˜–xb\D b–Mfb ˜_k–zD–O–fb–•aT––• –k–Df–bDDb–M–b_D–DkfD– k–b_D– D_T\˜–M–f_2D–_k–x 2D˜ fb–z–_k2D–\Dx ˜˜_2_˜ x –z •b z|–D2˜_k z •b z|–D2˜_k

–z •b z|–D2˜_k _D–D_T\˜– zT|–M––D_T\˜ f b–2k˜b šššš––” šš––O O––R š––O  š––š– š––RO”– ‘– OO––”R– OR––– _–O€– ––RšR– ‘8– – z O––OO– ‘8– – z O––”– z OR––– _DTDk€– ––– ‘8–

– z ––R– ‘8– – z O––Rš– z OR––š– _a_k€– ”––O– ‘8– ––––– z O––R”– z” š”––R– zš R”––š– 2˜TDk€– ––O– ‘8– – z” šš––š– ‘8– – z š––OR– zR OO––R– ˜_fb_€– šR––šR– ‘8– –

zO ””––– z” ”ššš––š”– ‘8– z^ R––O– DMb_€– –R––O– ‘8– –zO š––– z”O šš––š” D– z RR––– \D– bD– D–DxDD– –fD k–––zkI–”–f_2D•–Tx–  O–2fx D–˜–kf b–2k˜b–Tx8–  O–2fx D–˜––Tx8– –kD^

––MbbD––˜Dk˜^–Df k^– Db–˜D˜– –x˜^–\2–˜D˜–D2Dk˜ TD–D2˜_k–_k–_MMDDk˜–x fD˜D–_–2fx D–˜– _–O– k–_–T_Dk–_k– 2aD˜–2k_D_kT–˜\D–_MMDDk2D–D˜DDk–– k– _–O–˜D ˜fDk˜–Tx– ––xD–2Dk˜    – D˜– b  –  ––  –
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b8–\_2\– –˜ ˜_˜_2 bb–_Tk_N–2 k˜–_k– _–O8– _DTDk– k–DMb_–Tx– DD8–xD˜D ˜fDk˜– _˜\–\_T\–D–Db˜D–_k–_f_b –˜2fD–D2b_kT– DMb_–Tx8–˜–2˜TDk–Tx– b–\D– k– _k2D D–_k–b_D–D_T\˜–T _k– \D–˜x_2 b– 2\_˜D2˜D–M–b_D–˜_D– – DD–_˜\– –2Dk˜

b–D_k–z–Mf–\_2\–2\– M–\Dx ˜2˜D–DD– _ ˜_kT–z_T––\D–x˜ b– ˜_ –z– –DDk–2k_˜_kT–M–\Dx ˜_2– ˜D8– x˜ b–D_k– k–_bD–2˜–\D–kD–2k˜_˜˜D– k_kT– D –M–\Dx ˜_2– ˜D8–\_bD–kD–– k– kD–š–DD–_˜ ˜D–˜–M˜\D–xD_x\D–\D– D –

k–˜\D––_–2 bbD–2Dk˜_k b––2Dk˜_bb – D –˜D ˜fDk˜–x2D–D˜Dk_D–\ Df\ T_2– kD2_–M–˜\D–b_D–z_T––\D–kD2_– –fD– xkk2D–_k–˜\D–2Dk˜_k b–zkD–š–DT_k–_˜\– _kN–b˜ ˜_k–M–_kP– ff ˜–2Dbb–x ˜–Mf–M ˜˜– 2\ kTD8–\Dx ˜2˜D–\D–\x_2–2\ kTD– k–

˜\D–_k_–DD–2kTD˜D–\D–xD˜D ˜fDk˜–_˜\– _–O– b_\D–˜\D–kD2˜_2–2\ kTD–_k2D––– ˜_2_˜–z_T–š– ˜–bD–D–M– _–O– k– _DTDk8–˜\D–b_D– D2˜_k–\D–kb–f_b–˜–fD ˜D–kD2_8–_˜\– fb˜_xbD–˜_k–M2_–M–b_D–2Dbb–_k`– _a_k8–2˜TDk8– ˜_fb_– k–DMb_–

˜–bD–D–DD–_kDMMD2˜_D– _k–xDDk˜_kT–˜\D–˜_2–2\ kTD–_k2D––– f_k_˜ ˜_k–z_T–R– k–x_˜D–M–xD˜D ˜fDk˜–_˜\– _a_k8–˜\D–b_D–D2˜_k–\D–kD–š–kD2_– k–M ˜˜–2\ kTD– k–2˜TDk–xD˜D ˜fDk˜–\D– kD–š–kD2_– k–xD_x˜ b–M ˜˜–2\ kTD–fD–_k–

D˜DDk–2Dk˜_k b– k–xD_x˜ b– D – –Dbb– – x˜ b– D –M–kD2_–˜_fb_–xD˜D ˜fDk˜–\D– kD–š–kD2_8–2Dk˜ b–D_k– D –_k`– k–M ˜˜– 2\ kTD–fD–_k–x˜ b– D – DD8–˜\D–D–M–˜\D– \_T\D–D–M–O–fb•aT–8– bb–_–T–2fxbD˜Db– x˜D2˜D–˜\D–b_D–D_Dk2D––D˜

˜_k–M– –kf b– 2\_˜D2˜D–M–b_D–x Dk2\f – k– Dk2D–M–M ˜˜– 2\ kTD8–\ Df\ TD– k–kD2_–z_T–O– _2_k 8– –Dbb–akk–2fxk–M–x2_kT– 2\Df_2 b–\Dx ˜_2–_k`–_k–f_2D–\ –DDk–D– – k–DxD_fDk˜ b–fDb–˜–˜D˜–˜\D–x˜Dk˜_ b– \Dx ˜x˜D2˜_D– 2˜__˜––DD b–_kD˜_T ˜ ^š –

DDk˜b–_˜–_–\x˜\D_D–˜\ ˜–\D b–T–_k\__˜–˜\D– –DkfD– 2˜__˜–_k–\Dx ˜_2–f_2fD– _k–_  bD– } –MMD2˜–M–xD˜D ˜fDk˜–_˜\–_MMDDk˜–xb\D b– Mfb ˜_k–zD–”– k–O–fb•–aT–• –k–x\Dk _˜kD– _k2D–bDDx_kT–˜_fD–_k–f_2D–_˜\–x 2D˜ fb–z–_k2D– \Dx

˜˜_2_˜ x  ˜_k–M–x\Dk _˜kD–_k2D–bDDx–_k– f_k–z|–D2˜_k ”–fb•aT–• – M–xb\D b–T– ˜D ˜fDk˜ O–fb•aT–• – M–xb\D b–T– ˜D ˜fDk˜ f b–2k˜b O––R O––R  ššOš––– ššOš––– _–O–€– O––š– z ””––š–– z _DTDk–€–

šššš––O– z ”–”R– z _a_k–€– š”––OO– zR šš––”R– z 2˜TDk–€– ””––š– z” šššš––”O– zOO ˜_fb_–€– šR––š– z ––OR– zR DMb_–€–– š––š– z ””–R–– z \D– bD– D–DxDD– –fD

k–––zkI”–f_2D•–Tx–  O–2fx D–˜–kf b–2k˜b–Tx8–  O–2fx D– ˜––Tx––kD^ ––MbbD––˜Dk˜^– Df k^– Db–˜D˜– –x˜^–\2–˜D˜–D2Dk˜ TD–D2˜_k–_k– _MMDDk˜–x fD˜D–_–2fx D–˜– _–O– k–_–T_Dk–_k– 2aD˜– 2k_D_kT–˜\D–_MMDDk2D–D˜DDk–– k–

_–O–˜D ˜fDk˜– Tx– ––xD–2Dk˜ _T}–} –f b–2k˜b–Tx–\D–b_D–˜_D–M–f_2D–DbkT_kT– ˜–2k˜b–Tx–\_kT–kf b–\_˜bT_2 b– 2\_˜D2˜D8–_˜\– 2Dk˜ b–D_k–z–Mf–\_2\–2\–M–\Dx ˜2˜D– D– _ ˜_kT– ––˜ _k–––8–x˜ b–D_k’–8–_bD–2˜  –

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\Dx ˜2˜D–\_2\– D–DP–D2˜D– –˜\D_–_k2D D– bDDb–_k–Df ” –D˜D ˜fDk˜–_˜\–xb\D b– Mfb ˜_k–D˜D–˜\D–b_D–DkfD–x fD˜D– \_kT– –D–DxDkDk˜–DMMD2˜–\D–D2˜_k–M– b_D–DkfD–x fD˜D8– – –_Tk_N–2 k˜– k– \D– – –xD2_N–2–f

aD–M–b_D–_k`–D–˜–˜_2– T8– b2\b– k–_ –\D–x˜D2˜_D–DMMD2˜–f –D– ˜\D–Db˜–M–˜ _b_ ˜_k–M–xb f –fDf kD–˜\DD– xDD_kT–˜\D–˜2˜ b–_k˜DT_˜–M–2Dbb– –Dbb– –˜\D– Dx _–M–\Dx ˜_2–˜_D– f TD–2 D–– \Dk _˜kD8– –\xk˜_2–T8–\Dk–T_Dk–_k– –_k2D–\Dx

˜˜_2_˜8–2 D– k–Dk\ k2DfDk˜– M–fD k– ˜_k–M–bDDx_kT–˜_fD–D–˜–\Dx ˜_2–_k`– \D–M 2˜–_–˜\ ˜–˜\D– _˜ ˜D–fD˜ b_f– –Db D– _T}–}–  2D˜ fb–_k2D–\Dx ˜˜_2_˜– – 2D˜ fb– _k2D–\Dx ˜˜_2_˜–\_kT–D˜Dk_D– D –M–2kP–Dk˜– kD2_– k– b–\_kT–M ˜˜–2\

kTD– k–\x_2–DTDkD ˜_k– ––˜ _k–– – 2D˜ fb–_k2D–\Dx ˜˜_2_˜–\_kT– 2Dk˜_k b–kD2˜_2– D 8–\x_2–2\ kTD8–M ˜˜–DTDkD ˜_k8– 2kTD˜D–_k_– k–\Dx ˜2˜D–_˜\–x_ak˜_2–k2bD– ––– ˜ _k–– k– _k–_˜ – k–T_D–x˜D2˜_k– T _k˜–\Dx ˜˜_2_˜– _k2D––8–b –

k–k_˜ f_kD R – –˜D ˜fDk˜–_Tk_N–2 k˜b–_k2D D–˜\D–Df– DkfD–bDDb8–k fDb– 8–– k– –_k_2 ˜_kT– 2\Df_2 b–_k2D–\Dx ˜2Dbbb –˜_2_˜–Df– bDDb–M–˜\DD–DkfD– D–D–Dk_˜_D–f aD– DfxbD–_k–˜\D–_ Tk_–M–b_D–_D D–\Dk– ˜\D–\Dx ˜2Dbbb –xb f –fDf kD–_– f TD8–˜\D– DkfD–kf

bb–xDDk˜–_k–˜\D–2˜b– D–DbD D– _k˜–˜\D–b–˜D f–\_–2 k–D– k˜_N–D–˜– D– ˜\D–˜xD– k–D˜Dk˜–M–b_D–_k` O – –_–D2D˜D– kf bb–_ –_bD––˜\D–b_D–\D–b_D–_k`–D– ˜–˜_k–2 k–Db˜–_k–DMD2˜_D–D2D˜_k–M–_bD–– _T}–š}– D˜D

˜fDk˜–_˜\–b–D–M– _–O–\_kT–x ˜_ b– x˜D2˜_k–M–\Dx ˜2˜D–z2 b–kD2˜_2– D –_–_k_2 ˜D–_˜\– k– – – k– –Dk˜_k b–x˜D2˜_k–_˜\–xD˜D ˜fDk˜–M– b–D–M– _–O–_k–x 2D˜ fb–_k2D–\Dx ˜˜_2_˜– ––– ˜ _k–R– k––    – D˜– b  – 

––  –
Page 8
D–˜–\Dx ˜_2–_k`– k–2 D– –b_kT–M–D2D˜_k– M–˜\_–\xk˜_2– Dx ˜x˜D2˜_D–\D b–Mfb ˜_k– D2D– k–D˜D–˜\D–x\Dk _˜kD–_k2D– bDDx_kT–˜_fD–_k––_k2D–\Dx ˜˜_2_˜–fkT– ˜\D–_–xb\D b–Mfb ˜_k8– _–O8– _DTDk– k–

DMb_–\D––xD–2Dk˜––fD–D˜ ˜_k–M– x\Dk _˜kD–_k2D–bDDx_kT–˜_fD– \D–DxD_fDk˜ b– k–2b_k_2 b–DD 2\–a–Db ˜D– ˜–\Dx ˜x˜D2˜_D–DMMD2˜–M– _–Mfb ˜_k– _b bD–_k–˜\D– k_ k–f aD˜–\ –DDk–D_DD –\D– _–xb\D b–Mfb ˜_k8–˜\D_–˜ k _ ˜_k– k–\Dx ˜x˜D2˜_D–DMMD2˜–\

D– b–DDk–˜_D 8 – b˜\T\–_kMf ˜_k– ˜–_k__ b–xb\D b– Mfb ˜_k–_– _b bD8–˜\D_–2fx ˜_D–D b ˜_k– _–2 2D–_k–˜\D–b_˜D ˜D 8š – k– –˜8––xb\D b– Mfb ˜_k–f aD˜D–_k– k_ –DD–2fx D–– _kT–_bf _k– – –DMDDk2D–˜ k – DD8–˜\D– ˜–b

2a–2fxbD˜D–D_Dk2D–D2Dx˜–b_D–DkfD– – \D–\D b–T––xb\D b–2f_k ˜_k– D– ˜ _˜_k bb–D–_k–˜\D–˜D ˜fDk˜–M–b_D–_D D– 2 D––_ b–\Dx ˜_˜_8– b2\b8–˜_2–T– k– xb k˜–˜_k–_bf _k–Mf– _bf–f _ kf 8– kT x\b_D–Mf– k;T x\_–x k_2b ˜ 8– 22f_k–Mf– 2f –bkT 8–x_2_D– k–

a˜a_D–Mf– _2\_ –a 8–x\bb k˜\_k– k–\xx\bb k˜\_k–Mf– \bb k˜\–k__ 8– Tb2\__k–Mf– b2\_ –Tb – D–˜ _˜_k bb– D–_k–˜\D–˜D ˜fDk˜–M–b_D–_D D– k–DxDDk˜– ˜\D–x\˜2\Df_2 b–2k˜_˜Dk˜– k–\ D–DDk– _T}–R}– D˜D ˜fDk˜–_˜\–b–D–M–2˜TDk–\_kT–kD2˜_2– D –z2

b–kD2˜_2– D – D–_k_2 ˜D–_˜\– – – k– – 2 b_D– D –M–kD2_– k––_k–x 2D˜ fb–_k2D– \Dx ˜˜_2_˜– –––˜ _k–R– k–– _T}–O}– D˜D ˜fDk˜–_˜\–\_T\–D–M– _DTDk–\_kT–2fxbD˜D– x˜D2˜_k–M–\Dx ˜2˜D– – k –z k k –D˜D ˜fDk˜–_˜\–\_T\–D– M–

_DTDk–\_kT–2fxbD˜D–kf b_ ˜_k–M–b_D– 2\_˜D2˜D–– –––˜ _k–R– k–––  – ––8––
Page 9
˜_D–M–˜\D_–2\Df_2 b– k–_bT_2 b–xN–bD– k– 2b_k_2 b–DMN–2 2 R –\DD–\–\Dx ˜x˜D2˜_k– D–˜– k˜__ k˜–DMMD2˜–˜–˜\D–DMMD2˜–b_aD– _ffkfb ˜8– k˜__ b8–

k˜_^_kP– ff ˜8– k˜_N–˜_28–fDf kD–˜ _b__kT– k– k˜_x˜ b– 2˜__˜_D– D– b–2fDk˜D O^ – –b ˜–˜ k _D–˜\D–\Dx ˜˜_2–D– M––_k–f_2D–zkxb_\D–D ˜_k–– ˜– –D–M–T•aT––x–Db˜D–_k–D ˜\–M––xD– 2Dk˜–M–f_2D–\D–f 22x_2– xxD k2D–M–˜\D–

b_D–\D–D˜Dk_D– D –M–kD2_– 2_ ˜D– _˜\–\ Df\ TD–\Dk–D2D–˜– –bDD–D–M– O–fT•aT––x8–k–f˜ b_˜– –DD– k–˜\D– \Dx ˜˜_2_˜–˜\ ˜– –x2D–_˜\––DDfbD– k ˜ bb–22_kT–b_D–_D D –\D–2D–b_D– D_T\˜8–\_2\– –_k2D D– M˜D–– f_k_˜ ˜_k– f

–D–D–˜–\ Df\ TD8–\x_2–DTDkD ˜_k– k–M ˜˜–2\ kTD– 2_ ˜D–_˜\–kD2_–\D– xD˜D ˜fDk˜–M–xb\D b–Mfb ˜_k–Db˜D–_k– k– _k2D D–_k–˜\D–2D–b_D–D_T\˜–\Dk–2fx D–˜– kf b–2k˜b–Tx– k––˜8–˜\D–kf b–b_D–˜_D–\D–˜\D– ˜x_2 b– 2\_˜D2˜D–_˜\– –2Dk˜

b–D_k– k–\Dx ˜2˜D– _ ˜_kT–Mf–_˜–\D–x˜ b–˜_ –2k_˜D–M–\Dx ˜_2– ˜D8–x˜ b–D_k– k–_bD–2˜–\_2\–2k˜_˜˜D– _–kD–z8–––š–k_kT–˜\DD– D –– ˜D ˜fDk˜–x2D–2Dk˜_k b–kD2_–zkD–š8–M ˜˜– k–\x_2–2\ kTD–_˜\–2kTD˜_k–M–_k_ – D˜D

˜fDk˜–_˜\–xb\D b–T–D˜D–˜\D–\Dx ˜_2– 2\_˜D2˜D– k–x˜D2˜D–˜\D–b_D–˜_D–Mf–M ˜˜– k– DTDkD ˜_D–2\ kTD8––xDDk˜_kT–˜\D–˜_2–2\Df_2 b– D 2˜_k8–_ ˜_D–˜D8–b_x_–xD_ ˜_k8–fbD2b – 2\ kTD–_k–˜\D–b_D–˜_D8–f_2– k–f 2–D_2b – M ˜˜–2\ kTD–b˜_f ˜Db–bD

_kT–˜–kD2_ O8š –\D– _– 2˜_D–_kTD_Dk˜–xDDk˜–_k–xb\D b– Mfb ˜_k–zb_aD– kT x\b_D–f_T\˜–D–\DbxMb– _k–˜\D–2\ kTD–_k–˜\D–fDf kD8–_k–˜\D–f_˜2\k_ –– ˜–˜\D–_k_2–bDDb–b_aD–2 b2_f š8š –\D–\Dx ˜x˜D2˜_D– T–f –\ D– –bD–_k–˜\D–x2D–M–DTDkD ˜_k8–

xDDk˜_k–M–N–_8––Mf ˜_k–M–kbD–\_2\– f –D–DxDD–_k–˜\D–bkT–˜Df–D–M–˜\D–T šš8šR – DD8––˜–\ –\k–˜\D–2Dk˜_k b–kD2_– –\Dx ˜˜_2–T– k–xDDk˜_k–M–2\–2\ kTD– k–D˜ ˜_k–˜–kf b2–_k–˜\D–2Dk˜_k b– D –– xb\D b–Mfb ˜_k– \D–xDDk˜–˜–\

– –MD–b_f_˜ ˜_k– –˜\D– MD˜–xN–bD– –k˜–˜_D– k–˜\D–\Dx ˜x˜D2˜_D– T–DD–T_Dk– –xD˜D ˜fDk˜– DD8–_˜–\ – DDk–Dx˜D–˜\ ˜–xD˜D ˜fDk˜–_˜\– kT x\b_D– xD–˜–D–fD–DMMD2˜_D–˜\ k–x˜–˜D ˜fDk˜ š – ˜\D8–˜\D–˜_2–T–f –x2D–

2˜D–2\ kTD– M–\_2\–bkT–˜Df–Mbb–x–\ –k˜–DDk–kD– DD8––˜–2kN–f–˜\D–DMN–2 2–M–xb\D b– Mfb ˜_k–_k–\Dx ˜x˜D2˜_k–_k–_2\Df_2 b8– x ˜\bT_2 b– k–x\ f 2bT_2 b–x fD˜D– T _k˜– –_k2D–\Dx ˜˜_2_˜–_k–f_2D–\D–xb\D b– \Dx ˜x˜D2˜_D–Mfb ˜_k– _–O– k– _DTDk–

DD–f˜–DMMD2˜_D– ˜–kf b–D–D–_k–˜\_–˜– `˜_M_kT–_˜–D– – –\Dx ˜x˜D2˜_D– TDk˜– DD8– _a_k8–2˜TDk8–˜_fb_– k–DMb_–\D– _f_b –DMMD2˜–kb– ˜–\_T\D–D–\_2\–DD–˜_2D– ˜\ ˜–M–D2ffDkD–D–\DD– –k–DD– ˜_2_˜–_k– k–M–˜\D–xb\D b–T–xD˜D

˜D–Tx– DDk–˜\T\–k–Dx ˜D–˜_2_˜–˜– –2k2˜D– ˜–f –D–kD2D –˜– `˜–˜\D–D–M–˜\D_–`˜_N–D– D–_k–˜ _˜_k b–fD_2_kD– 2akbDTfDk˜ \D–N–˜– ˜\–z– 2akbDTD–˜\D–_k˜_˜˜_k b–T k˜^_k^ _–M–\_–2˜ b–a–\D– ˜\–˜\ ka–˜\D–f kM 2˜D–M–

x__kT–\Dx ˜x˜D2˜_D–Mfb ˜_k–D– –˜D˜–T– DMDDk2D  _– – D b–fD_2_kD–_k– k_ ’–D˜xD2˜– k–xxD2˜– _˜˜D x_ –R’– ”O ––Rš^ 2\xx k–8– _ – 8–_ka\ –8– \k–– D b–x2˜– M–b_D–_D D– –˜\D xD˜_2–2\ bbDkTD–M–˜\D–kD– f_bbDkk_f– Dx ˜bT –’– š ––^R š \ f

–8–\ a ˜_– 8– k ––k˜_\Dx ˜˜_2– 2˜__˜–M–fD– k_ k–\D b–Mfb ˜_k– –2fx D–˜– _bf _k– _˜˜D x_ –’– ” ––^šO R  fk_f–8–\x kT k––DDbxfDk˜–M– x\˜fD_2_kD–M–b_D–_D D– k;_ k– –\ f 2b –’– k;_ k– –\ f 2b ’– k;_ k– –\ f 2b š ––””^O O k –8–\ f –– Dx

˜x˜D2˜_D– 2˜__˜–M– kT x\b_D–Mf– k;T x\_–x k_2b˜ – T _k˜–2 k^– ˜D˜ 2\b_D– k;_ k– –D;–D –’– ––”^š ” _D_– 8– _D_– 8– _D_–  ˜T_– 8– \ kD– 8– \ f – 8– x– 8–  T– 8– D˜– b – Dx ˜x˜D2˜_D– 2˜__˜–M–x_2b_– T _k˜– 2 k–˜D˜ 2\b_D^_k2D–b_D– f

TD–_k– ˜– k;_ k– – D;–D –’– ––O^ \ T ` k–8– f k_ k–8–\_k b k _–8– Dka ˜D k–8–bfDT––MMD2˜–M– \bb k˜\– f – k–2\k_2–2 _D–M–\Dx ˜_˜_––_– k2D˜ –’– k2D˜ ’– k2D˜ ––”R^”  Tb_–8–_\ – –k˜_\Dx ˜˜_2– 2˜__˜–M–x^fD˜\– Dk_2– 2_–Mf–  xx

_–x_k – –˜\kx\ f 2b –’– –˜\kx\ f 2b ’– –˜\kx\ f 2b ”” ––^ ”” ––^ ”” x˜ – 8–\ f ––D_˜– D_D–k– k;_ k–fD;_2_k b– xb k˜ 8–b–O–D–Db\_– k_ k–k2_b–M–D_2 b– DD 2\’– \\–– k; fDk˜ b–M–DxD_fDk˜ b–x\ f 2bT 8–š D– ba ˜ – _b˜k––fx k’–O    –

D˜– b  –  ––  –
Page 10
x˜ – 8–_ –– Dx ˜x˜D2˜_D– 2˜__˜–M– D– D˜\ kb_2–D˜ 2˜–M– \ ff_bD–2 x_˜b –_k–x 2D˜ fb– _k˜_2 ˜D– b_k– ˜– f– –\ f 2b–_2b –”’– f– –\ f 2b–_2b ”’– f– –\ f 2b–_2b ––^ –– DkDb–8–DD˜D_k–8– k–

–2˜D–x 2D˜ fb– _k˜_2 ˜_k–_k–˜ D–f_2D–bD –˜–b_x_–xD_ ˜_k– _k– _ – _2\Df–\ f 2b –’– _2\Df–\ f 2b –’– _2\Df–\ f 2b ––O^O– š  \– 8–Db_T –8– a–8–\\–8– ` b_kT f– 8–DkTx˜ –8– D˜– b – b ˜_k–M–\Dx ˜x˜D2˜_D– k– k˜__ k˜– 2˜__˜–M– 2\k2 x–M˜D2Dk

–z _kk– –k–x 2D˜ fb^_k2D–\Dx ˜˜_2_˜–_k– ˜– x– – \ f 2D˜–D –’– ––OO^”O– ––OO^”O– R kT–8–\_–8–\kT–8– Dk–8– DkT– – ˜D2˜_D–DMMD2˜–M–xD _k–k–2 k–˜D˜ 2\b_D^_k2D– \Dx ˜˜_2_˜– 2\–\ f–D –’– š ––š^– O  bb_D– 8– DTD–  8– _bb_

f– –T– k–˜\D–b_D– ˜–– D˜_kT–b_D–Mk2˜_k– _x\ f–T–_x –’– –– O^ ”  `D\–8– ˜\ ––Db_f_k –D b ˜_k–M–˜\D– k˜_\Dx ˜˜_2– 2˜__˜–M– f_b _8– –xb\D b–Mfb ˜_k– –˜\kx\ f 2b –R’– –˜\kx\ f 2b –R’– –˜\kx\ f 2b ––^R– \Db2a–8–bD– –T–

k–˜\D–b_D– k– _D D–M– b_D– k;–_b_ –˜Df ––D–M–b 2aDbb–2_Dk˜_N–2– b_2 ˜_k’––x–š^O”  _– 8– T k– –˜D2˜_D–bD–M–˜D˜ \22f_k– T k– – ˜D2˜_D– bD– M– ˜D˜ \22f_k– T k– T _k˜–D˜\f2_k–D˜b ˜D^_k2D–\Dx ˜˜_2_˜– \ f 2b–D –R’– R ––R^”  \ ka

–8– ba k_–8–DTD––\ f 2bT–M– fD_2_k b–xb k˜– k–k ˜ b–x2˜– k;_ k– –\ f 2b ’– š ––^ D–fD˜––\D–bD–M–xb k˜–D_D–T– k–\D b– fD_2_kD–_k–\D b˜\–2 D– T –’– OR ––^R \ T ` k–8– f–8–x b a_\k k–8– _–8– D af –8–_x ˜\_–– D b–fD_2_kD–M–b_D–_D D–

_k– k_ – – ˜Dk˜Db– Dx ˜b –’– – ˜Dk˜Db– Dx ˜b –’– – ˜Dk˜Db– Dx ˜b ––š^”– ––š^”–  `f_– 8–_bb _– 8– b–8–_b––DD– _2 b–2 DkT_kT– k–\Dx ˜x˜D2˜_D– 2˜__˜–M– _T_kD– T _k˜–T b 2˜ f_kD– _k2D–\Dx ˜x ˜\–_k– ˜– –˜\kx\ f 2b –O’–

–˜\kx\ f 2b O’– –˜\kx\ f 2b –– – O^O š D_k_– 8–b _ k–8– D\f ˜–8– D _–8–bf b_– –\D–DMN–2 2–M– _^O–k–b_D–2_\˜_2–x ˜_Dk˜– – Dx_k˜–DD˜– –– \ k8–Dx ˜fDk˜–M–\ f 2bT8– \ b b– k˜_˜˜D–M–˜T ˜D–D_2 b–2 ˜_k––DD 2\– \ k k˜\_– T

8–2\D–”O–”8– k_ D^f _b–x \ k`_xfDTf _b2f kf_D8–bD^b_k8–xb 2D^2k˜bbD–N–˜– xx 2\– \˜fD;_2_kD –O’– ––”^R R DT_– 8– f – 8– f k– 8– \ kaD– 8– x˜ – 8– \ k` – –D2Dk˜– k2D–_k–xb k˜–\Dx ˜x˜D2˜_D– – \ k` – – D2Dk˜– k2D– _k– xb k˜– \Dx ˜x˜D2˜_D– – \ k` – 2\Df_2 b–

k–_bT_2 b–xN–bD–M–fD–_fx˜ k˜–bD – D;– D–D –’– ––R”^ O b– 8– x_b––MMD2˜–M–_˜DxDkD–Mf– k;T x\_– x k_2b ˜ –k– k˜__ k˜–DMDkD–˜Df– k–b_x_– xD_ ˜_k– k;_ k– –\ f 2b –R’– k;_ k– –\ f 2b –R’– k;_ k– –\ f 2b ” ––”^š ” ––”^š ” ” – 8– –

8– – \DkT– 8– _k– 8– DD– 8– \Dk– –2f_k–x˜D2˜– ˜\D– ˜–b_D–Mf–b ^2 D–_k`– k–N–TDkD_–– ˜˜Dk ˜_kT–_ ˜_D–˜D– k–xxD_kT–_kP– ff ˜_k– b–\ f 2b –’– b–\ f 2b –’– b–\ f 2b š– –š^R \_k– 8– kT– 8– DD– ––P– k_–Mf–fD_2_k b– xb k˜–b2a–\Dx

˜_˜_––_^D– k˜_TDk–D2D˜_k–_k– ^ _kMD2˜D–\Dx ˜2˜D– k˜__ b–D –O’– ” ––”š^ ” ––”š^ ” kT– 8– k– 8– k– 8– k– \– 8–  a– 8–  a– 8–  a– 8– D˜– b \D–P– k_–Dbb T_2– 2_–Mf– –fD_2_k b–\D–_k\__˜–\˜– _ffkD–˜bD k2D–_k2D––˜\D–\Dx

˜_˜_––_^D– k˜_TDk– k˜__ b–D –”’– ––^”  M– – _D– k–_b_ –˜ 2˜– k– f –8– – 8–  ˜–8–D_˜– _k– k;–˜ k–x ˜\bT_2– _–M– ;_D D – ˜\ –D–\_b Dbx\_ –bD_D’–O–x–^š š k –8–\ f –– Dx ˜x˜D2˜_D– 2˜__˜–M– kT x\b_D– T _k˜–T b 2˜

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