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Chapter 7 Description of Ecological Types

Summary of Taxonomy Groups Ecological Series Ecological Types Community Types A Dry Forests FD Code Ecological Series or Ecological Type Short Name Plant Codes Page 1 Rocky Mountain Juniper Ecological

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Document on Subject : "Chapter 7 Description of Ecological Types"— Transcript:

1 Chapter 7. Description of Ecological Typ
Chapter 7. Description of Ecological Types Summary of Taxonomy Groups, Ecological Series, Ecological Types, Community Types A. Dry Forests (FD) Code Ecological Series or Ecological Type Short Name Plant Codes Page 1 Rocky Mountain Juniper Ecological Series JUSC2 135 FD01 Rocky Mountain Juniper/littleseed ricegrass–Stony cobbly gravelly Argiborolls–Steep southerly granitic Tree juniper–Coarse dark soils–Steep southerly JUSC2/PIMI7 137 CT Community Type* Plant Symbols Seral Stage * A Tree juniper-muttongrass-sedge-littleseed ricegrass JUSC2-POFE-CAREX-PIMI7 PN* B Tree juniper-blue grama-sagebrush JUSC2-CHGR15-ARTR2 LM C Tree juniper-sagebrush-Indian ricegrass JUSC2-ARTR2-ACHY EM-MS 2 Ponderosa Pine Ecological Series PIPO 141 FD02 Ponderosa pine/Arizona fescue–Eutroboralfs–Gentle slopes and mesas, 8,400-10,100 ft Ponderosa pine/Arizona fescue–Light-colored clay soils PIPO/FEAR2 149 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Ponderosa pine-Arizona fescue-mountain muhly PIPO-FEAR2-MUMO PN B Ponderosa pine-big sagebrush-sparse PIPO-ARTR2 EM FD03 Ponderosa pine/bitterbrush–Moderately deep to shallow Haploborolls–Gentle convex mesas and ridges, 8,300-9,400 ft Ponderosa pine/bitterbrush–Dark soils with no clay layer PIPO/PUTR 153 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Ponderosa pine-bitterbrush-sagebrush-Arizona fescue PIPO-PUTR2-ARTR2-FEAR2 PN B Ponderosa pine-sagebrush-bitterbrush-muttongrass PIPO-ARTR2-PUTR2-POFE MS C Ponderosa pine-muttongrass-sparse bitterbrush PIPO-POFE-PUTR2 EM 3 Bristlecone Pine Ecological Series PIAR 158 FD04 Bristlecone pine/wax currant-Arizona fescue–Moderately deep to shallow colluvial Cryic soils–Southeasterly backslopes, 9,400-10,400 ft Bristlecone pine/currant-Arizona fescue–Cold soils–Southeasterly PIAR/RICE-FEAR2 160 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Bristlecone pine-mountain muhly-Arizona fescue-wax currant-Parry oatgrass PIAR-MUMO-FEAR2-RICE-DAPA2 LS B Bristlecone pine-wax currant-Arizona fescue PIAR-FEAR2-MUMO-DAPA2 LS C Bristlecone pine-Arizona fescue-mountain muhly PIAR-FEAR2-MUMO LM FD05 Bristlecone pine/Thurber fescue–Cryic soils–�Subalpine slopes, 11,000 ft Bristlecone pine/Thurber fescue–Cold soils PIAR 164 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Bristlecone pine-Thurber fescue PIAR-FETH LS * See Glossary for definitions of terms and codes. † See Appendix A for names and codes for plant species. 118 Code Ecological Series or Ecological Type Short Name Plant Codes Page 4 Douglas-Fir Ecological Series PSME 168 FD06 Douglas-fir/wax currant-Arizona fescue–Gravelly or cobbly barely-Mollic Eutroboralfs or Argiborolls–Steep slopes, 7,600-10,000 ft Douglas-fir/wax currant-Arizona fescue–Coarse thin-dark soils–Steep PSME/RICE-FEAR2 173 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Douglas-fir-Arizona fescue PSME-FEAR2 LS B Ponderosa pine-Douglas-fir-Arizona fescue-wax currant PIPO-PSME-FEAR2-RICE LM C Douglas-fir-wax currant-sagebrush-Arizona fescue PS

2 ME-RICE-ARTR2-FEAR2 LM D Douglas-fir-
ME-RICE-ARTR2-FEAR2 LM D Douglas-fir-sparse wax currant-grasses PSME-RICE MS E Douglas-fir-tree juniper-Wheeler bluegrass-sparse wax currant PSME-JUSC2-PONE2-RICE MS F Douglas-fir-sparse Arizona fescue PSME-FEAR2 EM G Douglas-fir-sparse wax currant PSME-RICE ES FD08 Douglas-fir/serviceberry–Thin-dark Frigid soils–Steep northerly backslopes or shoulders, 7,900-10,000 ft Douglas-fir/serviceberry–Steep northerly PSME/AMAL2 179 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Douglas-fir-serviceberry-snowberry-muttongrass PSME-AMAL2-SYRO-POFE LS B Douglas-fir-aspen-common juniper-serviceberry-Thurber fescue-elk sedge PSME-JUCO6-AMAL2-FETH-CAGE2 LM C Douglas-fir-maple-rose-snowberry PSME-ACGL-ROWO-SYRO LM D Aspen-serviceberry-common juniper-snowberry-bedstraw POTR5-AMAL2-JUCO6-SYRO-GASE6 MS E Douglas-fir-sparse serviceberry-elk sedge-Oregon-grape PSME-AMAL2-CAGE2-MARE11 MS F Douglas-fir-sparse serviceberry-Oregon-grape-sparse snowberry PSME-AMAL2-MARE11-SYRO MS G Aspen-common juniper-elk sedge-sparse serviceberry-sparse snowberry POTR5-JUCO6-CAGE2-AMAL2-SYRO EM H Lodgepole pine-aspen-Douglas-fir-kinnikinnick-elk sedge-sparse serviceberry PICO-POTR5-PSME-ARUV-CAGE2-AMAL2 EM FD09 Douglas-fir/pachistima–Dark Frigid soils–Northerly backslopes, 7,900-10,000 ft Douglas-fir/pachistima–Dark soils–Northerly PSME/PAMY 185 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Douglas-fir-aspen-common juniper-pachistima-elk sedge PSME-POTR5-JUCO6-PAMY-CAGE2 LS B Douglas-fir-common juniper-pachistima-Oregon-grape PSME-JUCO6-PAMY-MARE11 LS C Lodgepole pine-dwarf bilberry PICO-VACE MS D Lodgepole pine-aspen-common juniper-pachistima-elk sedge-arnica PICO-POTR5-JUCO6-PAMY-CAGE2-ARCO9 MS E Aspen-Douglas-fir-common juniper-pachistima-rose-elk sedge POTR5-PSME-JUCO6-PAMY-ROWO-CAGE2 LM F Aspen-pachistima-rose-elk sedge-brome-lupine POTR5-PAMY-ROWO-CAGE2-BRCA10-LUAR3 EM FD10 Douglas-fir/bitterbrush–Thin-dark Frigid soils–Gentle slopes, 7,900-10,300 ft Douglas-fir/bitterbrush–Gentle slopes PSME/PUTR2 191 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Douglas-fir-ponderosa pine-sagebrush-bitterbrush-common juniper PSME-PIPO-ARTR2-PUTR2-JUCO6 LM B Aspen-ponderosa pine-lodgepole pine-Douglas-fir-bitterbrush-common juniper-elk sedge POTR5-PIPO-PICO-PSME-PUTR2-JUCO6-CAGE2 LM C Ponderosa pine-Douglas-fir-bitterbrush-sagebrush PIPO-PSME-PUTR2-ARTR2 MS D Douglas-fir-ponderosa pine-common juniper-bitterbrush-sagebrush-elk sedge PSME-PIPO-JUCO6-PUTR2-ARTR2-CAGE2 MS E Ponderosa pine-Douglas-fir-bitterbrush PIPO-PSME-PUTR2 EM F Lodgepole pine-Douglas-fir-sagebrush-elk sedge-bluegrass PICO-PSME-ARTR2-CAGE2-POPR EM G Lodgepole pine-bitterbrush-kinnikinnick-common juniper-sparse PICO-PUTR2-ARUV-JUCO6 EM H Sagebrush-sparse conifers-muttongrass ARTR2-PICO-PSME-POFE ES J Sparse Douglas-fir-sagebrush-bitterbrush-muttongrass PSME-ARTR2-PUTR2-POFE EM 119 Code Ecological Series or Ecological Type Short Name Plant Codes Page FD11 Douglas-fir/elk sedge–Dark Frigid or Cryic soils–Gentle to steep slopes, 8,700-10,200 ft Douglas-fir/elk sedge–Cold to moderately cold–Gentle to steep PSM

3 E/CAGE2 197 CT Community Type Plan
E/CAGE2 197 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Douglas-fir-elk sedge PSME-CAGE2 LM B Douglas-fir-aspen-elk sedge-sparse snowberry-sparse Oregon-grape PSME-POTR5-CAGE2-SYRO-MARE11 MS C Douglas-fir-snowberry-elk sedge PSME-SYRO-CAGE2 MS D Aspen-Douglas-fir-common juniper-elk sedge POTR5-PSME-JUCO6-CAGE2 MS E Aspen-elk sedge POTR5-CAGE2 MS F Aspen-snowberry-common juniper-Kentucky bluegrass-elk sedge-dandelion POTR5-SYRO-JUCO6-POPR-CAGE2-TAOF EM G Douglas-fir-sparse snowberry-sparse elk sedge PSME-SYRO-POTR5 EM H Lodgepole pine-Douglas-fir-aspen-elk sedge PICO-PSME-POTR5-CAGE2 EM J Lodgepole pine-elk sedge PICO-CAGE2 EM K Lodgepole pine-Oregon-grape-elk sedge PICO-MARE11-CAGE2 EM L Lodgepole pine-Douglas-fir-elk sedge PICO-PSME-CAGE2 EM-MS FD12 Douglas-fir/Thurber fescue–Dark Cryic soils–Gentle slopes, 8,700-10,400 ft Douglas-fir/Thurber fescue–Cold dark soils–Gentle PSME/FETH 204 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Aspen-Douglas-fir-Thurber fescue-elk sedge POTR5-PSME-FETH-CAGE2 LS B Douglas-fir-elk sedge-Thurber fescue PSME-CAGE2-FETH LS C Aspen-sparse Douglas-fir-elk sedge-Thurber fescue POTR5-PSME-CAGE2-FETH MS D Aspen-sparse lodgepole pine-common juniper-elk sedge-Thurber fescue POTR5-PICO-JUCO6-CAGE2-FETH EM E Douglas-fir-aspen-common juniper-snowberry-elk sedge-Thurber fescue PSME-POTR5-JUCO6-SYRO-CAGE2-FETH MS F Aspen-ponderosa pine-Douglas-fir-Thurber fescue-elk sedge-snowberry POTR5-PIPO-PSME-FETH-CAGE2-SYRO EM-MS G Aspen-elk sedge-Thurber fescue-kinnikinnick-common juniper POTR5-CAGE2-FETH-ARUV-JUCO6 MS H Aspen-common juniper-elk sedge-Thurber fescue POTR5-JUCO6-CAGE2-FETH EM J Aspen-lodgepole pine-common juniper-kinnikinnick-elk sedge-sparse Thurber fescue POTR5-PICO-JUCO6-ARUV-CAGE2-FETH EM FD13 Douglas-fir/kinnikinnick–Thin-dark Frigid or Cryic soils–Gentle slopes, 8,800-10,000 ft Douglas-fir/kinnikinnick-Cold to moderately cold PSME/ARUV 209 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Aspen-Douglas-fir-common juniper-kinnikinnick-Oregon-grape-rose-elk sedge POTR5-PSME-JUCO6-ARUV-MARE11-ROWO-CAGE2 LS B Aspen-sparse Douglas-fir-kinnikinnick-rose-elk sedge POTR5-PSME-ARUV-ROWO-CAGE2 LM C Lodgepole pine-aspen-Douglas-fir-kinnikinnick-common juniper-elk sedge PICO-POTR5-PSME-ARUV-JUCO6-CAGE2 LM D Aspen-lodgepole pine-kinnikinnick-common juniper-elk sedge POTR5-PICO-ARUV-JUCO6-CAGE2 MS E Lodgepole pine-aspen-kinnikinnick-common juniper-elk sedge PICO-POTR5-ARUV-JUCO6-CAGE2 MS F Lodgepole pine-sparse Douglas-fir-kinnikinnick-common juniper-elk sedge PICO-PSME-ARUV-JUCO6-CAGE2 MS G Lodgepole pine-aspen-kinnikinnick-elk sedge PICO-POTR5-ARUV-CAGE2 EM H Lodgepole pine-kinnikinnick-Oregon-grape-elk sedge-Ross sedge PICO-ARUV-MARE11-CAGE2-CARO5 EM J Lodgepole pine-kinnikinnick-Ross sedge PICO-ARUV-CARO5 EM FD14 Douglas-fir-lodgepole pine/buffaloberry–Sandy Cryochrepts–Gentle to steep northerly slopes, 9,000-10,600 ft Douglas-fir/buffaloberry–Light-colored sandy cold soils–Northerly PSME/SHCA 215 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Douglas-fir-aspen-buffaloberry-sparse common juniper PSME-POTR5-SHCA-JUCO6

4 LS B Lodgepole pine-Douglas-fir-buffal
LS B Lodgepole pine-Douglas-fir-buffaloberry-kinnikinnick PICO-PSME-SHCA-ARUV LM C Lodgepole pine-aspen-kinnikinnick-buffaloberry PICO-POTR5-ARUV-SHCA MS D Lodgepole pine-sparse aspen-buffaloberry-common juniper-Rocky Mtn. whortleberry PICO-POTR5-SHCA-JUCO6-VAMYO EM E Lodgepole pine-buffaloberry-common juniper-rose PICO-SHCA-JUCO6-ROWO EM F Lodgepole pine-buffaloberry-kinnikinnick PICO-SHCA-ARUV EM 120 Code Ecological Series or Ecological Type Short Name Plant Codes Page 5 Blue Spruce Uplands Ecological Series PIPU 220 FD15 Blue spruce/Arizona fescue open forest–Argiborolls–Gentle to steep easterly slopes and benches, 9,200-10,200 ft Blue spruce/Arizona fescue–Dark clay soils–Easterly PIPU/FEAR2 223 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Aspen-blue spruce-Arizona fescue-patchy POTR5-PIPU-FEAR2 LS-LM B Blue spruce-Arizona fescue-patchy PIPU-FEAR2 LM FD16 Blue spruce-Engelmann spruce/kinnikinnick–Cryoboralfs or Eutroboralfs–Gentle northerly slopes, 9,400-10,500 ft Blue-Engelmann spruces/kinnikinnick–Light-colored soils–Northerly PIPU-PIEN/ARUV 227 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Blue spruce-aspen-kinnikinnick PIPU-POTR5-ARUV LS B Aspen-Engelmann spruce-Idaho fescue-kinnikinnick POTR5-PIEN-FEID-ARUV LM C Lodgepole pine-aspen-sparse spruce-common juniper-kinnikinnick-elk sedge PICO-POTR5-PIPU-PIEN-JUCO6-ARUV-CAGE2 MS 6 Lodgepole Pine Ecological Series PICO 232 FD17 Lodgepole pine/silvertop sedge–Cold Cryoboralfs–Glacial granitic slopes, 9,900-10,800 ft Lodgepole pine/silvertop sedge–Cold light-colored soils–Glacial PICO/CAFO3 237 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Lodgepole pine-silvertop sedg e PICO-CAFO3 LS FD18 Lodgepole pine/Rocky Mountain whortleberry–Cryoboralfs–Gentle to moderately steep slopes, 9,300-10,600 ft Lodgepole pine/whortleberry–Cold light-colored soils PICO/VAMYO 241 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Lodgepole pine-aspen-Rocky Mtn. whortleberry-elk sedge PICO-POTR5-VAMYO-CAGE2 LS B Lodgepole pine-Rocky Mtn. whortleberry PICO-VAMYO LM FD19 Lodgepole pine/sparse–Cryoboralfs-Slopes Lodgepole pine/sparse PICO/sparse 244 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Lodgepole pine-sparse Oregon-grape PICO-MARE11 LS B Lodgepole pine-sparse PICO MS B. Moderately-Moist Forests (FL) Code Ecological Series or Ecological Type Short Name Plant Codes Page 7 Subalpine Fir-Douglas-Fir Ecological Series ABBI2-PSME 246 FL01 Subalpine fir-Douglas-fir/pachistima–Thin-dark Cryoboralfs and Cryoborolls–Moderately steep slopes, 9,300-10,300 ft Fir-Douglas-fir/pachistima–Moderately cold soils ABBI2-PSME/PAMY 249 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Douglas-fir-subalpine fir-aspen-elk sedge-pachistima-rose PSME-ABBI2-POTR5-CAGE2-PAMY-ROWO LS B Aspen-pachistima-lupine POTR5-PAMY-LUAR3 EM C Lodgepole pine-aspen-common juniper-pachistima-elk sedg e PICO-POTR5-JUCO6-PAMY-CAGE2 EM FL02 Subalpine fir/twinflower–Cryochrepts and Cryoboralfs–Steep northerly slopes, 9,100-10,100 ft Fir/twinflower–Cold light-colored soils–St

5 eep northerly ABBI2/LIBO3 254 CT Co
eep northerly ABBI2/LIBO3 254 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Douglas-fir-aspen-common juniper-twinflower PSME-POTR5-JUCO6-LIBO3 LS B Engelmann spruce-subalpine fir-lodgepole pine-whortleberry-twinflower PIEN-ABBI2-PICO-VAMYO-LIBO3 LS-LM C Lodgepole pine-aspen-common juniper-whortleberry-kinnikinnick-twinflower PICO-POTR5-JUCO6-VAMYO-ARUV-LIBO3 EM 8a Subalpine Fir-Engelmann Spruce Ecological Series (Tall Forests) ABBI2-PIEN 259 FL03 Subalpine fir-Engelmann spruce/pachistima–Cryoboralfs–Slopes, 9,800-10,900 ft Fir-spruce/pachistima–Cold light-colored soils ABBI2-PIEN/PAMY 267 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Engelmann spruce-subalpine fir-aspen-pachistima-forest fleabane PIEN-ABBI2-POTR5-PAMY-EREX4 PN B Lodgepole pine-Engelmann spruce-subalpine fir-pachistima-common juniper PICO-PIEN-ABBI2-PAMY-JUCO6 LM C Aspen-lodgepole pine-elk sedge-pachistima-common juniper POTR5-PICO-CAGE2-PAMY-JUCO6 MS 121 Code Ecological Series or Ecological Type Short Name Plant Codes Page FL04A Engelmann spruce-aspen/Thurber fescue-timber oatgrass–Cryoboralfs–Gentle backslopes Spruce-aspen/Timber oatgrass–Cold clay soils PIEN-POTR5/FETH-DAIN 272 CT Community Type Plant Symbols A Aspen-Engelmann spruce-timber oatgrass-Thurber fescue POTR5-PIEN-DAIN-FETH FL04B Subalpine fir-Engelmann spruce/dwarf bilberry–Sandy Cryoboralfs–Gentle granitic glacial slopes Fir-spruce/dwarf bilberry–Cold sandy soils–Glacial ABBI2-PIEN/VACE 272 CT Community Type Plant Symbols A Lodgepole pine-Engelmann spruce-dwarf bilberry PICO-PIEN-VACE FL05 Subalpine fir-Engelmann spruce/elk sedge–Cryoboralfs, clayey–Gentle slopes, 10,000-10,700 Fir-spruce/elk sedge–Cold light-colored clay soils–Gentle ABBI2-PIEN/CAGE2 276 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Engelmann spruce-aspen-elk sedge PIEN-POTR5-CAGE2 LS B Aspen-Engelmann spruce-subalpine fir-elk sedge POTR5-PIEN-ABBI2-CAGE2-POPR LM C Aspen-lodgepole pine-Engelmann spruce-common juniper-elk sedge-rose POTR5-PICO-PIEN-JUCO6-CAGE2-ROWO MS D Lodgepole pine-elk sedge-kinnikinnick PICO-CAGE2-ARUV EM E Lodgepole pine-Engelmann spruce-elk sedge-strawberry PICO-PIEN-CAGE2-FRVI LM F Aspen-elk sedge-strawberry POTR5-CAGE2-FRVI EM FL06 Subalpine fir-Engelmann spruce/moss–Cryoboralfs–Gentle to steep northerly slopes, 9,700-11,100 ft Fir-spruce/moss–Cold light-colored soils–Northerly ABBI2-PIEN/moss 281 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Subalpine fir-moss ABBI2 LS B Engelmann spruce-moss PIEN LS FL07 Subalpine fir-Engelmann spruce/buffaloberry–Cryochrepts–�Slopes, 10,000 ft Fir-spruce/buffaloberry–Cold light-colored soils ABBI2-PIEN/SHCA 286 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Lodgepole pine-buffaloberry-common juniper-Rocky Mtn. whortleberry PICO-SHCA-JUCO6-VAMYO MS B Lodgepole pine-Engelmann spruce-buffaloberry-Rocky Mtn. whortleberry PICO-PIEN-SHCA-VAMYO LM C Lodgepole pine-aspen-sparse Engelmann spruce-buffaloberry-common juniper-elk sedge PICO-POTR5-PIEN-SHCA-JUCO6-CAGE2 LM-MS FL08 Engelmann spruce/mountain gooseberry–

6 ;Cold Cryic soils–Gentle upper-Suba
;Cold Cryic soils–Gentle upper-Subalpine slopes, 10,100-12,200 ft Spruce/gooseberry–Cold upper-Subalpine slopes PIEN/RIMO2 290 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Engelmann spruce-mountain gooseberry PIEN-RIMO2 PN B Lodgepole pine-sparse Engelmann spruce-Rocky Mtn. whortleberry-mountain gooseberry PICO-PIEN-VAMYO-RIMO2 LM FL09 Subalpine fir-Engelmann spruce/Rocky Mountain whortleberry–Cryochrepts and Cryoboralfs–Moderate slopes, 10,600-11,400 ft Fir-spruce/whortleberry–Cold light-colored soils ABBI2-PIEN/VAMYO 295 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Engelmann spruce-Rocky Mtn. whortleberry PIEN-VAMYO PN B Lodgepole pine-aspen-elk sedge-Rocky Mtn. whortleberry PICO-POTR5-CAGE2-VAMYO MS C Lodgepole pine-Rocky Mtn. whortleberry-elk sedge PICO-VAMYO-CAGE2 MS D Aspen-Engelmann spruce-lodgepole pine-common juniper-elk sedge-Rocky Mtn. whortleberry POTR5-PIEN-PICO-JUCO6-CAGE2-VAMYO LM 8b Subalpine Fir-Engelmann Spruce Series (Krummholz, Wind Deformed, Alpine Ecotone Forests) ABBI2-PIEN 300 FL10 Subalpine fir-Engelmann spruce/grayleaf willow Krummholz forest–Cryorthents–Treeline wind-scarred slopes, 11,600-12,000 ft Fir-spruce/grayleaf willow treeline–Wind-scarred ABBI2-PIEN/SAGL 303 CT Community Type Plant Symbols A Krummholz Engelmann spruce-grayleaf willow PIEN-SAGL 9 Limber Pine Ecological Series PIFL2 307 FL11 Limber pine/common juniper–Very shallow soils–Rocky �bouldery convex ridges and rockslides, 9,000 ft Limber pine/common juniper–Rocks PIFL2/JUCO6 308 CT Community Type Plant Symbols A Limber pine-Douglas-fir-common juniper-ocean spray-rocky PIFL2-PSME-JUCO6-HODI 122 C. Moist Forests (FM) Code Ecological Series or Ecological Type Short Name Plant Codes Page 10 Aspen Ecological Series POTR5 311 FM1 Aspen/serviceberry–Deep Argiborolls–Gentle to moderate slopes and slumps, 8,000-9,700 ft Aspen/serviceberry–Deep dark soils POTR5/AMAL2-SYRO 321 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Aspen-Saskatoon serviceberry POTR5-AMAL2 LS B Aspen-rose-sparse serviceberry-elk sedge-brome POTR5-ROWO-AMAL2-BRCA10-ACLA5 MS C Aspen-snowberry-wheatgrass POTR5-POPR EM D Aspen-common juniper-snowberry-sparse serviceberry POTR5-AMAL2-SYRO-ACLA5 EM-ES FM2 Aspen/Thurber fescue–Deep Cryoborolls–Gentle to moderate slopes and slumps, 8,100-10,400 ft Aspen/Thurber fescue–Deep dark soils POTR5/FETH 327 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Aspen-Thurber fescue-elk sedge-dandelion POTR5-FETH-CAGE2-TAOF LS-LM B Aspen-snowberry-Thurber fescue-elk sedge-Kentucky bluegrass-forbs POTR5-SYRO-FETH-CAGE2-POPR LM C Aspen-Thurber fescue-yarrow-dandelion POTR5-FETH-ACLA5-TAOF LM-MS D Aspen-elk sedge-Thurber fescue-yarrow POTR5-CAGE2-FETH-ACLA5 MS E Aspen-Thurber fescue-elk sedge-yarrow POTR5-FETH-CAGE2-ACLA5 EM FM3 Aspen/meadow-rue-peavine–Argic Pachic Cryoborolls–Gentle to steep slopes, benches, and slumps, 9,100-10,100 ft Aspen/meadow-rue-peavine–Deep dark clay soils POTR5/THFE-LALE2 333 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Aspen-osha-blue wildrye-elk sedge-geranium-b

rome-dense POTR5-LIPO-ELGL-CAGE2-GERI-BRCA10 PN B Aspen-peavine-yarrow-dense grasses and forbs POTR5-LALE2-ACLA5 LM D. Riparian Forests (FR) Code Ecological Series or Ecological Type Short Name Plant Codes Page 11 Narrowleaf Cottonwood Ecological Series POAN3 338 FR1 Cottonwood/Pacific willow-swamp bluegrass–Deep to very deep alluvial Fluvaquentic Endoaquolls–U-shaped draw bottoms and floodplains, Cottonwood/willow–Water-layered soils–Floodplains POAN3/SALUL-POPA2 343 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Cottonwood-Pacific willow-alder-swamp bluegrass POAN3-SALUL-ALINT-POPA2 LS B River hawthorn-rose-Kentucky bluegrass CRRI-ROWO-POPR MS-EM C Cottonwood-rose-Kentucky bluegrass-bedstraw-dandelion POAN3-ROWO-POPR-GASE6-TAOF MS-EM D Cottonwood-rose-snowberry-western wheatgrass POAN3-ROWO-SYRO-PASM EM E Shrubby cinquefoil-sparse cottonwood-Kentucky bluegrass-Baltic rush PEFL15-POAN3-POPR-JUARA4 EM-ES F Alder-yellow willow-Kentucky bluegrass-Baltic rush ALINT-SALU2-POPR-JUARA4 EM-MS G Big sagebrush-quackgrass-Baltic rush-Kentucky bluegrass-dandelion ARTR2-ELRE3-JUARA4-POPR-TAOF ES FR2 Aspen-cottonwood/reedgrass-swamp bluegrass-cow-parsnip–Deep to very deep alluvial Endoaquolls and other Borolls–U-shaped draw bottoms and floodplains, Aspen-cottonwood–Deep alluvial soils–Floodplains POTR5-POAN3/CACA4-POPA2-HESP6 352 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Aspen-reedgrass-swamp bluegrass-cow-parsnip-vetch POTR5-CACA4-POPA2-HESP6-VIAM LS B Cottonwood-aspen-rose-Kentucky bluegrass POAN3-POTR5-ROWO-POPR LM C Aspen-Kentucky bluegrass POTR5-POPR MS D Aspen-rose-Kentucky bluegrass-dandelion POTR5-ROWO-POPR-TAOF EM E Aspen-tree juniper-sparse dandelion-sparse rose POTR5-JUSC2-TAOF-ROWO EM F Aspen-rose-snowberry-Kentucky bluegrass-quackgrass-dandelion POTR5-ROWO-SYRO-POPR-ELRE3-TAOF EM-ES 123 Code Ecological Series or Ecological Type Short Name Plant Codes Page 12 Blue & Engelmann Spruces-Subalpine Fir Riparian Ecological Series PIPU-PIEN-ABBI2 358 FR3 Blue spruce-cottonwood/alder-silvertop sedge–Deep alluvial Endoaquolls, sandy subsurface–Flat to U-shaped terraces and floodplains, Spruce-cottonwood–Sandy wet soils–Terraces PIPU-POAN3/ALINT-CAFO3 362 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Blue spruce-cottonwood-alder-silvertop sedge-Kentucky bluegrass PIPU-POAN3-ALINT-CAFO3-POPR LS-LM B Cottonwood-blue spruce-Kentucky bluegrass-Baltic rush POAN3-PIPU-POPR-JUARA4 LM C Blue spruce-cottonwood-rose-sparse swamp bluegrass PIPU-POAN3-ROWO-POPA2 MS FR4 Spruce/honeysuckle-reedgrass–Deep sandy Cryaquolls and Cryaquents–V- to U-shaped alluvial floodplains and draw bottoms, 2-14% slope, 8,900-10,500 ft Spruce/honeysuckle-reedgrass–Deep sandy moist soils–Narrow bottoms PIPU-PIEN/DIIN5-CACA4 368 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Blue spruce-alder-reedgrass-water sedge-horsetail PIPU-ALINT-CACA4-CAAQ-EQAR PN B Engelmann spruce-honeysuckle-reedgrass PIEN-DIIN5-CACA4 LS C Engelmann spruce-honeysuckle PIEN-DIIN5 LM D Aspen-reedgrass POTR5-CACA4 MS FR5 Spruce/red-osier–Cryaquolls and Cryaquents–V-sh

8 aped, narrow alluvial watercourses, 8,50
aped, narrow alluvial watercourses, 8,500-9,200 ft Spruce/red-osier–Moist soils–Bottoms PIPU-PIEN/SWSE 373 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Spruce-red-osier PIEN-PIPU-SWSE LS B Red-osier SWSE MS FR6 Subalpine fir-Engelmann spruce/Arrowleaf groundsel-bluebells-bittercress–Moderately deep to deep Cryaquolls–V-�shaped, narrow ravines and draw bottoms, 9,500 ft Fir-spruce/wet forbs–Moist soils–Narrow V-shaped bottoms ABBI2-PIEN/SETR-MECI3-CACO6 377 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Engelmann spruce-subalpine fir-bittercress-arrowleaf groundsel PIEN-ABBI2-CACO6-SETR LS B Aspen-alder-reedgrass-wet forbs POTR5-ALINT-CACA4 MS C Wet forbs – EM E. Non-Forested Riparian (RI) Code Ecological Series or Ecological Type Short Name Plant Codes Page 13 Yellow Willow Ecological Series SALU2 382 RI1 Yellow willow/beaked sedge–Deep to very deep, alluvial to colluvial clayey Endoaquolls–U-shaped or concave draw bottoms, swales, slumps, and earthflows, 7,800-9,700 ft Yellow willow–Deep alluvial soils–Concave bottoms and swales SALU2/CAUT 385 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Yellow willow-Geyer willow-other willows-beaked sedge SAGE2-SALIX-CAUT PN-LS B Geyer willow-beaked sedge SAGE2-CAUT LM C Yellow willow-other willows-moist to dry grasses and forbs SALU2-SALIX LM-MS D Geyer willow-Kentucky bluegrass-dandelion SAGE2-POPR-TAOF MS-EM E Geyer-serviceberry-yellow willows-alder-Kentucky bluegrass SAGE2-SALUL-SALU2-ALINT-POPR LM-MS F Baltic rush-dandelion-yarrow-sparse willows JUARA4-TAOF-ACLA5 ES-EM G Shrubby cinquefoil-Baltic rush-Kentucky bluegrass-tufted hairgrass PEFL15-JUARA4-POPR-DECE ES H Big sagebrush-Kentucky bluegrass-yarrow-dandelion ARTR2-POPR-ACLA5-TAOF ES J Kentucky bluegrass-Baltic rush-dandelion-dry grasses POPR-JUARA4-TAOF ES K Kentucky bluegrass-western wheatgrass-bluegrass POPR-PASM-POA ES L Baltic rush-quackgrass-dandelion-yarrow-Kentucky bluegrass-iris JUARA4-ELRE3-TAOF-ACLA5-POPR-IRMI ES 124 Code Ecological Series or Ecological Type Short Name Plant Codes Page 14 Blue Willow-Serviceberry Willow-Booth Willow Ecological Series SADR-SAMO2-SABO2 395 RI2 Blue willow/reedgrass-beaked sedge–Deep to moderately deep alluvial Cryaquolls–U-shaped or flat floodplains, terraces, and draw bottoms, 8,500-10,200 ft Blue willow–Deep alluvial soils–Bottoms SADR/CACA4-CAUT 398 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Blue willow-reedgrass-beaked sedge SADR-CACA4-CAUT LS B Blue-serviceberry-Geyer willows-Kentucky bluegrass-moist forbs SADR-SAMO2-SAGE2-POPR MS C Blue willow-reedgrass-cow-parsnip SADR-CACA4-HESP6 LM D Blue willow-dandelion-sparse SADR-TAOF EM RI3 Serviceberry willow/beaked sedge–Deep to very deep alluvial to colluvial silty to clayey Cryaquolls, sometimes Histic–U-shaped or flat draws, slopes, floodplains, swales, benches, ravines, and slumps, 8,100-11,000 ft Serviceberry willow–Deep alluvial soils–Concave bottoms and swales SAMO2/CAUT 403 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Serviceberry willow-beaked sedge SAMO2-CAUT PN-LS B Serviceb

9 erry willow-shrubby cinquefoil-yarrow-da
erry willow-shrubby cinquefoil-yarrow-dandelion SAMO2-PEFL15-ACLA5-TAOF LM-MS C Bebb-Geyer willows-shrubby cinquefoil-Baltic rush-dandelion-yarrow SABE2-SAGE2-PEFL15-JUARA4-TAOF-ACLA5 MS D Shrubby cinquefoil-sparse Geyer willow-Kentucky bluegrass PEFL15-SAGE2-POPR EM E Kentucky bluegrass-sagebrush-cinquefoil POPR-ARTR2-PEFL15-POPU9 ES F Dandelion-Kentucky bluegrass-Baltic rush-moist sedges TAOF-POPR-JUARA4-CAREX ES 15 Planeleaf Willow-Wolf Willow-Bog Birch Ecological Series SAPL2-SAWO-BEGL 410 RI4 Planeleaf willow/water sedge–Deep to very deep alluvial Cryaquolls and Borohemists–U-shaped or flat floodplains, draw �bottoms, benches, slumps, and swales, 9,500 ft Planeleaf willow/water sedge–Cold deep alluvial soils–Bottoms SAPL2/CAAQ 413 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Planeleaf willow-taller willows-water sedge SAPL2-SALIX-CAAQ LS B Planeleaf willow-marsh-marigold-water sedge SAPL2-PSLE-CAAQ LS C Planeleaf willow-moist sedges-Baltic rush-moist forbs SAPL2-CAREX-JUARA4 LM D Water sedge-planeleaf willow-marsh-marigold CAAQ-SAPL2-PSLE LM-LS E Sedges-sparse planeleaf willow-yarrow-Baltic rush-dandelion CAREX-SAPL2-ACLA5-JUARA4-TAOF EM RI5 Wolf-planeleaf willows/water sedge–Deep alluvial Cryaquolls and �Cryohemists–Flat to U-shaped floodplains and terraces, 9,500 ft Wolf and planeleaf willows–Cold deep alluvial soils–Bottoms SAWO-SAPL2/CAAQ 419 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Wolf willow-water sedge SAWO-CAAQ LS B Wolf-planeleaf willows-tufted hairgrass SAWO-SAPL2-DECE LM RI6 Shrubby cinquefoil/Idaho fescue–Moderately deep colluvial to alluvial clayey Cryoborolls–Linear to concave to U-shaped footslopes and draw bottoms, 9,000-10,800 ft Shrubby cinquefoil–Colluvial or alluvial soils–Parks and swales PEFL15/FEID 424 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Kentucky bluegrass-shrubby cinquefoil POPR-PEFL15 EM B Shrubby cinquefoil-Idaho fescue-yarrow PEFL15-FEID-ACLA5 EM C Shrubby cinquefoil-dry grasses and forbs PEFL15 ES RI7 Planeleaf willow/marsh-marigold–Cryaquepts–Concave �footslopes and lower backslopes, 11,500 ft Planeleaf willow/marsh-marigold–Cold, wet young soils–High bottoms SAPL2/PSLE 429 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Planeleaf willow-sparse marsh-marigold-sparse bluebells SAPL2-PSLE-MECI3 125 Code Ecological Series or Ecological Type Short Name Plant Codes Page 16 Grayleaf Willow-Barrenground Willow Ecological Series SAGL-SABR 433 RI8 Grayleaf-barrenground willows/water sedge–Deep to very deep Cryaquolls and Borohemists–U-shaped or flat-linear floodplains and benches, 9,500-12,100 ft Grayleaf willow/water sedge–Deep cold wet soils–High creek bottoms SAGL-SABR/CAAQ 435 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Grayleaf willow-water sedge-tufted hairgrass SAGL-CAAQ-DECE LS B Grayleaf-barrenground willows-moist forbs SAGL-SABR LM-MS 17 Water Sedge Ecological Series CAAQ 439 RI9 Water sedge-beaked sedge/tufted hairgrass–Very deep to deep Borohemists, Cryaquolls, and Cryaquepts–Flat to U-shaped �fl

10 oodplains, draw bottoms, and toeslopes,
oodplains, draw bottoms, and toeslopes, 9,500 ft Sedge wetland–Deep cold gleyed soils–Concave water bowls CAAQ-CAUT/DECE 443 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Water sedge-wet sedges and forbs CAAQ-CAREX PN-LS B Beaked sedge-water sedge CAUT-CAAQ LS-LM C Tufted hairgrass-reedgrass-water sedge DECE-CACA4-CAAQ MS D Teachers' sedge-water sedge-sparse planeleaf willow CAPR4-CAAQ-SAPL2 MS E Water sedge-tufted hairgrass-annual bluegrass-moist forbs CAAQ-DECE-POAN EM F. Non-Riparian Grasslands (GA) Code Ecological Series or Ecological Type Short Name Plant Codes Page 18 Indian Ricegrass-Needle-and-thread Ecological Series ACHY-HECO26 447 GA01 Indian ricegrass/needle-and-thread-blue grama–Moderately deep to shallow Aridic Mesic soils, gravelly surface–Convex windward summits and shoulders, 7,500-9,400 ft Indian ricegrass/needle-and-thread–Aridic soils–Windswept ridge shoulders ACHY/ HECO26-CHGR15 450 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Indian ricegrass-bottlebrush ACHY-ELEL5 LS B Needle-and-thread-sedge-bluegrass-sparse Indian ricegrass HECO26-KRLA2-PASM LM C Needle-and-thread-winterfat-western wheatgrass GUSA2-ACPI2-HECO26-CHGR15 MS D Snakeweed-pine needlegrass-needle-and-thread-blue grama HECO26 EM E Needle-and-thread-sparse EM 19 Arizona Fescue Ecological Series FEAR2 456 GA02 Arizona fescue/pingue–Moderately deep to shallow residual Argiborolls, gravelly surface–Linear to convex exposed shoulders and summits, 8,400-9,600 ft Arizona fescue/pingue–Shallow–Windward slopes FEAR2/PIRI6 459 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Arizona fescue-pingue-needle-and-thread FEAR2-PIRI6-HECO26 LS B Arizona fescue-junegrass-pingue FEAR2-KOMA-PIRI6 LM C Blue grama-sedge-needle-and-thread-sparse Arizona fescue CHGR15-HECO26-FEAR2 MS D Arizona fescue-fringed sage-sparse FEAR2 EM GA03 Arizona fescue/muhly–Shallow to deep colluvial Argiborolls, sometimes Lithic, gravelly surface–Linear to convex somewhat protected slopes, 8,700-10,500 ft Arizona fescue/muhly–Deep–Windward slopes FEAR2/MUMO-MUFI 465 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Parry oatgrass-mountain muhly-Arizona fescue DAPA2-MUMO-FEAR2 PN B Arizona fescue-muhly FEAR2-MUFI-MUMO LS C Muhly-Arizona fescue MUMO-MUFI-FEAR2 LM D Muhly-sparse MUMO-MUFI EM-MS 126 Code Ecological Series or Ecological Type Short Name Plant Codes Page 20 Thurber Fescue Ecological Series FETH 470 GA04 Thurber fescue/Arizona fescue–Deep Argic Cryoborolls, not coarse on surface–Linear protected footslopes and toeslopes, 9,200-10,800 ft Thurber-Arizona fescues–Deep cold dark soils FETH/FEAR2 475 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Thurber fescue-Parry oatgrass-sedge-Arizona fescue FETH-DAPA2-CAFO3-FEAR2 PN B Thurber fescue-Parry oatgrass-Arizona fescue FETH-DAPA2-FEAR2 LS C Thurber fescue-Arizona fescue FETH-FEAR2 MS D Parry oatgrass-Arizona fescue-blunt sedge-Thurber fescue DAPA2-FEAR2-CAOB4-FETH MS-LM GA05 Thurber fescue/Idaho fescue–Deep Argic Cryoborolls, not coarse on surface–Linear to concave toeslopes and footslopes

11 , 9,500-11,200 ft Thurber-Idaho fescues
, 9,500-11,200 ft Thurber-Idaho fescues–Deep cold dark soils FETH/FEID 481 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Parry oatgrass-Idaho fescue-Thurber fescue DAPA2-FEID-FETH LS B Thurber fescue-Idaho fescue FETH-FEID LM C Sparse fescue-yarrow-dandelion-beauty cinquefo il FETH-FEID-ACLA5-TAOF-POPU9 EM GA06 Thurber fescue/meadow-rue-vetch-elk sedge–Deep to very deep Argic Cryoborolls, sometimes Pachic, not coarse on surface–Linear to concave backslopes and footslopes, 8,700-11,300 ft Thurber fescue/moist forbs–Deep dark clay soils–Linear or concave slopes FETH/THFE-VIAM-CAGE2 486 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Thurber fescue-yarrow-vetch-valerian-meadow-rue FETH-ACLA5-VIAM-VACAA-THFE LS B Thurber fescue-elk sedge-slender wheatgrass-dense forbs FETH-CAGE2-ELTR7 LM C Thurber fescue-yarrow-forbs FETH-ACLA5 MS 21 Osha Ecological Series LIPO 491 GA07 Osha/meadow-rue–Very deep Argic Cryoborolls, not coarse on �surface–Linear to concave slumps and earthflows, 9,000 ft Osha–Very deep heavy-clay soils LIPO/THFE 494 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Osha-helianthella-peavine-meadow-rue-slender wheatgrass LIPO-HEQU2-LALE2-THFE-ELTR7 LS B Mule's ears-false-hellebore-forbs WYMA-VETE4 MS-LM 22 Idaho Fescue Ecological Series FEID 499 GA08 Idaho fescue/slender wheatgrass–Very deep Argic Cryoborolls, shallow to Argillic, not coarse on surface–Concave backslopes �and footslopes, 9,700 ft Idaho fescue–Deep dark clay soils, shallow to clay layer FEID/ELTR7 500 CT Community Type Plant Symbols A Idaho fescue-sparse slender wheatgrass-forbs FEID-ELTR7 23 Timber Oatgrass Ecological Series DAIN 503 GA09 Timber oatgrass/tufted hairgrass–Shallow Cryumbrepts and Cryoborolls–Windward, somewhat protected footslopes and �toeslopes, 10,500 ft Timber oatgrass–Shallow soils–Exposed high ridges DAIN/DECE 505 CT Community Type Plant Symbols A Timber oatgrass-tufted hairgrass-sparse DAIN-DECE 24 Purple Pinegrass Ecological Series CAPU 508 GA10 Purple pinegrass/Scribner wheatgrass–Moderately deep, gravelly and rocky residual Cryoborolls–Windward, exposed shoulders �and summits of ridges, 11,200 ft Purple pinegrass–Shallow rocky soils–Exposed high ridges CAPU/ELSC4 509 CT Community Type Plant Symbols A Purple pinegrass-sparse alpine fescue-sparse tufted hairgrass CAPU-FEBRC-DECE 127 G. Tall Non-Riparian Shrublands (SA) Code Ecological Series or Ecological Type Short Name Plant Codes Page 25 Utah Serviceberry-Saskatoon Serviceberry Ecological Series AMUT-AMAL2 513 SA1 Utah serviceberry/dryland sedge-sun sedge–Deep Argiborolls–Leeward upper backslopes and shoulders, Utah serviceberry/sedge–Dark clay soils–Leeward AMUT/CAGE-CAPEH 520 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Utah serviceberry-snowberry-sun sedge AMUT-SYRO-CAPEH LS B Utah serviceberry-sparse AMUT MS-LM C Big sagebrush-snowberry-dryland sedge-sparse Utah serviceberry ARTR2-SYRO-CAGE-AMUT EM-MS D Big sagebrush-sparse Utah serviceberry-pine needlegrass-sparse snowberry ARTR2-

12 AMUT-ACPI2-SYRO EM E Big sagebrush-mu
AMUT-ACPI2-SYRO EM E Big sagebrush-muttongrass-sparse snowberry ARTR2-POFE-SYRO ES F Big sagebrush-sparse Utah serviceberry-rabbitbrush-sparse snowberry-Indian ricegrass ARTR2-AMUT-CHVI8-SYRO-ACHY ES-EM G Big sagebrush-sparse Utah serviceberry-rabbitbrush-sparse snowberry ARTR2-AMUT-CHVI8-SYRO ES SA2 Utah serviceberry-mountain-mahogany/dryland sedge-sun sedge–Argiborolls–Protected colluvial backslopes and shoulders, Utah serviceberry-mountain-mahogany/sedge–Dark clay soils–Protected AMUT-CEMO2/CAGE-CAPEH 527 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Utah serviceberry-mountain-mahogany-snowberry-dryland sedge AMUT-CEMO2-SYRO-CAGE LS B Mountain-mahogany-Utah serviceberry-big sagebrush-snowberry-muttongrass CEMO2-AMUT-ARTR2-SYRO-POFE LM-MS C Mountain-mahogany-Utah serviceberry-big sagebrush-snowberry CEMO2-AMUT-ARTR2-SYRO LM-MS D Mountain-mahogany-big sagebrush-muttongrass-sparse Utah serviceberry CEMO2-ARTR2-POFE-AMUT EM-MS SA3 Serviceberry-Gambel oak/sedge–Deep Argiborolls, little coarse on surface–Lees or other protected slopes, 7,600 - 8,600 ft Serviceberry-oak–Dark clay soils–Protected AMUT-AMAL2-QUGA/CAGE-CAGE2 532 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Oak-serviceberry-snowberry-bedstraw QUGA-AMAL2-AMUT-SYRO-GASE6 LM B Oak-big sagebrush-snowberry-muttongrass QUGA-ARTR2-SYRO-POFE MS C Big sagebrush-oak-snowberry-sparse serviceberry ARTR2-QUGA-SYRO-AMAL2 EM D Big sagebrush-oak-sparse grasses ARTR2-QUGA ES-EM SA4 Serviceberry/green needlegrass-spike-fescue–Deep Argiborolls, sometimes Pachic–Lee sides of ridges and mesas, 8,000-9,300 ft Serviceberry/green needlegrass–Deep clay soils–Lees AMUT-AMAL2/NAVI4-LEKI2 538 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Serviceberry-snowberry-mountain-mahogany-green needlegrass-dryland sedge AMELA-SYRO-CEMO2-NAVI4-CAGE LS-LM B Serviceberry-snowberry-big sagebrush-green needlegrass AMELA-SYRO-ARTR2-NAVI4 MS-LM C Big sagebrush-serviceberry-snowberry-green needlegrass-pine needlegrass-muttongrass ARTR2-AMELA-SYRO-NAVI4-ACPI2-POFE EM-MS D Big sagebrush-sparse serviceberry-muttongrass-spike-fescue ARTR2-AMELA-POFE-LEKI2 EM E Big sagebrush-muttongrass-spike-fescue ARTR2-POFE-LEKI2 EM F Big sagebrush-rabbitbrush-snowberry-dry grasses ARTR2-CHVI8-SYRO EM-ES G Serviceberry-snowberry-big sagebrush-muttongrass-green needlegrass AMELA-SYRO-ARTR2-POFE-NAVI4 LM-MS H Big sagebrush-snowberry-muttongrass ARTR2-SYRO-POFE ES SA5 Saskatoon serviceberry/elk sedge–Deep Argiborolls and Argic Cryoborolls, often Pachic–Lee slopes on ridges and mesas, 8,500-9,900 ft Saskatoon serviceberry/elk sedge–Deep dark soils–Lees AMAL2/CAGE2 545 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Saskatoon serviceberry-snowberry-elk sedge-moist forbs AMAL2-SYRO-CAGE2 LS B Saskatoon serviceberry-chokecherry-big sagebrush-snowberry-elk sedge AMAL2-PAVI11-ARTR2-SYRO-CAGE2 LM C Saskatoon serviceberry-big sagebrush-snowberry-muttongrass-elk sedge AMAL2-ARTR2-SYRO-POFE-CAGE2 LM D Snowberry-big sagebrush-dry grasses SYRO-ARTR2 EM E Big sagebrush-prairie junegrass ARTR2-KOMA EM-ES 128 Code Ecological Series or Ecologica

13 l Type Short Name Plant Codes Page S
l Type Short Name Plant Codes Page SA6 Saskatoon serviceberry/Thurber fescue–Deep Argic Cryoborolls, loam surface–Subalpine slopes, 8,700-10,000 ft Serviceberry/Thurber fescue–Deep dark cold loamy soils–Subalpine AMAL2/FETH 551 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Serviceberry-snowberry-Thurber fescue-elk sedge AMAL2-SYRO-FETH-CAGE2 LS B Thurber fescue-serviceberry-rabbitbrush-yarrow FETH-AMAL2-CHVI8-ACLA5 MS C Big sagebrush-serviceberry-snowberry-elk sedge-Thurber fescue ARTR2-AMAL2-SYRO-CAGE2-FETH EM 26 Rocky Tall-Shrublands Ecological Series HODI-JUCO6-PEFL15-RHART-RICE-RUID 556 SA7 Ocean-spray-common juniper-shrubby cinquefoil-skunkbrush-wax currant-raspberry–Extremely rocky Tall shrublands–Extremely rocky HODI-JUCO6-PEFL15-RHART-RICE-RUID 557 CT Community Type Plant Symbols A Mixed; whole E. T. H ODI-PEFL15-RICE-JUCO6 H. Dry Sagebrush Shrublands (SB) Code Ecological Series or Ecological Type Short Name Plant Codes Page 27 Wyoming Big Sagebrush Ecological Series ARTRW8 561 SB1 Wyoming big sagebrush/Indian ricegrass–Aridic soils–Colluvial and old-alluvial benches and slopes, Wyoming sagebrush/Indian ricegrass–Aridic soils ARTRW8/ACHY 568 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Needle-and-thread-blue grama-Wyoming sagebrush HECO26-CHGR15-ARTRW8 LS B Wyoming sagebrush-rabbitbrush-muttongrass-pine needlegrass ARTRW8-CHVI8-POFE-ACPI2 LM C Wyoming sagebrush-muttongrass-needle-and-thread ARTRW8-POFE-HECO26 LM D Wyoming sagebrush-sparse Indian ricegrass ARTRW8-ACHY MS-EM E Wyoming sagebrush-Hood's phlox ARTRW8-PHHO EM F Wyoming sagebrush-sparse ARTRW8 EM-ES 28 Black Sagebrush Ecological Series ARNO4 574 SB2 Black sagebrush/muttongrass-pine needlegrass–Coarse Eutroboralfs–Westerly windward slopes and ridges, 8,000-9,200 ft Black sagebrush/muttongrass–Coarse heavy-clay soils–Windward ARNO4/POFE-ACPI2 577 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Black sagebrush-pine needlegrass ARNO4-ACPI2 LS-LM B Black sagebrush-bottlebrush squirreltail-pine needlegrass ARNO4-ELEL5-ACPI2 LM C Black sagebrush-pine needlegrass ARNO4-ACPI2 MS D Cheatgrass-black sagebrush ANTE6-ARNO4 ES-EM E Black sagebrush-big sagebrush-bottlebrush squirreltail ARNO4-ARTR2-ELEL5 MS F Black sagebrush-rabbitbrush-sparse ARNO4-CHVI8 EM-ES SB3 Black sagebrush/Arizona fescue–Coarse Smectitic Eutroboralfs–Southwesterly windward low-angle slopes and mesas Black sagebrush/Arizona fescue–Coarse heavy clay soils–Windward), 8,000-9,400 ft ARNO4/FEAR2 582 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Black sagebrush-Arizona fescue-junegrass-pingue ARNO4-FEAR2-KOMA-PIRI6 LS B Black sagebrush-Sandberg bluegrass-Arizona fescue-pingue ARNO4-POSE-FEAR2-PIRI6 LM C Black sagebrush-big sagebrush-sparse Arizona fescue ARNO4-ARTR2-FEAR2 MS 129 I. Big Sagebrush Shrublands (SS) Code Ecological Series or Ecological Type Short Name Plant Codes Page 29 Big Sagebrush-Antelope Bitterbrush Ecological Series ARTR2-PUTR2 586 SS1 Big sagebrush/muttongrass-pine needlegrass–Argiborolls, sometimes Pachic–Colluvial or residual souther

14 ly to westerly slopes and summits, 8,000
ly to westerly slopes and summits, 8,000-10,200 ft Big sagebrush/muttongrass–Dark clay soils ARTR2/POFE-ACPI2 591 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Grasses-big sagebrush-rabbitbrush POFE-ACPI2-HECO26-ELEL5-ARTR2-CHVI8 LS B Forbs-big sagebrush-sedges-rabbitbrush PHMU3-ARTR2-CAREX-CHVI8 LM C Big sagebrush-grasses ARTR2-KOMA-POFE-ACPI2-HECO26 LM D Big sagebrush-pine needlegrass-grasses ARTR2-ACPI2 MS E Big sagebrush-pine needlegrass ARTR2-ACPI2 EM SS2 Bitterbrush-sagebrush/needle-and-thread-pine needlegrass–Argiborolls and Haploborolls, Sandy to Loamy–Somewhat protected backslopes and footslopes, Bitterbrush-sagebrush/needlegrass–Dark soils PUTR2-ARTR2/HECO26-ACPI2 597 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Bitterbrush-big sagebrush-muttongrass-grasses PUTR2-ARTR2-POFE LS B Bitterbrush-big sagebrush-muttongrass PUTR2-ARTR2-POFE LM C Big sagebrush-bitterbrush-grasses ARTR2-PUTR2 LM-MS D Big sagebrush-bitterbrush-muttongrass ARTR2-PUTR2-POFE LM-MS E Big sagebrush-grasses-sparse bitterbrush ARTR2-PUTR2 MS F Big sagebrush-grasses-sparse snowberry-sparse bitterbrush ARTR2-SYRO-PUTR2 EM G Big sagebrush-sparse bitterbrush ARTR2-PUTR2 EM SS3 Big sagebrush/Parry oatgrass-Arizona fescue–Mollisols with an Argillic horizon– Gentle to moderate lower-backslopes and toeslopes, 8,800-10,200 ft Big sagebrush/oatgrass-Arizona fescue–Dark clay soils ARTR2/DAPA2-FEAR2 603 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Parry oatgrass-big sagebrush-Arizona fescue-junegrass DAPA2-ARTR2-FEAR2-KOMA PN B Big sagebrush-Arizona fescue-Parry oatgrass ARTR2-FEAR2-DAPA2 LM C Arizona fescue-big sagebrush-Parry oatgrass FEAR2-ARTR2-DAPA2 LS D Big sagebrush-Arizona fescue-junegrass ARTR2-FEAR2-KOMA LM SS4 Big sagebrush/Arizona fescue–Mollisols with or without an Argillic horizon–Gentle to moderate summits, shoulders, and backslopes, 8,600-10,200 ft Big sagebrush/Arizona fescue–Dark soils ARTR2/FEAR2 609 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Arizona fescue-big sagebrush-muttongrass-junegrass FEAR2-ARTR2-POFE-KOMA LM B Muttongrass-big sagebrush-Arizona fescue-junegrass POFE-ARTR2-FEAR2-KOMA LM C Big sagebrush-Arizona fescue ARTR2-FEAR2 MS-LM D Big sagebrush-junegrass-Arizona fescue-muttongrass ARTR2-KOMA-FEAR2-POFE MS E Big sagebrush-Arizona fescue-junegrass ARTR2-FEAR2-KOMA MS F Big sagebrush-muttongrass-sparse Arizona fescue ARTR2-POFE-FEAR2 EM G Big sagebrush-sparse ARTR2 ES-EM SS5 Bitterbrush-sagebrush/Parry oatgrass-Arizona fescue–Haplustalfs–Northerly gentle to moderate backslopes and toeslopes, 8,700-9,000 ft Bitterbrush-sagebrush/oatgrass-Arizona fescue–Light-colored soils–Northerly PUTR2-ARTR2/DAPA2-FEAR2 615 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Oatgrass-pussytoes-junegrass-big sagebrush-bitterbrush DAPA2-ANRO2-KOMA-ARTR2-PUTR2 PN-LS B Big sagebrush-Arizona fescue-oatgrass-junegrass ARTR2-FEAR2-DAPA2-KOMA LM 130 Code Ecological Series or Ecological Type Short Name Plant Codes Page SS6 Bitterbrush-sagebrush/Arizona fescue–Argiborolls and Haploborolls–Non-northerly summits, shoulders, and backslop

15 es, 8,300-9,600 ft Bitterbrush-sagebrus
es, 8,300-9,600 ft Bitterbrush-sagebrush/Arizona fescue–Dark soils PUTR2-ARTR2/FEAR2 621 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Big sagebrush-grasses-bitterbrush ARTR2-PUTR2 LM B Bitterbrush-big sagebrush-grasses PUTR2-ARTR2 LS C Big sagebrush-bitterbrush-Arizona fescue ARTR2-PUTR2-FEAR2 LM D Bitterbrush-big sagebrush-muttongrass PUTR2-ARTR2-POFE LM E Bitterbrush-big sagebrush-muttongrass-Arizona fescue PUTR2-ARTR2-POFE-FEAR2 LM F Big sagebrush-bitterbrush-muttongrass-pine needlegrass ARTR2-PUTR2-POFE-ACPI2 MS J. Subalpine Sagebrush Shrublands (SU) Code Ecological Series or Ecological Type Short Name Plant Codes Page 30 Mountain Big Sagebrush Ecological Series ARTRV 627 SU1 Mountain big sagebrush/Thurber fescue-Arizona fescue–Deep Argic Cryoborolls–Moderate slopes, 8,500-10,300 ft Mountain sagebrush/Thurber-Arizona fescues–Deep cold clay soils ARTRV/FETH-FEAR2 630 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Mountain sagebrush-Parry oatgrass ARTRV-DAPA2 PN B Mountain sagebrush-bitterbrush-Thurber fescue ARTRV-PUTR2-FETH LS C Mountain sagebrush-Thurber fescue ARTRV-FETH LM D Mountain sagebrush-sparse Thurber fescue ARTRV-FETH MS E Mountain sagebrush-Parry oatgrass-Thurber fescue ARTRV-DAPA2-FETH LM F Mountain sagebrush-bitterbrush ARTRV-PUTR2 MS G Mountain sagebrush-rabbitbrush-forbs ARTRV-CHVI8 EM H Mountain sagebrush-sparse Thurber fescue-forbs ARTRV-FETH EM-ES SU2 Mountain big sagebrush/Thurber fescue-Idaho fescue–Deep Argic Cryoborolls–Slopes and mesas, 8,800-10,400 ft Mountain sagebrush/Thurber-Idaho fescues–Deep loamy clay soils ARTRV/FETH-FEID 637 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Parry oatgrass-Thurber fescue-mountain sagebrush-Idaho fescue DAPA2-FETH-ARTRV-FEID PN-LS B Parry oatgrass-Idaho fescue-mountain sagebrush DAPA2-FEID-ARTRV LS C Parry oatgrass-mountain sagebrush-muttongrass-sparse Idaho fescue DAPA2-ARTRV-POFE-FEID LM-MS D Mountain sagebrush-yarrow-sparse Thurber fescue-sparse Idaho fescue ARTRV-ACLA5-FETH-FEID MS-EM E Mountain sagebrush-sparse Thurber fescue-sparse Idaho fescue ARTRV-FETH-FEID MS SU3 Mountain big sagebrush/Idaho fescue–Deep, sandy Cryic soils–Glacial outwash terraces and moraines, 9,400-10,000 ft Mountain sagebrush/Idaho fescue–Sandy soils–Glacial ARTRV/FEID 642 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Mountain sagebrush-Idaho fescue-slimstem muhly-prairie smoke ARTRV-FEID-MUFI-ERTR19 LS-LM B Idaho fescue-mountain sagebrush-slimstem muhly FEID-ARTRV-MUFI LM C Mountain sagebrush-blunt sedge-Idaho fescue-slimstem muhly-horse cinquefoil ARTRV-CAOB4-FEID-POHI6 LM D Mountain sagebrush-Idaho fescue-desert sandwort ARTRV-FEID-ERCO24 MS 31 Low Sagebrush Ecological Series ARAR8 647 SU4 Low sagebrush/Parry oatgrass-Idaho fescue–Smectitic Cryoboralfs–Exposed Subalpine slopes and ridges, 9,200-10,500 ft Low sagebrush/Idaho fescue–Heavy clay soils ARAR8/DAPA2-FEID 649 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Parry oatgrass-low sagebrush-Idaho fescue-desert sandwort DAPA2-ARAR8-FEID-ERCO24 PN-LS B Thurber fescue-low sagebrush FETH-ARAR8 LM C Low sagebrus

16 h-Idaho fescue-Thurber fescue-sulfurflow
h-Idaho fescue-Thurber fescue-sulfurflower ARAR8-FEID-FETH-ERSU11 LM-MS D Low sagebrush-Parry oatgrass-prairie junegrass ARAR8-DAPA2-KOMA MS E Low sagebrush ARAR8 EM-ES 131 Code Ecological Series or Ecological Type Short Name Plant Codes Page SU5 Low sagebrush-Mountain big sagebrush/Parry oatgrass-Idaho fescue–Smectitic Cryoboralfs–Exposed Subalpine ridges, 9,000-10,000 ft Low-mountain sagebrushes/Idaho fescue–Heavy clay soils ARAR8-ARTRV/DAPA2-FEID 655 CT Community Type Plant Symbols A Mountain sagebrush-low sagebrush ARTRV-ARAR8 SU6 Low sagebrush/Parry oatgrass-Thurber fescue-Idaho fescue–Argic Cryoborolls–Subalpine slopes, 8,900-10,600 ft Low sagebrush/Thurber-Idaho fescues–Cold dark clay soils ARAR8/DAPA2-FETH-FEID 659 CT Community Type Plant Symbols A Thurber fescue-low sagebrush-blunt sedge-aspen peavine FETH-ARAR8-CAOB4-LALE2 32 Silver Sagebrush Ecological Series ARCA13 663 SU7 Silver sagebrush/Thurber fescue-Idaho fescue–Cryoborolls–Benches, mesas, and parks, 8,900-10,400 ft Silver sagebrush/fescue–Cold dark soils ARCA13/FETH-FEID 665 CT Community Type Plant Symbols Seral Stage A Parry oatgrass-silver sagebrush-Kentucky bluegrass-desert sandwort DAPA2-ARCA13-POPR-ERCO24 LM B Thurber fescue-silver sagebrush-shrubby cinquefoil FETH-ARCA13-PEFL15 LS C Silver sagebrush-yarrow ARCA13-ACLA5 EM-ES K. Alpine Ecological Types Code Ecological Type Plant Codes Page GA09* Timber oatgrass–Shallow soils–Exposed high ridges DAIN/DECE GA10* Purple pinegrass–Shallow rocky soils–Exposed high ridges CAPU/ELSC4 AL01 Alpine Rocky Forblands – AL02 Kobresia/curly sedge-club-moss KOMY/CARU3-SEDE2 AL03 Kobresia-like sedge/alpine sandwort-alpine sagebrush CAEL3/LIOB4-ARSC AL04 Curly sedge/Greenland bluegrass CARU3/POGL AL05 Tufted hairgrass/alpine avens DECE/ACROT AL06 Sibbaldia/alpine avens SIPR/ACROT AL07 Pyrenees sedge-cloud sedge-black alpine sedge CACR17-CAHA6-CANI2 AL08 Cliff sedge CASC12 AL09 Dwarf bilberry/varileaf cinquefoil VACE/PODI2 AL10 Whiproot clover/alpine sandwort TRDA2/LIOB4 AL11 Parry clover/tufted hairgrass-bistort TRPA5/DECE-BIBI5 AL12 Dwarf clover/alpine sandwort TRNA2/LIOB4 AL13 Mountain dryad/curly sedge-alpine fescue DROC/CARU3-FEBRC AL14 Snow willow SAREN AL15 Arctic willow SAAR16 AL16 Marsh-marigold-king’s crown riparian forblands PSLE-RHIN11 674 *. True Ecological Types, also occurring in Subalpine, described in more detail above. 132 Looking across Waunita Park towards Tomichi Dome on the horizon left. Big sagebrush/Parry oatgrass-Arizona fescue alternating with Low sagebrush/Parry oatgrass-Arizona fescue on the hills. Aspen seral to lodgepole pine-Douglas-fir/pachistima on the lower slopes of Tomichi Dome, Subalpine fir-spruce forests above that. September 6, 1994. Big Soap Park, looking north into the West Elk Wilderness. In the foreground, a serviceberry willow site in the bottom, with a few aspen invading into the drier microsites. The hills in the middleground have an alternation of Thurber fescue grassland and subalpine osha forbland. There are a few sagebrush on the south slope facing us. September 21, 1992.