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Angora Rabbit. Variety of domestic rabbit bred for its long, soft hair. Bred largely for their long wool, which is removed by shearing, combing or plucking.. Four breeds: English, French, Giant, Satin.. ID: 477054 Download Presentation

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Exotic Breeds

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Exotic Breeds


Angora Rabbit

Variety of domestic rabbit bred for its long, soft hairBred largely for their long wool, which is removed by shearing, combing or plucking.Four breeds: English, French, Giant, Satin.


Ball Python

Relatively small and docile specie of snakeWhen frightened, they coil around their head and into a ballBoth male and females have anal spurs which look like small claws on either side of the ventCamouflaged design in browns and tans


Burmese Python

Beautifully patterned skin, rapid growth rate and generally docile disposition, best known as the large snake of choice among reptile ownersHave stretchy ligaments that allow them to swallow all their food wholePoor eyesight and stalk prey using chemical receptors in their tongues and heat sensors in their jaws


California rabbit

Medium sized rabbit breed that was specifically developed for meat and fur production.Breed was developed by crossing Himalayan, Standard Chinchilla and New Zealand white rabbitsSecond most popular meat producing rabbit breedBody is plump but fine-boned, giving it a high me to bone ratio



Largely nocturnal so they will be active at nightPrefer a consistent routine for handling feeding times and may be stressed out by changes in their routineRequire a lot if roughageBody length is about 10-14 inches and tail is another 5-6 inches


Chinese Dwarf hamster

Only dwarf hamster with a tail, so it is often mistaken as a mouseVery slender, as adults they grow no longer than 4 inchesTheir hairs are banded with both light and dark colors. They have a black line that runs along their spine and ivory bellies. Other color is a white coat with patches or spots of color.


Columbian red-tail boa

Will grow between 6-9 feet, but can reach 12 feetMales smaller than femalesRobust with triangular head separated from the body by a thin neckColoring is a pattern of elongated, saddle like, pale gray patches on a background of rich chocolate to almost chestnut brown



One of the most popular pet birds in the USBroad, powdery feathers; head crest which can be raised and lowered; wide variety of colors; normal is gray with a yellow head and orange cheek patches; the yellow and orange head of the male is much brighter than the females, and the underside of the female’s tail is barred.



Mostly have a single color plumage, either white or darkThey have erectile crests, which is a mobile crest of feathersTheir beaks are enormously powerful and they can easily demolish objects


Common snapping turtle

Have a large head with a hooked jawColors are usually dull brown to blackThey have webbed feet with long claws and a very long tail


Desert horned lizard

Have horns that are longer than wide at the baseHave one row of fringe on the sidesCharacterized by the horns on their heads and spiny bodies


English lop rabbit

Characterized by their long ears that drag to the ground and their mandolin shaped bodyLarge variety of colorsHave fly back fur



Small, furry mammals whose average size ranges from 1 to 5 pounds at maturityAll ferrets are white at birth and then they start to get their adult color at 3 weeksTwo most common colors are sable and white



Small rodent, similar in many ways to the mouse and the hamsterHave a long tail which they are able to shed should the tail get trappedHave sharp clawsColors are brown, grey, white, black and tan


Green tree frog

Grass green colored, usually with a creamy colored line running from the jaw along the flanksReach an average size of 2 inchesMales are usually smaller than females and have yellow to greenish-yellow throats


Guinea pig

Tail-less rodentsHair comes in a wide range of colors and the hair may be long, short or curlyVery good sense of smell and sensitive hearing



Named because of its peculiar foraging methodsThey root through hedges and other undergrowth in search of small creaturesHave a coat of stiff, sharp spines


Honduran milk snake

One of the most rapidly expanding species of snakes todayColors ranging from brilliant oranges and reds to black and gray or pure whiteReach anywhere from 3 to 5 feet



Largest lizard in the AmericasStout build gives them a clumsy look, but they are fast and agile on landStrong jaws and razor-sharp teeth and sharp tails which make up half their body length. They can also detach their tails and grow a new one.


Long hair teddy bear hamster

Both male and female have a long, soft coat of fur that is characteristic of their varietyOften known as the Syrian hamster, golden hamster or the fancy hamster



Strong, monogamous pair bondingSeveral color mutations for the pet trade, but wild type lovebirds are mostly green except for the upper body which can be a variety of colorsAmong the smallest parrots in the world, ranging in size from 13-17 cm in length


Mata mata

Looks like debris found at the bottom of a vernal pool, such as leavesContains brown, red and black colorationWide head and pointy noseNeck has a rigid texture to help camouflage


New Zealand rabbit

Epitome of a meat producing breed- firm, meaty, full depth and breadth of hindquarters and slightly less so in the shouldersSeveral colors including red, black and whiteCarry their ears evenly. They should have round tips and should be quite furry



One of the most popular household petsWavy feathers and black markings on their wings and headMost common colors are yellow and green, but there are also multi-colored parakeets and albino parakeets however these are genetic mutations


Prairie dog

Look like large squirrelsHead and body is 12-15 inches long and tail is 3-4 inches long.There are 5 different prairie dog speciesHerbivore with a life span of 3-4 years in the wild


Red ear slider

Medium to large size turtleOval body form, mildly domed on top and bottom, blunt head with peripherally-placed eyes and a blunt snout, feet with webbed toes and small tail.


Savannah monitor

Adults range from 2.5-3.5 feet in total lengthThick, bulky build, making them seem larger than they actually areA lot of small scales in the cranial region. The body varies from shades of grey to brown and has yellow and brown rings on the tail


Scarlet macaw parrot

One of the most beautiful members of the parrot family and one of the largestFor adults is red, blue and yellow with a touch of green on the tips of some feathers


Southern flying squirrel

More of a gliding animal than a flying oneGlides by extending skin flaps located on both sides of its bodySoft, gray-brown fur on the back and sides, with white underparts, a flattened tail and large, dark eyes for night vision.


Sugar glider

Marsupial like a kangaroo and wombatGliding membranes of a sugar glider are located from his wrist to his ankles and open up like a parachuteLarge black eyes, a pointed nose, and pointed ears that are large in comparison to their head. Fur is short, very soft and usually brown or gray with a white to off-white belly


Yellow canary

Specifically bred for its colorPlumage is very brightAverage life span for females is 5-6 years and males up to 10 years







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