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2 EXECUTm AGENCIES 17. Election re pension benefits. PART VI. General 18. Regulations. SCHEDULE. [Thc iiiclusioii of lliis page IS authonzed by L N 88/2003] THE EXECUTIVE EXECUTIVE Zst April, 2002.1 1. This Act may be cited as the Executive Agencies Act. context otherwise with advisory day” means person charged with for the Agency” and “Agency” means a public is designated “Framework Document” document establishing framework between Agency and responsible Minister, stating terms on Agency will operate, including the matters specified in “functions” includes duties and powers; “generally accepted accounting set out from the Institute Chartered Accountants financial reporting standards Minister responsible finance, in accordance with Financial Administration and Audit Audit inclusion of this page means Minister responsible for the Agreement” means an agreement the responsible Minister of an Executive the basis for the Executive Officer’s Department of Government; a statutory body a company means an which provides for the a statutory authority which “responsible Minister” as respects the Minister having body, and Ministry” shall be construed The principal of Executive management, accountability operations of Executive of the effective section, the Minister order designate more public bodies as with effect from such date as an order under subsection bodies concerned for purpose specified if the approve a scheme for the of the under subsection for the (i) the efficient options for the functions the advantages disadvantages of (i) the preferred option other options EXECUTIVE AGENCIES the Minister bodies concerned he shall, Minister who shall a draft scheme accordance with section to the Every scheme management shall Executive Officer; of the Agency, including- a Framework Document Performance Agreement; (ii) such other matters relating plans as are timely preparation including multi-year annual business plans, quarterly that are promote and'contribute particular office, levels remuneration for positions required for the Agency and Minister in the Framework Document; as the consider expedient for giving effect to the of the Advisory Board Chief Executive planning responsibilities Executive Agency. Advisory Board among suitably qualified persons non-governmental organizations. The Minister fiom time a Framework Document. Chief Executive Officer shall on the of the Public Service Commission. a Chief Executive Officer a public a relevant officer responsible for the Chief Executive Officer, shall be known that designation. a Chief Executive Officer not exceeding Officer shall a Performance responsible Minister responsible Minister Executive Officer. Chief Executive Officer report directly Agency’s performance, giving advice the delivery general conduct of the the efficient prudent financial management of timely reporting prescribed manner becomes permanently of office becomes bankrupt without good compounds with suspends payment to, fails, without reasonable excuse, the functions under this requirements specified relevant contract employment, Framework have brought throitgh misconduct. the office of Chief Officer, the the advice designate someone office during such absence from the Island other sufficient a Chief Executive Officer for a Chief Executive fails to such an the advice appoint such 1) The responsible Minister Executive Officer, review the Chief Chief iiiclusion of this page carrying out under subsection the responsible Chief Executive Officer is the requirements imposed upon Executive Officer the Performance other enactment. fiom time time, in an instrument delegation issued under section other officers Executive Officer thinks efficient exercise of of that section, remove or exercise disciplinary control over officer or powers under accordance with regulations under section appointment under Chief Executive Officer intends the Executive Officer shall such vacancy enable suitably qualified Appointments under of the Executive Officer. Officer. inclusion of this page Chief Executive Officer the certificate appointed to date stated sufficient evidence that the the goods services provided to or matter incidental may by into a account operated shall apply to subsection an Executive such fees relevant Act, the Executive with the provisions any relevant Agency may a civil debt Resident Magistrate’s Court. Every Chief Executive Officer shall accordance with generally accepted accounting Agency’s performance such accounts audited annually Chief Executive Officer The Chief Executive other officers the Executive to the auditor Agency; and The Auditor-General shall entitled at times to the records of the accounts of auditor’s fees Chief Executive Officer containing such particulars as Chief Executive each year of the activities the Executive during the Chief Executive Officer within three after the each financial an annual the Executive during that financial year, accordance with section A copy report together on the Table of the House the Senate after the of the other Benefits The Minister consultation with for the disability benefits of Executive Agencies including for the grant the dependants representatives of such employees. pension scheme under other means of the of the terms and conditions whether participation in scheme would Executive Agencies; provisions which would enable contributions between Executive other specified bodies; circumstances in which pension other payments employment in circumstances in which no retirement benefits are payable; and benefits in respect persons engaged in specified employment prior benefits other than for the contain provisions other means benefits to scheme and the the applicability Executive Agencies; provisions which benefits, contributions between Executive other specified bodies; the eligibility scheme made under this section affirmative resolution. the purposes other than pensions” includes schemes relation to Group A public officer who immediately shall, within that date, elect and conditions his pension regulated either legislation which have been to that relevant provisions Governor-General and shall election pursuant to that pension regulated The Minister make regulations generally of this Act and, without prejudice Framework Document, term financing Performance Agreement; prescribing a Code of for the oflicers including matters constituting breaches scheme created under matter relevant Executive Agencies. Regulations made under this section Executive Agencies Framework Document The mission and strategic objectives The fundamental principles the conduct The appointment the termination such appointment. Executive Officer responsible Minister. The accountability Executive Offtcer. the powers of planning, monitoring reporting requirements The extent managerial, operational, The financial Performance indicators evaluation in arising from performance evaluation. EXECUTIVE AGENCIES EXECUTIVE AGENCIES ARRANGEMENT OF II. Executive Agencies. 111. Administration Appointment of Chief ~xecutive Officer. Functions of Chief Executive Officer. Removal from Chief Executive Officer. and charges. Accounts and Plans, reports, etc. and other Benejits Pensions and other benefits. me this page 1/2005] EXECUTI YE EXECUTIVE AGENCIES ~cts of 2002, of 2004. [Ist the Executive Agencies short this Act, the context otherwise requires- "Advisory Board" means board with advisory functions appointed by the responsible Minister; the 1st day of April, 2002; Officer" means the person charged with responsibility for the management a public body which is an Executive Agency pursuant this Act; "Framework Document" means the document establishing the legal between the Agency and the responsible Minister, stating the on which the Agency will operate, including ihe matters s,,edu,e, specified in the Schedule; includes duties accepted accounting financial reporting standards as are- out from time time in the the Institute of Chartered Accountants by the responsible for accordance with the provisions Financial Administration and [The inclusion of this page is authorized by L.N. 11 1/2005] 4 EXECUTIVE AGENCIES "Minister" means Minister responsible for responsible Minister Chief Executive Officer of an basis for specification, assessment Chief Executive means- of Government; means an for the fimctions authority which as respects body, means Minister having portfolio for that shall be construed accordingly. The principal are- for proper management, accountability transparency in (d) the effective effective inclusion of this page is 111/2005] EXECUTIVE AGENCIES the nature the benefits to be received under the scheme and the terms and conditions for eligibility; whether participation the scheme would be applicability of a scheme to one or Executive Agencies; which would benefits, contributions or assets between Executive Agencies and other specified bodies; the eligibility for refunds or other payments on maturity of the benefits. A scheme made under this section shall be subject to affirmative resolution. For the purposes subsection (3) benefits other than for includes schemes in relation to Group Life Group Health Insurance. A public officer immediately before appointed day, employed in the service an Executive Agency shall, within twelve months after that date, elect terms and conditions of his pension regulated either by the pensions legislation which would applicable to him prior to that date or relevant provisions this Act. An election under subsection shall be made by memorandum in writing to Governor-General and shall be Where a public officer referred to in subsection election pursuant to that subsection, shall be treated as if he had elected to have the terms and conditions his pension regulated by this Act. Fe this page 111/2005]

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