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Aidan Simonds Block 1 42413 Carbon Dioxide Erodes Marine Ecosystems With the carbon dioxide emissions not declining anytime soon the diversity of ocean species will soon start declining Researchers have been looking for a solution but have not found one ID: 541063 Download Presentation

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Science Summaries

Aidan Simonds

Block 1


Carbon Dioxide Erodes Marine Ecosystems

With the carbon dioxide emissions not declining anytime soon, the diversity of ocean species will soon start declining. Researchers have been looking for a solution, but have not found one.

This topic interested me because if we do not do something about the emissions a lot of the ocean species will not make it.

I learned that we really need to act on this ordeal soon before it becomes to late.Slide3

Indian Ocean Set Stage For Humans

Scientists can now explain why east Africa got so dry around 2 million years ago. The main reason was because of the Indian Oceans constant temperature changes around the coast.

This interested me because I think its pretty amazing how an ocean can affect the climate of a whole country and its landscape.

I learned that the climate change of Africa occurred around 2 million years ago off the coast of Africa due to the Indian Ocean and its temperature changes.Slide4

Impulsive Behavior Partly Heritable

Brain abnormalities commonly seen in drug addicts are sometimes found in their sober siblings. Doctors are still unsure for how and are still looking for a reason.

This interested me because its hard to believe that ones mistakes can affect another even though they had nothing to do with it.

I learned from this that doing drugs can be even more harmful than I believe most people think and that this proves in an even larger way that we need to step up in ending harmful drugs completely.Slide5

Massage May Accelerate Healing

Researchers have found molecular signs tired muscle cells respond to being manipulated by massage. Massages may also cause a growth in the cells in your muscles.

This topic mainly interested me because its unbelievable that massages can create growth in the cells of your muscles.

I learned that Your muscles can create new and stronger cells just by a simple massage.Slide6



- “If carbon dioxide emissions don’t begin to decline soon, the complex fabric of marine ecosystems will begin fraying – and eventually unravel completely, two new studies conclude”.

Acidification - “Affected species aren’t restricted to those with shells and calcified support structures – features particularly vulnerable to seawater acidification”.


– “Around this time


began to develop new tools, diversify into new species and make its first tentative forays out of Africa”.


– “The brain scans revealed abnormalities among both the addicts and their siblings in the prefrontal cortex.”


– “The muscles had reduced levels of an inflammatory protein called tumor necrosis factor-alpha”. Slide7



– The production and discharge of something.

Acidification – The process of becoming acid or converting into acid.Forays – A sudden attack or incursion into enemy territory.Cortex

– An outer layer of another organ or body part such as the kidney.


– The death of most or all the cells in an organ or tissue due to disease, injury, or failure of the blood supply.Slide8


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