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Welcome BOBCATbuyers &

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Welcome BOBCATbuyers & Travel Assistants


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May 14, 2014


AGENDATravel Funds Commitment Process

TRAVELTracks Lodging

Travel Assistant Employees MaintenanceMileage ReimbursementsClose Travel Requests and Funds CommitmentsHotels - PO vs E-NPOGoods Receipts Process


AGENDAE-NPO Alcohol Purchase Workflow

E-NPO How to Use the Monitor Report

E-NPO Data and RemindersAP Payment Processing RemindersIDT ProcessQuestions


Travel Funds Commitment Thank you!! The campus reception and compliance has been positive.

Be sure to select the proper destination which impacts workflow.

T-10 Form is now required to be attached to the FC.Aid for the Approval Process.Check the monitor report for status: T-Code ZTFC_INIT.


TRAVELTracks LodgingIf no lodging expense was incurred:Uncheck the Per Diem for Accommodations checkbox at the bottom of the General Data Screen


If left checked the lodging per diem will be applied on the Review and Send screen.


TRAVELTracks LodgingAudit the actual lodging paid to the total per diem on the Review and Send screen:


the nightly room rate to the GSA maximum rate as you can have a Lodging Reduction and Excess Lodging in the same expense report.To calculate the nightly accommodation per diem rate, take the total per diem and divide by the number of nights of trip.If the room rate equals the GSA maximum rate, then no entry is required.


TRAVELTracks LodgingIf the nightly room rate is higher than the GSA maximum rate, enter the difference as Excess Lodging.

If the nightly room rate is less than the GSA maximum rate, enter the difference as a

NEGATIVE amount in Lodging Reduction.Enter Out of State, City, or County hotel occupancy tax and required fees separately as Incid Taxes.


Travel Assistant EmployeesReview your list of employees and delete those no longer needed or duplicates.Do this in early February and August of each year (minimum).Cabinet Officer Report created for each Travel Assistant listing employees in their list.


Travel Assistant EmployeesReview your list of employees and delete those no longer needed or any duplicates.Log onto the SAP Portal, go to the Employee Self-Service tab, TRAVELTracks, then open your Employee List :

Click on the ‘Open Setting Dialog’ icon at the top right of the Employee List.

A Settings table will appear.


Travel Assistant EmployeesOn the ‘Column Selection’ tab scroll down and click on Personnel assignment and then the

Add button.

Click on the Apply and then OK buttons. The Personnel Assignment will be listed as (Active), (Inactive), or (Withdrawn). Select (Inactive) and (Withdrawn) employees and remove them from your list. .


Mileage ReimbursementsRate is $.56 per mile for all 2014 mileage.TRAVELTracks Expense Reports:

Use the MILEAGE expense type on the Enter Receipts tab.

Calculate the number of miles from MapQuest, MapQuest Chart, or odometer readings. Multiply by the mileage rate. The derived total amount must be entered.


Mileage ReimbursementsPaper Expense Reports Report the actual miles driven calculated from MapQuest, MapQuest Chart, or odometer readings on the back page of the correct expense report type (T-11, T-12, or T-13).

On the front page next to the

Total Miles field, use the drop down menu to select the correct mileage rate according to the dates of travel. The mileage amount reimbursed is calculated automatically.


CLOSE TRAVEL Year End is fast approaching!Close completed or never taken trips:

Funds Commitments (Paper and Electronic

):Send the Travel Office an email specifying which Travel FC(s) or Line number(s) on the FC can be closed.The email sent will be attached to the FC and the entire FC or Line(s) will be Set Complete to close the trip and encumbrance.



If the Travel Request has not been ‘Save and Send for Approval’ and the trip was not taken, the Travel Assistant can delete the Travel Request

.If the trip was taken and no company paid or reimbursable expenses are to be reported, the Travel Assistant may submit a $0 expense report closing the trip and encumbrance. Expense report dates may not overlap so it may be necessary to modify the trip dates as to not interfere with another trip.



If a Travel Request is posted and ‘Transferred to FI’ and the trip was not taken, notify the Travel Office via email to cancel the trip.

If company paid airfare was used (Ascot or National), an expense report must be created, recording the ‘Company Paid Airfare’ expense amount, and ‘Save and Send for Approval’. The traveler will not be reimbursed, but the airfare billed to the University must be processed through the expense report.


Hotels – PO vs e-NPOAll travel must be pre-approved.

Vendor must be set up on SAP for either method.

e-NPO used when hotel doesn’t require a PO.PO # may be required by the hotel to hold a room.PO always required if $5,000 or more.Use correct GL’s and break out Excess Lodging.Only Contractors do not need Excess Lodging approval or GL break out.


Hotels – PO vs e-NPOCreate as a

LIMIT FRAMEWORK requisition.

(B in I column)Boxes in the GR column should be unchecked.Goods Receipt & GR Non-Val. under the Valuation tab should also be unchecked.


Hotels – PO vs e-NPO

If hotel arrangements are for lodging and/or other hotel charges, a PO is always needed.

Example:Conference which includes room rental, equipment, catering, etc.Contract should be in place for these types of events.  


Hotels – PO vs e-NPOe-NPO used when:

Company accepts payment at check in and requires pre-payment.

Company bills after check out.Must enter approved Travel Number on the e-NPO screen.Use correct GL’s for Excess Lodging and Taxes on employee hotel charges.


Hotels – PO vs e-NPOHOTEL General Ledger Numbers:

710500 Faculty, Staff, & Students Tax/Incidentals for In-State Lodging.

710501 Grant Participant for Faculty, Staff, Students, Contractor, Consultant, Guest Speaker & Visiting Guest Tax/Incidentals for In-State Lodging.710600 Faculty, Staff, & Students Per Diem for In-State Lodging.710601 Grant Participant for Faculty, Staff, Students, Contractor, Consultant, Guest Speaker & Visiting Guest Per Diem for In-State Lodging.710900 Faculty, Staff, & Students Over Per Diem for In-State Lodging.711500 Faculty, Staff, & Students Tax/Incidentals for Out-of-State Lodging.711501 Grant Participant for Faculty, Staff, Students, Contractor, Consultant, Guest Speaker & Visiting Guest Tax/Incidentals for Out-of-State Lodging.711600 Faculty, Staff, & Students Per Diem for Out-of-State Lodging.711601 Grant Participant for Faculty, Staff, Students, Contractor, Consultant, Guest Speaker & Visiting Guest Per Diem for Out-of-State Lodging.711900 Faculty, Staff, & Students Over Per Diem for Out-of-State Lodging.


Hotels – PO vs e-NPOHOTEL General Ledger Numbers:

713100 Prospective Employees/Interviewees Travel Expenses such as Lodging and Lodging Taxes for In-State.

713101 Prospective Employees/Interviewees Travel Expenses such as Lodging and Lodging Taxes for Out-of-State.719800 Prospective Student Athletes Travel Expenses such as Lodging and Lodging Taxes for In-State and Out-of-State.725100 Contractor, Consultant, Guest Speaker & Visiting Guest Travel Expenses such as Lodging and Lodging Taxes for In-State and Out-of-State.712100 Foreign Travel – Only GL Number Regardless of the Traveler Type.


GOODS RECEIPT PROCESSProcess for receiving merchandise directly from: Vendors.

Central Receiving

Warehouse.If order with P-Card, the vendor should state “P-Card Purchase” and Card Name on the package.When to fill out a GR Notification form for goods:Merchandise is delivered to you directly from the vendor.Goods are picked up by your department from the vendor.BobCatalog vendors except for Summus Staples.


GOODS RECEIPT PROCESSMust be Good’s Received not ServicesMust

be referenced to a University PO:

PO Starts with 31000 or 45000.GR form is at: www.materialsmgt.txstate.eduWhen filling out the GR Notification form:Attach any support documents that were not referenced by the vendor:Packing Slip.Hand Receipt that should be tied to a specific PO but the vendor did not include a PO reference.


GOODS RECEIPT PROCESSA GR Notification form is not required when:

Items are received through Central Receiving and

delivered to you by Central Receiving drivers. Central Receiving receives shipment and your department’s PO is referenced, Central Receiving will post the GR to that PO prior to delivery.When your PO is coded as a Service PO such as: Hotel Lodging Luncheons Cleaning Services Rentals Beverages P-Card Orders


e-NPO Alcohol PurchasesReview itemized business meal receipts for alcohol purchases.

Must use GL 790101 for alcohol purchases.

All alcohol purchases route for Cabinet Officer approval:Employee Reimbursements.Vendor Purchases. NOTE: Invoice alcohol purchases also require Cabinet approval. Attach approval to the invoice (if not on the PO) and send to AP.


e-NPO Monitor ReportT-Code ZNOPO2 to:View pending documents.

Check on the workflow status

Attach or view attachments.Printing (saving) the adobe form.Correct rejected documents during workflow.Check report if you are not sure you entered a payment.Don’t re-enter the document – causes duplicates.Department can now delete documents.Link for procedures: http://www.txstate.edu/gao/ap/resources/eNPO.html


e-NPO DataMore than 3,000 e-NPO documents processed.

STATS since January 1, 2014:

846 or 52% were Employee Reimbursements.768 or 48% were Vendor Payments. Vendor Payments: 179 accounts have used e-NPO process. 9 accounts had for 34% of the activity!


e-NPO RemindersNot a substitute for the Procurement Process (PO or FC).

PO’s required except for rare occasion when there wasn’t time for a PO. This should be the exception not the rule.

Generic Vendor Number is never allowed for an invoice payment for goods or services.Provide a detailed business purpose.Detail assists the approval and posting process.Especially important on reimbursements.Reduces questions back to the initiator.Confirm that scanned copies are readable.


e-NPO RemindersOnly one vendor

invoice per e-NPO entry.

Special Handling and Mailing:Must enter a Travel Number (request or FC) for Travel.Travel: Only payments to third-party vendors.Employees must use T-11 process for reimbursement.Parking and mileage.Select Mail Attachment for enclosures.Select Pick Up if dept. needs the check (exception process).



Itemized receipts are required.

If receipt totals are reduced for un-allowed items:Identify the item and amount on the receipt.Make a note as to why the item was deducted.Aids in approval and payment process.Tips are limited to 20% of the pre-tax amount. Must be shown on receipt.Indicate relationship of attendees for business meals.



Can put multiple employee receipts on one e-NPO

Don’t create an e-NPO for each – extra time for the initiator, approver and Accounts Payable.Try to do every couple of weeks – not daily - for staff who routinely have reimbursements. Invoice number - mm/ddREIMB Example: 05/08REIMB (Page 10 of the Training doc). Customer Number - only 25 digits so make it meaningful to the payee:Enter what they are being paid for – not their name and reimbursement.


e-NPO RemindersHow often are you paying a vendor?

Recurring = framework limit PO not e-NPO.

Rent and Printing are prime example of PO requirement.UPS and FedEX charges also should be on PO’s.Are purchases for items that can be purchased through BobCatalog or with your P-Card?If yes, then e-NPO should not be used.Follow established Procurement process for best pricing and compliance.


AP PROCESS REMINDERSPO numbers must be given to the vendor when placing an order.

Don’t wait to create PO until the invoice is received because you aren’t sure of the exact amount:

PO is an estimate. Add a little extra if you aren’t sure.After the PO is closed, unused funds are returned to department budget (unencumbered).


AP PROCESS REMINDERSAdvise the vendor that the PO number must be included on the invoice for payment. Department names are helpful.

Invoices are to be mailed to PO Box 747.

If received by department, date stamp the day received.Required for compliance with Prompt Pay Act.Email invoices to AP – don’t have to walk over.Email serves as receipt of when delivered to AP.Email with Account Manager approval is accepted.payables@txstate.edu


AP PROCESS REMINDERSQuestions on budget problems should be addressed to your Budget Analyst (Budget Office), not AP.

How to view vendor payments: T-Code FBL1N

http://www.txstate.edu/gao/ap/resources/View-Vendor-Payment-Activity.html If you don’t have access, Account Manager can request.Checks payable to Texas State should be sent to the Cashier’s Office, not Accounts Payable.Only exception: vendor refund checks are sent to AP.


IDT PROCESSIDT is an Inter-Departmental Transfer.

An IDT transfers revenues or expenses from one account to another.

Most correct posting errors.Also used to record payment of goods and/or services between departments.


IDT FORMhttp://www.txstate.edu/gao/reporting/forms.html


IDT FORMWhen moving transactions involving grants, an OSP Cost Transfer From should be used.

All postings to/from an 8* grant fund require OSP review and approval.


IDT FORM DO’sProvide support documentation, such as invoices or emails.

Describe in detail the reason for the Cost Transfer or IDT

.Obtain signatures from both Account Managers.If IDT is to correct an existing transaction, include the SAP document number.


IDT FORM DON’TsIDTs cannot be used to move:Budget

Salaries or benefits

Fund commitments or encumbrances (POs)Fixed AssetsContact the appropriate office for abovetransactions.


Internal Sponorship FormA

type of IDT used when one department is giving funds to another department in support of a project or event. (No exchange of goods or services).

Limited to those funds specifically listed on form.


Internal Sponsorship Formhttp://www.txstate.edu/gao/reporting/forms.html


FUTURE IDT PROJECTCurrently working on creating an automated IDT process, similar to the e-NPO.


Questions and Answers


Thank you for coming!

Accounts Payable & Travel Offices

245-2777 245-2775

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