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Whitening Products
Whitening Products

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Whitening Products

By: Stella GrimmSamantha FernungNatalie Glenn Slide2

Whitening is the most requested cosmetic dental procedure asked for by patients

What is professional whitening? Slide3

Your choices at the dental office are an in-office whitening or a “take home” professional whitening

Many different brands you can choose also

Whitening gel and Light sources/lasers Slide4

In-office whitening procedures usually a use hydrogen peroxide solution with a light source for activation

“Power bleaching” can bleach your teeth in a single visit with peroxide and the light source Slide5

Hydrogen peroxide formula contains 15-38% peroxide

 In clinical studies, results show when the light source is added the results are better

As much as a 2 shade improvement with the light source Slide6

Study by

britesmile: One group of subjects with hydrogen peroxide, one group with just the light, and then one group with combined peroxide and light. 96.6% with the combined product said it greatly whitened their teeth

39.3% with peroxide alone said moderately whiter53.5% with light alone said moderately whiter alsoSlide7

Stains best removed from in-office whitening:

Aging, foods (coffee, red wine, sodas), tobacco useStains that are resistant to in-office whitening:

Inorganic stains, trauma which causes dentin to be darker, tetracycline antibiotics, overexposure to fluorideSlide8

Disadvantage: sensitivity

3 months after clinical study subjects were asked how sensitivite their teeth had become Peroxide and light group and the peroxide alone group had a greater sensitivity than the light treatment group


Costs: in-office treatment $650 compared to $100 or less for over the counter treatments

This is not a permanent solution so follow up appointments are necessary alsoSlide10

Teeth Whitening TraysSlide11

Variety of Methods

Do-it-yourself at home methodsProfessional in-office whiteningProfessional at home whitening


D.I.Y. at home trays

Include: moldable thermofitting trays (can be found on Amazon 3 for $0.70)5 syringes of teeth whitening gel can be purchased on amazon for $24.99Aquafresh: offers prefilled soft trays for a comfortable fit for all size


In-office Whitening Trays

At beginning of appointment teeth are polished with a grainy material used to remove any plaqueTeeth are isolated with gauze to keep dry during the procedureBarrier is used to protect gumsIn office whitening takes 30 to 60 minutes

Hydrogen peroxide or




Professional at home whitening trays

Generally cheaper than in office whiteningImpressions are made for custom fitting whitening traysUsually prescribed for one hour a day for 2 weeksOvernight solutions can be prescribed for convenienceSlide15

Pros and Cons

AdvantagesWhiter, brighter dentitionCheaper than Laser whiteningNight time solutions are available to whiten while you sleep


Demineralization of enamel> increased risk of decay

Teeth may become sensitive (hot & cold)

Effect of bleach may not be the same for every tooth (splotchy look)

Sensitive or irritated gingiva may occur

Allergic reaction to chemicals in whitening solutions possibleSlide16

When should whitening trays be avoided?

If the patient is under 15On patients who are pregnant or lactatingPeople who are allergic to some of the ingredients of the productPeople who had recent surgical treatment on their periodontal tissuesPeople with existing inflamed

periodontiumPeople with serious gum diseaseSlide17

Contraindications Continued

People who have enamel and/ or dentin anomalies that could hide a risk for teeth vitalityPeople with acute teeth fluoridation*Existing problems such as cavities, tooth abrasion, attrition, exposed tooth roots, broken fillings, exposed dentin, have to be diagnosed and treated before bleaching (left untreated they would compromise whitening process)Slide18

General facts (not necessarily trays we can put this anywhere in the pwrpt

if you want!)Whitening should be accompanied with remineralizing techniques (fluoride and calcium phosphate applications)Potential demineralization effects from a daily whitening regimen is comparable to drinking a cola beverage or glass of orange juiceSlide19

What causes discoloration of the teeth?

Staining, aging or chemical damageSome most common: meds, coffee, tea or cigs-GeneticsSome individuals have brighter enamel than othersSlide20

Whitening StripsSlide21

What are Whitening Strips

Over-the-counter remedy that bleaches for a whiter smileCompared to other whitening methods, consumer prefer strips because they are easy to use, comfortable to wear, are more cost effective and provide more consistent resultsSlide22

How do they work?

Apply a thin strip of plastic to the front of both the upper and lower teethOne side of the plastic is coated with a bleaching agent called hydrogen peroxideOnce the plastic strips are in place, press them against the teeth for maximum contactThe strip is kept for a certain period of time depending on the concentration of hydrogen peroxide and the brand being usedSlide23

Different Brands( Remembrandt versus Crest)

Differing brands will have different concentrations of hydrogen peroxide within their stripsSlide24

Crest whitening strips

Examples: Crest 3D White Professional Effects, Crest 3D White Advanced Uses 6.5% concentration of hydrogen peroxide in most of their productsStudies have supported that Crest Whitening strips remove both extrinsic stains (coffee, soda) and intrinsic stains (tetracycline)Slide25

Crest Whitening Effectiveness:

A study involving 25 candidates used Crest Whitening strips Advanced Vivid for 1 month. Candidates were instructed to note any change in their tooth coloring on a daily basis for the duration of the study. Candidates reported that they noticed a significant change within the first week and still better results within the preceding weeksSlide26

Before and After results:Slide27

Cost Effectiveness:

One of the reasons consumers prefer whitening strips above other whitening methods is the fact that they are cost effectiveCrest Whitening strips, for example, are between $40.00-$60.00In dental treatment, however can be up to $450 to $500 depending on location!!!Slide28


Example: Remembrandt Intense Stain dissolving stripsNoticeably whiten tough surface stains, like coffee, tea and wine and conveniently dissolve on teethCost varies from approximately $20.00-$30.00Slide29

Remembrandt cont.Slide30

Advantages to whitening:

Extremely easy to use by using a step-by-step procedureConvenient and comfortable to wearProvide quick resultsMore cost effectiveGives the wearer a whiter and brighter smile Boosts self-esteemSlide31


There are several side effects that are caused by whitening products/whitening stripsThe most two prevalent being tooth sensitivity and gingival irritation.Slide32

Tooth Sensitivity:

A layer of hard enamel protects the crowns of your teethA layer of cementum protects the tooth root under the gum line.Gum tissue is a protective blanket that covers the tooth roots.Underneath the hard enamel, or cementum, is the porous dentin which is made up of tiny openings, called tubules or channelsSlide33

Tooth sensitivity cont.

Inside each tubule lies a nerve that comes from the tooths pulpWhen the dentin loses its protective covering or is exposed, it may cause hypersensitivity and discomfort when you drink cold or hot liquids, eat sweet or sour foods, or when you breathe through your mouthThe nerves inside the tooth get stimulated causing everything from discomfort to a sharp, sudden, shooting pain deep into the nerve endings of your teethSlide34

Gingival irritation:

Gingiva irritation is caused by the high levels of hydrogen peroxide in the whitening products touching the gingivaThis causes a burning sensation and is uncomfortable for the user Slide37

Other adverse effects:

Mucosal irritation, alteration of the enamel surface, and negative effects on restorations (not as common)It is important to note that a woman who is pregnant should not use whitening products because, although there is no evidence of this, could cause damage to the fetus

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Whitening Products - Description

By Stella Grimm Samantha Fernung Natalie Glenn Whitening is the most requested cosmetic dental procedure asked for by patients What is professional whitening Your choices at the dental office are an inoffice whitening or a take home professional whitening ID: 443193 Download Presentation

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