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SFUSD ExCEL Invoicing




Expenses must supplement and not SUPPLANT expenses. Items purchased must be utilized entirely for ExCEL student programming or multiple funding sources must be utilized i.e. match funds. School-wide expenses may not be funded solely using ExCEL grant funds. With pre-approval, a portion of event, postage or other related expense may be allowable if directly related to the ExCEL program students.

Invoicing and Allowable Expenses


It is difficult to be all inclusive in a list of what is allowed. We cannot anticipate everything so when in doubt, ASK before you spend. We want to work with you to “get it right” and to make the invoicing process as simple as possible.All ExCEL Approval forms must be submitted for review and pre-approval IN ADVANCE of any expenditures or related activities taking place.

Invoicing and Allowable Expenses


Submit to your District Coordinator for approval before purchasing the item.Include rational and all needed attachments before submitting to your District Coordinator. Include APPROVED CBO Expenditure Approval Form for Allowable Expenses in invoice along with the receipt of the item.

CBO Expenditure Approval Form for Allowable Expenses





Supplies for Program >$1500 per order

Must submit CBO Expenditure Approval Form

Expenditure Approval Form;


Youth Stipends

Allowable for HS ASSETS grants. Must submit CBP Expenditure Approval form

Expense Approval Form; Receipts

Off Site Program Activity

Including Transportation*

Pre-approval is required. Submit the CBO Expenditure Approval Form. The program activity should be integral to the program summary and a lesson plan is required.

The lesson plan must have specifically stated educational objectives


Vendor Invoice for Services/ Educational


Expenditure approval form with lesson plan; sign in sheet, receipts


Must submit CBO Expenditure Approval Form for pre-approval and conform with SFUSD subcontracting requirements for insurance, TB, etc.

Vendor Invoice for Services

requires proof of payment, description and dates of services provided

Digital Media (DVDs, VHS, CDs)

Must submit CBO Expenditure Approval Form; with attached lesson plan and justification of use

Expense Approval Form; Receipts

Video/computer games and/or consoles

Must submit CBO Expenditure Approval Form with attached lesson plan and justification of use

Expense Approval Form; Receipts

T-shirts/sweatshirts/any other custom

printed materials

for participants

Must submit CBO Expenditure Approval Form. Tag line required:

ExCEL After School Program

Name of School


Expense Approval Form,


School Wide Events


Must submit CBO Expenditure Approval form and identify matching funds

Expenditure Approval form, Receipts


Monthly Invoice





The invoice template has an invoice for each month of FY



The template is designed so that all of the repeating information only has to be input ONCE.


Please look at the sample invoice. The areas highlighted in YELLOW only need to be input ONCE on the July invoice


The areas highlighted in GREEN need to be input each month.


The second page of the invoice is




Submit back up documentation for all expenses - be sure to refer to ExCEL allowable expenses for guidance.


The box at the top is related to the


reviews as stated in the After School Contract Agreement. If attendance is below


%, it will NOT result in invoices being held. This is simply a system for ExCEL to ensure that we review the attendance per the After School




Cover page - Mandatory

Summary page - Mandatory




The second page of the invoice is mandatory. Each invoice MUST have a unique invoice number. Invoice numbers can consist of the first four letters of the school site name – month- year (two digits) and the school code. For example, an August 2013 invoice for Roosevelt would look like this:ROOS-08-13-797No two invoices should have the same invoice number. For sites with multiple grants, the invoice number must differentiate between grants. For example:ROOS-08-13-797-ASES

Monthly Invoice


Tips for Faster Invoice Processing

Please do not staple the supporting documents inside the invoices. Paper or Binder Clips are requested. As a first choice for Invoice Numbers, please use our example: 1st four letters of School Name—Month—Year—School ID #—Grant Examples: Dual Accounts: LAKE-01-13-670-21STC LAKE-01-13-670-ASES Single Accounts: ROOS-09-13-797-FL   If you have a unique invoice number per invoice per month you’d like to use, please be consistent throughout the year. Do not use the same invoice number twice, as there were lots of duplicate account numbers last year.  Please make sure the following information is correct on the invoice:   Purchase Order (PO) number K-Reso Number SACS Codes




Equitable Access

Equ. Acc.

Family Literacy




Before School

B4 Sch






Budget Revisions

INSTRUCTIONS FOR BUDGET REVISIONS:1Budget Revisions can be submitted anything before the last invoice is turned in. 2Fill in the blue box: EFFECTIVE Date of Revision. Submit budget revision request at least one month PRIOR to effective date.3Please complete the second column (highlighted in blue), TOTAL REVISED BUDGET4Please provide an explanation in the box highlighted in blue as to the reasons for the budget revision request 5Once the budget revision request has been reviewed and approve, make the appropriate changes to the July Invoice template. This will ensure that all of the changes are made to ALL of the monthly invoices.


ItemDo’sDon’tsPayrollIf you are only billing a portion of staff salary, please indicate it.Include the second page of the invoice template (Invoice Documentation Summary). Please make sure to list all staff and payroll charged to ExCEL on the Invoice Documentation Summary.Include only payroll expenses that are posted to the payroll summary for the invoice period.Do not include general ledgers.ReceiptsMake sure receipts are clear with items purchased and prices clearly legible.Itemize your receipts. For receipts that are not itemized, please write out what was purchased.Circle the total on the receipt.Provide justification for purchase (for example: materials for cooking class, program supplies, etc.,) For online orders, include the receipt indicating the items were already paid for. Do not include receipts not billed to ExCEL.Do not include personal items on receipts.Do not include a lost receipt document. Lost receipts are not accepted.Do not include illegible copies of receipts. If the copy is too light, make a darker copy. DocumentationInclude back up documents and (if necessary) spreadsheets outlining the amount billed to ExCELFor online orders, indicate the purchase on your Invoice Documentation Summary, however DO NOT submit a copy of the general ledger.For items/services that need approval, be sure to include a copy of the appropriate signed Approval Form.Turn in your Budget Revisions PRIOR to invoicing.Include a detailed lesson plan that includes educational objectives if purchases of junk food-like materials are used for a lesson or activity.Include only expenses that are posted to the Invoice Documentation Summary for the invoice period Do not include credit card statements, petty cash statements or other internal documents. General Make sure the math adds up!Email your assigned ExCEL staff in advance about unique situations relating to the invoice.  Do not invoice over the contracted amount for the year.Do not invoice over the administrative budget for the year.

ExCEL Invoice Do’s and Don’ts





for educational excursions may now be invoiced

to ExCEL

Computers and tablets need to be purchased through the District and must include a complete Principal Expenditure Approval Form and a price quote from the IT Department

Proper documentation for CBO Expenditure Approvals include a breakdown of the costs


a lesson plan with the educational objectives outlined.

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