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g MXm GKLKIP LDFI G C Me e eKee eAeKo eeek X pggpp gpnpgp qgpggg g gpggpgpgp ggXg ggg g qgggg ggg ggggg g q g q g g g Memhem pggpgp gpp g gp p gpggpgpggp ngpggpngp p gp gpg

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Presentation on theme: "g MXm GKLKIP LDFI G C Me e eKee eAeKo eeek X pggpp gpnpgp qgpggg g gpggpgpgp ggXg ggg g qgggg ggg ggggg g q g q g g g Memhem pggpgp gpp g gp p gpggpgpggp ngpggpngp p gp gpg"— Presentation transcript:

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8E; @KL@K8IP>C8E; ggg``p` `pg````% ` `g``p`$g``p ``n`$g``pg``% ```g`ppg g``png``p` ``p'%/&&` %@`` nn`g``p ``ggp`pg` ``````g gp %@``.'0'$g``p`` `g`` %8```g `p`g`np ``#g```g` `p%8g```
Page 2
8g``)''02-.)$8 *)0 ``pggp % ggp$g``pg `#````g``p`n` ``p%  `#`gn`` `` () % g#g``p``` `n`g p (* #g``p,%+ p` (+ M8J:LC8I@Q8K@FEF= @KL@K8IP8; `q`% ppg``p

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Page 3
8g``)''02-.)$8 **' ``pggp % 8```p` g`#`#g`% @@@#@ # @ ` ``pg` n``n` `gg` ,#() %`g` ggg``p `n``

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Page 4
8g``)''02-.)$8 **( ``pggp % ```p g``pggpg` ` *+ % g``````` ```$n` + `` `` @ `` ` g``pggp% $` g``pggp` @``p ), %  @`g```p ```%@g` `pggpp `` @ ``pg$``` $ $n` `2np$ ```` ```2` `` $ $`=`) % pg`` @p  gpg``pggp () % pg` $n`` ``##`n``g` `%#`$pg n` pg```g``#`g #`p#`p ` *+ % ```` n`` @``pg`

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g`pg`gnpp`pg %@g`n``` pggg`p ng`g`n` ggp % ``````p`` ``%=p`n `$ `g``pggp% `pp`g` `pggpn% @g#g`` : = ` ````n ``g``p$`%8 n`` : =n``p`g``pggp% ` `np`g``pg gpg`p``g`g % p# : =`p`` `$`  ```g``pggp `` *) % I<8KD g``pggp`` ``n```` .#+) % `p``g` g``pggp`g`%` `````p``` p%g`n`ggp` ``p`p%8`#p gg```#``` `pg`% @`n`p ```` ````% ```p` g`n`` g`gg```%8

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Page 5
8g``)''02-.)$8 **) ``pggp % gn`````` n``g```` g``%````` ggpg```p `g`ggp @`p`g` p`p`gg ````p`% ` gnn`g``pggp ``p () % gpn``` ``g` ```g`n``n` `pg% np` gp`$ `pggp % 8``g``pggp` `g`#` `p#p`#`` ```ggp`` pg` pg%  `n/(-#p

`,'`pp-` +/ +#, % `p#g```p ``ppgp`g`%`g ```q` ``% n#pgp```` ``p%pgp```# `g`p#`` `g```g g`p`g`pn ``pg#g` @:8CFLK:FD< p`gg` pg`g``pggp` p%`pg `pgg`p ``%@npn``n g``pggp``p pg`g *. %`` ``p`ngp% @``g``n$ gp`p`pg` g$`%`n` $`g``pggp ` ````p`` ``` ggp```p `% @`#g``pggp` g``g``p` `q``` `gg`` ````q``` ``g`% <= 1. Randeva HS, Schoebel J, Byrnet J, Esiri M, Adams

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Page 6
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Apoplexia pitu LWiULDVHJXLGDGHUHPLVVmRHQGyFULQDUHODWRGHGRLVFDVRV$UT Neuropsiquiatr 1998;56:449-452. 31. Dometas HS, Selcuklu A, Colak R, Unluhizarci K, Bayram F, Kelestimur F. Pituitary apoplexy probably due to TRH and GnRH stimulation tests in a patient with acromegaly. J Endo crinol Invest 1999;23:698-700. 32. Bonicki W, Kasperkik-Zluska A, Koszewski W, Zgliczynski W, Wilawski J. Pituitary apoplexy: endocrine, surgical and on cological emergency. Incidence, clinical course and treatment with reference to 799

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