JOURNA O GUIDANCE CONTROL AN DYNAMIC Vol  No  JulyAugus  Interplanetar Spacecraf Controller Usin Thruster Har B Hablani The Boeing Company Downey California  Desig o attitud controller fo interplanet

JOURNA O GUIDANCE CONTROL AN DYNAMIC Vol No JulyAugus Interplanetar Spacecraf Controller Usin Thruster Har B Hablani The Boeing Company Downey California Desig o attitud controller fo interplanet - Description

wit permission Principa Engineerin Specialist Avionic an Softwar Group Ad vance Programs Spac System Division Associat Fello AIAA atio comman profil i develope an th parameter fo integra puls frequenc modulatio IPFM thruste controlle are deter mine ID: 25118 Download Pdf

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JOURNA O GUIDANCE CONTROL AN DYNAMIC Vol No JulyAugus Interplanetar Spacecraf Controller Usin Thruster Har B Hablani The Boeing Company Downey California Desig o attitud controller fo interplanet

wit permission Principa Engineerin Specialist Avionic an Softwar Group Ad vance Programs Spac System Division Associat Fello AIAA atio comman profil i develope an th parameter fo integra puls frequenc modulatio IPFM thruste controlle are deter mine

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JOURNA O GUIDANCE CONTROL AN DYNAMIC Vol No JulyAugus Interplanetar Spacecraf Controller Usin Thruster Har B Hablani The Boeing Company Downey California Desig o attitud controller fo interplanet

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JOURNA O GUIDANCE CONTROL AN DYNAMIC Vol 21 No 4 July-Augus 199 Interplanetar Spacecraf Controller Usin Thruster Har B Hablani The Boeing Company, Downey, California 90241 Desig o attitud controller fo interplanetar spacecraf i addressed Th firs controlle i fo Rhumb-lin precessio usin a almos periodi trai o thruste pulse a a constan phas wit th sun Earlie relationship ar expande an interlace coherentl an demonstrate o a Mercato plot Th secon controlle i fo nutatio damping Fo spacecraf wit product o inertia a contro schem i formulate tha involve fou phas angles de apar i a

nutatio cycle wher th positiv o negativ contro impulse abou th transvers axe ar injecte t dam th nutations Th thir controlle i fo attitud contro durin aerobrakin fo planetar orbi insertion Th controlle seek an maintain a zer aerodynami torqu orientation Becaus thi orientatio ma correspon t a constan bia angl o attac measure fro th instantaneou velocit vecto turnin a a nonunifor pitc rate a pitc angula acceleratio comman profil i develope fo parameterizin a thruste controller Th fourth an last controlle i fo sof landing I comprise a longitudina velocit controlle enhance gravit tur an a constan

velocit phas a lo altitude nea ground a latera velocit controlle producin command t pitc spacecraf a varyin rates an a reactio je controlle fo trackin th commande pitc angl an rat unti touchdown Satisfactor performanc o al controller i ampl demonstrated Introductio HI pape describe variou controller fo interplanetar spacecraf suc a Mar Environmen Surveyor Mar Globa Surveyo (MGS) Mar Surveyo Program an Mar Surfac Ex ploratio Pre-Project Th pape deal wit bot spin-stabilized an three-axis-stabilize spacecraft an i consist o fou mai sec tions Sectio I describe a techniqu fo designin a Rhumb-lin

precessio controlle usin an almos periodi trai of thruste pulse a constan phas wit th sun Th relationship fro differen source i th literatur ar expanded coherentl interwoven an illustrate wit a detailed realisti simulatio o large-angl pre cessio dynamic o a propose interplanetar spacecraf (MGS) Rhumb-lin precession alon wit it ungrowin nutatio loops demonstrate o a Mercato plot Becaus th precessio o a mo mentu vecto inevitabl i accompanie b nutations thes high frequenc oscillation a th en o precessio mus b dampe fo satisfactor pointin accurac of the spi axis contro schem i devise an illustrate

fo thi purpos i Sec III A spinnin spacecraf wit product o inerti exhibit con stan biase i it transvers angula rates T effec nutatio damp in o suc spacecraft a contro schem i take u fro th litera tur an honed Th schem involves inte alia bandpas filter t eliminat biase fro th transvers rates Fou phas angles 9 de apar i a nutatio cycle ar determine analytically wher posi tiv o negativ contro impulse abou a transvers axi ar fire fo nutatio damping I i show tha whe a spacecraf ha smal prod uct o inertia th fina steady-stat nutatio angl equal th angl betwee th geometri spi axi an th adjacen principa

axis Sectio I present a attitud controller usin thrusters fo th aerobrakin phas o Mar orbi insertion A a spacecraf approache it destinatio planet i i despu an it velocit i reduce t establis a planetar orbit Th apoapsi o thi highl ellipti orbi i brough close t th plane b aerobrakin instea usin propellan fo velocit reduction Fo a portio o th orbi nea periapsis wher aerobrakin i effective a attitud controlle designe t see an maintai a zer aerodynami torqu orien tatio o th spacecraft I th presen application thi orientatio correspond t a constant positiv bia angl o attac measure fro th instantaneou

velocit vector Because i a ellipti orbit thi vecto turn a a nonunifor pitc rate a pitc angula acceler Receive Jan 31 1997 revisio receive Jan 29 1998 accepte fo publicatio Jan 29 1998 Copyrigh © 199 b Har B Hablani Pub lishe b th America Institut o Aeronautic an Astronautics Inc. wit permission Principa Engineerin Specialist Avionic an Softwar Group Ad vance Programs Spac System Division Associat Fello AIAA atio comman profil i develope an th parameter fo integra puls frequenc modulatio (IPFM thruste controlle are deter mine fo trackin time-varyin orientations Sectio V present a soft-landin

controlle fo th Mar Lan der I comprise 1 a longitudina velocit controlle employin a velocity-altitud referenc trajector fo guidance a gravit tur belo 4 m an a constant-velocit phas belo 5- altitud unti sof impac i sense b th navigatio system 2 a latera velocit controlle tha require pitchin th spacecraf firs a a rat inversel proportiona t th curren slan rang an the accordin t gravit tur activate a a suitabl lo altitude an 3 a IPF reactio je controlle fo trackin th commande pitc angl an rat pro fil unti touchdown A rada altimete i use unti th spacecraf descend t a 45- altitude Afterward a

inertia referenc unit in heritin th error o th rada altimete a 4 m i use fo landing Th optimu gain fo bot longitudina an latera controller ar determined an first-orde digita fadin memor filter ar used th coefficient o whic ar optimize wit stochasti respons analysi t smoot nois measurements Ampl numerica results withi th spac allowed ar presente demonstrat effectivenes o al controllers Th relationshi o th presen wor t th previou wor i identifie i eac sectio below II Rhumb-Lin Precessio Spin-Stabilize Spacecraf Th spi axi o a spacecraf ca b precesse alon eithe a grea ar o a Rhum lin betwee th

initia orientatio an th fina orientatio o a spacecraf i a celestia sphere. I th forme cas th phas angl o th thruste firin varie significantl wit eac spi cycle leadin t operationa complexities wherea i th latte cas th phas angl i constant easil controlle b a su sensor Rhumb-lin precession ar therefor mor commo tha great-ar precessions Analysi Figur 1 depict th geometr o spin-axi precessio produce thrusters Le x zi, b th spacecraft-fixe frame wit z/ a th spi axi o th spacecraft Th precessio torqu F ( = force = momen arm i generate abou a axi formin a angl ft wit th transvers axi */, Th spi angl

o th spacecraf i de note 0 an i measure fro th ascendin nod lin x' a show Fig 1 Le t denot th shor pulsewidt (20-20 ms o th thrusters Th angula momentu imparte b eac puls i the Fit an th precessio angl dP abou a axi transvers t bot torqu axi an spi axi i (se Fig 1 d = Fit /(I^a) wher 54
Page 2
HABLAN 54 d si ( + p + /2 y z = body-fixe frame spinnin abou z -axi Fig 1 Geometr o precessio o spi axi produce b thrusters i th spacecraf momen o inerti abou th spi axi an co th spi rate Th phas angl o th cente o th thruste fir ing measure fro th axi x i 0 = (0 + ft + a) /2), wher (/)o i th

spi angl 0 a whic thruster tur o instantaneousl fo t second fo precessin th spacecraft Th component o d th fram T"^:*^ ( = z/,)are[-d sin dPcos 0]-^ th componen abou th spi axi bein zer b definition T re lat thes component wit th change i longitud an colatitud (declination o th spi axi Z i a inertia frame le ^ denot th spin-axi longitud abou th inertia axi Zi measure fro inertiall fixe axi X an 9 denot it colatitude abou th ascendin nod lin x' Smal change d i longitud an d i colatitud the wil hav thes component i th x' y' z' frame [d d\ls si 0 dty co 0]-^* wher th spin-axi componen i no

nonzero implyin that notwithstandin earlie inference th spi angl doe chang slightl wit eac firing varyin th spi perio a consequence I vie o this th requiremen tha th phas angl $p b constan fo al firing wil b satisfie onl b monitor in thi angle clearly firing wil no tak plac exactl a th sam spin-perio interval Focusin o th equalit o x' an y' compo nent o th tw vector (d = d si 0^ d si 0 = d co 0^) divid x' component b y' component an obtai d< = dils ta 0 sin p (1 Becaus th angl 0 i controlle s tha i i th sam fo al firing wit a su senso withi it measuremen accuracies th integratio ofEq (1 lead t

—log ta ^ = V ta 0 + cons (2 Wit th longitud -fy a absciss an (—log< ta ^0 a ordinate—th coordinate o a Mercato plot—an th angl 0 a slope Eq (2 a straight-lin equation confirmin tha thi i indee a Rhumb lin maneuver Invokin th initia an th fina value 0\, 0 o colatitud an i/^ V" o longitude Eq (2 yield th followin desire equation -ta 0 = -log ta ±0 ta ±0 (3 whic ca b use t determin th phas angl 0^ Fo a agreemen betwee Eq (3 an Eq (1 o Ref 1 observ tha th ascendin nod lin x i typicall du eas (th solar senso emittin maxi mu output an therefor th phas angl 0 i sometime calle headin angle Rhum angle

denote <£ i measure fro eithe loca nort o loca south an i called accordingly 4> o <£$ On the ha 0 = n/2 + <& o 0 = n/2 + $5 Substitutin thes equation i th lef sid o Eq (3) on arrive a Eq (1 o Ref 1 Eq (30 o Ref 2 Th tw value o 0 ar i lin wit Eq (32 Ref 2 Th tota chang i th colatitude angl 0 i obtaine b integrat in th equatio d = d sin0^ yielding (0 -0 = { Pcos$>s} (4 wher P i th tota precessio angl effecte b N firing arrive b summin u al d fo N firings = (5 Wherea colatitude 9 an 0 ar dictate b th missio an spacecraft-su geometry th phas angl 0 i calculate fro Eq (3 an <£ o ® fro <£ = 0 n/2,

<&s = 0/ + JT/2 Eq (4 the yield th require precessio angl P an Eq (5 th require numbe N o firing - 0 Ftt (6 wher 3 = $> o <$ . Whe th pulsewidt t i no smal (tha is th conditio co /2 <$ 1 i no satisfied) a mor accurat versio Eq (6) presente i th unabridge versio o thi paper, i used Equatio (6 mus b integerize t it neares intege t mini miz deviatio o th actual fina longitud an colatitud fro th desire value ^ an 0 Moreover t asses th fue efficienc o a Rhumb-lin precession on ma compar numericall th preces sio angl P Eq (5) wit th grea ar lengt F betwee th initia an th fina latitude an longitude =

cos" [co 0 co 0 + si 0 si 0 co (1^ (7 state earlier th phas angl 0 i require t b th sam fo eac thruste firing Becaus th phas angl or equivalently 0 a t = 0) i measure fro th ascendin nod lin x' whos orientatio angl ty varie slowl wit eac thruste firing th spi angl 0 doe no cros th valu 0 a a unifor spin-perio interval Consequently a su senso mus b use t ensur tha th spi angl 0 equal 0 fo eac thruste firing Finally a commen abou th nutation o th spacecraf whil precessing Typically th spi perio o a spacecraf i a irrationa multipl o th nutatio perio an therefor th nutatio amplitud doe no gro

monotonicall wit thruste firings instead i waxe an wane an i self-limited Illustratio Si first-orde equation governin dynamic an inertia orien tatio o a spinnin spacecraf ar simulated Tabl 1 i Ref 3 fur nishe th parameter use fo simulatin a Rhumb-lin precessio illustrate conceptuall i Figs 19. an 19. o Wertz. Th contro torqu i produce b tw z thruster locate diametricall oppo sit on the rim of the spacecraft firin oppositely Figur 2 show dashe Rhum lin (no clearl visible joinin th initia an th fina specifie location o th spi axi o a Mercato plot Becaus th Rhumb-lin lengt P i 75. de wherea th

correspondin grea circl ar F i 5 deg thi Rhumb-lin precessio i inefficien compare wit th great-circl precession Th advantage nonethe less o th Rhumb-lin precessio i th constanc o th phas angl 0o equa t 31.7 de i thi example withi ±0.25-de measuremen accurac o th su sensor Figur 2 illustrates i addition th undulation o th nutatio loop accompanyin th precession thei amplitude d no gro unremittingl becaus th nutatio period 27.3 s i no a intege multipl o th spi period s Th correspondin nutatio angl o th spacecraft denote y an define a [(/ion) (8 varie discontinuousl wit eac firing remainin constan

i th interim Numerica result sho tha th angl y i withi 0. de an doe no increase Th longitud ^ an th colatitud 0 var wit time startin fro thei initia value an reachin thei fina desire value a th en o precessio i 563 s remainin essentiall constan afterward—essentiall becaus th spacecraf continue t
Page 3
54 HABLAN | ( - 0. 15. 30. 45. 60. 75. 90. 105. 120. 135. 150. 165. 180. Longitud (deg Fig 2 Rhumb-lin precessio o a spin-stabilize spacecraft latitud v longitud (Mercato projection) nutat wit som residua amplitud afte precession indicatin th nee fo activ o passiv nutatio damping III

Activ Nutatio Dampin Thi sectio i concerne wit spacecraf wit zer an y prod uct o inerti an i base o Ref 5 Althoug Ref 5 assume tha th spacecraf spin abou th mino axis th followin analysi i fo th majo spi axis Hence accordin t th definitio o th body-fixe fram xi,yi,zi, i Fig 1 7 > 7 > I[. Contro Strateg Conside th equation o motio governin th transvers rate OL>\ an 0)2, influence b th unspecifie contro torque N\ an A fo nutatio damping Followin Deve e al., defin quasinutatio frequencie (/ ~ /2 , , a>n = j (9a OJn2 = (/ V^ (9b (9c Assumin tha th transvers rate \o)j\ <£ co ( = 1 2) th spi spee &>

remain essentiall constant &> & o) Th fre response therefore o th tw equation o motio governin transvers an gula rate ca b writte a wher j 1 & = */(o) i/o) n2 ), oc = co (t to), an p (} an 0 ar initia amplitud and phas of the motio a)\ (t) and &> (0 at t = t () = (O)\Q + ^ <^7o) ( a (lib Further Ref 3 show that fo nutatio dampin wit th contro torqu N\ abou th x axis th jc-angula impulse imparte b th thruster mus b (12. (12b wher A = t - t () i selecte suc tha Eqs (12 ar satisfie fo smal k k = 0.05 fo example Fo y thrusters th angula impulse fo nutatio dampin ar foun t b sin(a/2 - ~ ~ ' * * L

Fo detaile derivation se Ref 3 sin(a/2 (13a (13b + jko) = A ex j (# (10 Spacecraf wit Product-of-Inerti /2 Here w assum tha onl 7 = - / y d produc o inerti i nonzero Becaus th product o inerti ar typicall muc smalle
Page 4
HABLAN 54 tha th moment o inertia i i beneficial fo analytica ease t trea eac produc o inerti separately Th followin analysi there for ca b retrace fo 7 an 7 products o inerti individually thoug w d no attemp tha here W als poin ou tha th abov definitio o 7 include th negativ sign unlik th conventio use b Deve e al. Proceedin wit th vecto equatio o motio o a rigi

body wit 7 i th inerti matrix thre scala equation ar derive fo zer externa torqu actin o th spacecraft W the invok typica an presentl legitimat assumption tha \a)j \ < | fo 7 = 1,2 hi I <3 (7i 7 7 an &> & co wher a) = a constan spi speed Th transvers equatio governin a>\ possesse a forcin ter du t th product-of-inerti 7 23 Denot thi b IJL an introduc nondimensiona product-of-inerti paramete / a follows /^ (14a = /*/(/2/3 (14b Th produc o inerti alter th nutatio frequenc a) Eq (9c) t I- (15 Th transvers rates obtaine b solvin th transvers equation exhibi th followin force response 0)1 = (ii/a)'

)sma) OMrlX -COSO)' t) (16a (16b fro whic w conclud tha th transvers rat o> afte nutatio damping wil settl o it bia valu a)2b = M/ /»i A on woul anticipate a) i, i relate t th til angl A abou th geometri axi x/j, betwee th orthogona axe y/,z/ an th principa axe y particular i ca b show that fo smal til angle |A. <^ 1 th moments-of-inerti 7 an 7 ar essentiall th principa value an w (7 7 )A whic indicate that i th presen application becaus 7 > 7 th product-of-inerti 7 an th til angl A hav opposit signs Wit th ai o Eqs (9a an (14a) th bia rat o)2b i foun t b equa t Aa>, matchin wit Eq (39 o Ref 5

excep fo th negativ sig arisin fro th differenc tha Ref 5 deal wit spi abou the minimu momen of inerti and thi pape dealin wit spi abou th maximu moment-of-inertia Le b i , b bi b th uni vector alon th geometric spacecraft attache fram x zb> W the observ tha th steady-stat spi rat o th spacecraft u; equal &> b + o) b$ because i th prin cipa fram x (with/? a th uni vecto alon th principa spin-axi z ), i vie o th relationshi &> = A&; th angula velocit u equal (CD Xo> /,)p whic induce n angula motio abou th transvers principa axe x an y I th absenc o nu tation th steady-stat angula momentu h o th

spacecraf i th zh fram i = Substitutin coy, = A.o) 7 term h simplifie t w -M3 (17 (7 7 an ignorin th A + /3 (18 Th correspondin steady-stat nutatio angl y , define b Eq (8) thu y = \k\. Th steady-stat value o> 2/ = A&> an y = |X hel verif th numerica results implemen th nutatio dampin strategie (12 an (13) th phas angl 0 mus b determined Fo th zer product-of-inerti case thi i accomplishe usin th definitio (lib) wherei th unbiase transvers rate ar sense b gyros A nonzer produc o inertia however render thi procedur inadequat becaus gyro measur transvers rate containin biases Therefore th bia &>

determine above an &>i/, i i exist du t th product-of-inerti 7i no considere here mus b filtere ou fro a)\ an w sense th gyros Thi filterin i performe wit a bandpas filter on fo eac axis Bandpas Filter Th transfe functio o a bandpas filte i (19 centere a th nutatio frequenc o) here s i th Laplac variabl an f i a suitabl dampin factor Becaus thi filte i use a a par a sample contro system it followin discret for i derived () (20 wher z i th discret transfor an th polynomia coefficient ar define i Ref 3 i term o th semisampl angl 8 = a) /2, wit o) = (2/r tan(a) ts/2) an t equal th sampl period Le

a)2,k denot th £t sampl o th inpu angula rat &> a t = f* an a)2f,k denot th fct outpu sample Furthermore i th presen applicatio an typically th angl 8 i muc les tha unit an therefor 8~ ^ 1 . Usin thi assumption a simplifie time-domai versio o Eq (20 i then C0 f,k = (21 usin th discret time-domai version (21) w aver th nee fo th derivativ a) o th angula rat co i th continuou time domai versio o Eq (19) Thi i a significan benefi becaus th acceleratio 6) i no measured Numerica Result Fo result concernin zer produc o inertia se Ref 3 Figur 3 illustrate nutatio dampin whe th product-of-inerti

paramete i 0.01 Th correspondin til angl X betwee th geometri spin-axi Z an th principa axi z i —10. de an th bia rat (j)2b = A.a>. equal 3.2 deg/s Th filtere rat 0)2 / i obtaine usin th time-domai discret Eq (21 wit f equa t 0.2 Th correspondin tim dela fo th filte outpu co t ris t it steady-stat amplitud i nearl tw nutatio period (54. s) Moreover owin t th product-of-inerti 7 , th nutatio angl y , define by = (22 no constan now T dam th nutations th contro policy Eq (13) i invoke afte &> attain it stead state A dampin progresses th nutatio angl y (Fig 4 approache th magnitud th til angle |X

= 10. deg A th en o nutatio damping -2A -1. -1. -0. 0 0. 1. 1. 2 3 (deg/s Fig 3 Nutatio dampin i th plan uJi-U2 wit .y-torqu thrusters
Page 5
54 HABLAN 14.000- 11.875 9.750 7.625 5.50 6 12 18 21 30 36 42 48 54 60 Tim (s Fig 4 Nutatio angl 7 v time whil th filtere rat a> near zero 0) oscillate wit a smal amplitud (se Fig 3 ove th bia rat &> = 3.2 deg/s IV Thruste Attitud Contro Durin Aerobrakin Rea spacecraf ar seldo symmetri an streamline an there for atmospheri dra generate a torqu tha mus b nullifie t kee th spacecraf stable. Aerodynamic o th aerobrakin con figuratio o th spacecraf

a han reveal tha th pitc torqu coefficient—th onl coefficien require i thi study—i zer fo positiv angle-of-attac a atkt equa t 3.1 de and fo aerody nami stabilit o equivalentl fo positiv pitc stiffnes a angle of-attac a at equa t zero th slop o thi coefficien nea th equilibriu angl a atk ,/ i negative, a desired T nul th aerody nami torqu actin o th spacecraft a at mus b commande t equa t th equilibriu angl a atk> /, Analysi Figur 5 depict th geometri relationshi betwee th angle of-attac a at pitc angl a an th angl £ betwee th velocit vecto v an th loca horizonta O\ i th orbi plane Th loca

vertica loca horizonta orbi tria O\, O O an th spacecraf attache triad b\ b # show i Fig 5 ar define a usual Becaus th nos o th spacecraf i alon b\ th angl o attac is b definition or at = a £ Th angl £ varie wit th spacecraf tru anomal 0 measure fro th periapsi o wit r\ measure fro th lin o ascendin nod (Fig 5) an th objectiv o th pitc controlle i t ensur tha a at = or atk) /, tha is t kee th pitc angl equa t th commande pitc angl a 2c wher a 2c = a tk,/ - £ an £ varyin wit th tru anomal 9 thu esinf + e co 6 (23 wher e i th eccentricit o th orbit desig a reactio je controlle fo trackin a

varyin a 2c correspondin inertia pitc acceleratio comman i determined fo i govern th minimu contro torqu required Th inertia pitc rat comman co i term o th pitc rat comman 6t 2c an th tru anomal rat 0 i co 2c = d 2c - 0 = £ - 9. Differentiatio Eq (23 the lead t Q) 2c = - 0( + e + 2 co 9 (24 furthe differentiatio o whic yield th sough inertia pitc acceleratio comman a) 2c 0) 2c = si 9 ( + 3e + 4 co 9 (25 Wit th pitc comman a 2c an th inertia pitch-rat comman (i> 2c th angl o attac i commande t b equa t th constan bia angl a atk) /, Th actua angl o attack o course wil depen th performanc o th

IPF reactio je controlle use here. Numerica Result th initia phas o aerobraking th altitud o periapsi h an o apoapsi h ar h = 10 k an h = 33,26 km wherea th fina phas th apoapsi altitud decrease t h = 76 km I th initia phase th atmospheri torqu (Fig 6 cause b th rol an ya dra force i significan fo nearl 1 mi centere aroun th periapsis I th fina phase thi duratio expand t 2 min Destinatio Plane Lin o Ascendin Nod Fig 5 Attitud geometr o spacecraf fo aerobrakin i a ellipti orbit 6 12 18 240 30 36 42 48 54 60 Tim (s Fig 6 Pitc atmospheri torqu (#2,air nea periapsi o th initia aerobrakin orbit

0.06500 0.04675 0.0000 -1 1.500- 6 12 18 24 30 36 42 48 54 60 Tim (s Fig 7 Trackin a bia angl o attack angl o attack pitch an pitc rat v time Figur 1 o Ref 3 displayin co 2c pertainin t th initia aero brakin altitudes indicate tha th maximu commande torqu wil be pitc inerti * &>2c,ma = 1 -43e N m Th actua thruste torque however i fou order o magnitud larger 4.5 N m T mitigat th impac o thi disparity thruster ar turne o fo onl 2 ms impartin a pitc angula momentu o 0.0 N m o angula rat chang o 0.012 deg/ o th spacecraft Figur 7 depict th performanc o th IPF reactio je controlle designe kee a at

equa t a tk Th contro parameter correspon t a limit-cycl attitud 9 equa t 1 de an th dampin coefficien o a equivalen linea controlle equa t 0.707 Figur 7 show tha th angle-of-attac a at startin fro zero i brough clos t <*atk,/> equa t 3.1 deg I furthe show tha th pitc angl a
Page 6
HABLAN 54 become approximatel equa t a at k,/ + f an tha th pitc rat ai track £ I vie o th constraint o give thruste parameters th performanc o th controlle i thu ver satisfactory Referenc 3 ma b reviewe fo furthe details Sof Martia Landin Controlle Whe a spin-stabilize interplanetar spacecraf approache

Mars i i despu and a Martia atmospher become palpable th tucked-i parachut i deployed reducin th approac velocit t a constan termina velocity sa 8 m/s wit possibl a sizabl loca horizonta component Th parachut i jettisone a a altitud a lo a th thruster onboar an landin dynamic woul permit an bot horizonta an vertica velocit component ar reduce almos zer b a activ landin controlle i th remainin alti tud befor touchdown Th controller develope her accomplis thi purpos an ar significantl enhance version o th classica longitudina an latera controllers fo luna landing Longitudina Controlle Th

objectiv o thi controlle i t reduc th vertica velocit th tim o parachut jettisonin (a' Fig 8 t a specified low constan velocit v ( m/s b a certai altitud h ( m poin b Fig 8 abov th destinatio plane surface A additiona objectiv of the controlle is to lowe the spacecraf at a constan velocit fro th poin b t touchdown I Refs 9 an 10 th controlle i turne of a a sligh altitud (poin c Fig 8) e.g. 1 m t avoi raisin dus wit thruste plum an thereb contaminatin th planetar surface However thi require a accurat altimete t detec th poin c escalatin th spacecraf cos an weight Th alternativ adopte her i t le

th controlle brin th spacecraf dow a a constan velocit unti touchdown whereupo th inertia referenc uni (IRU indicate zer vertica velocit an th controlle the wil tur itsel off Th nomina free-fal phas c an th actua free-fal phas c'd henc d no exis i th presen controller Figur 9 (adapte fro Fig 13.12 p 583 Ref 10 depict th geometr o descent Le a b th nomina spacecraf deceleratio Altitud Termina ^- Velocity Parachut Descen ^Nomina Trajector "* Parachut jettisons controlle Actua start Trajector Nomina Constan Velocit Phas -Actua Constan Velocit Phas Nomina Fre Fal -Actua Fre Fal d d Downwar Velocit

z o v Fig 8 Differen phase o longitudina motio i altitud an vertica velocit plane Thrus Axi Win (Horizonta Velocity (dow rang direction = pitc (abou y-axis (slan range Martia Surfac Mar Cente Fig 9 Latera geometr fo activ Martia Lande (adapte fro Ref 10) th body-fixe —zi, directio produce b selecte thrusters Also denot th Mar gravitationa acceleratio alon th vertica z axi g Becaus th pitc angl 0 i small |0 <£ 1 rad th ne deceleratio o th spacecraf alon th z axi i essentiall (a gM). Becaus th spacecraft' referenc trajector passe throug th poin b(h ct v i th h - v plane Fig 8 th commande vertica

velocit z a a altitud h mus b = v +2(a -g )(h-h (26 Thi provide a descen contou show i th contro bloc dia gram Fig 10 Th actua velocit z however measure b a rada a th instantaneou spacecraf altitud o estimate b a IR system is usuall differen fro z A nois velocit erro the is obtaine show an filtere t arriv a a velocit erro s T eliminat thi error th referenc acceleratio a^ i augmente b a incrementa acceleratio K an th thruster ar turne o appropriately A ne velocit i measure o estimate agai an th abov procedur repeat itself T determin a suitabl valu o th contro gai K not tha th referenc tim T

require t brin th initia vertica velocit zo t v i T = (z v )/(a g ). Referenc 9 show tha th erro 8h betwee th actua altitud an th curren referenc altitud decrease exponentiall an K > 5 i a suitabl gai becaus exp(—5 = 0.0067 Th nomina deceleratio a i deter mine fro Eq (26) knowin th initia velocit z an th nomina initia altitud /z/, a whic th landin controlle i turne on •^v^/.no ^c gM (27 Thi i th minimu deceleratio tha th thruster mus supply I the delive more thei widt i modulate s a t trac a wit littl error Th abov controlle i use als fo th constant-velocit phas (Fig 8 execute nea ground Thi

phas i introduce because otherwise th latera controller discusse below cause larg pitc rat an pitc acceleratio command nea th landin site T effec constant-velocit descent th nomina acceleratio a i se equa to g in the descen contou (26 whe the measure altitud h (wit measuremen errors i les tha o equa t th specifie altitud h (e.g. 5 m) Also th nomina duratio r = h /v o th constant velocit phas i smaller tha th tim duratio T an therefor th acceleratio gai K fo thi phas i se t b muc large tha wha K cv = 5 woul allow Latera Controlle Th objectiv o thi controlle i t reduc t zer th initia horizonta

velocit o th spacecraf usin th sam thruster tha concurrentl decelerat th lande i th vertica direction Conse quently th lande mus b pitche fo latera contro b a angl 9 (Fig 9) no necessaril th sam a th angl ft the angl o th velocit vecto wit th vertical Whe th pitc angl 9 i equa t ft, tha result i gravit turn latera contro schem wit certai advantage elucidate an utilize subsequently Th bloc diagra th latera controlle i show i Fig 11 I i a amende versio th controlle i Fig 13.1 o Ref 1 wherei th commande pitc rat 9 yc i proportiona t v /R, wher V i th latera ve locit an R i th slan rang (Fig 9)

Thoug O yc s calculate effectiv initially th schem slowl degrade inasmuc a i cause th spacecraf t swin whil approachin th ground wit yc exhibitin divergen oscillations Becaus thi i unsatisfactory yc i calculate instea fro a suitabl altitud downwar (4 m presently accordin t gravit turn a portraye i Fig 11 Th ad vantag o doin s i tha th divergen oscillation i th pitch-rat comman the ar replace b stable smoot commands Th pitc comman fo gravit turn i th linea regime i 6 yc « x/z. Bu eve th gravit tur ha it limitation because a th spacecraf reache ver nea th ground bot latera an longitudina veloc

it component approac zer an th rat an acceleratio com mand (O yc an O yc becom intolerabl large Th latera controlle therefor i turne of altogethe whe |jc < 0. m/s acceptin th residua smal pitc angl an rate an residua latera velocit (1-1. m/s an longitudina velocit (0.5- m/s t b withstoo th spacecraf structur an th residen electroni components
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Fig 1 Latera velocit controlle fo activ Martia Lander Also thes touchdow condition and the cente of gravit of the lande ar stipulate t b suc tha th lande doe no overturn Regardin th gai K\ &i i Fig 11 th pitc rat comman 0 yc linea regim (tha is smal latera velocit compare t th lon gitudina velocit an smal pitc angle) accordin t Pfeffer, i yc KI^VI/R, wher th angl r\ an th longitudina velocit ar define i Fig 9 Th gai K\ at i optima whe i render th tw root o th quadrati equatio (13.52 o Ref 1 equal leadin use belo a certai altitude e.g. 4 m (Fig 11) replacin th earlie problemati pitch-rat

command Definin a quantit ctj = b /2 ( fo jets) th linea pitc com man i foun t be (29 (28 wher i an zt ar th initia velocit component a th instan whe th gravit tur i initiated Th pitc rat an acceleratio command ar derive b differentiatin 9 yc an substitutin z = -a + g arrivin a wher th positiv constan b i define a b =t 2a /(a —g > 2 Becaus th plu sig yield large AT la tha th minu sig does adop th plu sig an th large gain a gravit turn th angl rj (Fig 9 i zer b definitio an th commande pitc angl 0 yc varie continuousl a th horizonta an vertica velocit component i an z decreas an th spacecraf

descend t th Martia surface Knowin x an z wit th ai o a rada o IRU th idea angl 9 yc rat 9 yc an acceleratio 6 yc ca calculate t contro th pitc attitude Thi schem therefor VC = 3 -a )x (30 (31 Comparin I yc ( = pitc momen o inertia wit th availabl pitch-contro torque th gravit tur ca b terminate whe th for me exceed th latter an th constan velocit descen the begins
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HABLAN 54 45.0 35.0 25.0 15.0 5.0 0. -5. Actua (6 8 Commande (6^ 8 J 1. 3. 4. .6. 8 9. 11. 12. 14. 1 Time(s 20. - 13.0 6, - -1,0 -8.0 -15. Pitc Rate Limi Cycl Rate 1. 3. 4. 6. 8 9. 11. 12. 14. 1 Fig 1 Pitc an

pitch-rat control actua an commanded Numerica Result Th performance o increasingl mor complet landin con troller wer examine an extensiv simulatio studie wer con ducte but t conserv space onl limite result ar show here Referenc 3 illustrate a unsatisfactory oscillator pitch-contro performanc o th origina landin controlle o Refs 9 an 1 withou gravit tur fo pitc contro a lo altitudes Figur 12 contrast illustrate performanc o th pitc controlle whe th gravit tur i incorporate belo 45- altitude provide th hori zonta velocit magnitud \v \ i greate tha 0. m/s Th unaccept abl divergen oscillation ar

absen i Fig 1 becaus 1 whe h < m an | v \ > 0. m/s th smoot pitc an pitc rat command ar obtaine fro Eqs (29 an (30) 2 whe th horizonta veloc it \v < 0. m/s regardles o th altitude th commande pitc angl an th rat co yc ar bot zeroed an 3 th pitc angl an rat command ar bot zeroe i th constant-velocit phas belo 5 m Th performanc o th landin controlle which i additio t gravit turn use a rada altimete wit certai measuremen nois characteristic an digita fadin memor filter t smoot nois altitud an velocit measurement i illustrate i Figs 1 an 14 Becaus o excessiv nois i th measurement belo 45- alti

tude th rada altimete i cu of a 4 m an IR navigatio o th lande i initialize wit th las measuremen o th velocit an altitud b th rada assembly Althoug th altitud measurement hav rando errors the ar no modele here onl thei bia erro modeled A 45- altitude th IR inherit a bia altitud erro —2.1 m (2.58o valu t includ 95 erro probability o th altimeter A positive-bia velocit erro an a negative-bia altitud erro ar chose fo illustratio becaus th actua velocit the i les an th actua altitud i mor tha th quantitie measured Consequently th lande take longe t touc th groun tha th referenc constant-velocit

duration r cv yieldin a estimat o th require wors propellan consumption Moreover l valu o th rando velocit nois i no constan (nois i nonstationary) i instea proportiona t velocity. Figure 1 an 1 illustrat a sampl performanc o th multi axi landin controlle amids velocit an altitud noise filtere a first-orde filter th coefficient o whic ar selecte accord in t it optimu stochasti respons t nois an it ris time Th initia altitud i thes figure i se at 348.8 m base o a referenc altitud o 35 m an a 1.66 l bia erro i altitud measurements Th actua an referenc vertica velocit profile (Fig 13 confir th

earlie conclusio that becaus o a negativ altitud bia erro o —2.1 m an a positiv vertica velocit bia erro of 0.4 m/s the actua touchdow take longe tha the ref erenc touchdow (nearl 1 s v 15.8 s) Th vertica touchdow velocit i abou 1. m/s—th constan velocit o th fina descent Also becaus th horizonta velocit bia erro i positiv (0. m/s) 21.0 15.0 _ 9.0 3 '° 0. -3. 60.0 48.0 36.0 24.0 12.0 1 H 1 1 2 2 4 6 8 1 1 H 1 1 2 Tim (s Fig 1 Performanc o a sof landin controlle wit a nois rada altimete abov 4 m a noiseles IR belo 4 m an a digita nois filter horizonta an vertica velocit components 1 2 3 3 4 4

Vertica Velocit v (meters/s 6 0. Fig 1 Altitud v vertica velocit v compariso o actua an ref erenc trajectories th actua touchdow horizonta velocit v i negative, —1.3 m/ (Fig 13) Becaus th IR navigatio syste operate essentiall noise-fre belo h = 4 m th velocitie ar see t b suc afte = 8 s wher th lande crosse 45- altitude Th h v guid anc trajector an actua trajector ar portraye i Fig 14 wher observ tha th longitudina controlle track th guidanc tra jector easil durin bot th constant-acceleratio phas an th constant-velocit phase th latte startin a a tru altitud o 5 + 2.1 = 7.1 m instea o 5 m du t

-2.1 m o /z error Figur 2 Ref 3 show picturesquel th poignan descen o th lande i th altitude-downrang plane Therei enthrallin i it sligh hori zonta backwar motio jus befor touchdown preenin wit pride VI Concludin Remark Fou attitud controller ar presente fo spinnin an nonspin nin phase of interplanetar spacecraft For Rhumb-lin precessio th spi axis i i crucia t maintai a constan phas o thruste pulse wit th sun T mee thi condition thes pulse mus b slightl aperiodic exactl periodic pulse a spi perio woul vee th spi axi t a unintende direction Thruster ca dam ver effectivel nutation o spacecraf

wit product o inerti i it transvers angula rate ar passe throug suitabl designe band pas filter tha eliminat constan rat biases Whe th spacecraf arrive a th destinatio planet th initia highl eccentri orbi
Page 9
55 HABLAN circularize wit aerobraking Attitud o th spacecraf ca b controlle durin aerobraking ami a order-of-magnitud uncer taint i th ai density wit IPF reactio je controller provide th referenc pitc an pitch-rat command ar inputte t th controller Finally th vertica an horizonta velocit controller availabl i th literatur fo sof landin ar inadequat becaus th latte controlle

cause divergen oscillation i pitc an pitch rat command a th spacecraf approache th ground Thi short comin i remove b switchin a a suitabl intermediat altitude e.g. 5 m t pitc an pitch-rat command associate wit gravit turn Whe ver clos t th ground e.g. 5- altitude a constant velocit referenc trajector i introduce i th vertica velocit controlle fo a sof touchdow o th spacecraft Acknowledgmen Wit grea pleasure I wis t acknowledg m numerou in sightfu technica discussions ove th years wit th Guidance Navigation an Contro Lea Enginee A Cormack Withou hi guidance i i inconceivabl ho thes effort woul

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Vibratio Suppressio wit IPF Reactio Je Controllers, Journal Guidance, Control, an Dynamics, Vol 17 No 4 1994 pp 831-839 Cheng R K. an Pfeffer I. "Termina Guidanc Syste fo Sof Luna Landing, Guidance an Control, edite b R E Roberso an J S Farrior Vol 8 Progres i Astronautic an Rocketry Academic Ne York 1962 pp 217-239 1() Pfeffer I. "Termina Guidanc fo Sof Luna Landing, Guidance an Control o Aerospace Vehicles, edite b C T Leondes McGraw-Hill Ne York 1963 pp 563-587 7t Annua AIAA/BMD Technolog Readines Conferenc an Exhibi Fo th lates technolog concernin hardwar an softwar i ballisti missil

defens i area o surveil lance weapons an testing mak sur yo atten thi nationa confer enc an exhibition Admissio t session require (Secret/U.S.-only clearance receiv a preliminar progra o register contac AIA a 800/639-242 o visi AlAA' We sit a America Institut Aeronautic an Astronautic