Wheresoever the body shall be thither will the eag les also be gathered together
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Wheresoever the body shall be thither will the eag les also be gathered together

Luke 1737 wwwPrecious Blood Internationalcom Association of the Precious Blood PO Box 15851 Tallahassee FL 323175851 USA 850 5770607 It is the most powerful sacramental Our Lord has ever given to the Church with special promises of protection an

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Wheresoever the body shall be thither will the eag les also be gathered together

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Wheresoever the body shall be, thither will the eag les also be gathered together. (Luke 17:37) www.Precious Blood International.com Association of the Precious Blood * PO Box 15851 * Tallahassee, FL 32317-5851 * USA * (850) 577-0607 It is the most powerful sacramental Our Lord has ever given to the Church with special promises of protection and grace accompanying it. Through it, Our Lord has told us He will perform many miracles. On January 5, 2000, Our Lord gave the world the Agonizing Crucifix through an illiterate teenage boy named Barnabas Nwoye in the village of Olo in

Enugu State, Nigeria. The young man recorded the event as follows: ...I saw in a vision Our Lord holding a Crucifix.. .I saw Him walking about in a desert. After a while, we met. He said to me, Barnabas, take this. Then He offered me the Crucifix and continued, This is your Crucified Lord who loves you. He is the one whom you daily crucify. Accept it from Me, carry it always. Show it to the world, let all men have it also. Children, this is what your sins do to me. This Crucifix is the same as the Crucifixes we all know. The difference is that the wounds and blood of His Sacred Body are

depicted very graphically, His Sacred Heart is exposed on His chest and His Blood runs down the wood of the cross. On the cross it is written I am the Agonizing Jesus Chris t who loves you. Our Lord continued, You shall make this Crucifix as you see it. I am giving it to you as th e instrument and armor which you must all have before the evil man comes to reign in full force. Listen, My children, all the necessary warnings have been given to you. The plans of your enemy have been made known to you. I call you all, not to give you any further warnings, but to prepare and get you ready for the

hour. You and all men are to have this cross as an armor of protection against evil forces that fill the earth now. I promise to perform numerous miracles through it. I will break their hearts of stone and pour in my love. I promise also to draw straying souls closer to myself through this Crucifix. Children, captives shall be freed through this cross. Children, no enemy of My Holy Cross will approach this cross. On the days of the evil one, you will be able to go about freely without any harm through this cross. Children, accept this gift with love.
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 ! ! ! ! No, they arent! The Pardon Crucifix is another good example. Pope St. Pius X granted the following indulgences for the Pardon Crucifix only : * Whoever carries on his person the Pardon Crucifix, may thereby gain an indulgence. * For devoutly kissing this Crucifix, an indulgen ce is gained. * Whoever says one of the following invocations before this crucifix may gain each time an indulgence: "Our Father who art in heaven, forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us." or "I beg the Blessed Virgin

Mary to pray to the Lord our God for me." * Whoever, habitually devout to this Crucifix, wil l fulfill the necessary conditions of Confession and Holy Communion, may gain a Plenary Indulgence on the following feasts: On the feasts of the Five Wounds of our Lord, the Invention of the Holy Cross, the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, the Immaculate Conception, and the Seven Dolors of the Blessed Virgin Mary. * Whoever at the moment of death, fortified with the Sacraments of the Church, or contrite of heart, in the supposition of being unable to receive them, will kiss this Crucifix and ask pardon of

God for h is sins, and pardon his neighbor, he will gain a Plena ry Indulgence. On the back of the Crucifix, on the transverse arms , are the words, "Father, forgive them." On the long part of the Cross are the words, "Behold this heart which has so loved men. These promises and indulgences are not for any other crucifix, only the Pardon Crucifix. The same can be said of the Benedictine Crucifix which also carries its own promises of protection. Not all crucifixes are the same. Our Lord has given special promises of grace and protection particularly to th is Agonizing Crucifix and, as you can

see, the Church does recognize this practice in her Tradition. (We were so impressed by the indulgences granted to the Pardon Crucifix that we found them and now we put them on our 8mm glass-bead Chaplets!) " " " ""# "#

"# "#$ $$ Our Lord continued, Listen, My children, My priest will anoint the first artist to make this Crucifix so that I will fill Him with My Spirit and Wisdom. Other artists will follow his handiwork. And this is what we have done! There was a scarcity of these Crucifixes owing to the fact that only one artist in the world

was producing them in the seaport city of Fuzhou in China. (Regardless of what you may have been told by anyone, any Crucifix, if it is authentic, WAS NOT made in Nigeria other than the very first few with a papier mch Jesus on them! The most common ones have only been produced in Fuzhou, China, until now.) We have been in the process of setting up the second manufacturing site in the world right here i n the USA. We are presently the only site that manufactures these Crucifixes in five different languages and we ship them into 40 countries! We carefully follow all the

guidelines given in the messages Our Lord gave to Barnabas and use the same mold for the Body of Christ that was sculpted by the original artist which Our Lord had Barnabas spiritual director anoint and pray over. All the wood we use is carefully chosen from the highest quality sources, virgin American pine and olivewood from the Holy Land, no seconds or recovered scraps are ever used. And because they are made in America, you know they have not been sprayed with harmful chemicals or fumigants prior to your receiving them; an important consideration since they are made of raw wood! An Exorcist

priest told us that satan cannot stand the smell of raw wood. Benedictine Crucifixes, another powerful sacramental, also have four small pieces of raw wood inserted into their metal frame. Our Lords Agonizing Crucifix is entirely made of raw wood and should never be painted or varnished or you will reduce its efficacy against evil. Stain s can be sanded away with superfine sandpaper. Priests, brothers, sisters, nuns and monks from various American convents and monasteries are getting ready to begin painting the corpuses of Christ for us once we begin manufacturing them here. Beginning in May,

you will be supporting American vocations with every Agonizing Crucifix you purchase!
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% % % % &'(

&'( &'( &'( Children, I want you and all men to be consecrated to My Precious Blood. I want you all to consecrate yourselves to Me... When you have been consecrated, it means that you will

fulfill al l my appeals to you. You MUST live the lives of your consecration. All who cannot fulfill all My appeals and orders will not receive this consecration. I will give you a special blessing from heaven. All who later consecrate themselves will follow this rule which I have given to you. The rule is simple: (1) Pray the rosary every day (Glorious, Luminous, Sorrowful or Joyful) followed by the Chaplet of the Precious Blood, the Litany of the Precious Blood and the Consecration to the Precious Blood. These all take a little over an hou r in one sitting, or you can break them up

throughout your day. Add in as many more of the prayers in the prayer book as your schedule allows without neglecting your duties to work or family. (2) Pray at least one hour of the Gethsemane Hour prayers every Thursday to Friday night between the hours of Midnight and 3am. Taking a nap or going to bed early then waking at midnight is helpful. (3) Pray the Great Month of July Novenas every novena day of the month of July. (Print our prayer book from our website for free, or call us and order one). Do these three things for five months or more, understanding you are committing to this prayer

lif e for the rest of your life, and you can be consecrat ed to the Precious Blood. %"))) %"))) %")))

%"))) Jesus said, My Children, great is the battle you are about to enter. How many of you will, after fighting to the end, still hold firm their ground? Great is the battle that is coming. As you are here preparing, the evil one, the man of iniquity and his agents, are also in their preparation to meet you. They are fasting and invoking the powers of darkness, they are...storing blood in their blood banks waiting for the time to come. This is the

blood of the people of this earth who are under the power of darkness. But rejoice My children, because a sprinkling of My Precious Blood can dry a million tanks of the evil ones blood banks. This is why I urge all men to call upon My Most Precious Blood to fight against their enemy. Children, the battle is great. Look! Their number is too large, the number of My adversaries, they are many and their number is countless. My soldiers are very little in number. This is why I call you and all My warriors around the world so as to empower you with My Most Precious Blood and clothe you with all the

heavenly armor. They are not asleep. They are working day and night since they know they have only little time left. Children, you are called to know this is a great battle! Arise and stand firm. Your enemy, the evil one, is around you looking for a chance to get you. This call of reparation is to prepare you to meet the evil one and defeat him. To prepare you for battle, I give you My Agonizing Cross. I promise to protect anyone who has this cross against the evil forces. Through this Cross I will deliver many from captivity. Whenever you raise this Cross against evil power, I will open

heaven and let My Precious Blood flow to subdue the evil power. I will let My Precious Blood flow from all My Sacred Wounds and cover all who venerate My Wounds and Blood through this Cross. I promise to protect any house where this Cross is against any destructive power in the hour of darkness. Children, through this Cross I will conquer. This Cross will soon be a victorious Cross! *+%!

*+%! *+%!

*+%! My warriors and My apostles, I welcome you all into My peace. I welcome you all into My ocean of grace. Come and draw the graces, as much as you can! Fill yourselves with these graces. I say, fill your stomach and your whole being with these graces. This will not suffice, have your bags and whatever you can filled with the graces. Only grace will lead you through the battlefield and bring

you home safely. (Jesus to a gathering of devotees on 11 September 2000.) Our Lady added, You are Gods warriors of the last
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times...gather the graces which my Son opens for you all. The enemy of the Holy Cross is there at the gate of your camp... Our Lord continued, My warriors, see what the brutal men of the enemy sacrificed to gain their evil power?...If your sacrifice is not up to one-third of theirs you will not withstand the hour. Soon you will understand what I mean in fullness. On January 22, 1997 Our Lord said, Days are numbered. Time to save is very short. Send My

messages quickly to my devotioners. Give My Holy Chaplet to them and reveal all My messages to them. TEST My Precious Blood . I say, the dead shall rise again, the sick shall be healed, captives shall be released. I will defeat Satan. 22 July 2000 Our Lord said, Children, My Way is easy for those who love My Cross. 29 December 2000, Our Lord told Barnabas, I call on all My children, as you enter the New Year, to live by grace. Surrender yourselves completely, without any reserve, to the Perfect Will of your God. I say, entrust your words, deeds and actions to Me. Look at the face of your

Agonizing Master always and understand My feelings. I say, feel with Me the agony I suffer for this sinfu l and wicked world so as to jubilate with Me in My peaceful Kingdom. I am the truth of your words, the light of your deeds, and the way of your actions. Grace is your hope of survival in this dangerous period you are passing through. Children, without Me, you can do nothing. There is no grace outside My Will, the Will of your God. Say always and mean it, Father, not my will, Thy Will be done. Grace will be in abundance and you will lack nothing during your hour of trials. 31 December

1999 Our Lord said, My children...you are entering into the great era of confusion. Soon the ocean of Divine Mercy will cease flowing. At that time, anything laid outside the Precious Blood will be laid waste. But all who are living under the protection of My Precious Blood will have abundant grace...it is time that the evil one, the beast, will come. But how terrible for the nation that brings forth the beast . Remain in the faith. Follow the desert way. Carry your cross and follow Me always, even if the world rejects you. Surely, they will reject you , but I am with you . I finally confirm

to you that in the end, My Kingdom will come. Then you will reign with Me in the midst of My angels forever. I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ. I bless you all. Prayer of Jesus to the Eternal Father 31 July 2001, Father, look at Your only-begotten Son, remember My Precious Blood and look with mercy on Your children whom Your love created. Father, see Your Son who is languishing in agony for love of Your children, and have mercy. I have planted another seed of holiness in this virgin land of Yours. Your mercy has kept it alive to germinate it. Father, see how little they are? They do not know

how terrible the days of the evil man will be. They are playing over My warnings, not because they are evil-hearted, but because they know nothing. See what they do with My messages? None of My projects have been taken seriously, not even the weapon, the Agonizing Crucifix. This weapon which will help them to stand the days of the evil man, is still neglected. Father, they do not know the greatness of the coming days because they are little children. Help them to see and feel the coming days of the evil beast before your hand lets loose the beast. Give your children all over the world the

grace to pick up the petals of the Rose of Perfect Purity which are scattered everywhere. Pour your sanctifying grace upon your children who kneel before your altar in this great month of July. May the power of endurance fill their hearts. Father, may they stand for You and Your Son to bear the true testimony. As their sweat and blood sprinkle on this rotten world, remember the agony of your Son and His Precious Blood, and renew the world. I am Your Son, who lives agonizing, among My people. Then turning to the people, He continued, Receive My blessing. Father, into Your Hands I commend these

little lilies of Yours. Keep them in one love, in one faith, and may they bear one testimony. So, I bless you all in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Peace be with you. Remain in My love and mercy