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20CCC2021714 Clinical Care Education ResearchThemostrecentvalidatedyearforcommunitybenex00660069tdatais2019COMMUNITY IMPACTNOTE 1 Some numbers in the prioryear columns have been re ID: 886777 Download Pdf


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20-CCC-2021714 CARE FOR THE COMMUNITYCOMMUNITY BENEFIT Clinical Care Education Research*The most recent validated year for community bene�t data is 2019.COMMUNITY IMPACT NOTE 1: Some numbers in the prior-year columns have been revised from previous State of the Clinic reports due to post-publication data updates.NOTE 2: For some metrics, a negative percentage change in 2020 was due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. 50 CLEVELAND CLINIC NOTE 1: Some numbers in the prior-year columns have been revised from previous State of the Clinic reports due to post-publication data updates.NOTE 2: For some metrics, a

2 negative percentage change in 2020 was d
negative percentage change in 2020 was due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.CARE FOR THE ORGANIZATIONas externally reported Operating Revenue Income from Operations Non-Operating IncomeLong-Term Investments Cash + Investments DebtPHILANTHROPY Metric20192020% ChangePhilanthropic Commitments$475,000,000$216,000,000 -55%Philanthropic Donors 61,739 52,701-15%GROWTH Brand AwarenessSocial Media Followers STATE OF THE CLINIC | 2020 CARE FOR THE ORGANIZATIONPATIENTS SERVED Unique PatientsTotal Outpatient VisitsOutpatient E&M VisitsObservations and Acute Admissions Total ObservationsAverage Acute Daily CensusSurgerie

3 s and ProceduresEmergency Department Vis
s and ProceduresEmergency Department VisitsUrgent and Express Care VisitsHospital TransfersCritical Care TransportsMedical Hub TransfersSame-Day VisitsInternational Patients Average Acute Length of Stay (days)Emergency Door-to-Care Time (min.)VIRTUAL ACCESS Electronic Medical Record PatientsMyChart UsersVirtual Visits Synchronous Virtual VisitsShared Medical Appointments (virtual)NOTE 1: Some numbers in the prior-year columns have been revised from previous State of the Clinic reports due to post-publication data updates.NOTE 2: For some metrics, a negative percentage change in 2020 was due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. 48

4 NOTE 1: Some numbers in the prior-year c
NOTE 1: Some numbers in the prior-year columns have been revised from previous State of the Clinic reports due to post-publication data updates.NOTE 2: For some metrics, a negative percentage change in 2020 was due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Caregivers WorldwideProfessional Staff Physicians Female Professional StaffAdvanced Practice ProvidersRegistered Nurses Professional Staff Engagement (% recommending Engagement Survey ParticipationCAREGIVER DEVELOPMENT (% with objectives and key results) RESEARCH, INNOVATION & EDUCATIONINNOVATION Patent Activity Filed (cumulative since 2000) Granted (cumulative since 2000) Fund

5 amental and Clinical Researchers Active
amental and Clinical Researchers Active Research ProjectsResearch PublicationsResearch Funding (total) NIH FundingEDUCATION Average MCAT ScoreTotal Number of GraduatesResidents and Fellows Clinical/Research Residents and FellowsResidency/Training ProgramsBoard Pass RateSchool-Based and -Connected Learning Program ParticipantsClass ParticipantsPATIENT EXPERIENCE NOTE 1: Some numbers in the prior-year columns have been revised from previous State of the Clinic reports due to post-publication data updates.NOTE 2: For some metrics, a negative percentage change in 2020 was due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. 46 CARE FOR PATIENTSP

6 ATIENT SAFETY & QUALITY 2019Goal2020Pati
ATIENT SAFETY & QUALITY 2019Goal2020Patient SafetyFalls with InjuryPressure Injuries (monthly rate per 1,000)Mortality, Observed to Expected (lower is better)Sepsis Mortality19.2% (YTD Nov) ReadmissionsOpioid Prescribing (morphine milligram equivalents)Opioid Prescribing (morphine milligram equivalents Infection PreventionCentral Line-Associated Bloodstream Infections (CLABSI)Population HealthBlood Pressure ControlPATIENT EXPERIENCE % Who Would “De�nitely Recommend”2020 HCAHPS % Who Would “De�nitely Recommend”Avon HospitalFairview HospitalMartin Health (North, South, Tradition)Marymount HospitalSouth Pointe Ho

7 spital Weston (Florida)NOTE 1: Some numb
spital Weston (Florida)NOTE 1: Some numbers in the prior-year columns have been revised from previous State of the Clinic reports due to post-publication data updates.NOTE 2: For some metrics, a negative percentage change in 2020 was due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. 2020 Statistics CARE FOR PATIENTSKey ResultsBest Place to Receive Mortality, Observed to Expected (ratio)HCAHPS Would Recommend Patients by 2024Unique PatientsRESEARCH AND EDUCATIONKey ResultsStay True to Our MissionExternal Research FundingBoard Pass RateKey ResultsBest Place to Work in Would Recommend as Place to WorkRegrettable Turnover CARE FOR THE ORGANIZATIONKe

8 y ResultsAs If It Were Our HomeOperating
y ResultsAs If It Were Our HomeOperating RevenueDigital TransformationVirtual VisitsKey ResultsCare for Every Community We ServeCommunity Bene�t (latest reported)Opioid Prescriptions (morphine *OKRs are objectives and key results, which set goals and measure progress toward their achievement. Colors in this chart represent progress toward goals. ***This goal was adjusted in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 44 of military medicine they experienced during World War I. The organization they built survived This year, we faced yet another monumental test, As we celebrate our centennial year, we can take pride in upholding the spir

9 it of our founders. We have met this his
it of our founders. We have met this historic challenge with the skill, guiding us into our next century.To learn more about our centennial, visit In 1922, this motherless girl with juvenile diabetes was the rst child in Cleveland to receive the then-pioneering therapy of insulin. Temporarily adopted by several of her Cleveland Clinic nurses, she was one of the rst patients touched by the combination of innovation and empathy that has come to dene our organization. STATE OF THE CLINIC | 2020 HOME MONITORING PROGRAM To care for COVID-19 patients whose condition does not require hospitalization, we developed a up care plan a

10 vailable through our MyChart app. Patien
vailable through our MyChart app. Patients use the app to get health information, report symptoms and contact caregivers when safely while preserving hospital capacity.PUBLIC HEALTH EDUCATIONWe took a national lead in promoting safe behaviors in public spaces. A prime example was our work to organize 123 U.S. health systems in the pandemic’s largest national public health campaign, #MaskUp. It used creative tactics across social and traditional media to promote a simple message: Wear a mask and slow the spread of COVID-19.PROMOTING SAFE RETURN TO WORK As businesses reopened after pandemic shutdowns, Cleveland Clinic’s AtWork pro

11 gram employees to work safely. Drawing o
gram employees to work safely. Drawing on our growing understanding of COVID-19, we offered advice webinar series and industry-speci� c playbooks. COVID-19 patients organizations supported with return-to-work LET’S KEEP IT UP. LET’S ALLCLEVELAND CLINIC MEETING PANDEMIC-RELATED NEEDS When COVID-19-related health disparities became clear, we cared for our communities with extra attention to the most vulnerable. Cleveland Clinic partnered with community organizations to sponsor COVID-19 testing events. We shared over 400,000 donated personal protective equipment items with more than 120 organizations, including over 40

12 Ohio schools. We donated meals as well a
Ohio schools. We donated meals as well as cleaning and safety supplies to nearby COORDINATION & COLLABORATION at the local, state and national levels. In Northeast Ohio, we coordinated closely with the governors and health departments in Ohio and Florida to monitor pandemic severity and guide planning. The Ohio Department of Health chose a Cleveland Clinic physician to lead the COVID-19 response in the northern third of the state. At the national level, we participated in COVID-19CARE FOR THE COMMUNITY CEO and President Tom Mihaljevic, MD, spoke outside the White House at the launch of the ventilator sharing program. STATE OF THE CLINIC |

13 2020 VOLUNTEER CAREGIVING Caregivers’
2020 VOLUNTEER CAREGIVING Caregivers’ dedication and bravery extended beyond our communities. In April, teams of our physicians and nurses traveled to New York City and Detroit to help care for COVID-19 patients at overwhelmed hospitals. returned the favor at year’s end by coming to help at Hillcrest Hospital in Ohio. Cleveland Clinic London caregivers were among early volunteers to assist the U.K.’s National Health Service in its COVID-19 response. COVID-19 CARE FOR THE ORGANIZATION FEDERAL FUNDING services. Also key was $388 million in federal CARES Act stimulus funding and $67 million in Federal Emergency Management Agency

14 New York, Detroit and COVID-19 care 40 C
New York, Detroit and COVID-19 care 40 CLEVELAND CLINIC SUPPORT AT WORK We recognized caregivers for their resolve and sel� essness in the face of unprecedented stresses. Teams adopted -19 care. We established COVID-19 Heroes Awards for exemplary performance, drawing over 650 nominations. An online “kudoboard” was created comfort stations offering caregivers refreshments and a place to unwind. SUPPORT AT HOME Support for caregivers went beyond the workplace. We � lled our communities with signs celebrating our caregivers as heroes. A 24-hour Caregiver Emotional Support Hotline was established, staffed by the Cent

15 er for Behavioral Health. The Caregiver
er for Behavioral Health. The Caregiver Hardship Fund was expanded, providing $3.6 million in support and 75,000 meals to more than 3,000 caregivers. We offered temporary housing to those involved in direct COVID-19 care who had at-risk household members. Caregiver support teams provided meals and other caregivers infected with COVID-19 at some point in 2020. STATE OF THE CLINIC | 2020 COVID-19 CARE FOR CAREGIVERSKEEPING CAREGIVERS SAFE AND WHOLE As a family, we took proactive steps to keep each other safe and whole. We ensured suf�cient personal cuts. For caregivers who could do their jobs at home, preserving operations. �

0;7,000 38 COVID-19VACCINATION BEGINS Vaccines are the most important public health measure we have to end the pandemic. As one of 10 “pre-positioned” vaccine sites in Ohio, Cleveland Clinic was r COVID-19. Following receipt of our �rst vaccines in mid-December, more than 10,000 frontline caregivers received their initial vaccination by year’s end. Our guiding principle is to distribute COVID-19 vaccines safely, equitably and transparently, recognizing that the greatest generous offers of support from the community. In response, we launched the COVID-19 Community Response Campaign to produce the greatest impact by encou

17 raging speci�c types of donat
raging speci�c types of donations. Priorities included donating to COVID-19 research, making patients. Support poured in from individuals and businesses. We are deeply grateful to our donors and community partners. �10K$28raised to support 37 COVID-19 RESEARCH & INNOVATIONPREPARING FOR THE NEXT VIRAL THREAT In April, we established the Global Center for Pathogen Research & Human Health to accelerate discovery of treatments for future pandemics. in time to address COVID-19. The center integrates investigations from Lerner Research Institute and the new Cleveland Clinic Florida Research and Innovation Center, which brings

18 together top scientists in virology, imm
together top scientists in virology, immunology, genomics and population health. The latter center features a secure biosafety level 3 lab that allows handling of potentially deadly grants received for COVID-19 �570 on COVID-19 SAFE STRATEGY FOR PRESERVING PPE ceiling-mounted cradle that suspends lines overhead, out of harm’s way. Problem solved, and PPE conserved. From the pandemic’s earliest days, we worked to understand and combat it. We were one of the �rst organizations to create a registry and biobank speci�c to COVID-19. Our researchers developed COVID-19 risk prediction models and used arti

19 �cial intelligence to identif
�cial intelligence to identify existing drugs that might effectively treat the virus. We joined scores of national studies of proposed COVID-19 therapies, and initiated several studies of our own. 36 �100Kpatients tested for COVID-19 SUPPLY CHAIN & PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT operations managers swiftly identi�ed additional homemade options. Working with industry, our other efforts avoided PPE shortages and allowed caregivers to take care of all our patients safely. DIAGNOSTIC TESTING Fast, reliable tests curb the pandemic’s spread. medical centers to offer COVID-19 diagnostic testing. Pathology & Labora

20 tory Medicine November. Standard results
tory Medicine November. Standard results were available in 13 to 15 hours. The tests include a PCR-based 35 2,43913,104admissions for COVID-19patients served for COVID-19 LIVES TOUCHED IN OHIO & FLORIDA PREPARATIONS TO PRESERVE CARE Our �rst COVID-19 patients were cared for at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, which shared valuable lessons with the rest of our system on safe caregiving during the pandemic. In Ohio, we converted our Health Education course was most uncertain. Caregivers were redeployed to meet the most pressing care needs. Virtual visits skyrocketed, and our Las Vegas and Canada locations temporarily converted to all-

21 virtual appointments.COVID-19 CARE FOR P
virtual appointments.COVID-19 CARE FOR PATIENTSThe pandemic tested Cleveland Clinic more than anything else in our organization’s modern history. Our caregivers sel�essly met the test at every turn. We stood together to keep our patients and each other safe while ful�lling our mission. We looked after our communities and accelerated innovations in response to new challenges. We will emerge stronger and more resilient.ICU survival rate among COVID-19 patients, better 3434 COVID-19 Protecting our patients and caregivers while ful�lling our mission. CLEVELAND CLINIC POLICE The Cleveland Clinic Police Dep

22 artment is Ohio’s seventh-largest p
artment is Ohio’s seventh-largest police force. Its of�cers protect the safety department continued to recruit diverse of�cers who re�ect the community. All of�cers receive training in diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias. For the fourth straight year, the department was named one of the nation’s top three security programs in healthcare in ’s “Security 500 Report.” $1.16 BILLION COMMUNITY of programs and services we to education, medical research reported), Cleveland Clinic’s highest level reported to date: $1.16 billion. Cleveland Clinic came together with businesses and

23 community partners to donate Thanksgivin
community partners to donate Thanksgiving meals to 2,000 neighbors in the Fairfax and Hough communities PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE Cleveland Clinic and Case Western Reserve University were honored to have the opportunity general election. It was held in the Sheila and Eric Samson Pavilion at the Health Education Campus on our main campus. Cleveland Clinic also served as Health Security Advisor to the Commission on Presidential Debates throughout the 2020 general election. 32 HIRE INVEST Food security – Eleven percent of Americans have limited or uncertain access to nutritionally adequate food. This impacts rates of diabetes, hypertension,

24 metabolic syndrome and other diseases. T
metabolic syndrome and other diseases. To promote healthy eating in our community, Cleveland Clinic is exploring ways to make fresh food more available in essential to employment, education and social connectedness. Yet countless households lack reliable broadband connections. To narrow this digital divide, to residents of Cleveland’s Fairfax neighborhood. The assistance includes equipment installation and Cleveland Clinic creates rewarding jobs that broaden opportunities for people from all communities and at all skill levels. In 2020, we joined OneTen, a coalition of 37 large U.S. employers formed to train, hire and promote 1 million

25 Black Americans into family-sustaining
Black Americans into family-sustaining jobs with opportunities for advancement. The Local hiring – As part of the Cuyahoga County Workforce Funders Group, Cleveland Clinic is working sector and create opportunities for local residents. program, partner with community training programs Treat our neighbors as family and our Our goal is to help create the healthiest communities for everyone. We do this through actions We have new programs underway to address opioid addiction. An opioid management dashboard was created in the electronic health record to help primary care providers manage patients who have program to help pregnant wome

26 n with substance use disorders achieve r
n with substance use disorders achieve recovery and better health outcomes for HEAL crisis for many in the communities we serve. as the largest provider of mental health services in Ohio through expanded caregiver training. Cleveland Clinic Akron General announced plans to launch a psychiatry residency program in July 2021. The program will double the number of trained psychiatrists graduating in the Akron area each year. At Lakewood Family Health Center, our Center for LGBTQ+ Care expanded its offerings as a national leader in behavioral healthcare for adolescents and adults with needs speci�c to sexual identity. 30 Community

27 We are committed to the communities we s
We are committed to the communities we serve. ABU DHABI Patients served at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi increased by 20% in 2020 over the prior year. The facility also expanded cancer services in preparation for the targeted diagnostic testing, genetic one location.LONDON London progressed despite An outpatient location with an imaging suite and various specialty services is scheduled to open in September 2021. The 184-bed hospital is due to open in January 2022. In preparation, the Cleveland Clinic London team continued to welcome new caregivers GROWTH 28 GROWTHFLORIDACleveland Clinic Weston performed its 1,000th organ transplant in 2020.

28 It now has the fastest-growing transplan
It now has the fastest-growing transplant program in the state. A new cardiac electrophysiology lab was opened at Cleveland Clinic Martin Health, expanding the heart conditions it can manage. In September, Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital completed ee Health, a not-for-pro� t public explore collaborative opportunities to strengthen patient care on Florida’s west coast. STATE OF THE CLINIC | 2020 GROWTH Program partners with businesses to improve employee health and safety. In 2020 this program announced a collaboration with a leading enterprise health operating system to provide a digital to Cleveland Clinic Canada’s h

29 ealthcare expertise.OHIO system. Mercy
ealthcare expertise.OHIO system. Mercy’s 476-bed hospital and nine outpatient health centers serve Sisters of Charity, Mercy will retain its Catholic identity. The agreement will add Mercy’s 2,700 caregivers to the Cleveland Clinic family.LAS VEGASThe Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health continues the aging brain. In 2020 it received a three-year, $3.3 million grant from the National Institute on Aging to establish the Nevada exploratory Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center. The center will focus on reducing disparities in dementia care 26 DIGITAL INFRASTRUCTURE In 2020 Cleveland Clinic served more patients virtually than ever before,

30 with virtual visits Expanding our abili
with virtual visits Expanding our ability to offer virtual appointments more patients can bene�t from the time, travel and inconvenience saved by virtual visits. CYBERSECURITY We are entrusted by our patients to maintain the con�dentiality of their medical information. For years, Cleveland Clinic has invested in cybersecurity tools to secure information, keep our systems resilient and withstand evolving cyberattacks. We recognize the need for continued vigilance against cyber threats to preserve our ability to ful�ll our mission.virtual visits2019 YEAR-END2020 YEAR-END 46,5001,200,000 25 Double the number

31 of patients served.A key part of caring
of patients served.A key part of caring for our organization is keeping it healthy to grow and touch more lives. We will continue our progress toward our goal to double the patients we serve by 2024.esources. This means reinvesting $10.6 217Kdepartment visitsand observations 24 Care forOrganization Treat Cleveland Clinic as your home. PATHWAY FOR FUTURE LEADERS Last year saw the development of the Mandel Global Leadership and Learning Pathway, a training initiative for cultivating future Cleveland Clinic leaders. The pathway is designed to further develop caregivers with the generation of patients and caregivers. The pathway is an initia

32 tive of the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mand
tive of the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Global Leadership and Learning Institute and is funded by a grant from the Mandel Foundation.WORKPLACE AWARDS Cleveland Clinic is proud that third-party evaluators recognize our efforts to be the best place to work in 2020 Best Places to Work Northeast Ohio Top Workplaces Top Hospitals & Health Systems for diversity, equity and inclusion (11th year in 2020 NorthCoast 99 Award for top workplaces in Northeast Resource Council (ERC)Leadership Development Healthcare LeadershipForbes Forbes 22 DIVERSITY & INCLUSION LEADERSHIP DIVERSITY diversity. It also means creating sustainable Diversity is our str

33 ength. It helps us deliver better care.
ength. It helps us deliver better care. Respect for patients and each other makes Cleveland Clinic an inclusive place to work. We recognize that racial disparities harm the health of individuals and communities. We will continue our efforts to end structural racism in healthcare and build a workforce as diverse as the communities we serve.In 2020, we launched a series of “Lift Every Voice” caregivers participated in 95 of these virtual forums. Inclusion and Racial Equity Executive Council that our organization. 75% of caregivers are femaleof caregivers are minorities27% 21 We take the pulse of our caregivers’ engagement through a

34 n annual survey. In 2020 we achieved our
n annual survey. In 2020 we achieved our highest of caregivers would recommend omote the emotional, physical, spiritual 2020, we expanded support for caregivers by aregiver Of�cer. The of�ce and position aim 20 TorontoLondonNUMBER OF CLEVELAND CLINIC CAREGIVERS WORLDWIDE VISIONTo provide the �nest patient care, we treat our fellow caregivers like members of our own family. We promote engagement by ensuring a safe working environment and fostering opportunities for LARGEST EMPLOYER IN OHIO Cleveland Clinic continues to be Ohio’s largest employer, with of employed caregivers has doubled every 15 year

35 s. It now includes 19 Caregivers Treat
s. It now includes 19 Caregivers Treat fellow caregivers as if they are your family. 18 CLEVELAND CLINIC CATALYST GRANTSpatient care are funded by Catalyst Grants supported by donations of all sizes. One such their newborns in the neonatal intensive care unit. Parents record themselves reading and singing to their baby, and the recordings are played for the newborn when the parents cannot be there. The result: enhanced parent-child communication PHILANTHROPYCleveland Clinic strives to be the most deserving place for healthcare philanthropy. 216raised by VeloSano in 2020in total commitments In an unprecedented year, donors continued their

36 compassionate — and passionate 
compassionate — and passionate — support of Cleveland Clinic, with 100% of every gift going toward our mission. To date, the Power of Every One Centennial transformational healthcare. The campaign, which concludes at the states and 73 nations. Every gift makes a difference.VIRTUAL VELOSANOThe annual VeloSano cancer research fundraising event went virtual in 2020, with more than 2,900 people participating worldwide. To date, VeloSano has funded over 150 research projects to bridge the cancer research funding gap. 17 EDUCATIONOur Education Institute prepares the caregivers of today and tomorrow through a range of In 2020, the Ler

37 ner College of Medicine graduated its Ed
ner College of Medicine graduated its Education Campus saw its second year of interdisciplinary education in collaboration with Case Western Reserve University. Over 450 new residents and fellows from 38 countries joined our graduate medical education program. Our Center for Continuing Education offers more continuing medical education activities and engages more participants than any other academic medical U.S. News & World Report1481,952total residents 16 INNOVATION100 years ago. Our caregivers continued to make breakthroughs in 2020, including the 3D-Printed Custom Airway StentA unique 3D-printed airway stent designed at 2020 after re

38 ceiving regulatory clearance in late dis
ceiving regulatory clearance in late disorders needing airway support. The stents are proprietary 3D visualization software. First Postapproval Use of Tumor Ablation TechnologyCleveland Clinic surgeons were the �rst in the world to use a recently approved ablation technology designed to destroy large liver tumors. The minimally invasive procedure uses a needle, connected to a powerful microwave generator, to burn malignant Record-Breaking Transplant Programstransplants in both heart and lung transplantation. Our transplant teams perform 50 to 60 heart nearly every year. This steady experience enables them to deliver patient surv

39 ival rates that 15 caregiver teams to a
ival rates that 15 caregiver teams to address patients’ unmet needs. Their research activity remained robust in 2020 despite the pandemic. Cleveland Clinic received $312 million in research funding last year. The funds support 2,781active research projects like those pro�led below. Gene Variant for Aggressive Prostate Treatment for prostate cancer is becoming more personalized, thanks to a discovery led by Lerner Research Institute investigators. They found that associated with faster cancer growth and shorter survival in men with metastatic disease. Testing for this gene variant may help identify patients most (Published

40 in JAMA OncologyUsing Nanoparticles to
in JAMA OncologyUsing Nanoparticles to Halt Cancer nanoparticles loaded with a potent cancer drug found a preclinical study from the Department of Biomedical Engineering in Lerner Research Institute. The combination therapy, delivered intravenously, living with advanced-stage cancers. (Published in A new biorepository is under construction on Cleveland Clinic’s main campus. The two-story building will house laboratory facilities and 400 analyze biological samples in support of targeted BIGGER AND BETTER BIOREPOSITORY 14 Research, Innovation & Education We integrate patient care with research, innovation and education to bring forth

41 new treatments and educate tomorrow’
new treatments and educate tomorrow’s caregivers. EXTERNAL VALIDATION BY INDEPENDENT RATINGS ranked in national ratings by third-party groups. Cleveland Clinic was named the No. 2 U.S. hospital in U.S. News & World Report21 “Best Hospitals” rankings. We are No. 1 in cardiology and heart surgery for the and rank among the top 10 hospitals in 13 specialties. Cleveland Clinic Children’s earned national recognition in 10 of 10 ranked specialties. Four Cleveland . 1), Hillcrest (No. 4), Fairview (No. 5) and Akron General (No. 7). Cleveland Clinic Weston tied as No. 1 in the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale metro area and as No. 5 in Florida.

42 Indian River Medical Center and Martin
Indian River Medical Center and Martin Health were named top hospitals in Florida. Nurses Credentialing Center: Akron General, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, Fairview, Hillcrest, main campus and South Pointe. This re�ects the The Leapfrog Group issues grades for patient safety performance and practices. The grades combine data from a voluntary self-reported survey and publicly reported metrics. In spring 12 of our U.S. hospitals received an A grade Clinic hospitals ranked by Vizient improved from 2019 in their peer-group rankings, while eight declined. We are For a more complete listing of awards and external recognitions, visi

43 t in its “World’s Best Hospi
t in its “World’s Best Hospitals 2020” analysis. We also ranked among the best in six specialties, including No. 1 in the world in cardiology. Five Cleveland Clinic hospitals (Akron General, Cleveland Clinic Weston, Fairview, Hillcrest and main campus) were listed among the best hospitals nationwide. Cleveland Clinic Weston was ranked No. 2 in Florida.NewsweekWORLD’S BEST HOSPITALS2020 12 READMISSIONS REMAIN A FOCUS consistent with prior years. Even so, the hospitals soon after discharge continues to be a challenge. We are working to reduce approaches in home care and virtual 2019 YEAR-END2020 YEAR-END PATIENT EXPERIENC

44 EWhat is most important to a patient’s
EWhat is most important to a patient’s experience? Surveys reveal the answer: Patient experience improves when caregivers more deeply appreciate patients as individuals. In 2020, the Of�ce of Patient Experience developed “Care to Share,” the evidence-based intervention includes a display board the patient as a person. 76%of hospitalized patients across the enterprise said they would “denitely recommend” Cleveland Clinic 13.0%13.4% Our job is to take care of patients. We are known for exceptional care delivered by multidisciplinary teams. We challenge ourselves to get better every day. Our goals are to touch

45 more lives, relieve suffering and give e
more lives, relieve suffering and give every patient the best outcome and experience.PATIENT SAFETY AND QUALITYPROGRESS IN SAFETY EVENTS patients we serve. This rate allows us SUCCESS IN PATIENT SURVIVAL The mortality ratio is a key measure of patient survival. It re�ects the actual number of patient deaths versus the number of deaths expected based on the severity of illness. Cleveland Clinic continued to be a top-performing health system on this measure in 2020. Patients at our hospitals have a greater chance of survival than SERIOUS SAFETY EVENT RATE(PER 10,000 PATIENT DAYS)MORTALITY RATIO, 2019 YEAR-END2020 YEAR-END0.27 0.3

46 42019 YEAR-END2020 YEAR-END 0.670.69 10
42019 YEAR-END2020 YEAR-END 0.670.69 10 Patients Care for patients as if they are your family. We will continue to treat our fellow caregivers as family.Providing the best care requires a workforce that combines exceptional skills with unwavering empathy. Our organization’s future depends on our ability to attract, engage and develop outstanding caregivers. The new ment ENGAGE CAREGIVERS We will double the number of lives we touch by 2024.Cleveland Clinic will continue to grow to serve more patients in more Clinic London.EXPANDREACH We will be at the forefront of digital care.Digital technology will make care smarter, more affordable

47 and more accessible. We are enhancing th
and more accessible. We are enhancing the electronic health record. We will predictive analytics. Our continuing expansion of virtual visits will provide EMBRACEDIGITAL We will build a sustainable model for growth, We are �nding new value by building a sustainable model of ef�cient 8 Values | Teamwork | Empathy | Inclusion | Integrity | InnovationSafety Caring for life. Researching for health. Educating those who serve.To be the best place to receive care anywhere Treat patients and fellow caregivers as family, and Cleveland Clinic as your home.TransformReachResources Patients | Caregivers | Organizatio

n | Community STRATEGIC GOALSWHERE WE WANT TO GO BY 2024We will share our patients’ lifetime health journeys, Cleveland Clinic Community Care is our platform for transforming primary care and addressing the physical, social and emotional aspects of care. Community Care physicians are part of teams that include advanced with these teams to integrate specialty care into the patient journey.TRANSFORM CARE WHO WE ARE7 We Are And where we want to go by 2024. 6 Research funding14,3812,781 CARE FOR CAREGIVERSCARE FOR THE ORGANIZATION4,640 CaregiversworldwidePhysicians and scientists EDUCATION1,952107 Residents PATIENT CARECARE FOR PATIENT

49 S217K and observations CARE FOR THE COMM
S217K and observations CARE FOR THE COMMUNITY $1.16BCommunity bene�t (2019)$10.6B$232M$17.8BEconomic impact (2016) OHIO Data reported in this publication are through Dec. 31, 2020. including:5 CLEVELAND CLINICFACTS AND FIGURES5,996-bed healthcare system with a main campusin Cleveland, 18 hospitals and over 220 outpatient locations. This health system includes �ve hospitalsin Southeast Florida with more than 1,000 bedsmedical center for brain health in Las Vegas, sports and executive health center in Toronto and a 394-bed hospital in Abu Dhabi. Cleveland Clinic London will open its 184-bed hospital in 2022 following t

50 he fall 2021 opening of an outpatient fa
he fall 2021 opening of an outpatient facility.TORONTOFLORIDA OHIO NEVADA ABU DHABI LONDON(2022)Founded in 1921by four physicians to bring a novel group practice approach to patient care, research and caregiver training. A nonpro�t organization and multidisciplinary care team that cares for patients through 19 patient-centered institutes. Caring for 2.45million patients annually with 8.7million outpatient visits in locations around the globe. CLEVELAND CLINIC Cleveland Clinic made progress in 2020 toward becoming the best place for care Our caregivers came together across all locations to heroically address the year’s unpr

51 ecedented challenges. Working as one Cle
ecedented challenges. Working as one Cleveland Clinic, we continued to care for our patients while meeting the demands posed by COVID-19.We updated our historic mission statement — To provide better care of the sick, investigation into their problems and further education of those who serve — to Caring for life, researching for health and educating those who serve. Our strategic priorities remain in place. We are touching more lives, becoming our patients’ lifelong partners in health, functioning as a team of teams, embracing digital technologies and optimizing resource use. We are �nding new ways to keep patients

52 and caregivers safe. Our quality protoc
and caregivers safe. Our quality protocols are improving outcomes. We are determined to make Cleveland Clinic The events of the past year revealed the resilience of the Cleveland Clinic model of care. Teamwork and preparedness enabled us to meet the needs of all our patients while keeping our communities safe. We launched new research programs in infectious disease and increased the pace of medical innovation.Through it all, we have treated our patients and each other as family and treated Our organization is proud to lead in this time of rapid change. On behalf of Tom Mihaljevic, MDCEO and President We ArePatientsCOVID-19 STATE OF THE C

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