The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - PowerPoint Presentation

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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - PPT Presentation

Backstory Disclaimer this is only like the first 30 minutes of the movie since the movie is SOO LONG so I was only able to get through to the first 3045 minutes of the movie Backstory you are Bilbo Baggins a hobbit from the shire in middle earth You are currently smoking ID: 537630

door dwarves answer gandalf dwarves door gandalf answer hobbit knock good trolls you




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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey


Disclaimer: this is only like the first 30 minutes of the movie, since the movie is SOO LONG, so I was only able to get through to the first 30-45 minutes of the movie


Backstoryyou are Bilbo Baggins, a hobbit from the shire in middle earth. You are currently smoking

your old toby enjoying a nice summer morning.


StartAs you enjoy this nice summer day smoking your pipe, you see a very peculiar person walk up to you

. Do You:

Ignore him OR

Go insideSlide4

Ignore him


continue to smoke your pipe. He walks up to you and uses his special powers to control the smoke and send it back into your mouth. You are very

confused. You feel obliged to say something.

Say good morning!Slide5

Good morning!You say good morning to the weird stranger. He responds with random jibber jabber about the phrase

‘good morning’. At this point, you are veryyy confused

. Do you: Ask who he is

OR Go inside






are you?

Oh my!! He is Gandalf the Grey, a wizard!! You then remember that when you were a little hobbit, he would always make a bunch of fireworks. He asks you if you want to go on an adventure, but being the hobbit you are, you absolutely

HATE adventures

No Adventures!Slide7

No Adventures!You go inside pretending he was never even there. You slam the door and hide behind it. You hear a creepy sound outside, and look out the window. He left! Thank goodness


Later that night


That summer night

Fast forward

to nighttime, you are about to eat your supper when you hear a knock on the door.

Do You:Ignore it


See who it is



Ignore itYou ignore the knock, because you don’t like visitors. You go back to eating supper, but you hear knocking again, even louder. You decide to just see who it is and what they


See who it isSlide10

See who it is

you walk to the green round door, and open it. You see a huge, well, who is he? He’s a dwarf!! “


, at your service” he says to you. Why did he say that, I don’t need his service! You decide to let him in. He says to you in a deep voice, “Where’s the food, I’m hungry for dinner!” At this point, you are very confused. You here another knock at the door, when will it stop!?

Answer the DoorSlide11

Answer the Door


answer the door to see who it is, you are very surprised, because there are 10 more dwarves at your door! They all introduced themselves: Balin,

Gloin, Kili, Fili, Dori














Do You:

Go to a corner and hide


Help them with dinnerSlide12

Hobbit into hiding!You want nothing to do with these barbarous dwarves so you go into a happy secure hiding spot to try and comprehend what the heck is going on. Your troubling thoughts soon disappear from the sound of yet another knock at the door! The rowdy dwarves aren’t going to answer it anytime soon, so you go see who it


Answer the door (again!)Slide13

Answer the door

You are at the last straw! If you hear one more knock after this, you’ll explode! You head to the door and answer the door. To your surprise, you see yet again, ANOTHER DWARF!!

Do You:

Ask who he is


What do you want with me?!Slide14


Before you are able to say anything, every dwarf comes to the foyer and everyone is silent. This is definitely the most confusing day you’ve ever had in your life. You

really want to say something, but you don’t know what.DO YOU ASK:

Who are you?ORSay nothingSlide15

The silence is broken

The silence is broken by all of the dwarves yelling out of joy!


! You are here! Apparently, he is THORIN, son of thrain, son of THROR!!! He is the king under the mountain.

Do You:

Go outside and try and

Comprehend what is happening


Ask what they all want!Slide16

Who are you??

Oh my gosh!! He is Thorin

! Son of Thrain, son of THROR!! He is the king of the dwarves under the mountain! You are flabbergasted.

Do You:

Go outside and try and

Comprehend what is happening


Ask what they all want!Slide17

Interrupted by an old friend

What a surprise. You were actually expecting this all along. Someone else comes through the door. It is


andalf the Grey! You decide to have Dinner with him and all the dwarves.

Eat dinner!Slide18

Dinnertime! Yummy!

Everyone has the impeccable dinner you made, and they all love it! Now is about the time to ask what in the world is going on! You decide to ask Gandalf, since he is probably the easiest to talk to.


What’s Going On?!Slide19

Gandalf explains

Finally, you are filled in on what’s going on, and you are VERY MAD!!! Apparently, Thorin and all of the other dwarves were forced out of their kingdom under the mountain, from a DRAGON!! Its name is

smaug, a huge dragon that brought ruin on the humans of Lake Town and the Dwarves. Gandalf told the dwarves that you were a burglar, since they needed one more person for the company to get back the mountain. So they all traveled to you. You are out of words. You are currently sitting in the corner.

The dwarves sing a song about the lonely mountain, and the dragon.

Continue into the nightSlide20


The song they are singing puts you into a trance. You pass out. Gandalf uses some special powers to wake you up though. Upon your awake, the company of dwarves gives you a business proposal. They ask if you want to be the 14


person in the company, the burglar. They give you a huge paper that you need to fill out. You don’t know if you want to go or not. You decide to refuse the business proposal, because you absolutely HATE adventures.

Do You:

Say yes!


Thing about it

After a good nights


DecisionsIt’s the middle of the night. You think that an adventure would be fun! After all, hobbits are barely ever able to leave the shire, so this is a great opportunity! You better get some more sleep, cause you’ll need it for tomorrow!

Fast Forward to MorningSlide22

You’re going on an Adventure!!!

It’s the next morning, and you are all ready to go! Its going to be so exciting! But wait, where is

Gandalf and the dwarves?!?! You decide to

investigate and try to find them.



at doe!


They left?!?!

You went outside and asked one of your neighbors if they saw any dwarves, and apparently they already left into the forest!! You better leave now or you’ll never catch up!

Head to the forest!Slide24

NOW You’re going on an Adventure!!!

You set foot to the forest, ready for many days of excitement to come!

Catch up to themSlide25

All caught up

Finally, you caught up to them! They left because they didn’t think you would actually come, but you did!! They give you a pony to ride on. This is the first time you rode on a pony, actually! It’s name is Betty. Gandalf said she’s a little crazy, but its fine

Do You:

Get On


Feed it an AppleSlide26

Betty loves apples!

You fed Betty the apple, and when you got on, she was extra nice to you! You and the company continue into the forest.

Deeper into the ForestSlide27

Deeper and deeperIts getting very dark out, you and the company don’t know to keep going, or just stay here and get a camp ready for tonight

Do You:

Keep GoingOR

Stay safe and get readyFor the night where you areSlide28

Not a smart decisionYou and the company keep going, but come across 3

huge mountain trolls. They take you, the company and everyone's horses and your pony and eat EVERYTHING!


Setting up camp

Everyone sets up camp near a cave and everyone goes on night watch. You just cant fall asleep! It’s a good thing you cant, cause Oin, the night watch fell asleep! You decide to check up on the ponies, so you walk over to where they are, but Fili and

Kili are already on top of it! They inform you that we had 14 horses, but there’s only 13 now! They tell you Mountain Trolls took the horse, and they are right outside the cave!

They want YOU to investigate, since after all, YOU are the burglar.



You go and check it out, and they were right! There are three gigantic trolls who have held the horse captive, and are intending to eat it!

Do You:

Try and save the horse OR tell the othersSlide31

Sticky Situation!You go back and tell everyone that there are three trolls, and

everydwarf charges in! The attempt to kill them backfires!! They capture everyone, except

YOU. You think of two ways to save them: 1. Distract and waste time




Good job!

You tricked the dumb trolls and, since trolls will turn to stone when they are exposed to sunlight, and when it was morning, Gandalf came from nowhere, and broke a boulder in half, that let in light on the trolls!


For Now…

Restart! GOOD JOBSlide33

Darn it…The trolls easily outnumbered you and you failed, terribly. RIP


Epic Fail!Your attempt to save the horse backfires!, they see you and eat you ALIIIIIIIIIIIIIEVEEEE!!!!



Betty doesn’t like Hobbits!I guess you were a little too quick to get on Betty, because when you did, she kicked you off and you were trampled by all the horses behind you.



Dinner champion!

You feel that helping them with dinner is the best thing to do, since you don’t want them raiding all of your stuff. You go over to help, but you are interrupted by yet another knock at the door! The rowdy dwarves aren’t going to answer it anytime soon, so you see who it

is, but you are tired of these dwarves, so you might just shoo them away

Do You:

Answer the door (again!)


Ignore it and tell the dwarves to leaveSlide37

Shoo, shoo!

You’re fed us with these crazy dwarves, so you demand them to leave, and if they don’t you’ll call the Hobbit Police. You go to the door and before the person at the door said anything you told him to GO AWAY. He obeyed your orders, and so did the dwarves.



15 years later, you get news that some dwarves failed a mission and

Gandalf the Grey was killed. A couple years after you heard that, darkness fell upon middle earth and all of the Hobbits were enslaved. YOU LIVE THE REST OF YOUR LIFE AS A SLAVE TO THE DARK LORD.





Go insideYou go inside to your comfortable hobbit hole, for you do not feel like engaging in conversations with random strangers





continue living your life as a boring hobbit and did nothing special in your life. 50 years after the weird encounter with the peculiar man, darkness falls upon middle earth, and everyone dies!