Notes for Ch. 12 The Republic of Texas PowerPoint Presentation

Notes for Ch. 12 The Republic of Texas PowerPoint Presentation

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In your notebook, make a list of things Texas would need once they become independent. (Think about things you would need once you move out of your parent’s house (. Flemingworld. ) and translate that to “. ID: 691612

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Notes for Ch. 12

The Republic of Texas


In your notebook, make a list of things Texas would need once they become independent. (Think about things you would need once you move out of your parent’s house (


) and translate that to “


” terms.)

On the same sheet of paper (below your list) start your notes as we read Ch. 12, Section 1.

Capitals of the Republic

Columbia, TX

Houston , TXDecember 1836 (for three years only!!!)Austin, TX

Right after becoming a Republic, the Texans voted on their new government . They decided that:Houston would be president and Lamar is vice presidentApproved the Constitution of 1836Agreed that Texas should join the United States




Houston’s First Term as President



Reasons the United States did NOT want TX

U.S. didn’t want to damage relations with Mexico (MX did NOT recognize TX independence)

Slavery – at this point in history the U.S. had 13 slave states and 13 free states… Texas would throw off that balance

- becoming a part of the United StatesRecognitionThe U.S. – recognized us (became our friend/ally) in Dec. 1836FranceGreat BritainThe Netherlands (Texas’ friends/allies)


Native American Issues

Red Tribe (Plains Indians) Problems

Native Americans were raiding Central TX (Comanche, Kiowa, Apache)

Raids decreased after Houston sent in the TX Rangers

Green Tribe (East TX Indians) ProblemsRemember… Houston had lived with the Cherokee when he was youngerHouston tried to make peace with the CherokeeCherokee promised not to fight during the Revolution to get their land titles – Texans lied! No land titles after the war!!! DebtTX Republic Debt when Houston took office - $1.25 millionWhy so high? Because of the TX Revolution AND because the TX gov’t was spending (expenditures) more than it earned (revenue)TX Republic debt after Houston’s first term as president - $2 million


What is the Disputed Territory?

Since Texas had been created, the border had been the NUECES


In the Treaties of Velasco, Santa Anna promised to make the RIO GRANDE the border of Texas

The area between these two rivers is called the DISPUTED TERRITORYWhy??? Because Texas said the land between the Nueces and the Rio Grande belonged to them… Mexico said that land belonged to them… therefore it was DISPUTED TERRITORY


Lamar Becomes President

Lamar’s Policies and Goals

Opposes annexation

Lamar thought improving education was the key to a healthy democracy in Texas

Created an endowment fund for TX public educationLamar Chooses a New CapitalLamar believed TX should expand west to the Pacific OceanLamar chose Waterloo as the site of the new capital BECAUSE it was farther west than most other TX townsAustin was founded in 1839Austin in 1839 or 1841


Lamar and the Native Americans

Green Tribes (East TX Cherokees)

Lamar reversed anything Houston had done to make peace with the Cherokees

Lamar believed the Mexicans were trying to get the Cherokee to attack the Texans

Lamar ordered the TX army to East TX to attack the CherokeeThe Texans won, burned the villages and forced the surviving Cherokee out of Texas foreverCouncil House FightPlains Indians (Comanche, Kiowa, Apache) ProblemsComanche were still raiding TX settlementsComanche agreed to meet with Texans in San Antonio (read pp. 277 & 278 for the story of what happened)The Result of this Fight – More fighting AND because of what happened in San Antonio, the Comanche NEVER trusted the Texans again (they would talk with American soldiers… but NEVER Texans!!!)


Lamar and the Military

Lamar thought a big, strong military would force Mexico to recognize us

This cost Texas A LOT of money

He sent the new Navy ships into Mexican waters to harass Mexican ships (when Houston gets re-elected in 1841… he recalls the TX Navy)

Santa Fe ExpeditionSanta Fe was an important center for trade ($$$) between Mexico and the U.S. – Lamar wanted itLamar sent an “expedition” to Santa Fe in order to get control of itThe expedition went very badly and the Texans were captured and sent to a Mexican prison… most of the Texans diedOur friends, the U.S. and Great Britain, helped get the remaining TX survivors released from prisonTHE RESULT OF THE SANTA FE EXPEDITION – It made Mexico really mad and cost A LOT of moneyDebtTX Republic Debt when Lamar took office - $2 millionLamar spent A LOT of money on Indian Wars (both Cherokee and fights after the Council House Fight)A bigger NavySanta Fe ExpeditionTX Republic Debt when Lamar leaves office - $7 million


Cause and Effect Events Started by the Santa Fe Expedition

Santa Fe Expedition


Vasquez (MX) invades TX

Archives WarWoll (MX) invades TXMier ExpeditionBlack Bean DrawingHouston’s 2ndHouston’s 2ndHouston’s 2ndHouston’s 2ndHouston’s 2ndLamar’s Santa Fe Expedition CAUSED several other conflicts between TX and MX. The EFFECTS of the Santa Fe Expedition were seen during Houston’s 2nd term in office.


Houston is Re-elected

Houston tried to reduce the debt as soon as he regained the presidency

Selling Navy ships

Cut government positions

Made the army smallerIt did not work… TX debt still increased  Houston’s Temporary PeaceHouston was able to make peace with the Plains Indians… this peace lasted several years The Archives War

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