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Document Conversion Services 1 2 Make it easy for Customer to connect with Small Partners Would it be easier to deal with small partners purchase orders if no representative was required to handle partner faxes and emails ID: 725675

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Explore all capabilities of

Document Conversion Services



Make it easy for Customer to connect with Small Partners

Would it be easier to deal with small partners’ purchase orders if

no representative was required to handle partner faxes and emails?Slide3

Assume the processing of an order or invoice costs $10

Automation = improved cost savings & profitability

100 partners x

1000 transactions x $10 = $1M

1000 small partners x

100 transaction x $10 = $1M

The cost is in the manual processing of a document, regardless of volume per partner


There is value in automating small trading partnersSlide4

Document Conversion Services


Conversion Services

Your Company

Supply Chain Business Network

Trading Partners




Document Conversion Services is a solution that allows for the

transformation of non-structured documents into an EDI or other structured format

, so that the

customer can aggregate all of the partners’ traffic through existing connection with SCBN


A solution that allows for the transformation of non-structured documents into an EDI / structured format.Document inputs: Fax, Postal Mail, Email.Utilizes a combination of Freeform OCR Technology, proprietary technology and process to quickly deliver accurate information to customer EDI mailbox.Average cycle time from receipt of fax to delivery to EDI mailbox is less than 90 minutes with a goal of greater than 99.5% field level accuracy.

Solution for various document types.Purchase Order (e.g. 850, 860), Invoice (e.g. 810) available as standard offerings.Other documents can be customized.

What is Document Conversion Services?Slide6


Conversion Services

Your Company

Trading Partners




Conversion Services

Trading Partners



Forward to

Receiving documents alternativesSlide7

Reduce errors, thereby greatly decreasing costs

Advanced OCR/ICR technology interprets all images fast and accurately.

Archive provides complete audit trail and transaction history.

Customer can be involved for exception handling.



Business rules can be customized to enhance the flexibilityDB validation

, Business rule validation and some human intervention are involved to extract supplementary data and fulfill complex business logic.



Data pre-defined in

Document Conversion Services

Retrieve pre-defined informationSlide9

Handwriting can be recognized.46 different languages are supported.Audit trail is available. Complex business logic can be fulfilled by customization.Retrieve relevant information according to specific filed.Check if mandatory fields are provided.

Generate serial number according to customized rules.Create multiple PO for multiple PO line items.9

Capabilities in this specialized areaSlide10

Document Conversion Services workflow views Invisible to customerSlide11

Incoming document in FaxSlide12

Incoming document in E-mailSlide13

Inbound queueSlide14

Inbound documentSlide15

Extracting primary data automaticallySlide16

Extracting supplementary data manually

Data pre-defined in

Document Conversion Services

Complex business logic can be fulfilled by customization.

Retrieve pre-defined informationSlide17

EDI message sent to NetworkISA*00* *00* *ZZ*TANGO123 *ZZ*TESTFS *160125*1131*U*00501*000000846*0*P*>

GS*PO*TANGO123*TESTFS*20160125*1131*000000846*X*005010ST*850*000000001BEG*00*SA*101**20090313ITD*01*3*2**10**30DTM*011*20150201N1*RT*BELLWETHER GARDEN SUPPLY*92*BCS-6601554




N4*NORCROSS*GA*30093-3203*USAPO1**143**3.95**VN*POTS-30230PID*F****Catalog # P70325: Clay Flower Pot - 24 in.PO1**22**7.95**VN*POTS-30300PID*F****Catalog # P70340: Wood Barrel Planter - 2 ft.SE*15*000000001GE*1*000000846IEA*1*000000846Slide18

Handwriting can be recognizedUncertain text/document will sent to customer support team to confirm.Slide19

Support 46 different languages

English, German

(old & new spelling)

, French, Chinese

(Simplified & Traditional)

, Dutch (Netherlands & Belgium), Italian, Spanish and many more.Services specialists speak a variety of languages.Slide20

Exception can be customized

Different type of exception can be defined.

Services specialists work with customer support team to solve document exceptions.Slide21

Bad quality documents can be processedReadable elements will be captured. Customer being informed with original document on web portal.

Customer elect to continue process or close the transaction.Slide22

Customer viewsCustomer can only view their own documentsSlide23

Document list view

Document status

Error reportSlide24

Error reportSlide25

Document view

Raw document

Error messageSlide26

Document list view

Document status

The document status will be updated after EDI transaction being posted.Slide27

Audit trail Complete audit trail of the transaction can be made available to provide time line of the transaction.Slide28


Report can be customized.Slide29

Improve staff productivity, data timeliness and reduce error rates when receiving Purchase Orders and PO Changes from non electronically (EDI) enabled customers by implementing an automated solution. Implement "Document Conversion Services" to transform FAX images and .pdf documents into electronic (EDI) messages that can be consumed by back end systems just like their current EDI transactions.

More automated and streamlined process for exchanging data with trading partners to save time and reduce errors for both the trading partners and the client.

A public food company



Now with Document Conversion Services you can…

Reduce errors, thereby greatly decreasing costs

Enable a streamlined and consistent order flow with improved visibility and responsiveness.

Create "stickiness" with customer’s trading partners