SIMPLY THE BEST MAN Best Man Speech Writing Guide  The Best Mans speech is usually given  rd after the Father of the Bride and the Groom have given theirs and there is an expect ation that the Best M
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SIMPLY THE BEST MAN Best Man Speech Writing Guide The Best Mans speech is usually given rd after the Father of the Bride and the Groom have given theirs and there is an expect ation that the Best M

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SIMPLY THE BEST MAN Best Man Speech Writing Guide The Best Mans speech is usually given rd after the Father of the Bride and the Groom have given theirs and there is an expect ation that the Best M

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SIMPLY THE BEST MAN Best Man Speech Writing Guide
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The Best Manís speech is usually given 3 rd after the Father of the Bride and the Groom have given theirs and there is an expect ation that the Best Manís toast is the main act of what sometimes can be a rather dull part of proceedings. Your speech will either go down in history as the high point of the wedding or youíll be removed bodily from the building by the brideís angry broth ers and father while her mum looks on scowling. Get it right and its pats on the back, free drinks all night and the bridesmaid of your choice. Get it wrong and itís a night out in the car park hoping that the bride stops crying long enough to come outside and speak to you. Order of Speakers The traditional order of speakers is; 1. Father of the Bride During his speech it falls upon the brideís father to officially welcome everyone and thank them for coming. He will also welcome and thank the groomís fami ly for all their contributions to the event. He will finish with two toasts to absent friends (if required) and the second to the happy couple. 2. The Groom The groom is responsible for thanking the bridesmaids, groomsmen, ushers, pageboys, etc. He will also present them with any gifts. Heíll thank all those who have contributed to the wedding preparations and possibly the venue and wedding organizer . The groomís toast is to his new bride. 3. The Best Man The best man will reply on behalf of the bridesmaids, ushers, etc. Itís his job to tell a few tales about the groom. He will close his speech by asking everyone to stand and raise their glasses an d toast the bride and groom. Timing At many weddings the father of the brideís has been known to drag out a bit, well itís only fair, he is the one that laid out all the cash so that a load of relatives he doesnít like and strangers heís never met and w ill probably never meet again can have a free meal and party at his expense. But this means by the time it gets to your turn people are not only in need of light relief but also might be getting bored of long speeches so donít drag it out for The Basic Phases: Introduction The formal bit The Roast Words of Wisdom Time to be Nice Postman Toast ďPractice makes perfect If a man is talking in the woods and no woman hears him is he still wrong?
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too long. The per fect length of Best Manís toast is about 7 minutes. Language Donít swear! Remember this will be a very mixed crowd some of which might have strong thoughts on profanity. A wedding speech simply isnít the time or the place to tell the one about the s yphilitic nun so avoid course language. Itís not £@#$ing big and itís not £@#$ing clever. Jokes The same goes for any gags you use, yes you are there to ensure the groom gets properly roasted in front of those closest to him but what might seem really funny at the bar on a Friday night probably isnít going to go down well with the brideís grandparents. If youíre not sure whether something in your toast has too much innuendo then get it out (see what we did there?). Is there anything I have to include in my speech? Traditionally the Best Man answers on behalf of the bridesmaids and ushers for the kind words and thank youís the groom will have given them. Also itís really important to introduce yourself and explain your relationship to the groom at the top of your speech as not everyone will know you. ďHi for those of you I havenít met my nameís Tom and Iím Daveís best friend/brother/parole officer, etc. Donít forget the bride! Yes it is certainly traditional to give the groom a hard time but donít fo rget to compliment the bride and include her in your speech. This might seem really obvious to you but youíll be amazed how many best men(and even grooms sometimes!?!) forget to mention the bride in their speech. Keep it light When its time to be sincere donít go overboard. It is nice to give some kind words and say what a great mate the groom is but too much sentiment can be a bit sickly for an audience that have just eaten so much. This isnít an Oscar acceptance speech, although itís important to delive r some heartfelt wishes to the happy couple and in particular the groom, remember that your role is principally to provide the laughs rather than a matrimonial version of Les Miserables (youíre havenít ďdreamed a dreamĒ and hopefully you donít look like Su san the Boil). Postman Traditionally it falls on the best man to read any messages from people who couldnít make it on the day so before the speeches begin check with the groom, father of the bride (and the
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brideís mother whoís more likely to be in the know) and anyone else who might have received messages that should be read out. The basic phases The perfect Best Manís speech can be broken down into the following phases; 1. Introduction. Introduce yourself and your relationship to the groom. Start with a gag or something light hearted to set the tone of your speech, get an early laugh and relax yourself and your audience 2. The Formal Bit. Reply to the groomís speech on behalf of the bridesm aids, ushers, etc. Compliment the brideís parents on the great day and their hospitality. And donít forget to compliment the bride. 3. The Roast. A few gags or a relevant story at the groomís expense. This is when people will expect you to fire both barrels a t the blushing bride groom and should form the central part of your speech. 4. Words of Wisdom . Offer some words of advice or insights into marriage, this is a good place to deliver some killer jokes or quotes. 5. Time to be Nice. Before you wrap up and now that you have given the groom such a hard time you should offer some sincerity and best wishes for the future. 6. Postman . Read out any messages, emails or cards from those who couldnít make it on the day. 7. Raise a Glass Finish you r toast by asking everyone to stand and raise their glasses to the newlyweds. This might have been done by the father of the bride but no one will mind toasting the happy couple a second time and itís a great way to bring your speech to a close. Deliverin g the perfect Best Man toast Despite the temptation drinking before your toast give will not help calm the nerves. No one wants to see the Best Man swaying as he stands or looking noticeably drunk (which happens surprisingly often). If you really feel the need of some Dutch courage keep it to a minimum. Relax. Everyone there is hoping for a great speech and willing you to do well, they are a friendly audience who are on your side. Take a deep breath to steady yourself. That might sound crazy but you will have heard of actors and singers doing breathing exercises, thereís no great secret to this and it really does work, slow calm breathing helps lower the heart rate and decrease the adrenalin which creates your nerves. Even if you feel your mouth getting dry donít keep taking sips of water, this will only let people know how nervous you are and could make them nervous. Keeping your toast printed out is a good idea but use it as a reference rather than something to hide behind or simply reading it word fo r word off the page. Alternatively use cue cards, they are easier to hold and you can simply highlight the key points or gags.
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Make eye contact, donít get so lost in reading that you forget to look at your audience. Speak loudly and clearly. Try not to rush through your speech, give pauses for the laughter (hopefully in the right places) and donít be afraid to acknowledge anyone who shouts out but youíre not a stand up comic so best to avoid any witty put downs or ad libs. Props are either a really good idea or a really bad idea depending on how you use them. Photos can go down great as long as they are either printed big enough for everyone to see or you can project them onto a screen or wall. Practice makes perfe ct so practice reading your speech aloud as much as possible and if youíre still worried about it read it out to someone else for their opinion or to help give you any tips. How to use our speech download Weíve tried to keep our download as easy to follow as possible, youíll find we have all the vital ingredients to make your speech a success with more jokes, quotes and groom bullets than you can shake a champagne glass at. Youíll find the relevant sections marked for introductions and ice breakers, jokes, quotes, groom and bride jokes, etc. Find the pieces that you want to use, highlight them to copy out and then use your own words to thread them together. This is a really important factor. These are your words to the groom on the biggest day of his life. We could write complete speeches but they wouldnít be your words, everyone has their own speech patterns and habits and itís vital that itís YOUR speech with your own thoughts and feelings. Now before I get started with my speech I know there are some people here today who think Chris isnít good enough for Rebecca. Me, her dad, her mum, his dad, his mum, the vicar, most of her friends, most of his friendsÖ (pause) There isnít actually an end to this joke I just wanted to put it on the record. An d if you have enjoyed our wedding toast tips and download then please recommend our other websites to the rest of the speakers;