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Preventing Diabetes

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Preventing Diabetes through Exercise By: Katelyn Cianelli

Objectives Define Diabetes Signs and Symptoms How does Exercise help prevent diabetes? Other ways to Prevent Diabetes What do I do if I have Diabetes?

What is Diabetes In the U.S 25.8 Million people (children and adults) are affected by DiabetesChronic Disease where the blood sugar is elevated in the body. The body then cannot use insulin properly to control the blood sugar. The body begins to starve for energy causing health problems like kidney disease, heart disease, eyes, and nerve problems.

Types of Diabetes Type INormally occurs in children Hereditary The body does not produce insulin causing insulin injections to be necessary.

Types of Diabetes Type 2Most common type Mostly diagnosed in adults The body doesn’t respond properly to insulin Causes: obesity, poor nutritional habits, lack of a balanced lifestyle

Types of Diabetes Gestational DiabetesOccurs in PregnancyHigh Blood Sugar LevelsHigher risk of Type 2 after pregnancy

Types of Diabetes Pre-Diabetes79 million people Blood Sugar levels are borderline for Type 1 or Type 2Causes- nutritional habits and inadequate exercise

Symptoms of Diabetes Blurry visionFatigueNausa/vomiting Weight loss Hunger Sores that do not heal Frequent urination High blood glucose levels Excessive thirst

Factors that cause Diabetes Genetics/ Family HxPoor Diet Inadequate Exercise Overweight High Blood Pressure High Cholesterol Ethnicity

The affects of Diabetes HeartEyesNervous systemSkin Kidneys Cholesterol

What can we do nutritionally? Watch Carbohydrate IntakeLearn how to read food labelsBalance your diet

Carbohydrates Definition-The main source of energy in the body consisting of sugars and starches. Carbohydrates are not “bad”Some common names are sucrose, lactose, maltose, glucose, galactose, and more Encouraged to limit high sugar containing foods

Carbohydrates Continued Things that affect blood sugars:Amount of carbohydratesFood formOther foods in the meal that slow digestion Type of sugar or starch Cooking and food processing

Carbohydrates ContinuedFiber- Type of carbohydrate that is not digested by the body. However, the body gains great benefits from fiber. 20-35 grams/daySources of fiber- whole grain cereals, fruits, vegetables , beans and peas

How To Calculate Calorie NeedsLose Weight 20-25 g/kg of body weightMaintain Weight 25-30 g/kg of body weightGain weight 30-35 g/kg of body weightIf you weight 130/2.2 * 20= 1,181 130/2.2 * 25=1,477Range is 1,181-1,477

Daily RequirementsProtein 15-20%Fat 20-35%Carbohydrates 45-65%1400 calories recommended1400*.45/4=158 or 1400*.65/4=227.51400*.20/9=31 or 1400*.35/9=541400*.15/4=52.5 or 1400*.20/4=70

Did you know?

What can you eat? 3-5 Carbohydrate servings per meal1-2 Carbohydrate servings per snackAt least 6 servings of fruits and non-starchy vegetables per day Limit Starchy vegetables Limit Starches-choose more whole grain products 2 servings of milk or milk products 4-6 ounces of meat or other protein foods Eat Healthy Fats-olive oil, nuts, avocados 2-3 servings of fish per weekLimit sodium to <2300mg per day Limit trans fat to <1% Limit Saturated Fat

What Can you eat? 1 serving=about 15 grams of Carbohydrates1 Slice of bread (1 ounce)4 to 6 small crackers ¾ ounce pretzels, potato chips, or tortilla chips 1 small fresh fruit (3/4 to 1 cup) 17 small grapes 1 cup of fat free or reduced fat milk 2 small cookies ½ cup of ice cream or frozen yogurt

How can Exercise Help to Prevent Diabetes? Weight Loss Makes Insulin usage more effective Lowers blood glucose levels

Other Benefits of ExerciseRegulates Blood PressureLowers StressHelps with DepressionHelps prevent cardiovascular diseaseHelps prevent cancerImprove chances for living longerHelps to prevent osteoporosis Reduces risk of fallingImproves heart-lung and muscle fitnessImproves Sleep

Why don’t Americans get enough Exercise?

What types of Exercise should I perform? American College of Sports Medicine Recommends150 minutes of moderate activity per week or75 minutes of vigorous activity per week Diabetes Patients directly benefit from Strength Training

Do I need to join a gym? No, working out can be done anywhere No, fancy equipment is needed to exercise

Supportive EnvironmentMental MotivationWide variety of diverse exercise activitiesGroup Exercise ClassesExercise is still possible when weather is badFees help you stay committedProfessionals are always on hand to answer questions Benefits of Joining a Gym

Fun Free Workout App….

What to do if you are currently inactive?Start slowRemember this is not a raceListen to your bodyIf your body only allows you to workout for 10 minutes listen and stop. 10 minutes is better than 0 minutes. Do not watch Youtube or Pintrest These workouts on these websites are good, but not all of them are presented by certified Personal Trainers or those with Exercise Science Degrees. You should air on the side of caution. If the workout looks unsafe majority of the time it is unsafe.

Common Cardiovascular Exercises WalkingRunningCyclingElliptical Steppers Stair Climbers or Climbing Stairs Skiing Swimming Aerobic Dance Interval Training Cardio Kickboxing Rowing Team Sports Aqua Aerobics

Common Strength Training ExercisesPowercut Classes or other weight training classes TRX ExercisesFree WeightsSpecialized Machines Body Weight Exercises

Common Flexibility Training ExercisesYogaStretchingPilates

Change Your Thoughts about Exercising Make a choice to get serious about your healthMake health your main concernYou have control over your weightHabits can be replaced or changed.Think Positively Tell yourself you are worth the effortYou can increase your energy and well-being with exercise Exercise needs to be balanced.

How to Stay Motivated with ExerciseSeat realistic and achievable goalsSchedule activity into your calendarHave a support systemLog your progressConsider a trainerUse music Use a pedometer or a fitness App Change up your workouts (variety) Join a gym or club Check progress regularly Make it work for you

Other Ways To Prevent Diabetes Lower Stress and create balance in your life

What to do if you have diabetes? Consult with your doctorMost will put you on medicine Change your diet to be more balanced Add Exercise and Strength Training Join a Support Group Talk to a Register Dietitian Try to find a Diabetes Educator

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