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St Joseph’s Catholic Hospital

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St Joseph’s Catholic Hospital Monrovia, Liberia Strategic Plan 2016 -2021 PRESENTATION FOR PARTNERS AND COMMUNITIES


Summary of the PresentationBackground and ContextHospital Overview (including SWOT Analysis and Partner Analysis)Strategic Direction (including philosophy, mission, vision, core values and overview of the 13 SMART Goals)Making the Plan a Reality

(including governance arrangements, Goal leads and key messages)


1. Background and ContextSt Joseph's Catholic Hospital (SJCH) has been providing essential health care in Monrovia, Liberia for over 53 years, as part of the global St John of God network of mission hospitals The need for a Hospital Strategic Plan has been recognised for almost a year, however the focus has been on gradually recovering from the Ebola crisis. During 2015/16, by working as a team, the Hospital re-opened becoming fully operational again.

Now that the Hospital is functioning well and there is a strong management team in place, the focus has turned to the future. In March 2016, A comprehensive Five Y

ear Strategic Plan

was developed with detailed targets and milestones in

13 SMART Goal areas


The Hospital aspires to be the leading centre of excellence in health care provision in Liberia with nationally known maternity, diagnostic and general secondary health care facilities and services.

The Plan sets out how the management and staff intend to achieve this vision over the next five years


1. Background and ContextThe full public health context of Liberia has been considered when developing this plan:Highlighting the need to provide affordable, accessible and quality maternal and child health care as well as general secondary health care services

while ensuring that diagnosis is accurate and timely so that preventable conditions can be quickly treated. Also hospitals

as well as primary health care facilities must

undertake a public health education role

as part of its services, reaching out to encourage service uptake and educate on basic health promotion and disease prevention.

There is a comprehensive plan document for Hospital use

with all the detailed milestones, against the 13 SMART Goals, plus a shorter external plan version available for partners and the public. There is also a one page summary and an

Annual Plan for 2016/2017

Support is needed - This Plan

will take the hospital from a good to great medical institution

. In order to achieve this vision, current and future partners, government departments, training and regulatory bodies, together with local communities and civil society organizations are requested to support this Strategic Plan and work collaboratively with the Hospital leadership team and staff now and in the future


2. Hospital OverviewSt Joseph's Catholic Hospital currently has a 120 bed capacity and 170 staff, with a $1.2 million USD turnover and treated approximately 20,000 patients per year in 2015. (next slide details the structural capacity)Services are provided by a range of specialist and generalist doctors

and nurses, both Liberian and internationalServices include

emergency and trauma care, internal medicine, paediatrics, general surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology and a range of traditional primary health care (including PMTCT, HIV care, antenatal and vaccinations



Management Team:

Hospital Director

: Br. Peter L. Dawoh

Superior/Bioethics/ Pastoral Team Coordinator

: Br. Bernard I. Benda

Medical Director

: Dr. Senga Omeonga

Nursing Director: Mrs. Christine K Tarr-Attia Financial Director: Mr. Ibrahim Fatawu Human Resource Manager: Mr. Joel Williams


2. Hospital Overview


2. Hospital Overview: SWOT AnalysisKey Strengths/Opportunities: a capable and skilled management team and staffgood administration systems and processes

a great reputation and strong services to build uponclear ethos and values


quality infrastructure with the ability


expand on the current

siteKey Constraints:


to increase income, diversify donors and financial strengthen



in recruiting local skilled staff and pay competitively; improvements

needed to HR policies and proceduresongoing struggle to maintain the estate and



instability and impact of currency


of available drugs and supplies in the local


lack of literacy and knowledge in the community about basic health conditions and how to treat them.


Achievements (in last 5 years)Renovation and extension of the maternity unitRe-opening of the hospital after the Ebola outbreak, withstanding major events

Re-branding the laboratory and installing new modern digital equipment

Good IPC in place with appropriate training updates

Management of the hospital by Indigenous people and Brothers

Management initiative for the strategic plan is great and much needed

Putting the oxygen plant back to work

Stronger procurement, financial, logistics and information management systems, with good adherence and internal financial controls

Increased participation of staff in planning and decision making

Staff are demonstrating more commitment than ever before

53 years of experience and assistance

A good range of in service training in place for clinical staff

There is increased visibility of the hospital amongst the Liberian population

Providing new services &new equipment

Recruitment of qualified doctors and nurse graduates, e.g. general surgeon

Ensuring high quality performance and good discipline through supervision of all categories of nursing staff

Improving patient care, improving quality

Great collaboration with INGOs partners, stakeholder and donors (some are new partners)


Challenges Now (March 2016)Need to have a more sustainable financial position

Too many stakeholders with competing priorities, can skew hospital management

Poor marketing/ communications/ publicity of the services offered to the community

Patients not paying their bills

Expansion and re-design of the hospital within infrastructure and space available

Training of specialised staff and maintaining their skill levels (eg neonatal care)

Staff retention difficult in general (Nos. have decreased) and current staff shortages

There is a need for more clinical policies and protocols to be implemented at dept level, in order to improve and measure quality (quality assurance approach is very limited)

Lack of HR policies and procedures, including HR handbook and occupational health approach

Its challenging to keep nursing and medical skills up to date

Need to improve financial controls

Lack of specialist staff locally and need to recruit international staff

Limited accountability and decision making structures – need to be developed

Underfunding of activities

Lack of incentives for staff and basic salaries need to increase

as they are not competitive

Enabling the hospital to undertake charity work and also remain financially viable

High running costs, especially fuel

The ongoing impact of the Ebola Outbreak and the devastation and deaths experienced by the hospital and staff

Donor Fatigue


2. Hospital Overview: Partners

Productive and mutual relationships and partnerships have been forged with

the Hospital’s many partners

, with a clear engagement

strategy going

forward. Partners

have been grouped and stratified into the following five categories:


3. Strategic Direction: Philosophy, Mission, Vision, ValuesThe Hospital's Philosophy:

People are the creation of God, with intrinsic value and inherent dignity, so our work must be person centred and human rights based. We respect the freedom of conscience of every person and will therefore act without discrimination of any kind. The rights of the sick person must be upheld and defended and everyone has a right to be fully informed and involved in their own care. Finally we seek partnerships with others who uphold this philosophy in promoting the best quality of life for those we serve.


To provide holistic, affordable, quality health


to all people in Liberia, regardless of ethnicity,

religion, gender, age or




To be the leading centre of excellence in


care provision, delivered by a skilled, motivated and committed workforce, which applies the best evidence based practices, in order to improve the health and well-being of the people in Liberia.


Excellence and

Quality; Honesty

and Integrity; Confidentiality ;

Teamwork; Dignity



Hospitality and Customer

Service; Justice; Compassion; Staff

Commitment, Development and Responsibility



3. Strategic Direction: Core ValuesExcellence and

Quality – We strive to provide the best quality of health care through implementing evidence based practice and the use of quality improvement methods within available resources. Honesty and Integrity – We are honest in our dealing with each other, with patients and with hospital supporters and donors. Honesty and Integrity are strong moral principles emerging from Catholic values.

Confidentiality –

We ensure that all patients and staff records and relevant information are kept strictly confidential and only shared in the best interests of patients and staff.

Teamwork –

We encourage effective teamwork to ensure satisfactory, high quality patient care and to increase productivity, by embracing the skills and ideas of all staff members.

Dignity and Respect –

We demonstrate a high level of respect for our clients, regardless of status and strive to uphold their dignity, human rights and respect their beliefs.

Hospitality and Customer Service –

Patient’s wellbeing and satisfaction is our focus! Our staff are friendly and welcoming and they listen attentively to client needs and strive to offer solutions and to make people feel at home.

Justice -

We ensure equal treatment for all who need our service, regardless of status (religion, economic, gender, social, age nationality).

Compassion - We identify ourselves with the suffering of others and are always willing, prepared and ready to address their needs and concerns.

Staff Commitment, Development and Responsibility –

We have a responsible staff that are accountable to the needs of the clients and the institution. We enable and support staff to acquire new skills by offering a range of appropriate training opportunities. We recognise hard work through staff performance and incentives.


3. Strategic Direction: 13 SMART GOALS 


SMART GOAL No.1By 2021, SJCH will be providing a range of high quality secondary health care services in the following areas:Expanded paediatrics (paediatrician and paediatric nurses)Expanded emergency medicine (supported by a new orthopaedic surgeon)Extended internal/general medicine (with possible extra Internist, with a specialty in medical cardiology)Increased capacity for general surgery, orthopaedics and ENT (new orthopaedic surgeon as above and an ENT surgeon) and Primary Health Care

New physiotherapist to support patients, post orthopaedic surgery and for general rehabilitationDietician to support inpatient nutritionPsychosocial care

Trained Resuscitation team in place by 2021 (and resuscitation equipment available)




referral policies


SMART GOAL No.2By 2021, the maternity department of SJCH will have increased in size to manage the increased demand for maternity care by a skilled birth attendant. There will be additional staff (Obs & gynae Doctors, Midwives, neonatal nurses) a doubling of the beds (from 14 to 30/40), 10-20 cribs and 5-10 incubators. This will require an increase in drugs, medical supplies, diagnostic and monitoring equipment.A new ambulance service will reach out to patients in

need.There will be improved protocols and clinical guidelines, including IPC in place to assure quality and patient safety (SJCH will be adhering to the WHO Maternal and Child Health guidelines ).


a result the maternal and neonatal mortality rates in the Hospital will be minimised



SMART GOAL No.3By 2021, SJCH will have a state of the art diagnostic centre capable of providing timely and reliable results for all clients, in the areas of laboratory, radiology, EKG, ultrasound, endoscopy and others. Achieving this vision require highly qualified and skilled personnel (including a Radiologist), market analysis and prioritisation of needs, establishment of protocols and periodic evaluation of hospital activities


SMART GOAL No.4By 2021, the leadership team will be fully equipped to manage and continue to develop the leading secondary care facility in Liberia. There will be strong governance and decision making processes in place that allow effective delegation to service delivery. Staff are empowered to speak their minds and the leadership team is seen as listening and responding to the needs of patients and staff



SMART GOAL No.5By 2021, SJCH will be adequately staffed with skilled, professional and well motivated personnel, which will ensure reduction in staff turnover and increased productivity. We will achieve all of this through:The development of the HR handbook and standard policiesAnnual appraisal program for staffStandard operating procedures for all departmentsAn agreed year on year percentage increment in staff salaries

Performance related bonuses and scholarship/housing/car loan programsPeriodic in-service training programs, medical and improved terminal benefitsStaff occupational health policy will be in place


SMART GOAL No.6By 2021, SJCH will be a financially viable institution with income diversification, increased income from direct fees, reduced reliance on donor support and doubling the annual revenue plus increased unrestricted incomeUnderpinned by excellent, effective, transparent financial and procurement systems.


SMART GOAL No.7By 2021, a newly established fully functioning IT department will manage an integrated and centralized electronic data system thereby reducing patient waiting time, improving service delivery and promoting client satisfaction. The Hospital will generate accurate, timely and reliable data to support clinical management decision making, the HMIS system and reporting and hospital policies. Staff will be trained on data collection, analysis, interpretation.

Staff will use data and understand the value of accurate clinical data as well as resource utilisation (drugs, supplies etc) and service uptake statistics.


new system will overcome the current challenges of paper based systems and enhance patient safety, improve resource use and patient billing, enable value for money to be measured, provide essential reporting and monitoring information and tools (including morbidity and public health data) and hence improving the management and productivity of hospital services.


SMART GOAL No.8By 2021, the current estate will have been expanded to accommodate new services (both inpatient and outpatient) and a new admin block and triage facilities. In addition, the existing clinical areas will be re-modelled based on best clinical practice and patient safety requirements. The Hospital will be working on solar power with reduced reliance on expensive generators.


SMART GOAL No.9By 2021, SJCH will deliver the safest, highest quality care to all clients by skilled committed staff. This will be achieved by creating a Quality and Patient Safety department, with a clinical lead, together with the development and implementation of new standards and operating procedures (SOPs). The department will oversee of the implementation, compliance and review of the agreed SOPs.

This will ensure both staff and patient safety, minimise critical incidents and uphold the good reputation of the Hospital.


SMART GOAL No.10By 2021, SJCH will use internal clinical audit and research tools to routinely to inform and improve patient care. The Hospital will also regularly review research from across the region in order to apply any relevant research findings to health care provision in the Hospital


SMART GOAL No.11By 2021 SJCH will routinely engage with community groups and leaders and use patient feedback to improve health care delivery. This would include:Patient and client feedback mechanisms in place, through support groups (like the HIV support group) and though exit interviews and suggestions boxesRegular meetings will take place with community stakeholders in order to Raise awareness of the Hospital services, changes, quality standards and so on, as part of the communications and marketing approach

Listen to community views about the Hospital, take this feedback and make changes within the Hospital where necessary and appropriateInform communities how their feedback is being acted upon by the Hospital and share achievements and challenges with the community as they often have great ideas on how to solve problems

Gain wider views on possible improvements, development and changes as the Hospital grows

Use these engagement opportunities for public health messaging and awareness raising on signs and symptoms of key illnesses

Hence, communities

are encouraged to get involved and support the Hospital, enhancing community ownership

and improving

community health


SMART GOAL No.12By 2021, SJCH will establish a strong and mutual relationship with various partners, stakeholders, training institutions and so on, in the management and development of services. To achieve this goal, transparency, communication and participation of identified partners will be encouraged.


SMART GOAL No.13By 2021, SJCH will have a national profile, with a key identity as the leading secondary care hospital in LiberiaThe Hospital will be known for quality services, high patient satisfaction and good client and customer care , accessible and affordable care, highly skilled staff and working to core Christian values.All staff will know the key messages and be able to explain them to partners, communities and patients


4. Making the Plan a Reality: GovernanceThe Strategic Plan has internal ownership

and oversight with quarterly reporting:Each of the 13 SMART goals has a named


(see below)


Senior management team will oversee performance and progress

of the Plan, led by the Hospital Director and this will be integrated into the monthly leadership team meetings. The 2016/17 Annual Plan

has been produced as a separate document and has quarterly targets for year one of the Five Year Strategic Plan.


SMART Goal Owners will produce written performance reports on a quarterly basis

using a specified

template for the management team.


4. Making the Plan a Reality: Key Communication Messages

Quality Services: We provide diverse and high quality services such as Maternal and Child health care, laboratory services, surgery and internal medicine.

Patient Satisfaction:

We are always open to receiving patient feedback and suggestions on how to continue to improve our quality of care.

Affordable Services:

Our responsive and transparent cost recovery practices allows us to focus on our patient

care. Our

services are not expensive and also free to the poor and needy.

Centralised Services:

Our Hospital serves as a one-stop-shop for all necessary care and all care is accessible within the building.

Highly Skilled staff

: We have some of the most renowned and skilled midwives and doctors who provide the best health care in the country.

Charity Care fund

: We increase access to health services to the most vulnerable populations through the provision of charitable services.

Customer Service:

We have friendly, caring, informed staff who are prompt and efficient.


We are open to all, regardless of income or status and in an easily accessible location.


We have a nationally recognised service, providing accurate and timely results with state of the art equipment.

Reduced waiting times:

You won't have to wait as long as other hospitals to see a doctor or nurse at our hospital.

Dedicated Maternal and Child Health Services:

With the top Doctor in the country leading our excellent team, we provide high quality and safe services to all mothers and babies with a one-stop-shop approach

Core values:

Our services are based on our values of honesty, hospitality, teamwork, quality and customer care.


We are great because....We have an experienced management teamOf our skilled qualified staff and the way in which we provide caring services

We have a great location in the heart of Monrovia, accessible to all

We are united, willing and because we care!

We have a well equipped laboratory and x-ray depts providing a quality diagnostic services

Our prices are competitive

We have both general and specialist staff

Of our strong values


hospitality, respect of human dignity and dedication to serving people holistically

We work as a family with everyone participating

We are respected and have a long standing reputation for service delivery

We work as a team

We provide quality health care

We are honest with partners, staff and patients

Patients believe in us

We are always ready to serve, despite challenging conditions

We do not discriminate against patients or staff regardless of their status (religion, social background etc)


Any Questions or Comments?For more information and copies of the documents, please contact Br Peter Lansana Dawoh:

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