“What’s your genre?”
“What’s your genre?”

“What’s your genre?” - PowerPoint Presentation

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Fold your paper hotdog style You will record your answers on one side For each question choose the answers that apply to you Try to aim for the 3 or 4 best answers for you Questions before we start ID: 157735 Download Presentation

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“What’s your genre?”Slide2

Fold your paper hot-dog style. You will record your answers on one side.Slide3

For each question, choose the answers that apply to you. Try to aim for the 3 or 4 best answers for you.Slide4

Questions before we start?Slide5

When with your friends, you like to:

Spy on your neighbors; help find missing neighborhood pets

Play role-playing games (


, Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars,



Watch Modern Marvels or other shows about the newest gadgets

Sit around and talk about what’s going on in your lives; help friends with problems at home or with relationships

Talk on the phone; go shopping; gossip

Play football, basketball, baseball, or other sports

Visit museums, art galleries, battlefields/ historical sites

Watch scary movies

Watch Twilight and Vampire Academy over and over

Look for new places to explore; go camping

Draw cartoons or read comics

Tell jokes, play practical jokes, or just generally goof off

Sing Disney songs at the top of your lungs; watch Disney movies

Create useful things with Legos, gears, popsicle sticks, etc.Slide6

Which job do you like best for yourself:

Crime Scene Investigator; detective

Knight, sorcerer, seer, or princess

Artificial intelligence expert

Psychologist or psychiatrist, school guidance counselor

Own a dating service; wedding planner; cosmetologist

Sportscaster, athlete, or coach

Historian, history teacher, museum curator

Grave digger; funeral director; inventor of a new fake blood

Ghost whisperer; vampire hunter

Storm chaser; pirate; international spy

Graphic designer; video game creator; ninja warrior

Comedian; own a Spencer’s store

Singer or songwriter; storyteller

Inventor; computer repair; engineerSlide7

Which movie/TV shows do you like best:

CSI, Law and Order, Decoded, old episodes of Scooby Doo

Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia; Harry Potter movies

Independence Day; Transformers; Star Wars movies

My Sister’s Keeper; Bridge to


; Basketball Diaries

Pretty Little Liars; Enchanted; Legally Blonde

Remember the Titans; Gridiron Gang; Bad News Bears

Pawn Stars; WWII movies; The History Channel


, Paranormal Activity; Scream

Twilight movies; True Blood series; Vampire Diaries

Journey to the Center of the Earth; Pirates of the Caribbean; Castaway;







Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies; Jeff Dunham; Family Guy

Once Upon A Time; Beastly; Grimm

How It’s Made; Prototype This; League of Extraordinary Gentleman; the new Hugo movieSlide8

You love movies or books that:

Have crimes, puzzles, or mysteries to solve

Have dragons, magic, elves, and evil forces

Take place in the future; have robots, cool gadgets; setting may be in outer space

Have real people with real problems—abuse, divorce, illness, death, gangs, drugs

Have a great love story

Have something to do with sports

Tell a story that took place sometime in history

Are gory; are so scary you sometimes lose sleep at night

Have vampires, werewolves, ghosts, or zombies

Have some sort of adventure or quest; lots of action! Have people who face harsh conditions—deserts, extreme cold, marooned on a deserted island, etc.

Have lots of pictures; violence doesn’t bother you

Make you laugh!

Have romance, castles, magic, or spin-off well-known stories

Have mechanical animals/people or genetically-mutated animals or peopleSlide9

Your friends/parents say you:

Are curious; you ask a lot of questions

Play too many role-playing games online

Are very inventive or are good at creating new things to make your life easier

Are a good listener; you are a shoulder to cry on

Are boy-crazy or girl-crazy; like to spend too much money

Are great at catching, pitching, or kicking a ball

Know a lot of useless facts (names, dates,



Scare them sometimes

Are too obsessed with Twilight!

Are a dare-devil; are always looking for an adventure

Are practical and would be great at living in the woods

Are a class clown

Are a drama-queen; are always singing or dancing

Were born in the wrong time periodSlide10

You would most like to meet:

Nancy Drew

A fairy or elf

An alien

Dr. Phil

Your true love, whoever that may be



; Dirk


; Josh Hamilton

General George Patton

A real zombie

A vampire or werewolf

The Cast of Survivor or Sir Edmund Hillary (first to scale Mount Everest)

Trey Parker (creator of



Larry the Cable Guy

Walt Disney

Someone living 50 years from nowSlide11

Now, write the letters A-K down the side of your paper like this:









Write how many of each answer you put beside each letter:









Circle the three letters that have the highest numbers.

(Some may have the same number)Slide14

These are your top three genres based on this quiz!

(Of course, you are always free to choose from any genre you wish!)Slide15

Mystery (red)

Fantasy (purple) or Mythology (red/white stripe)

Science fiction (white)

Realistic fiction (blue)

Romance/chick lit (hot pink)

Sports (orange)

Historical fiction (yellow) or biography (#92)

Horror (black)

Paranormal (lime green)

Action-Adventure (Survival/pirates/spies) (dark green)


/graphic novels (black/white stripe)

Humor (blue/white stripe)

Fairy tales (green/white stripe)


(in the science fiction section) (white)