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The Knowledge Bank of IDH-
The Knowledge Bank of IDH-

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The Knowledge Bank of IDH-HampiVijay Chandru International Institute for Art, Culture and Democracy Bangalore

Prof S Settar

, the Principal Investigator of this project and a heritage scholar of repute, was


to attend this symposium due to prior commitments. Hence this presentation,

prepared by

the co-PI, is focused more on the technological aspects of the project. Slide2

The study of Greco-Roman antiquity is a data-intensive enterprise. Electronic media allow classicists to pursue both the deepest and most firmly established scholarly values and challenge their peers to rethink every aspect of their field. – Greg Crane Big Data and Heritage Slide3

Why Knowledge Bank?Large volume of content, tools (algorithms and heuristics), demos have been generated. Need to “bank” the assets created.To what end?Archival and Preservation (Digital Warehouse)Academic Study and Research (Digital Library)Virtual Tourism, Education (Virtual Museums)

Performing Assets

Immersive Experience



Knowledge Bank I: the digital libraryA Distributed Network of Knowledge RepositoriesAnalogy: Main Bank plus many branches spatially scattered. Main Knowledge Repository located at NIASBranch knowledge repositories at various investigator sites and other public access sitesChallenges

Distributed Search (semantic web)

Persistence of data (resources beyond IDH)Slide5

Semantic Web and Knowledge BankStandards on markup lanuages and ontologies overseen by W3C – has had weak compliance“Sweets = Semantic Tweets” (open source framework developed by a partner organization Servelots (cf. T B Dinesh) and adapted for the digital librarySome virtual museum experience can also be squeezed out from these frameworks but non-immersive. Slide6

Art historians use computers and digital libraries to order, sort, interrogate, and analyse data (often images) about artworks, antiquity, etc. Slide7

Girija Kalyana , Virupaksha Temple (Hampi)Girija Kalyana, Veerabhadraswamy Temple (Lepakshi)


The top panel is from


and the panel below from


. The antiquity of


paintings are believed to be 16th

Century while an art historical debate that stands unresolved is whether the Hampi renderings are from Krishnadevaraya’s

reign in early 16


century or were repainted later in the 18





This seems like a debate that a knowledge bank (digital library) should be able to help resolve


Illustration of Knowledge Bank as a Digital Library Search for other sites with murals in the “style” of Lepakshi Search for other sites with murals in the style of Hampi Infer the antiquity based on additional information Slide9

A Provocative Question for Digital Humanities Could resolution of this art historical issue have been aided by an Expert System employing Artificial Intelligence (rule based deductive reasoning) Cerri: intelligent expert system for art historians. Computer Science Department at Scuola Normale Superiore (SNS) at Pisa A black and magical box or a black-magical box? –



Virtual Museums Sarah Kenderdine, G S Rautela “Grand Spectacle” of IDH-Hampi


: an unfinished song

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The Knowledge Bank of IDH- - Description

Hampi Vijay Chandru International Institute for Art Culture and Democracy Bangalore chandruiiacdorg Prof S Settar the Principal Investigator of this project and a heritage scholar of repute was ID: 632142 Download Presentation

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