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a look at a year in the lives of four babies born in different cultures:Tokyorural MongoliaNamibiaSan FranciscoRecorded over a period of 400 days.Babies do what babies do: they get born; fed, bathed; cry; play; learn to sit; crawl; and walk; and begin to explore their worlds.Differences in parenting and life styles are shown with respect and without judgment.Slide3


Divide into groups of three or four.

Each group will select one baby:

Bayar Ponijao Mari HattieDecide what member in the group will cover each area of development. Open your book to the right page for your areaPhysical – pg 222Social – pg 268 Intellectual – pg 290 Emotional* - page 260 & 261*only if your group has 4 membersSlide4

Observe and Record

YOU are the assigned observer for your group and that developmental area.

You are the ONLY observer for that area.

Watch the video for signs of development in your baby. When you see evidence, record what you saw and the time in the video you saw it. Compare what you saw with the developmental milestones chart in your book. Based on that, write an estimate age for that babyEstimated ages should get older as the movie progresses.Emotional Observer’s records will be slightly different Slide5



, &

Int Observers

Baby Name

Developmental Area

Your Name



Est. AgeSlide6

Emotional Observer

Baby Name


Your Name

Intensity -

Persistence -

Sensitivity -

Write down all the temperament traits on pages 260 & 261. As you watch, record incidences you observed displaying your baby’s strength or weakness in that trait. At the end, rate them from 1 (low) to 5 (high) on each trait. Then write a paragraph describing the temperament of the baby you observed.

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about Babies is a look at a year in the lives of four babies born in different cultures Tokyo rural Mongolia Namibia San Francisco Recorded over a period of 400 days B abies do what babies do they get born fed bathed cry play learn to sit crawl ID: 144827 Download Presentation

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