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Serve Jennifer Johnson Serve video Play video clip on serve skill Court position Stand behind baseline Serve diagonally over the net into opponents service box Baseline Grip Have palm and base knuckle lined up with 2 side on racket ID: 541117 Download Presentation

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Tennis Skill:Serve

Jennifer JohnsonSlide2

Serve video

Play video clip on serve skillSlide3

Court position

Stand behind baselineServe diagonally over the net into opponents service box



Have palm and base knuckle lined up with #2 side on racketWrap fingers around handle Slide5


Legs shoulder width apartSlight bend in the knees

Hip/Shoulder sideways to the netSlide6

Body positions

“T” Stance

“Back Scratch”


Follow ThroughSlide7

Serve positions

“T” StanceArms out to the side

Hips/Shoulders sidewaysSlide8

“Back Scratch”Palm Facing Head

Hips/Shoulders facing the netSlide9

ContactHit at the ball’s highest

pointGive the ball a “High-5”Follow ThroughBring arm across chestSlide10

Class Instruction

Now that you have been exposed to the proper form we will begin to practiceSelect a Partner & spread out along baseline

Practice serving w/out ball

Practice serving with ball

Partners should be giving continual feedback

Once you are able to get the ball over the net, then you can begin aiming into the proper service box

Watch out for other classmates

Have fun!Slide11

Tennis Skill:




Forehand is one of the most common shots in tennis as well as most powerfulTennis is a lifting game and therefore you should contact the ball below the net lineSlide13

Forehand VideoSlide14


Place palm and base knuckle along side #3 on the racket Wrap fingers around handle of racket Slide15

Body positions

Ready Position

Racket Back

Step with L foot forward

Contact tennis ball

Follow throughSlide16

Ready position

Knees bentFacing net


up body

Step back with dominant foot

Form “T” with the bodySlide17

Take forward step with non-dominant foot

Begin to make C motion with racketC

ontact the

ball at about

waist level

Follow through


the racket

upwardsupinate wristSlide18

Cues to remember

Open, bend, step and swing





Situations to use forehand

Due to the power of the shot the forehand should be the number one option when thinking of shot selectionHowever, this isn’t always plausible and other shots must be used

Most commonly used when a ball is hit to a players dominant sideSlide20

Ways to improve

Remember to bend knees

Tennis is lifting game but if knees aren’t bent the ball will be contacted to high and lifted over the net and out of bounds because not enough time allowed for ball to come down

Start with the basics before attempting to add top spin

It’s important that the fundamentals are mastered before more advanced techniques are used because that leads to bad/lazy form

Ask for/Accept feedback

You can only get better if you practice and feedback allows others to see what you cannotSlide21

Class instruction

Now that you know proper mechanics/techniques of the forehand we will begin to practice

Find a partner and get on opposite sides of the court

One partner will through the tennis ball to the other’s dominant side

The hitter will use correct form while hitting the ball

The thrower will provide instantaneous feedback

Eventually will be utilized in match play as wellSlide22

Tennis Skill:




Basic information

A backhand can be hit using either two hands or one Neither option is necessarily better, but rather it is a matter of preference for the



our video we reviewed the one handed back hand Slide24

Backhand videoSlide25


Place palm and base knuckle along side #1 on the racket Wrap fingers around handle of racket


Breakdown of skill

Open body by bringing non-dominant foot backAs ball approachesBend kneesBring racket back across body

Take forward step with dominant foot and begin to make a C motion with the


Make contact with the ball at about waste level

Follow through by bringing the racket upward and pronating the wristSlide27








Situation in which to use backhand

When the ball is approaching a players not dominant side or if a player is running to his non dominant side the backhand will be usedUsually the backhand is not as powerful as the forehand and is not chosen as often as a shot unless necessarySlide29

Ways to improve backhand

Remember to bend kneesTennis is a lifting game, if knees do not get bent the contact will occur too high and the ball will be lifted out of


Try the two handed backhand if having trouble

Usually it is considered less powerful, but more


Make sure the backhand is mastered before attempting any drop shots or slices

Pronation of wrist after contact is key to adding top spinSlide30

How will we be using this new skill in our class

Now that you are aware of proper form we will practiceFind a partner and get on opposite sides of the net

One partner will throw the tennis ball to the other’s non-dominant side

The hitter will use correct form while hitting the ball


thrower will provide instantaneous


Once we get into match play this skill will be utilized as well