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Eudine. , Cody, Kelsey G, Bryce, Chloe. The Elizabethan Age. Queen Elizabeth became Queen at age 25 in 1558 six years before Shakespeare's birth and she reigned for 45 years, London became a cultural and commercial center where learning thrived.. ID: 338130 Download Presentation

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By: Kelsey I, Eudine, Cody, Kelsey G, Bryce, Chloe

The Elizabethan Age


Queen Elizabeth became Queen at age 25 in 1558 six years before Shakespeare's birth and she reigned for 45 years, London became a cultural and commercial center where learning thrived.London’s navy and army was one of the strongest militaries in the world at this time after beating the Spanish Armada in 1588.Professional theatres were built for the first time and attracted 15,000 people a week.Queen Elizabeth was fond of the theatre, and many of the famous plays and play writers lived during her reign, including:

Queen Elizabeth 1st

Andrew Marlowe

Ben Johnson

William Shakespeare


Protestants and the Catholics were butting heads for numerous years (during Elizabeth’s reign)Church was an essential to attendCatholics couldn’t hold mass legally but it wasn’t a crime to practice this religionWealthier people: hold private mass, less frequently punished, were at times exempt from attending ChurchThe translation of the bible was made from Latin to English it was finally completed in 1611. It was the most sold and influential books in the world today.



During this time most boys were educated to be literate members of their society. Boys studied Latin in lower grades and read poetry in the upper grades. Literacy significantly increased throughout the sixteenth century.Classroom discipline was strict and it often involved corporeal punishment.Sons of the mobility attended the university or the Inns of court.Formal schooling was not encouraged for the females unless they were from a family of nobility.For those females who were educated they learned primarily on chastity and the skills of a house wife, as well as music lessons and dance.

Education in the Elizabethan Age


King James 1st

When Queen Elizabeth the 1st died King James the first rose into power.King James had a great love for learning and education.The King; like the Queen was fond of the theatresThe King commissioned the translation of the BibleKing James surrounded himself with untrustworthy advisors.Lifestyle strained Royal finances and the patience of Puritan-controlled parliament.

King James 1st died in 1628Charles the 1st (Son) ascended to the throneTensions between parliament and crown increased.Charles the 1st lost the civil war to the PuritansThey executed the King and Charles the 2nd fled to FrancePuritans were in control for a dozen yearsCharles the 2nd returned, claimed the throne and installed the restorationInspiration for Macbeth


British Peerage and Nobility


Highest Rank in British Peerage. It was looked at as a leader. Females are called a duchessMarquess:Is the second highest rank, female counterpart is the marchioness.


This title comes from an old English term that referred to a military leader, and the rank corresponds to a continental Europe. The females are called CountessViscount:Latin-derived word that translates to vice-count. Or Lower nobility.Baron:The lowest rank of British peer; someone who holds land directly from the King or Queen.


Social Orders


The Elizabethan Era was a time of many changes and developments and was also considered as the golden age in History, for Poetry and literature.This time was led by Queen Elizabeth the 1st and ruled this era for 45 years.


This class was rich and powerful, and they have large households. Within this class there was a distinction between old and new.Most old families were protestants. During Shakespeare's time there were only about 55 noble families in all of Europe.


Merchant: Shipping products from England to ports in Europe and to the New World became a profitable business for them.Yeomanry: “Middling” class who saved enough to live comfortablybut any moment through illness or bad luck be plunged into poverty.Laborers Last class of the Elizabethan England.

Social Classes


A little bit more about the theatre.








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