Steroids 140BC India Healer/Aristotle-300BC

Steroids 140BC India Healer/Aristotle-300BC Steroids 140BC India Healer/Aristotle-300BC - Start

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1849-Cockerels-bird-removed testicles from birds-male bird lost male characteristics.. 1929 Bulls . Testicles-extract of testosterone. 1936 Castrated . dogs-give dog testosterone-dog increase in body weight. ID: 642589 Download Presentation

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Steroids 140BC India Healer/Aristotle-300BC

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140BC India Healer/Aristotle-300BC1849-Cockerels-bird-removed testicles from birds-male bird lost male characteristics.1929 Bulls Testicles-extract of testosterone1936 Castrated dogs-give dog testosterone-dog increase in body weight1930s used to restore vitality in ageing men-low testosterone level.1940s-WWII Rehabilitation of U.S. prisoners of war from starvation in prison campsGerman used them in the front lines to increaseAggressiveness1950s Russians used them for body building1954-John Ziegler talks to Soviet doctor stated Soviets where using steroids1956-Dianobol-pink pill 1967 Olympics banned. Drug testing 1972 (1975)1987 NFL banned 1988 Anti-Drug Abuse Act-felony charge. 1988 Ben Johnson losses Gold Medal for use in the OlympicsControlled Substances Act-Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 1990 Steroids have been banned in baseball since 1991 -- in a policy baseball officials made little effort to publicize. A source provided a copy of the seven-page document to ESPN The Magazine on the condition of anonymity. Titled "Baseball's Drug Policy and Prevention Program," the memo was sent to all major-league clubs on June 7 of that year by then-commissioner Fay Vincent. He spelled out components of the program, and ordered, "This prohibition applies to all illegal drugs and controlled substances, including steroids."


Understanding of Steroid Terms

Anabolic-means growth, tissue building characteristicsAndrogenic-means masculinizing properties of the drug. TestosteroneSteroid-Means Hormone Mimic the male sex hormone-TestosteroneWhat are Steroids?Powerful chemical compounds that are man made or natural made.Legal only by prescription-doctorHGH-Human Growth Hormone“Pro Steroids”-Androstendione-not steroid-Mark McGuire


Steroids Taken for Three Main Reasons

To improve their looksPromote muscle growthIncrease body weight and strengthWin at all cost!


Slang Names

JuiceRoidsArnoldsStackersGym CandyGearWeight TrainersPumpersThe steroid supply comes from three sources: Black marketUnderground labsSmuggled in from other countries


How Taken?

Orally-Pills, Capsule or in liquidsInjection by: (water & oil types) oil-17days Intramuscular-in a muscle area Very Rare in the veinUser usually takes 100 times the recommended medical dosage to get the effects they want fast.Not usually supervised by a doctorTaking illegally


Use of Steroids

Stacking: taking more than one kind of steroid at the same time. ( Water and/or Oil) types steroids use togetherPyramiding taking a low dose and working up to a higher dosage. Cycling taking a steroid for weeks/months then stop, then start up again.Steroids can cause more than 70 side effects


Dangers of Steroid Use

Roid Rage-aggressive, combative behavior. mood swingsHeadaches AcneNosebleedsOily SkinBad BreathDark UrineHair Loss to BaldnessHeart Attacks


Dangers of Steroid Use Continued

Increase blood pressureHeart, Liver, Kidney DamageGallstones-gall bladderHeart AttacksStrokesDepressionHepatitis-inflammation of the liverAIDS-share needlesSteroid Psychosis-Hallucinations, delusions, mood swings, paranoid thoughtsTendons Tear


Effects of Steroids on the Male Reproduction System

Decrease sperm countDecrease of the male sex hormone May lead to sterilityShrinking of the testiclesUnable to get a full erection or one at allPainful erections/ImpotenceProstate Gland enlargesBaldnessGynecomastia- development of a breast



Breast Development on a man


Effects to steroids on the

Female Reproduction SystemIncrease facial hair and body hairDeepening of the voice-more masculineStoppage of the menstruation cycle-periodShrinkage of the breastEnlarge ClitorisBaldness/oily skin and acneSterilityBirth Defects if pregnant during useMale like muscle growth



Medical Use of Steroids

Growth DeficienciesCancer Patients to rebuild tissueBurn PatientsOsteoporosisTypes of AnemiaChronic Asthma-Bronchi-Inhalers


Detection of Steroid Use

Urine TestHair Sample Test




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