The Late 1970s
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The Late 1970s

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The Late 1970s

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The Late 1970s

Punk, Rudeboyz, & Funk


Mid to Late 70s New York City

In 1973, the U.S. fell into the deepest economic recession since the

depression of th

e 1930s

Massive unemployment, rise in welfare recipients, disenfranchised youth, growing drug use, gang and mob warfare

Widening of the wage gap between rich and poor…

Major distrust in government leads to many people tired of Status quo

Musically…the 70s were about indulgence, the “EGO”, the selfishness, all this adds up to major disillusionment


Pop Music in the 70s

New breed of dance music called Disco was sweeping the airwaves and dancehalls across the country- but started in NYC

An example:

Saturday Night Fever

This was fueled by drug use, sex, and an attempt to escape the daily struggles of real everyday life

But this didn’t appeal to everyone

The claim

 Pop Music in the 70s was predictable, glorified,


, and not relatable to many


Glam Rock


To sum up what is in people’s ears & faces


The Impact & Result

When culture is focused on something popular, it tends to saturate it becoming a part of everyday life

For some, this “status quo” needs an “anti-thesis”

A feeling of desperation, frustration, and a desire to go underground turns into an inspiration for something new, innovative, and open to the masses…


Welcome to CBGB’s in NYC

Divey, seedy club in lower east side of Manhattan is breeding a new kind of underground music- musicians with no desire to be egotistical about their talent or even looksA group of 4 unattractive, musically inadequate individuals decide to give the “middle finger” to the status quo and send a cultural message to everyone… In comes in the Ramones…With very little musicianship, a stripped down approach to the music, and in the words of Bob Dylan…”3 chords and the truth”…they change the musical landscape forever…The Ramones "Beat on the Brat“The Impact… The “democratization” of music


Across the Pond in the UK

At the same time the U.S. is going through it’s struggles, England is also under the grips of economic recession, a parliament that is extremely conservative, and music that is also “bubbly”, “fake”, and not “real”The anger, frustration, and angst felt by a large population living on what is called the “Dole” (welfare)- gives rise to a new call for social, economic, and cultural changeWith that- you need a soundtrack for that change…Ladies and Gentlemen… Sex Pistols "Anarchy in the UK“Impact of the 4 chords on Pop Music


Women in Punk Music…

In the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles- the same disenfranchisement, anger, frustration felt in NYC and UK is also bubbling. Punk is a very male driven music. Women were fans, but often left out of the actual music making.Kim Fowley, a record producer realized there could be LOTS of money to be made in punk music if you add some SEX appeal…He finds Joan Jett, Cherie Currie, Lita Ford, Micki Steele, and Sandy FoxLadies and Gentlemen…The Runaways- “Cherry Bomb”


The Whole World is listening…

1960s Jamaicans were in range of Florida

radio stations

: U.S. R&B was "sold" to


Melodic elements (melisma, blues-influence, call

& response

) of Motown and Soul, mixed


Rhythmic elements, and collaborative

production style





Rediscovery of an American style, now

repackaged and

sold to the U.S.


Born are the


of Jamaica


“Rudeboy” Culture & Diaspora

Jamaica late 1960s is filled with turmoilworking class youth refuse to play along with race and class hierarchies, develop criminal gangs, associated with “Ska” musicBob Marley forms the Wailers to go above the violence and bring harmony to young Jamaicans


The Mixing of Music…


music is highlighted by what is called “Syncopated” rhythm- examples:

Syncopated Guitar

Syncopated Drumming

The Wailers- "Simmer Down“

This sound traveled to the UK and it was a riot- young English audiences ate it up…here’s their new version of it by the late 1970s

The Specials "Gangsters"


Meanwhile…Back in America…

Late 1960s into the 70s saw many different avenues of expansion for “Black” music in a variety of different genres

One man in particular establishes himself as an innovator of soul music… Mr. James Brown…

1960s Please



By the 70s, he is leaving behind his Motown roots and starts to develop a new sound- taking the elements of jazz, soul, R & B but providing more “Funk”- sets root to a new style of music- Let’s see get the basics…

The Funk Beat on the "ONE“

James Brown "Make it Funky"


The “Funk” Gates are Open…

African American bands start to gravitate towards the Funk…Sly & the Family Stone- young talented singer/songwriter who infuses different elements to his funk music"Thank you"


George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic

The most prolific and influential figure in Funk after James BrownWanted to make R & B- “psychedelic” Used elements of the “glam” and “shock” rock and infused it with funk“Give Up The Funk”


George Clinton legacy

He continued to record as a solo artist Pushed boundaries and Black music to a whole another levelServed as a major influence to 1980s “Rap” music "Atomic Dog"