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Inspiring Purpose: WW1

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Inspiring Purpose: WW1




of taking part in the ‘Inspiring Purpose: WW1’ programme is to:


Learn about the values from WW1 and the heroic stories of those who fought and suffered on the front, often making the ultimate sacrifice

Provide a new opportunity for self- discovery and personal development

Help you to think about what is important in life and about the values and qualities you will need to make a success of your own future


Example Poster



(The ability to do something that frightens you, being brave)

It takes courage and self-belief to stand up for what is important

to you and to continue to do this even when it’s hard and you face challenges. Courage is a very important thing to have because it helps you to stand up for yourself and for others and personally make the world a better place.


– I always tell the truth even when it is hard to do so


– I am outgoing and relate easily to others


– I recover quickly from setbacks


– I take risks when it is important to do so


– I look for the good in every situation


– I am creative and think of new ways of doing things


– People can trust me


– I stand by my friends


What are ‘Values’?

Your values are the things that you believe are important and they guide you on how to live a life that is meaningful to you. Your values influence your behaviour and effect how you think and how you see the world

When the things that you do and the way you behave match your values, life is usually good – you're happy and content. Values are who you are.

What is ‘Inspiration’?

Inspiration: Is the things that encourage and stimulate you, inspiration is what drives you and makes you want to aim high in your life.

What are ‘Aspirations’?

Aspirations: The things you aim for; your goals, hopes and dreams and who you want to become.


What inspiring figures and stories came from World War One?


Dr Elise Maud


Scottish Doctor


T. E. Lawrence



Lawrence of Arabia



Wilfred Owen

Soldier and War Poet


Edith Cavell

British Nurse







Now, to show an example, let’s focus on the story of Jack Cromwell and see what we can learn from him as an inspirational figure…


‘Jutland’ Jack Cornwell


How old was Jack when he joined the Navy?

How old are you? What is this age difference?

What award did he win?

Think about what ‘Values and ‘Character Qualities’ are; what are some words that pop into your head when you think about Jack?

Why did he win a Victoria Cross?

Why is he an inspirational figure?




A person’s determination. Having a ‘Sense of Purpose’ is all about your ambitions, drive, motivation and commitment to your life and to different things like school, sports teams, being a good member of your family etc. It’s about aiming for things; your goals, hopes and dreams and who you want to become.

What do you think Jack’s purpose was?



Thinking about purpose - what is something that you work really hard on at the moment and what type of person do you want to become?

e.g. At the moment I love dancing and I go to classes every week and practice at home – I also make sure I do my recycling because I care about the environment - I would like to be an active and healthy person who cares about people and the world that I live in.

At the moment I help my Mum look after my little brother because she is always busy; I want to be a person who always helps out family and friends.

At the moment I am on student council – I like being able to make decisions and I want to be a person who is brave and stands up for people’s rights.




of today’s session = give you an insight into the programme.


1. Who can tell me what values are?

2. Who can tell me what inspiration is?

3. Why will Jack inspire some people?

4. Who can tell me what having a sense of ‘purpose’ is?

Thank you for having us, we look forward to reading your posters!

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