Limerick A five-line “nonsense” poem

Limerick A five-line “nonsense” poem Limerick A five-line “nonsense” poem - Start

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with. :. one couplet (two lines that rhyme) . and one triplet (three lines that rhyme). Rhyme scheme . =. . A, A, B, B, A. Lines 1, . 2, 5 = 3 . syllables each. Lines . 3, 4 = 2 . syllables each. Limerick. ID: 685384 Download Presentation

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Limerick A five-line “nonsense” poem

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A five-line “nonsense” poem



one couplet (two lines that rhyme)

and one triplet (three lines that rhyme)

Rhyme scheme


A, A, B, B, A

Lines 1,

2, 5 = 3

syllables each


3, 4 = 2

syllables each



A silly Jack-o-Lantern named Keith

Was ashamed of his big orange teeth

He wrapped green round his head, Had his teeth painted red,And now silly Keith is a wreath.~ Bob Tucker

Wanda the witch on her broom

Swept through the town yelling, “ZOOM!”

Through a perchance of luck

Never heard the big truck

And she zoomed on her broom to her doom

~ Graeme King



There was once a big zombie named Ned

Who hated the fact he was dead

This was made ever worse When he ran from his hearseAs poor Ned

left the hearse with no head!

~ Matthew Murray

It was quite a frightening night

The ghosts and the witches took flight

Children all hasty

Treats very tasty

A truly remarkable sight!

~ Ryan Poole



A good way to start a limerick is by making the first line look something like this:

There once was a _________ named __________.

OrThere once was a __________ from ___________.Then, think of words that rhyme with the NAME or the PLACE that you wrote in the first line. You’re halfway done writing an awesome limerick!



Headstone writing that reflects on someone’s life

2 to 4 lines

; may rhyme or notEpitaphs can be funny, or they may be beautiful. But just like the people they memorialize, they are all unique and different!(Can be funny or beautiful; always unique)



While living men my tomb do view,

Remember well,

There’s room for you.Cast a cold eyeOn life, on death.Horseman, pass by.~ Headstone of W.B. YeatsHere lies


Who lived an old maid,

But died an old Mann. ~ Cemetery in London, England

Here lies the body

Of Jonathan Blake

He stepped on the gas

Instead of the brake.



Here lays Butch.

We planted him raw.

He was quick on the triggerBut slow on the draw.~ Boot Hill Cemetery Tombstone, ArizonaHere lies the bodyOf Edward Hyde.We laid him hereBecause he died!I told you I was sick.

~B.P. Roberts, 1929-1979


Today you must write:

It was


a frightening nightThe ghosts and the witches took flight Children all hastyTreats very tastyA truly remarkable sight!Here lies the bodyOf Edward Hyde.

We laid him here

Because he died!

Cast a cold eye

On life, on death.

Horseman, pass by.

~ Headstone of

W.B. Yeats




Today you must write:

They can be about Halloween, something scary or silly: candy, ghosts etc.

Must use A,A,B,B,A rhyme scheme

Lines 1,2,5 are longerLines 3,4 are shorterTWO EPITAPHSONE LIMERICKThey can either be silly or seriousThey don’t have to be about a real person OR they can about your friendThey can rhyme or notEx. Here lies ______ who __________

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