Next Webinar is on Tuesday, May 22

Next Webinar is on Tuesday, May  22 Next Webinar is on Tuesday, May  22 - Start

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Next Webinar is on Tuesday, May 22

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Next Webinar is on Tuesday, May 22


at 10 am and 7 pm


Debt-free Living with a Modest Incom


Each person has the potential to grow their finances much like a tree. The goal is to live a debt-free life, no matter what their income level. Here are 11 things financially successful people do.


1. They Tithe

Even non-believers know that donating money makes good sense. You see it in the business world all the time.

Believers understand Malachi 3:6-12 and 2 Corinthians 9:6-7


2. They Know Debt is Bondage

Debt is exchanging your future for instant gratification

Debt is betting on the future: future health, future job, future wages

Debt presumes on God


3. They are Detail Oriented

They know what’s in their bank accounts; all of them!

Their checkbook and spreadsheet balance

They know what bills are upcoming

They have a budget and they use it faithfully


4. They are Practical

They know that a two year old car costs less, lasts about as long and is still in good running order

They know a Hyundai will get them to the same destination as a Cadillac

They shop for value, not name brand


5. They Live Within Their Means

They spend only what they have, not what they anticipate having

They spend less than they make

They have a “rainy day” fund or savings/emergency account

They have moved other-than-monthly expenses into monthly expenses


6. They Know When to Say NO!

The “hot deal” does not snare them

They are immune to TV commercials

They understand delayed gratification


7. They can Wait

They plan ALL purchases

They have the money in hand before they buy

They abide by the “three day rule

They shop interest rates before buying if they must use credit: i.e.. A house purchase

They know the difference between good debt and bad debt


8. They Know Whose They Are

They follow scriptural mandates because they belong to Christ

Their self worth is not tied up in what they drive, wear or use

They don’t have to keep up with anybody, including the Joneses

They realize that the way they handle finances is a witness to the community


9. They Handle Credit Cards Wisely

They have the means to pay for any purchases they make

All credit cards are paid to $0 balance each month; no minimum payments allowed

They use rewards cards only if the benefits out weigh the costs


10.They Hold Themselves Accountable

They check their credit score annually

They check their emotions at the door when they shop

They research every purchase before they step on the sales floor

They buy what they need, not what the salesman wants them to buy

They refuse to make excuses


11. They Measure Happiness Well

They value the things money cannot buy: faith in God, family, health, friends and living in America

Stuff does not own them

They understand

the simple life


What Questions do you have for me?

559 287-7840 cell 559 256-0858 direct line

Stewardship God’s Way



Next Webinar is on Tuesday, May 22


at 10 am and 7 pm


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