Who decides whether biden or trump wins?
Who decides whether biden or trump wins?

Who decides whether biden or trump wins? - PowerPoint Presentation

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Congress picks the electoral college members which is why it is SO IMPORTANT to vote DOWN your ballot and make sure youre voting for your congress members ID: 996064 Download Presentation

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Who decides whether

biden or trump wins?

Student Health & Human ServicesHuman Relations Diversity & Equity (possibly a 2-part lesson)June 2022



Would you rather have lots of money, or lots of free time?





Show of hands

Raise your hand if you have ever heard of the Electoral College before.  


Dunk the Vote


What is the Electoral College?

The Electoral College is made up of 538 electoral college members.  

The number of electoral college members is determined by the number of representatives in the HOUSE and the SENATE.

State Representatives are determined by population. Every state gets at least 3 electoral college members. Larger states get more members, which is why the census matters! (watch our lessons on the census)


Vote Down the Ballot

Congress picks the electoral college members – which is why it is SO IMPORTANT to vote DOWN your ballot and make sure you're voting for your congress members! 

Vote Down the Ballot

means make sure not JUST to cast votes for big elections like President, but for all the elections in your area! 





Democrat (Blue)


Red (Republican)Democrats & Republicans are the 2 major parties. They are often referred to by color.Blue stands for Democrats. Joe Biden is the Democratic candidateRed stands for Republicans. Donald Trump is the Republican candidate


The American People Don’t Elect the President?

When someone votes for president, they’re actually voting for a political party (Democrat or Republican). 

ALL the state’s electoral votes go to the political party with the most votes.

Each person votes for the party but the electoral college members actually enter the votes for the candidate.  


Pretty Confusing stuff

Let's use Illinois as an example: 

Illinois gets 20 electoral votes.  

Illinois only has one very populated city – Chicago. 

Historically, if Chicago turns BLUE (Democratic) during a presidential election, the entire state goes BLUE. 

When the entire state goes BLUE,

all 20 electoral votes go to Joe Biden.


Pretty confusing stuff

Now, let's look at California

We have the most people so we get the most electoral votes. We have 55 electoral votes.  

About ¾ of Californians vote Democratic.But even if only a small majority of the people vote Democratic, then all 55 electoral votes go to Joe BidenBasically, it’s a winner-takes-all


All or nothing

48 states go by this

all or nothing

electoral vote rule, including:

California – 55

Texas – 38

New York – 29Floridan –29Pennsylvania – 20Illinois – 20Ohio -18Georgia – 16Michigan – 16North Carolina – 15New Jersey - 14Virginia – 13



What do you think about the Electoral College so far? 

Do you think ALL the Electoral votes from one state going to the same party is fair? 


What happened in 2016?

Hilary Clinton won the


vote by more than 2 million votes:Clinton – 65,853,514  v. Trump – 62,984,828 But Trump won the electoral college by 77 votes:Clinton 227 v. Trump 304Trump was the 5th president who lost the popular vote but won the electoral college


Electoral college is king 

In 2016, Donald Trump won the electoral college and therefore won the election... even though MORE PEOPLE voted for Hilary Clinton. 


Popular vote in presidential elections

Popular vote isn't the

most important thing

in presidential elections. 


Should I even bother voting?


Even though the electoral college casts the deciding vote in an election, your vote matters and influences the electoral college.




What do you think about the fact that the popular vote doesn't matter?  


So what can we do? 

Concentrate on the local elections that your vote has a more direct impact on! Some examples include:

Look at your local City Council: 

See what they are doing with their budget and who voted for what.Check out your local Board of Education: The Board of Education is not always comprised of actual educators. They can be anyone with no kids or expertise. Also, VOTE DOWN THE BALLOT like we discussed earlier! 


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Would you rather do your work on a tablet or a computer? 


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