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Jacques Cartier born 1419

Died 1557 . Jacques . C. artier was sponsored to explore by France.. Personal information. H. e was born in Saint Mali France.. In 1541 his third expedition was put together to help Jean Roberta found a colony in Canada..

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Jacques Cartier born 1419

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Jacques Cartier

born 1419Died 1557 Slide2


Cartier was sponsored to explore by France.Slide3

Personal information

He was born in Saint Mali France.In 1541 his third expedition was put together to help Jean Roberta found a colony in Canada.

He was a highly respected navigator and sailed.Slide4

Jacques wanted to find gold and land for



Ships used

Jacque used the Grande Herminie, Saint Brieux, Georges, Emeril Lon and Petite Herminie.Slide6

Route taken by Jacques CartierSlide7

Region discovered

He found Canada and animal furs. He also found fish and bark. He found a big river.



He found Canada and claimed land for France



Impact on American Indians of the region

The Indians got sick from the Explorers. They were slaved and kicked off the land.Slide10

Recommendations for the king

There would be a lot of fish.The explorers could get killed.

We would share the land. Slide11

Jacques Cartier


Jacques Cartier was sponsored by France.Slide13

He wanted to find gold. He wanted to find the passage to Asia. He wanted to find land for the king.

….wanted to findSlide14

He met John Cabot. He captured 12


ndians including the chief. He was born in Seaport, France .

Personal InformationSlide15

Grande Herminie

Petite HerminieEmeril onSaint BrieuxGorges

Ships usedSlide16

Route taken by


St. Lawrence River and Canada.

Map of region

Region discoveredSlide18

He found the St. Lawrence River and Canada.


They could die from diseases that the explorers gave them.

They could lose food because the explorers can steal their food .

Impact on American Indians of Region Slide20

The people could get wool and clothes that they needed.

The people could die from diseases and scurvy.

You should be kind and peaceful to the


ndians because it was their property first.

Recommendations for the kingSlide21

Jacques Cartier


Personal information about Cartier’s life.

Cartier was born in France.

One interesting

fact about

his life is that he kidnapped 12 Indians including the chief.

He was a mariner .Slide23

Jacques Cartier was sponsored to explore by France.Slide24

Route taken by


He wanted to find…. a passage to Asia, and land for France. Also he wanted to find gold.Slide26

The ships he used were

The Grande Herminie, The Petite Herminie, The Emerillion,


, The Saint-



The region discovered

The natural resources found there were fur, fish, and bark of the cedar tree.



He found Canada also claimed land for France and he found the Saint Lawrence RiverSlide29

Impact on American Indians

One impact was they were kicked of their own land

Another impact was some of them became slaves .Slide30

Recommendations for the king

The Benefits were there were lots of fish. The drawbacks are terribly cold winters.

How should we deal with native inhabitants if we decide to settle here? Share the land so no one dies or becomes slaved.Slide31

Jacques Cartier


Personal information

He was born in Saint Malmö, Brittany.


e was the first European to travel inland and clamed Canada for France.

He was a French navigator and explored North America.


….wanted to find

He wanted to find land for France and a passage to Asia.Slide34


Cartier was sponsored to explore by France.Slide35

The ships were called

the Grande and the Petite Herminie, Herminie and Amarillo and the Georges plus Saint Brieux.


Ships usedSlide36

Jacque CartierSlide37

He found bark, fish and cedar trees.

Region discovered…Slide38

He found land for Canada and the St. Lawrence River picture

Achievements Slide39

They were able to trade.

The American Indians died from diseases. They got to move to different lands. some got to be slaves.

Impact on American Indians of the regionSlide40

The good about it is that they have a lot of things we can trade.

The bad thing about it was that we would fight over land and water.

I think that we should make friends plus treat them like family.

Recommendations for the king