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The Conquest of New France
The Conquest of New France - presentation


Causes of the Conquest. The Rivals: Britain and France. In the 1700’s, . Britain and France. were the . major powers. in Europe. The . French. (Fre) wanted . control over Europe. The . English. (Eng) wanted .




BY Made in France
BY Made in France - presentation


Plus de puissance. Plus d’accélération / relance. Pédalage naturellement rond . - Moins de fatigue. Moins d’acide lactique. QUELS AVANTAGES VOUS OFFRE. UN PLATEAU OSYMETRIC ?. Au point mort l’effort du plateau Osymetric 52 dents est équivalent à l’effort d’un plateau rond 48 dents, tout en gardant le même développement qu’un 52 dents.

Les  Régions  de la France
Les Régions de la France - presentation


Les . Régions. de la France. Le Nord de la France. Île-de-France. - Paris. In Paris, the controversial modern glass pyramid in the Louvre courtyard was built in the late 1980’s by the Chinese-American architect I.M. Pei. Some feel that its modern style clashes with the Louvre’s classic construction..

New France:
New France: - presentation


Rivalry and Conflict. Constant Conflict. French were constantly involved in minor conflicts with several groups. The British . The Iroquois . Other Native groups . Most conflict was over territories, access to resources, and long term goals. .

French Revolution Pre-revolutionary France
French Revolution Pre-revolutionary France - presentation


French Revolution Pre-revolutionary France Problems in Pre-Revolutionary France Social Political Economic 1. Identify each of the figures from this cartoon below and provide your reasons why. 2. The title of this cartoon is “You Should Hope this Game Will Be Over Soon.” Who do you think

FRANCE BY MR. MARTINEZ - presentation


WWI. French allies during wwi . Triple Entente. France. Great Britain. Russia. French leadership during wwi. Raymond . Poincaré. . – President of France, 1913–1920. Georges . Clemenceau . – Prime Minister of France.

Absolutism in France Political Centralizatio
Absolutism in France Political Centralizatio - presentation


n. Louis XIV learned from the mistakes of Cardinals Richelieu and Mazarin. Ruled through councils composed of loyal ministers. Preserved regional autonomy except in Paris. Used the Palace of Versailles as propaganda.

CUE CARD QUESTIONS NEW FRANCE– Early 1700s - presentation


Cue Card . 31. . . What were the 3 social classes in New France? Who was in each class?. Cue Card . 32. . . Which group didn’t fall in any of the three classes? What did they do for work. ?. Cue Card .

Flying to France
Flying to France - presentation


Steve Morley. Housekeeping. Mobile . Phones – OFF PLEASE. 2 hours with . coffee break. Fire . Alarm and exits. Share experiences. Any questions please ask PROB90 deal with at break or end.. Flying in France .

Map Link: Religious Divisions in France during the Wars of
Map Link: Religious Divisions in France during the Wars of - presentation


. Religion:. <. http://. /. wps. /media/objects/262/268312/. . art/figures/KISH291.jpg. >. Sources of Tension in 16th c. France:. Relations of Valois kings with nobles and.

Absolutism in France
Absolutism in France - presentation


Chapter 2, Section 2: . Absolute Monarchy and France. Objective: Discuss and analyze absolutism in France. . Identify and describe key events and historical figures.. Key Terms and People: Huguenot, Saint Bartholomew’s Day Massacre, Henry IV, Edict of Nantes, Louis XIII, Cardinal Richelieu, Louis XIV, War of the Spanish Succession, Treaty of Utrecht.

Was the Crisis in France Unavoidable?
Was the Crisis in France Unavoidable? - presentation


Louis XVI. Problems in France. Marie Antoinette. Unemployment. Louis XVI. Louis XVI was immature and lacked self-confidence.. He wanted to be a good king and help his subjects, but he faced enormous debt and rising resentment towards the monarchy. .

lUNICEF France   lUNICEF France  Pourquoi adhrer LUNI
lUNICEF France lUNICEF France Pourquoi adhrer LUNI - pdf


LUNICEF France agit grce une quipe de salaris base au sige Paris et des milliers de bnvoles rpartis dans les comi ts dpartementaux En devenant adhrent vous soutenez notre projet associa tif et renforcez la reprsentativit de nos comits dparte ment

Let’s explore France!
Let’s explore France! - presentation


. France. P. hysical and Outline maps of France. The Regional Map of France. French FLAG. France – Quick facts. France is . the . third largest . country in Europe. It has the fifth largest population in Europe.

What adjective(s) would you use to describe this person?
What adjective(s) would you use to describe this person? - presentation


What about this man?. And him?. 1795-1799. Reign of terror over. Constitution of 1795 called for a 5 man directory to lead France. There was a bicameral legislature. Corrupt leaders who lined their pockets were leaving the French poor .

All About France
All About France - presentation


Bonjour!. Ca . va. ?. Salut. Ça. . va. . bien. Facts about France:. Capital City: . Paris. Population:.  66,259,012. Language: . French. Currency: . Euro. Area: . 210,026 square miles (543,965 square .

France and the Great Recession
France and the Great Recession - presentation


David S. Park , Kathrine M. Hagen, Marque A. Jones, Nicholas J. Hosler. Government Background. Semi-Presidential Republic (democracy). Executive Branch - President - Chief of State, Cabinet of Ministers.

NEW FRANCE - presentation


French Society . Role of the Church. The Church supported the Government by using its’ influence with the people. The church was influential because of its involvement in the lives of the people. One area we can see this is the belief in Gallicanism .

France Acrostic
France Acrostic - presentation


By: . Gianncarlo. Flores. Amanda Sargent. Avery Olsen. Sierra Brown. Maddie. Perry. euding. was forbade from the nobles by King Luis IX. He also forbade them to settle disputes by fighting duels. Most nobles minted their own money. .

FRANCE - presentation


F. rance is an independent nation in Western Europe and the center of a large overseas administration. It is the third-largest European nation after Russia and Ukraine. .. S. ince the 17th century, France has played a major role in European and world events. In the 20th century, it has experienced numerous crises, including the devastation of two world wars, political and social upheavals, and the loss of a large empire in Indochina, Algeria, and West and Equatorial Africa. It has, however, survived and emerged from the ruins of World War II to become an important world supplier of agricultural and industrial products and a major partner in the EUROPEAN COMMUNITY ..

New France Canada’s First Permanent European Settlement
New France Canada’s First Permanent European Settlement - presentation


Quick Review. Which French Explorer had previously tried to settle N.A.?. When?. What was the result?. Why did France turn its attention elsewhere for over 60 years?. Overview . 1607 A.D. . Colony of Jamestown established.

Tasting Note:  Bright salmon pink with fine bubbles and a pleasant mou
Tasting Note: Bright salmon pink with fine bubbles and a pl - pdf


France - presentation


By . katarina. . hangoniyova. Fun facts about France. The population in France is 60,876,000.. The capital city in France is Paris.. The area in France is about 551,500.. Currency in France is Euro..

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