Socialworkisaprofessionforthosewithastrong desire tohelpimprovepeopleslives
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Socialworkisaprofessionforthosewithastrong desire tohelpimprovepeopleslives

Socialworkers assistpeople byhelpingthemcopewithissuesintheireverydaylives dealwiththeirrelationshipsandsolvepersonalandfamily problemsSomesocialworkershelpclientswhofacea disabilityoralifethreateningdiseaseorasocialproblem suchasinadequatehousingune

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Socialworkisaprofessionforthosewithastrong desire tohelpimprovepeopleslives

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Socialworkisaprofessionforthosewithastrong desire tohelpimprovepeopleslives.Socialworkers assistpeople byhelpingthemcopewithissuesintheireverydaylives, dealwiththeirrelationships,andsolvepersonalandfamily problems.Somesocialworkershelpclientswhofacea disabilityoralife-threateningdiseaseorasocialproblem, suchasinadequatehousing,unemployment,orsubstance abuse.Socialworkersalsoassistfamiliesthathaveserious domesticconflicts,sometimesinvolvingchildorspousal abuse.Somesocialworkersconductresearch,advocate forimprovedservices,engageinsystemsdesignorare

involvedinplanningorpolicydevelopment.Manysocial workersspecializeinservingaparticularpopulationor workinginaspecificsetting. Child,family,andschoolsocialworkers ,2*vide 3*cial 3e2vice3 a(d a33i39a(ce 9* im,2*ve 9he 3*cial a(d ,3ych*l* ical fu(c9i*(i( *f child2e( a(d 9hei2 familie3 a(d 9* maximiAe 9he well-bei( *f familie3 a(d 9he academic fu(c9i*(i( *f child2e(/ They may a33i39 3i( le ,a2e(93, a22a( e ad*,9i*(3, *2 hel, fi(d f*39e2 h*me3 f*2 (e lec9ed, aba(d*(ed, *2 abu3ed child2e(/ S*me 3,ecialiAe i( 3e2vice3 f*2 3e(i*2 ci9iAe(3/ The3e 3*cial w*2ke23 may 2u( 3u,,*29 2*u,3 f*2 9he child2e( *f

a i( ,a2e(934 advi3e elde2ly ,e*,le *2 family membe23 ab*u9 h*u3i( , 92a(3,*29a9i*(, l*( -9e2m ca2e, a(d *9he2 3e2vice34 a(d c**2di(a9e a(d m*(i9*2 9he3e 3e2vice3/ Th2*u h em,l*yee a33i39a(ce ,2* 2am3, 3*cial w*2ke23 may hel, ,e*,le c*,e wi9h j*b-2ela9ed ,2e33u2e3 *2 wi9h ,e23*(al ,2*blem3 9ha9 affec9 9he 0uali9y *f 9hei2 w*2k/ I( 3ch**l3, 3*cial w*2ke23 *f9e( 3e2ve a3 9he li(k be9wee( 39ude(931 familie3 a(d 9he 3ch**l, w*2ki( wi9h ,a2e(93, ua2dia(3, 9eache23, a(d *9he2 3ch**l *fficial3 9* e(3u2e 39ude(93 2each 9hei2 academic a(d ,e23*(al ,*9e(9ial/ I( addi9i*(, 9hey add2e33 ,2*blem3 3uch a3

mi3behavi*2, 92ua(cy, a(d 9ee(a e ,2e (a(cy a(d advi3e 9eache23 *( h*w 9* c*,e wi9h difficul9 39ude(93/ I(c2ea3i( ly, 3ch**l 3*cial w*2ke23 9each w*2k3h*,3 9* e(9i2e cla33e3/ Child, family, a(d 3ch**l 3*cial w*2ke23 may al3* be k(*w( a3 child welfa2e 3*cial w*2ke23, family 3e2vice3 3*cial w*2ke23, child ,2*9ec9ive 3e2vice3 3*cial w*2ke23, *ccu,a9i*(al 3*cial w*2ke23, *2 e2*(9*l* y 3*cial w*2ke23/ They *f9e( w*2k f*2 i(dividual a(d family 3e2vice3 a e(cie3, 3ch**l3, *2 S9a9e *2 l*cal *ve2(me(93/ Medicalandpublichealthsocialworkers ,2*vide ,3ych*3*cial 3u,,*29 9* ,e*,le, familie3, *2 vul(e2able

,*,ula9i*(3 3* 9hey ca( c*,e wi9h ch2*(ic, acu9e, *2 9e2mi(al ill(e33e3, 3uch a3 AlAheime213 di3ea3e, ca(ce2, *2 AIDS/ They al3* advi3e family ca2e ive23, c*u(3el ,a9ie(93, a(d hel, ,la( f*2 ,a9ie(931 (eed3 af9e2 di3cha2 e f2*m h*3,i9al3/ They may a22a( e f*2 a9-h*me 3e2vice3, 3uch a3 meal3-*(-wheel3 *2 h*me ca2e/ S*me w*2k *( i(9e2di3ci,li(a2y 9eam3 9ha9 evalua9e ce29ai( ki(d3 *f ,a9ie(93 e2ia92ic *2 *2 a( 92a(3,la(9 ,a9ie(93, f*2 exam,le/ Medical a(d ,ublic heal9h 3*cial w*2ke23 may w*2k f*2 h*3,i9al3, (u23i( a(d ,e23*(al ca2e facili9ie3, i(dividual a(d family 3e2vice3 a e(cie3, *2 l*cal

*ve2(me(93/ Source: O*NETOccu,a9i*(al Ou9l**k Ha(db**k/ U/S/ De,a29me(9 *f Lab*2, Bu2eau *f Lab*2 S9a9i39ic3/ ;B1B-;B11 www/bl3/ *v7*c*7*c*3B6B/h9m
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Mentalhealthandsubstanceabusesocial workers a33e33 a(d 92ea9 i(dividual3 wi9h me(9al ill(e33 *2 3ub39a(ce abu3e ,2*blem3, i(cludi( abu3e *f alc*h*l, 9*bacc*, *2 *9he2 d2u 3/ Such 3e2vice3 i(clude i(dividual a(d 2*u, 9he2a,y, *u92each, c2i3i3 i(9e2ve(9i*(, 3*cial 2ehabili9a9i*(, a(d 9eachi( 3kill3 (eeded f*2 eve2yday livi( / They al3* may hel, ,la( f*2 3u,,*29ive 3e2vice3 9* ea3e clie(931 2e9u2( 9* 9he c*mmu(i9y/ Me(9al heal9h a(d

3ub39a(ce abu3e 3*cial w*2ke23 a2e likely 9* w*2k i( h*3,i9al3, 3ub39a(ce abu3e 92ea9me(9 ce(9e23, i(dividual a(d family 3e2vice3 a e(cie3, *2 l*cal *ve2(me(93/ The3e 3*cial w*2ke23 may be k(*w( a3 cli(ical 3*cial w*2ke23/ Administrators,plannersandpolicymakers O9he2 9y,e3 *f 3*cial w*2ke23 i(clude 3*cial w*2k admi(i392a9*23, ,la((e23 a(d ,*licymake23, wh* devel*, a(d im,leme(9 ,2* 2am3 9* add2e33 i33ue3 3uch a3 child abu3e, h*mele33(e33, 3ub39a(ce abu3e, ,*ve29y, a(d vi*le(ce/ The3e w*2ke23 2e3ea2ch a(d a(alyAe ,*licie3, ,2* 2am3, a(d 2e ula9i*(3/ They ide(9ify 3*cial ,2*blem3 a(d 3u e39 le

i3la9ive a(d *9he2 3*lu9i*(3/ They may hel, 2ai3e fu(d3 *2 w2i9e 2a(93 9* 3u,,*29 9he3e ,2* 2am3/ Trainingandeducation A bachel*213 de 2ee i3 9he minimum 2e0ui2eme(9 f*2 e(92y i(9* 9he *ccu,a9i*(, bu9 ma(y ,*3i9i*(3 2e0ui2e a( adva(ced de 2ee/ All S9a9e3 a(d 9he Di392ic9 *f C*lumbia have 3*me lice(3u2e, ce29ifica9i*(, *2 2e i392a9i*( 2e0ui2eme(9, bu9 9he 2e ula9i*(3 va2y/ Al9h*u h a bachel*213 de 2ee (BSW) i3 3ufficie(9 f*2 e(92y i(9* 9he field, a( adva(ced de 2ee ha3 bec*me 9he 39a(da2d f*2 ma(y ,*3i9i*(3/ A ma39e213 de 2ee i( 3*cial w*2k (MSW) i3 9y,ically 2e0ui2ed f*2 ,*3i9i*(3 i( heal9h

3e99i( 3 a(d i3 2e0ui2ed f*2 cli(ical w*2k a3 well/ S*me j*b3 i( ,ublic a(d ,2iva9e a e(cie3 al3* may 2e0ui2e a( adva(ced de 2ee, 3uch a3 a ma39e213 de 2ee i( 3*cial 3e2vice3 ,*licy *2 admi(i392a9i*(/ Su,e2vi3*2y, admi(i392a9ive, a(d 39aff 92ai(i( ,*3i9i*(3 u3ually 2e0ui2e a( adva(ced de 2ee/ C*lle e a(d u(ive23i9y 9eachi( ,*3i9i*(3 a(d m*39 2e3ea2ch a,,*i(9me(93 (*2mally 2e0ui2e a d*c9*2a9e i( 3*cial w*2k (DSW *2 PhD)/ A3 *f ;BB9, 9he C*u(cil *( S*cial W*2k Educa9i*( acc2edi9ed 468 bachel*213 ,2* 2am3 a(d 196 ma39e213 ,2* 2am3/ The G2*u, f*2 9he Adva(ceme(9 *f D*c9*2al Educa9i*( li39ed 74

d*c9*2al ,2* 2am3 i( 3*cial w*2k (DSW *2 PhD) i( 9he U(i9ed S9a9e3/ Employment S*cial w*2ke23 held ab*u9 64;,BBB j*b3 i( ;BB8/ Ab*u9 5 *u9 *f 1B j*b3 we2e i( heal9h ca2e a(d 3*cial a33i39a(ce i(du392ie3 a(d 3 *u9 *f 1B a2e em,l*yed by S9a9e a(d l*cal *ve2(me(9 a e(cie3/ Al9h*u h m*39 3*cial w*2ke23 a2e em,l*yed i( ci9ie3 *2 3ubu2b3, 3*me w*2k i( 2u2al a2ea3/ Em,l*yme(9 by 9y,e *f 3*cial w*2ke2, f*ll*w3: Child, family, a(d 3ch**l 3*cial w*2ke23 ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////;9;,6BB Medical a(d ,ublic heal9h 3*cial w*2ke23

////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////138,7BB Me(9al heal9h a(d 3ub39a(ce abu3e 3*cial w*2ke23 ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////137,3BB S*cial w*2ke23, all *9he2 //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////73,4BB Em,l*yme(9 f*2 3*cial w*2ke23 i3 ex,ec9ed 9* 2*w fa39e2 9ha( 9he ave2a e f*2 all *ccu,a9i*(3 9h2*u h ;B18/ J*b ,2*3,ec93 a2e ex,ec9ed 9* be fav*2able, ,a29icula2ly f*2 3*cial w*2ke23 wh* 3,ecialiAe i( 9he a i( ,*,ula9i*( *2 w*2k i( 2u2al a2ea3/ Source: O*NETOccu,a9i*(al Ou9l**k Ha(db**k/ U/S/

De,a29me(9 *f Lab*2, Bu2eau *f Lab*2 S9a9i39ic3/ ;B1B-;B11 www/bl3/ *v7*c*7*c*3B6B/h9m www/bl3/ *v7k1;7hel,B5/h9m