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Unit 2
Unit 2

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Unit 2 Instant Cash An Expository Essay Set A avowed bountiful congested enterprising gingerly glut incognito minimize veer wanton Avowed adj to declare openly and without shame acknowledged ID: 766140 Download Presentation


wanton avowed congested bountiful avowed wanton bountiful congested enterprising gingerly incognito minimize glut glutted giving contestants famous show computer

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Unit 2 "Instant Cash" - An Expository Essay Set A: avowed, bountiful, congested, enterprising, gingerly, glut, incognito, minimize, veer, wanton

Avowed (adj.): to declare openly and without shame; acknowledged Mike is an avowed fan of the New York Yankees. The governor publicly avowed that he would not raise taxes.

Bountiful (adj.): giving freely, generous; plentiful, giving abundantly On Thanksgiving Day Americans celebrate and give thanks for all our bountiful gifts. Legend says that somewhere in the Sierra Nevada Mountains a bountiful gold mine is hidden.

Congested (adj.): overcrowded; filled to capacity The highway was heavily congested after the accident. The pneumonia caused his lungs to be congested and filled with fluid.

Enterprising ( adj ): energetic; willing to try something new; bold and imaginative On the show Shark Tank , contestants must show enterprising ways to create and market new products. The enterprising kindergartners sold homemade lemonade from their front yard.

Gingerly (adj.): with extreme care or caution We gingerly crossed the olden wooden bridge. The chemist gingerly poured the dangerous mixture into the test tube.

Glut (v): to provide more than is needed; to eat or fill to the point of overstuffing Dan glutted himself with popcorn at the movies. A glut of oil lowers the price of gasoline. Contestants glutted themselves with Nathan's famous hot dogs.

Incognito (adj., adv.): in disguise; under an assumed name To avoid autograph seekers, the famous athlete entered the movie theater incognito. The escaped prisoner of war remained incognito in the city until he could be rescued.

Minimize (v): to make as small as possible; make the least of To minimize the risk of injury in a car, wear your seatbelt. Please minimize your computer screen to work on your presentation.

Veer (v): to change or shift course suddenly The monstrous hurricane veered out to sea to the joy of the shore towns. The truck driver veered to the left to avoid the speeding car.

Wanton (adj.): reckless, heartless, cruel, intentional Leaving your dog outside in the cold is a wanton act of cruelty. Your wanton misuse of the computer has damaged it beyond repair.

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