MATTER – Anything that has
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MATTER – Anything that has

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MATTER – Anything that has

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MATTER– Anything that has MASS and VOLUME.

MASS – The amount of matter in an object.

Basic Unit (SI unit) – kilogram , kg. Measuring Tool - Balance, Triple-Beam or ElectronicGizmo

Mass is commonly measured in grams

or milligrams


The weight of

an object can change ,

but the mass remains the same. (Ex: On the moon your weight is 1/6th of what it is on Earth)WEIGHT – The gravitational force (pull) on an object.Basic Unit (SI Unit) – Newtons, N

Measuring Tool – Spring Scale


VOLUME– The amount of space an object takes up.Basic Unit (

SI Unit) for

Liquids – Liter, l. Measurement Tool - Graduated Cylinder The curved surface of a liquid is called the meniscus.

Read at the BOTTOM of “the smile”.

Volume can be measured in milliliters (ml) or cubic centimeters (cc)


VOLUME– The amount of space an object takes up.

Basic Unit (SI Unit

) for Solids – Cubic Meter, m3. --To determine volume of a rectangular object: Length x Width x Heighth (LxWxH

)(Can also be expressed in cubic centimeters, cm3)


determine volume of


irregular shaped



Displacement Method

(the volume of water an object displaces)

The object

displaces 3 ml of water

. Since 1 ml = 1 cm


, the object has a

volume of 3 cm



LENGTH/DISTANCE – The measurement between two points.

Basic Unit (SI Unit

) – Meter, m Measurement Tool - Meter Stick, Metric Ruler, Metric Tape MeasureLength can be measured in centimeters and millimeters




K (zero Kelvin) is called absolute zero. Used primarily in researchNo degree symbol is used. Absolute zero is when there is no kinetic energy (atoms stop moving) and has never been achieved in a lab.Freshwater at sea level: Freezes @ 0 o C Boils @


– The average kinetic energy of an object.

Basic Unit (

SI Unit







Measurement Tool -



Dimensional Analysis– Converting from English to Metrics, and vice versa.-P. 708 in Glencoe

Introduction To Physical Science textbookExample: 1) 6 miles equals how many kilometers?

6 miles x 1 km = 9.68 km 0.62 mi 2) 1 kg equals how many ounces?1 kg x 1 # = 1 kg2.2 # 16 oz 35.2 oz16 oz x 2.2 # = 35.2 oz 1 # 1 kg 1 kg or


--Because many numbers used by scientists are so large, they use scientific notation to make working with these numbers easier. -- P. 709 in Glencoe Introduction to Physical Science


Example: 1,000,000 = 1.0 x 106 0.000055 = 5.5 x 10-5