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Thinking Creatively

SCAMPERSCAMPER was created by Robert F. Eberle in the early 1970s (based upon Alex Osborn’s 83 brainstorming questions). SCAMPER is based on the idea that everything new is a modification of something that already exists. Each letter in the an initialism (or acronym) represents a different way you can play with the characteristics of the existing idea or design.


Thinking Creatively

SCAMPERS: SubstituteC: CombineA: AdaptM: ModifyP: Put to Other UsesE: EliminateR: Rearrange


Thinking Creatively

S: SubstituteWhat else can be used instead of what you’ve got?Are there newer materials or alternative materials that could be used in this design?Is there a different way of using the design than originally intended?Is there a different approach or process that can be used?Can I change the people who are making this or using it?Can I change the name or description of the design?


Thinking Creatively

C: CombineHow can you bring together what you’ve got?Is it possible to combine different materials (e.g. In the form of an alloy)?Is it possible to combine this design with an existing design to form something new?Is it possible to merge this approach or process with another one?How can I combine the skills of the people who are making this or using this design?Can I alter the design so that it combines several different functions in the same design?


Thinking Creatively

A: AdaptWhat else is like what you’ve got?Is it possible to find something that is similar but is used in a different context?What other fields should I look at for inspiration?How can I adapt the existing approach or process to make it a better design?How are the people who are using this design adapting it for their circumstances?Is there anything in my past experience that can be used in this case?


Thinking Creatively

M: ModifyWhat can be bigger or smaller in what you’ve got?Can you magnify or minimise the whole design or some parts of the design?What can I modify to make the design better?How can I modify the approach or process that can be used to realise this design?Would the design be improved by making any part of the design weaker or stronger?Who else should be involved in making this or using the design?Would multiple instances of the design be better?


Thinking Creatively

P: Put to Other UsesHow can use in different ways what you’ve got?What else can this design be used for?Can the design be changed so that it is used for things other than originally intended?Can the approach or process used in this design be used for other processes?How would different kinds of people (including different ages, sizes and disabilities) use it?Are there times, other than the time this design is intended to be used at, at which the design can be used?


Thinking Creatively

E: EliminateHow much can you remove or reduce what you’ve got?What parts of the design can be eliminated to simplify it?Can the design be split into different parts that are simpler to deal with and substitute?Are there steps in the approach or process that can be eliminated?Are there people who are making this that can be eliminated from the process?Is there a temporal element to the design that can be eliminated?


Thinking Creatively

R: RearrangeHow can you change the order of what you’ve got?Is there a way that cause-and-effect can be swapped around in this design?Can the design be turned upside down or sideways in development or usage ?Can I rearrange steps in the approach or process in some way?Can I change the order in which people contribute who are making this or using the design?Can I change the schedule of development for this design?









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