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SECURITY PREPAREDNESS PROTOCOLSActive Shooter (single/multiple attackers)Telephone Bomb ThreatsSuspicious Items (Improvised Explosives)Suspicious Mail Items & Parcels (incl. Biohazard Materials)Increased Threats (Local & Global)


Active ShooterOne or more individuals enter a premises and attack people randomly.The attackers will continue until they are stopped or run out of ammunition.Possible motives: Political ideologiesVengeance towards a specific person or institution, mental


Family/social disputes related to people working in the targeted area, etc. Lockdown:

Hide in a room, turn off lights, lock & block doors, silence everything and everyone.2Slide3

3 How do we know an incident is happening?You may hear Gunshots, People yelling and running everywhere… Slide4

4What to do?If you CAN EVACUATE safely:Leave everything behind and calmly evacuate to the nearest exit.

Once outside make your way to the predetermined safe gathering area. If you do not have a designated area -

MOVE AWAY from the building and out of sight as fast as possible.

If you cannot see the building, no one in the building can see


5Who to trust? If you see the Police:stay calm and do not jump at themensure your

hands are empty and visible FOLLOW POLICE INSTRUCTIONS

Police officers will be suspicious of everyone!Slide6

6What to do if you cannot evacuate safely?LOCKDOWN:If you are located in a room with a door, and ONLY if it is safe to do so, quickly open the door and look for innocent bystanders in the corridor and bring them in for shelter.Close and LOCK

the door and b

arricade it if possible (use furniture, cabinets, etc.)Slide7

Lockdown ProtocolCover any internal windows facing the corridor.Indicate how many people are with you and your room/office number on a piece of paper and tape it to a window facing the street.

Ignore the fire alarm - unless you see

obvious signs of fire in your immediate surroundings.

Ignore any external instructions.If you see the Police, STAY CALM. 7Slide8

8Lockdown ProtocolSilence everything (cell phones, music, etc.)Silence everyone – try and calm people and tell them that help is on the way – no talking.Tell everyone to

lay down on the floor away from the door, in a blind spot, behind furniture if possible.Slide9

Who to trust? Is it over?The Police first priority is to neutralize the threat.Dealing with injuries and evacuation is secondary.If you are not sure about leaving your hiding spot, ask them to provide ID and take your time.


Quick SummaryYou hear gunshots, people yelling and running everywhere… Leave everything behind, if possible calmly evacuate to the nearest exit. Get as far away from the building and make sure you can’t see it. If you can’t evacuate, hide in a room, turn off the lights, lock & block doors, silence everything & everyone. Notify 911 of the situation.

If the fire alarm rings, ignore it unless there are real signs of fire.

What to do when the police arrive?

Stay hidden or on the ground and don’t move.Tell them where you are, name yourself, don’t gesture abruptly and keep your hands visible and empty.FOLLOW THEIR INSTRUCTIONS.


Getting ready…


Telephone Bomb ThreatsTypically delivered by telephone or other telecommunication means. Recurring factors:The caller

has definite knowledge that an explosive device is present

The caller has no knowledge of any explosive device on site, but wants to create an atmosphere of anxiety and panic.

What to do: Learn and use the Bomb Threat Report



Telephone Bomb Threat Report13Slide14

Telephone Bomb Threat Report14Slide15

Any item that is delivered directly or via a 3rd party and that may contain unsafe materials. Objective: to install a controlled screening process to safely handle all incoming mail/items from the moment they arrive into our environment up until they are opened by the designated recipient - while minimizing any associated disruptions. 15Suspicious MailSlide16


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