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Introduction Overview amp Events APRS is a registered trademark of Bob Bruninga WB4APR APRSIS32 Introduction overview amp events Getting Started wAPRS APRS Infrastructure Getting Started wAPRSISCE32 ID: 541327 Download Presentation

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Introduction,Overview,& Events


is a registered trademark of Bob


, WB4APRSlide2

APRSIS32 – Introduction, overview, & events

Getting Started w/APRSAPRS InfrastructureGetting Started w/APRSISCE/32KJ4ERJ-Authored APRS ClientsUsing APRSIS32 in Events



APRS – what is it?

A tactical, real-time information sharing system using standard protocolsDeveloped by Bob Bruninga

WB4APR around 1992Supported by several major radio manufacturers (Kenwood, Yaesu

, Alinco)Useful for both emergency operations and standard day-to-day operations

An example of highly successful integration of RF and Internet


Kj4erj – Who is he?

From the APRSISCE Wiki: http://aprsisce.wikidot.com/kj4erj-storyMagazine article in the (19)70s – Likely AX.25Licensed in 2008 thanks to KJ4DXK, W4WCQ, W4SGCFun with GPS,

GeoCaching, and Digital Speedometer (from KJ4DXK)APRSISCE on Windows Mobile – August/September 2008

APRSIS32 on Windows Desktops w/OpenStreetMaps – August 2009APRSISMO on Android – August 2013

And now, ready to dive straight into the deep end?Slide5

Getting started with aprs

CALLSIGN-SSIDSSID RecommendationsPath RecommendationsSlide6

Station ids – callsign-ssid

Up to 6 Character CALLSIGN2 (Alpha)Numeric –SSID-00 should be expressed as just CALLSIGN-00 through -15 inclusive required for RF (AX.25) usage-XX or Anything goes on the APRS-IS (or non-AX.25 RF)

Yaesu APRS Radios cannot message with non-AX.25 –SSIDsEach

concurrently operating “thing” needs a unique –SSID!No matter if hardware or

software or anything in betweenSlide7

-SSID Recommendations


Boats, sailboats, RV's or second main mobile


Primary Mobile (usually message capable)


Internet, Igates, echolink, winlink, AVRS, APRN, etc


Balloons, aircraft, spacecraft, etc


APRStt, DTMF, RFID, devices, one-way trackers*, etc


Weather stations


Truckers or generally full time drivers


Generic additional station,


, mobile, wx, etc


Your primary station usually fixed and message capable


Generic additional station, digi, mobile, wx, etc


Generic additional station, digi, mobile, wx, etc


Generic additional station, digi, mobile, wx, etc


Generic additional station,


, mobile,





Other networks (Dstar, Iphones, Androids, Blackberry's etc)


Special activity, Satellite ops, camping or 6 meters,




talkies, HT's or other human portableSlide8

Additional -SSIDs

INTERNET-ONLY RecommendationsSome APRS-IS Servers don’t pass SSIDs > 2 charactersjavAPRSSrvr per Pete Lovell, AE5PL


PSK63 HF stations


APRS TouchTone users (DTMF)



- A- Z

D-Star (That’s <space>A through <space>Z)Slide9


AX.25 Compatible-0 TH-D74 + APRSISCE/32 Monitor-1 APRSIS32 IGate (w/-7)-7 OT2m w/HT-11 D700 Mobile-12 APRSISMO on Cell Phone


ISS/PSAT Object injector

APRS-IS Stations

-AP APRSIS32 Usage Monitor

-AL APRSIS32 Full Feed

-TS APRSISMO Test Instance

-LS Lightning Strike Object injector

-TD The Energy Detective



-E1/E2/E3/E4 ESP8266



S1 ESP8266 Server Remote Reset




Aprs infrastructure – The RF Side

Digipeaters – Digital RepeaterFixed & Mobile StationsSimplex range ~½ FM voiceDigipeat Duplicate Detect

Partially broken in D700/D710!UIFLOOD vs UITRACE




Aprs-IS infrastructure – The Internet Side

RF meets the InternetIGates feed APRS-IS ServersServers distribute globallyNot “smart”, just a packet relayRealtime, no buffering, no storage

Duplicate Suppression – Cannot use APRS-IS to evaluate RF coverage!Messages & “Courtesy” Posits gate back to RF – And sometimes more!Slide12


Service request for digipeatersBetween Src>Dst and :PayloadCan be empty for simplex only!NOGATE or RFONLY

TCPIP* or TCPXX* (obsolete)

RELAY,WIDE – ObsoleteWIDEn-N (New Paradigm)





-N (State-wide Coverage)


Explicit CALLSIGN-SSIDSlide13

getting started with Aprsisce/32

APRSIS32.ZIP - http://aprsisce.wikidot.com/downloads Not an installer! Just unzip into a newly created empty directory.But NOT in a Windows Protected one (not Program Files…)

First activation prompts for Client ConfigurationOnly needs MyCall-ssid

When the world map appears, zoom and panClick Transmit when desired QTH is found – DONE!Slide14

Authenticated APRS – Passcodes

From http://www.aprs-is.net/Connecting.aspx (Emphasis their’s)It is the responsibility of each software author to provide the proper passcode to their individual users on a request basis.

This is to aid in keeping APRS-IS restricted to amateur radio use only.From

http://aprsisce.wikidot.com/doc:passcodeIf you are new to APRS or do not remember your APRS-IS passcode, please send an e-mail to 



a passcode. Make sure you include your name,


, and the fact that you need a passcode for 


Please do not use or promote web-based APRS-IS passcode generators!Slide15


MyCall-ssid & PasscodeRange – See more stations!Add Filter – Advanced topic, see http://www.aprs-is.net/javaprsfilter.aspxComment – Visible to the worldCheckboxesConfirm On Close

Restart On AboutSlide16

SmartBeaconing – A bit of background

http://www.hamhud.net/hh2/smartbeacon.htmlInvented by Tony Arnerich KD7TA and Steve Bragg KA9MVA in 1998

The main goal of SmartBeaconing is to talk only when there's something useful to say

Distance traveled since last beaconHeading change since last beacon (known as "corner pegging”)Slide17

Configure / GeniusBeaconing™

http://aprsisce.wikidot.com/en-geniusbeaconingCompare actual GPS position to forecasted last beaconBeacon if error exceeds thresholdAlso allows distance & time-based beacons

Hear also: http://tinyurl.com/Guidance-Genius Slide18

Configure / Beacon

Selects components to include in position beaconsAlso where you specify path for RF portsWhy is handy for debugging!After Transmit is good for mobile, non-GPS stationsLike a laptop instance on a road trip!Have we mentioned symbols yet?Slide19

Aprs symbols

Selection from a standard set of symbolsNOT a bitmap transmitted over the air!Slide20

NWS Weather alerts

Weather on 12/9/2016Slide21

Configure / nws-shapes

Supports NWS alerts highlighting portions of the map (t/n)Shapefiles sometimes change, get the latest from…http://wa8lmf.net/aprs/get_nws_shapefiles.htmhttp://




irenet.us carries them allSlide22

NWS WARNINGS (potentially life threatening)From http://wa8lmf.net/aprs/get_nws_shapefiles.htm

As of mid-July 2009, the original WXSVR that injected the NWS alerts into the APRS Internet System to make the NWS shape file feature work shut down.  A replacement  server, AE5PL-WX, is now online providing this service. Shapes and symbols for severe weather WARNINGs should appear on maps just as

before, however the operator of the new weather server has opted to vastly reduce the volume of traffic inserted into the APRS Internet System.  This is to reduce the local radio channel congestion when these bulletins are retransmitted on RF.  AE5PL-WX only transmits 

WARNINGS (severe weather actually in progress) but not the ALERTS and WATCHES sent by the old server. 

As a result, you will never see the yellow ALERT areas and orange WATCH areas that formerly appeared on


maps. Only the far less numerous red 


 shapes will appear, and for shorter periods of time.  Slide23

NWS watchesFrom

http://wa8lmf.net/aprs/get_nws_shapefiles.htmUPDATE AS OF SPRING 2011:   Another source of the NWS alerts, that duplicates the full feed of the original WXSVR is now available.   "FireNet" is a separate server system operating in parallel with the standard APRS-IS.  It provides the full APRS-IS feed, plus hundreds of other objects of interest to SAR groups, disaster incident commanders. EOC managers and others. 

FireNet includes earthquake epicenters, forest fires, stream and river water gauges, and

 the full NWS weather feed.Just insert  firenet.us



 into your APRS software server login setup, instead of a "normal" APRS server.   In


, this would be added to the APRS server list in the "APRS Server Setup" dialog by using the keyboard "Ins" (Insert) key and entering   


  and then checking the box to enable the new entry..  The standard port 14580 

user-defined filter commands

 work on



details on


are here:  http://info.aprs.net/index.php/FireNetEd Note: firenet.us should NOT be used on an IGate as the primary APRS-IS connection!Slide24

Configure nws / New Office…

Specify your local NWS office for alerts (p/)* (literally a splat or asterisk) for all officesSee http://aprs-is.net/wx/ for more detailsMLB Covers the following Florida counties:

Brevard, Indian River, Lake, MartinOkeechobee, Orange, OsceolaSeminole, St. Lucie, VolusiaSlide25

Other config options

Status - Optional Status ReportsAliases – Advanced Path detectionAltNet – Selective ToCall Reception (u/)Companions

DX – Distance Reception TriggersMap – Select an OSM-compatible tile sourceMessages – Allow reception of other station’s messagesSlide26

Other config options

Metric – For non-Imperial units usersMic-E Notifications - http://aprs.org/aprs12/EmergencyCode.txtObjects – Add additional information to the global or local APRS map

Overlays – Add routes and lines to the local mapPorts – Configure additional Ports (like RF)

Save Posits – Restart with known station informationScreen – (De)Select various screen componentsScroller

– Control the packet



Screen menu options

Dead Reckoning – Forecast mobile station positionFilter Circle – Dangerous at low zoom levels!Tracks – Where they’ve been vs where they’re goingAutoZoom View – In/Out/AllBrightness – Bright or Dim, No effect at 100% opacity!Left/Right Arrows control map opacity

Direction Finding – Yes, APRS can be used to plot fox hunts!Slide28

Screen / Paths / appearance

Only valid for RF-fed stationsShow RF hops to/from stations in near real-time


very nicely

in conjunction with



Screen menu options

Follow / Find – One of my most-used options!Labels – Additional options!Nicknames – Change the way you see stationsPHG Range Circles – show repeater coveragePreferred – set/recall default screen size/centerTile Set – Select active map tile setSlide30


Override what you see vs what was transmittedOptionally override displayed symbolLabel replaces callsign-ssidEven non-enabled Comment override can specify !Shriek!s

Color is the track colorCan automatically MultiTrack stations!

Transmit will issue TACTICAL messages in a future releaseSee http://www.xastir.org/wiki/Search_and_Rescue,_(SAR


in the





(Scroll down just a piece)Slide31


!text! Included in comment (or nicknamed comment)Uniquely seen !shriek!s in View / ShrieksFilters the map for events!R4R! – Ride for Ronald!CTC! – Cycle the City

!SN! – Skywarn Network (origination of my idea)

Segues nicely into View…Slide32

View – Filter (and count) the map view

ALL vs NONE – Unckecking ALL is not the same as NONENicknamed – Another way to control visibilityRF selects Direct, Local, 3rd Party

Transport is RF vs IS and Digi/IGateEchoLinks

– Fetches from their serverGeoCaches – Loads a PocketQuery


b/ t/n o/ t/t t/u s/Slide33

View / Platforms

Very Informative from a full feed!Determined from:http://www.aprs.org/aprs11/tocalls.txthttp://aprs.org/aprs12/mic-e-types.txt

Other “hints”u/ Slide34


APRSISCE/32 makes messaging easy!EMail via the EMAIL-2 gatewayAnnouncements supports CQSRVR and ANSRVRAuto-Reply – Not really recommendedBulletins!W4MCO: :0 Ready for check ins for the OCARES NetSlide35

APRS messaging chat

Choice of IS, RF, or BestOptional AckUses Reply-AckDecaying Interval RetryMulti-line auto-word wrap

See also





Right Click Coordinate menu

Destination – soon to support:Waypoint (destination) a RED dot showing intended destination. Usesspecial processing to draw a line from a mobile to his destination. Thiswas proposed 5 Jan 2004

Current shows distance and bearing to current destination

Objects, and Shapes, and MultiTracks – Oh MY!Slide37

Have I mentioned MultiTracks?

Up to 15 Windows, realtime updatedGreat for watching High Altitude BalloonsClose-Up Segments of an eventFamily driving around townOr just to fill up your screen!Slide38

And much more!

RF Ports – Instant IGate if APRS-IS is also availableMultiple APRS-IS feeds (CWOP Ports)NMEA GPS PortsNMEA Interleaved from TNCAbout version check and updateDevelopment version for late-breaking (and sometimes broken) features

See http://aprsisce.wikidot.com/ for more!Slide39

KJ4ERJ-authored APRS Clients

APRSISCE/32 – Windows and Windows Mobile Client (APWWxx APWMxx)APRSISMO – Android MOAI Client (APWAxx)ESP8266 NodeMCU

/lua (APZESP)When all you have is a hammer…Slide40

APRS Experimental – apzxxx

APZTED – The Energy Detective – KJ4ERJ-TDAPZLUA – ESP8266 – KJ4ERJ-E*, KJ4ERJ-S1, KJ4ERJ-HPAPZLUA – Also KJ4ERJ-LS Lightning Strikes and ZonesAPZMOW – KJ4ERJ-RBSlide41

APRSISMO (currently)

MOAI Cross-platform development environmentAndroid – KJ4ERJ-12Windows – KJ4ERJ-LS, KJ4ERJ-TSLinux (untested)iOS (untested)Coded in lua, a scripting language


APRS event usage

Select a !Shriek!Course mapsRest StopsSituational AwarenessDramatic reduction in voice trafficLocation CommunicationObjects on the mapSlide44

Select a !shriek!

Any short text delimited by !xxxx!Suggest NOT 3 characters (!DAO! Uses W and w)And NOT !SN! (Spotter Network)Include in Station commentsInclude in Object comments and possibly NamesCan provide locally via Nicknames

Click station / Configure Nickname








Course maps – aka overlays

Organizer-provided GPX filesConfigure / Overlays / Add GPX File…Add Longest/Widest route firstAddition order is draw orderContrasting Colors, Reducing Widths














Dark Green



7Dark Cyan5Dark Blue3Slide46

SIMPLIFYING gpx complexity

http://tinyurl.com/GPX-SimplifyTarget 150 Nodes, 200 if necessaryIssue is rendering performance vs accuracyZoom in on tightest/confusing part of course

Drag the slider back and forth until it looks goodSlide47

2017 Tour de cure gpx simplification

101 Mile Route

3730 Nodes

200 Nodes

Looks pretty good, right?Slide48

2017 Tour de cure gpx simplification

101 Mile Route148 Nodes

100 Nodes

And even these look pretty reasonable?Slide49

2017 Tour de cure gpx simplification

101 Mile Route100 Nodes

128 Nodes

Until you zoom in on the complex Northern end…Slide50

2017 Tour de cure gpx simplification

101 Mile Route152 Nodes

170 Nodes

Getting closer to hitting that turn, but not quite.

And these squiggles are pretty rough.Slide51

2017 Tour de cure gpx simplification

101 Mile Route194 Nodes

208 Nodes

We got the turn tight enough.

But the squiggles still need helpSlide52

2017 Tour de cure gpx simplification

101 Mile Route208 Nodes

224 Nodes

OK! We got that pretty tight finally.Slide53

2017 Tour de cure gpx simplification

101 Mile Route224 Nodes

246 Nodes

But oh, what a torturous set of turns we have here!Slide54

2017 Tour de cure gpx simplification

101 Mile Route300 Nodes

336 Nodes

Working our way to hitting all these turns.Slide55

2017 Tour de cure gpx simplification

101 Mile Route350 Nodes

386 Nodes

It takes 386 nodes to get that parallel street turn resolved.Slide56

2017 Tour de cure gpx simplification

101 Mile Route170 Nodes

386 Nodes

Looks about the same from this level, but having zoomed in, we know we need the increased detail.Slide57

2017 Tour de cure gpx simplification

10/25 Mile routes10 Miles 807->114 Nodes

25 Miles 1,717-> 200 Nodes

The same zoom on that NE detail landed us at 200 nodes


That little in-and-out loop required the detail here.Slide58

2017 Tour de cure gpx simplification

50/63 Mile routes50 Miles 2,346->250 Nodes

63 Miles 2,744-> 278 Nodes

The same NE complexity drove up the node count of these two routes as well.Slide59

Sample gpx overlays

Ride for Ronald

2017 Tour de Cure

But that last one has something missing…Slide60

Rest stops as objects

Center on the Location and Zoom in for AccuracyConfigure / Objects / Create (at screen center)RMB / Coords / Create Object HEREPublish EARLY, Assists out-of-town supportDon’t forget your !shriek!

Also supports UI-View-style *.LOC filesBut these are local view only

2017 Tour de CureSlide61

Situational awareness

View / Shrieks / !Yours!May need nicknamesMultiTracksWith the new “Always On TopZoom in and out as neededSuggest main window as “working” windowNot all features are available in


Location communications

Mobiles will move on their ownSingle click on station to see beacon ageCreate an Object – RMB/Coords/Create Object HereUse Bib Numbers, not NamesBeacon frequency & Path & Checks

Don’t forget your !shriek!Kill Object when Complete – Click/My Object/KillNot all APRS clients honor kills

aprs.fi only times-out objectsSlide63

Distance estimates

Center on one pointBring up Station Info popup on second stationSee FromCtr: in textZoom/Size until second point is on circleNumber in lower left is radius of the circleSlide64

Missing station on map?(or how to label your sags)

Probably didn’t configure !shriek!View / AllClick on stationSelect Configure Nickname from popupFill in label (SAG-3 or whatever)Put !yours! In (unchecked) comment

Uncheck View / All and station should remain visibleSlide65


Set all of your objects to “Kill”APRSIS32 will automatically disableIndividually delete GPX overlaysScreen / Labels / Nicknames / Delete All (n)Important to delete before setting up the next eventDuplicate nicknames for a single station gets confusingSlide66


There’s no such thing as a stupid question unless you’ve asked it before and are expecting a different answer.Slide67

A question for you!Naming challenge…

APRSISMOAPRSISDR/WN/LX/IO depending on platformlynxa or LynXAlynxac or LynXAC

aprslync or aprslynx