Understanding VMware Consolidated Backup W H I T E P A P E R VMwar Unders tanding VMwar Co ns idated B ck up Contents Introduction PDF document - DocSlides

Understanding VMware Consolidated Backup W H I T E P A P E R  VMwar Unders tanding VMwar Co ns idated B ck up Contents Introduction PDF document - DocSlides

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1 What is VMware Consoli dated Backup Detailed Architecture VMware Consolidat e ID: 22425

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Presentations text content in Understanding VMware Consolidated Backup W H I T E P A P E R VMwar Unders tanding VMwar Co ns idated B ck up Contents Introduction

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Understanding VMware Consolidated Backup W H I T E P A P E R
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VMwar Unders tanding VMwar Co ns idated B ck up Contents Introduction ................................................................................................................... .1 What is VMware Consoli dated Backup? ................................................................... Detailed Architecture ................................................................................................... VMware Consolidat ed Backup Operation ....... ........................................................ Configuring VMware Consolidated Backup ......................................................................................... ............................. Backing up Virtual Mach ines .................................................................................................... .................................................. Restoring Vir tual Machines ..................................................................................................... ..................................................... Troubleshooting ............................................................................................................ References ..................................................................................................................... ..
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VMwar Unders tanding VMwar Co ns idated B ck up Introduction ual ma ch ines ha ve b come a cr ical pa o ma da ta cent ers Mor an d mor pr uc tion ap plica ions ar e run in vi uali d en vi nmen ts . e ne ed to p ote t th ese vir ual mach ines running the pr oduc tion ap plica ions agains t da ta loss is ur gen . VM war I frastruc tur pr ides man diff t capabi liti es t a hi ev e this obje iv stomers use backup metho olo ies alr ady depl ed in ph ysical infrastruc tu to pr otec t vir ual machines . r so me en vir nments , this s lution is sufficient. Ho f r the vast major of cus omer insta llin a d main taini g ba ckup sof war a ts insi de a vir ual ma ines ad ds managemen t o er hea . is solution i also di ffi cu lt to s ale in consolida ed en vir nments in 24x7 da ta centers as ba ckup windo s shr nk and pe orman e r qui em ts be come stringen t. gen ral a ent bas d ba ckup can b pr oblemati c r en vir nments wh er e s eed of ba ckup and ease of man gemen of the backup i frastruc tur ar e cr ical . VM war C nsolidated Back up off rs a super or data pr ot ec tion solution f r vir ual machines . nsolida ed Backup en hances th e a ilit y of backup sof wa to tak fast and effi cien t backups of the vi ua l machin es . off rs a flexi le solu tion offloadin the ba ckup w load fr om pr oduc tion ESX S er hosts to pr y ser ers is paper explai ns ho w the C nsoli ated Ba ckup technolo gy helps in imp ementin a eff iv e dat pr on solution in y ur da ta cen . What is VMware Consolidated Backup? VM war C olida Ba ckup is th e p ef err d me thod of pr tin your vi ua l ma chin es in a VM war infrastru tu en vir nmen t. C nsolida ed Backup off rs an easy wa y to offlo d the backup load to the backup pr y ser er . e ESX S er components of C nsolidated Back up ar e pr eins talled on each E SX S er ho st, so no s rat ins alla tion is neces ar y on the s er side . C nso ed Backu sof i stalla tion is r quir ed on ly on the p y s er . All m jor ba ckup v ndor s full y suppo t usin g C olidated Back up to pr ot ec t vir ual machines . nsolida ed Backup off rs man benefi ts f r pr ec ti ng vir l ma chines in a VM war astruc tur en vi nme t. es e in clude x Offloading ba ckup w rkl from pr odu tion ESX Se er hosts and consol idating it on one or more dedicated backup proxy servers x Reducing ad ministrative overhead by centralizing ba ckup ma nagement on the backup proxies and eliminating t e need for backup agents on each virtual machine x Elimin ating th e need for a b ckup window by le veraging VMFS snapshot technology for bac up x Eliminating network traffic on the network by back ing up virtual machines over the storage ne twork x Allowing efficient incremental backups of virtual machines (file-level backup only) x Allowing online backup of virtual ma chines (file-level and image backup) x Integrating with current backup softwa to back up virtual machines nsolida ed Backup is par of the war fras truc tur sui e of pr uc ts . VM war ESX S er is a pr odu tio -pr ven vir uali za tion la yer run on ysica ser ers tha abs rac s sour ces to b pr isioned to multip le vir ua l ma chi es , as sho n in gu 1 ESX Ser u es th e VM ua l Machine S st em f st orage o vi ual ma chine . is high per orman e fil s st em is optimi d to s or e lar e fil s su ch a vir ual machine disk i ages Intr oducti 1
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VMwar Unders tanding VMwar Co ns idated B ck up files . Each vir ua l ma chine co ntains one or mor disk i ages . Wh en an adminis ra tor tak s a sn ap shot of a vir ual ma chine on the E SX Ser er host, a point in -ti e cop of th e vi ua l machine is i stan taneou sly cr eat nsolida ed Backup accesses this s napshot to back up the vir ual mach ine re re I re a re Another imp an t element of VM wa frastru tur is VM wa ualC en ualC enter manages th e ESX er hosts an d vi ua l ma chin es runnin o them. ualC en ter is used to manage and r por on th e sta e of a ll the vir ua l machines . men ioned abo C nsolida ed B ckup can int gra ed with a ll ma r thir d-par y ba ckup sof war to pr ide a no ndisrup e backup solu ti on. Backup sof war in a C nsolida ed Backup en vir nment continu s handle ba ckup schedu ling , po an d the data mo ment bet een pr y s er an d secondar y stora C olida ed Ba ckup enab les backup sof war to automa te th e task of ma ng vi ua l machine dis images a labl e to th e pr y ser f r backup . 2
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VMwar Unders tanding VMwar Co ns idated B ck up Detailed Architecture nsolida Backup takes th e snaps ot of the vi ua l ma chin e disk f les a d mak it aila ble t the pr y s er f ba ckup . Bef cr eatin the s napshot, C nsolida B ckup flush s the transi nt wr es in th e gu est op era in g sys em an d suspen ds an y fu r wr ites f r a f w seconds in or der to cr ea te a crash consist nt vir ua l ma chi e ima re re Co at B a re Once th e sn apshot is taken, a s para ph ysi al machine th e backup p y mou ts the vir ual mach ine disk ima e as i i w a loca ll y a tta ch ed volu me so a ba ckup agen t ru nning on the pr y ca n r an d b ck up the lume , as sh n in F gur 2. When mak an ima le l backup of the vi ua l machine C nsolida ed Backup expor s th e vir ual mach ine disk im es to the p y ser er . e ba ckup sof war the backs up these ima files nor ally . nsolida ed Backup a sup or ts b ckup of vi ual ma chine disks tha us e R w Devi ce Map ing or RDM, which allo ws L Ns to b dir ly atta che to th e vi ual ma chine RDMs ar e used b ap plica ions tha need di a cess a ra w disk , usually r thir d-par y SAN mana gement sof war in pera bili . C nsolida ed Ba ckup su or ts RD Ms configu ed in vir ual compatibili y mode . r mor inf ation on RDMs , see the VM re SAN C nfigur atio n Guide . e C nsoli ed Backu pack e is insta lled on a pr y s er . is s er must be ab le to a cess all SAN Ns on which vi ua l ma chin es r si de an d i mus be able to communica e wi th the ualC en ter Management Ser er . A men ioned ea ier C ns olida ed Backup uses th e VMFS snapshot fu nc tiona it y o VM war frastru tur cr ea a cop of a vi l ma chine e bigges t advan e o this metho is tha vi ual ma chines ar e online and w ing while th e b ckup is tak ng pla Also th e ba ckup da ta is acc sse d on the s ora net ork not on the pr od uc tion net or so the backup operation is less disrupti ve . Detail ed Arch tectur 3
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VMwar Unders tanding VMwar Co ns idated B ck up e C nsoli Backu sof h s t o comp onents: a UN driv er a , dep in g on the backup sof war you ar e using an in ion mo dule . e VL UN dr iv er en ables moun ting of vir ual mach ine snapsho s on the pr y s er , manages sn ap shots an d mak s th e mo unted dr iv e aila ble f r backup . All major ba ckup sof war sup or ts C nsolida ed Backup . S me v ndo s utiliz e integ ation mod les to integ ate with t e Consolid ated Ba up d iver . A f w ve nd ors have e en t ghter integ ation R ther than using in tegration modu les they us e an API tha p ides access to nsolida ed Backup fu nc tions r mor inf ation on in tegra ion mo dules s ee th e r es sec ion a th e en d of this pape gur 3 sho s th e compon en ts of a C ns olida Bac up solution u ili ing int gration modules C mp one ts o VM C ns ol idate Bac e f llo win s eps tak place when you ba ck up of a vi ua l machine with C nsolida ed Ba ckup: 1. Backu is in itiated on the p oxy server either by the ba ckup schedul r or ma nuall . The backup agent installed on t e proxy serv er makes a cal to the integration m dule to initi te the Con ol idated ck up back up. 2. The Consolid ated Backup integration m dule us es the s ce v ua m chi es info rmatio n to communicat with VirtualCenter to initiate the backup with the comm and. 3. The command takes a point-in-time snapshot of th e virtual machine. All file-system buffers in the guest ope ating system are flushed t commit wr ites to the file system. Optionally, application- specific agent can be used to quie sce the applic ations . For more inf rmation on the proces sin g that happens before and after the snap sh ot is taken, see the Virtual Machine Backup Guide . 4. The entire pr ocess of takin snaps ots l sts only a fe w seconds. ites are res med after the snap shot is created. All future writ es go to a spe ial file, called a delt a disk fil . This p oces s mainta ins th e state of the Detail ed Arch tectur 4
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VMwar Unders tanding VMwar Co ns idated B ck up file as a point-in-time copy of th e virtual mac ine. The file repre ents the stat e the virtual machi e was in wh en snap sh ot was created. 5. A block l st of this fil is created a d sent to th e Con olidate Backup proxy servers VL UN driver. A snap ID, which uniquely identifies the sn ap sh ot, is created and sent to th e proxy server . Backup Infor ation is updated with the snap ID an d used by the proxy server for processing the backup. 6. Using the block list inf rma ion, the VLU driver presents a read-only drive to the proxys Wind ows operating system. For imag e-based backups, full virt ual machine images are presented as files to the proxy server. 7. The backup software agent then moves the data from this read-only drive or image file to the secondary storage for ex ample, a tape library. 8. After backup data movement is complete, the Con olidated Backup integration module un-m ounts the drive and the snaps ot is removed b consolid ating the delta di sk data into t e .vmdk file. Detail ed Arch tectur 5
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VMwar Unders tanding VMwar Co ns idated B ck up VMware Consolidated Backup Operation Configuring VMware Consolidated Backup VM war C olida ed Ba ckup is a li censable f e of VM war fras tru tur . C nsoli ed Backup pr ram fi les ar e pr eins talled on the E SX Ser er host, a d no specia l installation or configu atio n is necessar on the ESX S er hos itself . e C nsoli ed Backu sof a d in teg ati n module a e ins alled o the pr y ser er . gur 4 sho s the insta lation on th pr y s er . e soft war is a ailab f r do wnloa fr om the VM war b sit or fr om th e VMwar frastruc tu ins allation CD -ROM. re 4 re Co at s wa re i e pr y se er is t pi ca ll y a ph ysica host conn d to th e S N wher e th e vi ua l ma chines a e stor ed . pr y ser er is also on th e same net or k as ua lC ent r an d ur main ba ckup ser er . e b ckup sof a en t is i stalled on the pr y ser er . r mor detai ed in ation on the confi uring th e p y ser , s ee the ual Mach ine B ckup G . r you ha ve confi ur ed the p y ser er , confi ur e th e ba ckup sof war and its i ion module to with th e nsolida ed Backup so ft war . Mor de tails on co nfigurin g th e backup sof war an d in tegratio n modules can be f un d in the do cu menta ion f r your backup sof wa . me ba ckup v ndors pr ide full UI integ atio ns tha e imina e th e ne f r do wnloa ing an y scripts is pr id es the best user perien ce an d is the p od uc t dir ion tha VM war encoura es . r mor inf ation on backup sof war tha w s with C nsolida ed B ckup , s ee the Ref nces sec ion a the en d of this paper an d f llo th e link f r the C nsolida ed Backup an d in tegratio n modules VMwar Co ns idated B ck up O eratio 6
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VMwar Unders tanding VMwar Co ns idated B ck up nsolida ed Backup is no w configu ed to b ck up the vi l machines . No special configuration is r quir ed o vir ua l ma chines to p ote t th em, but you sho ld ins ll th e la tes rsi n of VM war ools in the vi l machines . Ba ckin g up V rt ua l Ma ch ine u can b ck up vir ua l machines wi th C nsoli ed Backup mor easi ly cr ea tin a schedule using your b ckup agent. A r you cr eat the s dul , th e b ckup agent w rks with the nsolida Backup usi g the in ation mo du le pe orm th e ba ckup , f ing the s eps outlined in the detailed ar chi ec tur sec ion. Backup admi nistra tors no ally use the ba ckup sof war inter ace to init iate or mod fy e backup . th e vi ua l ma chine to b pr otec ted is running an a plica ion th at needs special quiescin g s eps C nsoli ed Backu allo ws you to run s s inside th e vir ual mach ines bef and a r ba ck ing the up . Using th ese s ripts u can pr m appli n quiescin g bef the backup and unquiescin g af ter th e ba ckup . Dependin g on the backup sof wa you use ther e ar e man f atur es a ailable f r back ing up vir ual mach ines . Ref r to your backu sof cumen ion f r d tai s on the f es i ov ide The d ad on t re site l st s C ol id ated Ba up in tegr at ion modules th ar e a ailab e f r do wnlo ad (see th e Ref nces sec ion a th e end of this p per f r the URL) . Re sto in g V ua l Ma ch in es e easies t wa y to r sto e a vir ual machine is use th e n w VM war p oduc t VM war C er VM war C r off rs an eas wa y to r or e th e vi ua l ma chine to the ESX Ser h st of your choice fr om a C nsolida ed Ba ckup i age lev l backup . VM war con er r s a C nsolida ed Ba ckup i age lev l backup of th e vi ua l ma chine a d cr ea tes a vir ua l ma chi e at th e destina ion you speci y on the E SX Ser er host. u can set su ch optional p rameters as a ne w IP a dr ess or por oup f r th e sto ed vi ual ma chine is mak s it ex tr eme y eas r co vi ual machin es fr om th e backups u ev en ha th e optio of r orin g a vir ual m chine dir f om the pr y ser to the clus ter and mak ng i pa of a r sour ce pool of ur choice . a ll th e ab e cases war C er r or the vi ua l machine an d r st ers i with the ualC en te r ser er gin the host or clus te you ha ve cr ea ted an image level ba ckup of th e vir ual mach ine using a ool other th an nsolida ed Backup b up gra g to th e lat st 3 x rsio n of ESX er f r example using ESX er 2 5 u can r sto e that ima e using th e VM war C er too r mor inf ation on this pr ess see the VM war C er r us er manual . en though VM war C r off the easies t st e pa th other wa ys of r oring om nsolida ed Backup ba ckups ar e ailable as ll . r a mor thor ou gh discussion o r or e options s ee the ua l M chine Backup Gui . VMwar Co ns idated B ck up O eratio 7
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VMwar Unders tanding VMwar Co ns idated B ck up Troubleshooting is sec ion outlines eff e metho s f r i en tifying some common er rs associa ed with usin g re Consol id ated Bac up Bef y u ar t tr oub es ooting C nsolidated Back up: x Verify that all prerequisites are met. x Verify that the configuration meets the storage and networking re quirements for all ESX Server hosts, VirtualCenter, and the prox y server. Th V re fr tr uc Bas c System A ministr tion guid e pr ides de tai s on set in g up net or ng on the E SX Ser er host a d on settin g up lC ent Setti g up sha ed s orage is essential f r nsolidated Backup . Mak sur th e nsolida ed Backup pr y ser er can access Ns th at h ld VM war VMFS datas or es . r mo inf n on SAN configura ion see th e SAN nfigur ation Guide . s ia ggi ng u ili y is pr ided wi th the C ns olidated Backup sof war . utili y is a ndo s pr ogram tha collec th e SAN inf n as seen fr om the pr y ser er . is inf ation is a good star ting p int to det rmine wheth r your s ora e is pr operl con igur ed . When the war fras truc tur sof war r por an er various logs ar e upda ted wi th dia nosti i ation. Backup agen t lo gs on the pr y s er ma y also contain inf ation use ul in d agn sing e ror Th ou tput fi le can contain vi tal inf ation to help nar w the s ope of dia nostic in ves igations . u can in cr ease the v rbosit y l l of ou tput r dia nos purposes b a ddin the pa rameter to the comman d lin used back up th e vi ua l ma chine as sho n belo is comma nd genera tes output including inf ation mess ages tha ar e v us efu in dia nosing pr oblems . snapshot pr oblems ar e r po ed i the output, one place to look f r additional inf ation is the ESX er hos on which the vi ua l ma chin e is running . On th e ser e console ch k an d . es e lo g fi les a e in the di or A speci l pu rpose scrip pr ided on ESX Ser collec and pack es a ll le va nt E X S er s em and confi ura ion inf ation an d ESX er log files is inf ation ca n be used to ana lyze the pr ob lem you a e encoun ter an d to r the bug to VM war ppor t en gi neers References r mor in ep th techn cal in ation on VM war frastru tu , s ee http://w .vm ar com/vmtn r VM war i frastruc tur do cumen ation, in clu ing the la tes har dwar e compatibi it y list a d lease no tes see http :// www .vm ar com/sup or t/pubs/ i_pubs .html do wnloa the VM war C nsolida ed Ba ckup p ck age an d i teg ation modules see http://w .vm ar com/do wnload/ i/dr ers_to ols html Troublesho otin g 8
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