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2 o build your team, increase client growt
o build your team, increase client growth and loyalty, develop your customer service; all designed to develop highly successful, progressive business.TIGI is about opportunity and developing talent. Hairdressers can expand their knowledge and experience through one of our education development programmes.Naturally, TIGI brands play an important role in TIGI Education, providing a greater understanding of styling and nishing, colour techniques and haircare to enhance your hairdressing and colouring skills, as well as increasing retail potential. “To stay ahead and constantly progress in today’s competitive world, hairdressers must never stop learning. This is why TIGI’s long-standing philosophy is to share everything we do as soon as we do it, to inspire and motivate other hairdressers.” Anthony Mascolo TIGI ACADEMIESREGIONAL AND IN-SALON EDUCATIONTIGI INSPIRATIONAL YOUTHTIGI SHOWS AND EVENTSTIGI INTERNATIONAL CREATIVE TEAMSESSION TEAMCOLLECTIVE 67 TIGIONLINE “Imagery is what I’m about. Having launched INFRINGE two years ago, I wanted to take inspiration from the energy and buzz it created and deve

3 lop a more educational, hairdressing spe
lop a more educational, hairdressing specic platform that is no less inspirational and creative. FUSE is an ongoing story of our work, but importantly allows us to push what we do to the next level, collaborate with like-minded hairdressers, share insights and ideas and keep hairdressers across the globe constantly informed.”Anthony Mascolo TIGI FUSE is an exciting new online platform enabling you to benet from always-on information, created to constantly take your work to the next level. TIGI Founder Anthony Mascolo has always believed in elevating the professionalism of hairdressers through creative and technical progression. With TIGI FUSE, he and his team are able to share inspirational creative concepts, new cutting and colouring techniques, educational ideas and trend-led innovations as soon as they are created. From collaborations with other professional hairdressers to trend-led features, stories from TIGI’s heritage and step-by-step education for you and your team to view when you want, TIGI Fuse showcases the best of hairdressing created by you and us.JOIN THE CONVERSATIONFor further education and inspi

4 ration, access our range of education vi
ration, access our range of education videos on our TIGI YouTube channel, or tune into our social media sites for the latest news and creativity from the TIGI International Creative Team and our salon partners. /TIGIProfessional /TIGIprofessional /TIGIPro/tigiprofessionals 89 LONDONLed by Anthony Mascolo, the UK Creative Team shares the very latest ideas as they emerge from this creative hub. Cutting, colouring and styling courses inspire hairdressers at all levels, whilst session courses utilise information and ideas taken from backstage experiences at fashion weeks.NEW YORKLocated in Manhattan’s SoHo, this great space perfectly lends itself to artistic expression. VP of Education and Creative Director of TIGI Americas, Thomas Osborn, has worked closely with Anthony for many years and as a key player in the TIGI International Creative Team, works on global hair show and TIGI Collections.TAIPEITIGI’s education centre for Asia is led by Ralf Boss and supported by TIGI APAC Creative Director, Gen Itoh. The Academy links closely with the London Academy ensuring the latest concepts and techniques are shared.A

5 close relationship with Italian hairdre
close relationship with Italian hairdressers is part of the soul of TIGI. The London-based Creative Team regularly visits Milan, supporting the TIGI educators with the delivery of all courses as they are developed.Discover more about our global education academies and learning centres at TIGI Fuse.Since Anthony Mascolo opened the rst TIGI Academy in London 2006, further academies have opened globally, with education being carried out locally to support TIGI salons in their marketplace. ACADEMIES MILAN TAIPEI LONDON NEW YORK 1011 RIGHT COURSE IS VITAL It’s important to choose the right course, ensuring each of your team receives the correct training for their needs and can immediately utilise new knowledge and ideas when they return to your salon.If you are unsure which course to select for your team members or yourself, please talk to us. You can speak to your TIGI Account Manager, Regional Education Specialist or one of our TIGI Education administrators, who will be happy to support you in creating the optimal development journey for you and your salon team.To help you select the right course at a glance and understand t

6 he key benets of each class, refer
he key benets of each class, refer to our course format key.FOUNDATIONEssential skills and understandingMinimum of two years as a qualied hairdresserNew startersReturning to hairdressingNew to subjectINTERMEDIATEDeveloping techniques and knowledgeMinimum of three – ve years as a qualied hairdresserFundamental knowledge of Some practical hairdressing experienceWould like to improve skills and gain condenceADVANCEDInspiration and creativityMinimum of ve years as a qualied hairdresserTechnically and creatively advancedLooking for inspiration and motivationBuilding craftsmanship and artistry CUTTING & STYLING EDUCATION FUNDAMENTAL COLOUR MODERN CLASSIC CUTTING GRADUATION SKILLS COLOUR EDUCATIONFUNDAMENTAL COLOUR MODERN CLASSIC COLOUR CUTTING & STYLING EDUCATION COLOUR EDUCATIONCORRECTIVE COLOUR FREEHAND PAINTING CUTTING & STYLING EDUCATIONCREATIVE CUTTING COLOUR EDUCATIONCREATIVE COLOUR CREATIVE CONSULTATION EXPERT 12 FUNDAMENTAL CUTTINGMODERN CLASSIC CUTTINGGRADUATION SKILLSMEN’S FOCUSSESSION HAIR STYLING EDUCATION 1415 MODERN CLASSIC FUNDAMENTALAn ideal introduction to fundamental cuttin

7 g techniques. Improve your condence
g techniques. Improve your condence and basic cutting skills through a hands-on workshop, and learn how to apply them to your daily salon work.COURSE OVERVIEWPractical workshops with head-blocks to build condenceEssential TIGI product knowledgeStep-by-step approach to improve skillsSUITABLE FORNewly qualied stylists wanting to improve fundamental techniques FOUNDATION1 DAYLONDONTHEORY, DEMO & WORKSHOP Learn the fundamental principles of creating any classic shape, essential for all salon work. This course covers the four key elements to the perfect haircut: parting and sectioning, distribution, elevation and cut. COURSE OVERVIEW Demonstrations and practical workshops on head-blocks to build cutting condence Practice in fundamental precision and transient cutting Product knowledge and selection to perfect styling and nishingA focus on TIGI methodology and terminologySUITABLE FORNewly qualied stylists wanting to learn classic techniques, or any hairdresser looking to refresh their classic skills. FOUNDATION4 DAYSLONDON27-30 JANUARY27-30 APRIL26-29 OCTOBERTHEORY, DEMO & WORKSHOP 1617 FOCUSDevelop your men

8 ’s cutting skills with a range of c
’s cutting skills with a range of classic and advanced techniques, including scissor over comb, clipper cutting, and texturising. Discover the latest trends in men’s fashion and styling, and learn how to translate them into wearable looks for your male clientele. COURSE OVERVIEWLive model demonstrationsPractice how to advance and personalise classic techniquesInsight into seasonal men’s trends to update your workStyling and nishing techniques through product selectionSUITABLE FORQualied hairdressers wanting to improve their men’s cutting and styling with trend-led techniques. GRADUATIONAn integral part of TIGI Classics, this course focuses on how to build weight within a haircut, while understanding the importance of face shape, density, growth pattern and proportions. Learn the theory of graduation cutting with expert technical breakdown of techniques.COURSE OVERVIEWWhen and how to use graduation techniquesTechnical precision, balance and consistent resultsCondence in core graduation cutting techniquesCorrect hand and body positioning Knowledge of TIGI methodology and terminologySUITABLE FORQuali

9 ed stylists with some knowledge of
ed stylists with some knowledge of classic techniques wanting to refresh their graduation cutting skills. Prior completion of TIGI Modern Classic Cutting FOUNDATION3 DAYSLONDON26-28 MAYTHEORY, DEMO & WORKSHOP INTERMEDIATE2 DAYSLONDON2-3 MARCH9-10 NOVEMBERTREND REPORT, DEMO & WORKSHOP 1819 OUR HERO PRODUCTS FOR HEALTHY HAIRSOS EXTREME RECOVERY TREATMENT & BOOSTER TREATMENTS Compromised hair? It’s never a problem for our TIGI Copyright heroes. Up to 28 different options from only 5 products, you can create a truly bespoke treatment plan for every client.PERFECT THE SERVICES YOU OFFER With a focus on classic long hair dressing techniques, progress your styling and nishing to create on-trend ideas your clients will love. Learn how to create a variety of looks, inspired by fashion and editorial hair but translated for salon hairstyles through to show work. COURSE OVERVIEWInsight into the latest season’s trends and how to adapt for the salonHands-on workshop to practice long hair dressing, styling and nishingNew techniques for salon work, shoots and eventsLearn to master the nished look through an interactiv

10 e photo shoot experienceSUITABLE FORExpe
e photo shoot experienceSUITABLE FORExperienced hairdressers with an interest in fashion and editorial hair, looking to develop their styling and hair-up skills. SESSION ADVANCED3 DAYSLONDON19-21 OCTOBERTREND REPORTDEMO,WORKSHOP & PHOTO SHOOT 2021 Every day, in every salon across the world, classic cutting and colouring techniques provide the basis for many of the hairstyles created for clients. Recognisable, easy to wear, and suited to most people’s face shapes, lifestyles and individual image, the ability to perfectly execute these looks is paramount to the hairdresser. Anthony Mascolo and the TIGI International Creative Team constantly review their work to update their global education and provide hairdressers with new ideas and techniques. Now, considering what today’s hairdressers need to create exciting looks to update their techniques, the TIGI International Creative Team have together developed the Modern Classics collection.“Modern Classics is a new way of delivering TIGI’s fundamental and creative education, giving knowledge and information for every step, level and stage of a hairdresser’s career

11 . We’ve added emerging trends, new
. We’ve added emerging trends, new ideas and techniques to inspire and support all hairdressers and colourists.Hairdressers beginning their career journey will be inspired by our new informative content, while more experienced hairdressers will be able to re-evaluate previously learnt ideas and update fundamental techniques to appeal to today’s clients. Importantly, the advanced knowledge and progressive techniques will allow you to identify with the vision, lifestyle and image of contemporary clients, taking them from classic to creative looks.TIGI Modern Classics is about ‘forward-thinking’ and reappraisal. It’s classic, but dressed for your clients today.”Anthony Mascolo CLASSICS Access the full Modern Classics education at tigifuse.comor attend one of our Classic, Transition or Creative courses. 0102030405060708 CLASSICS TO CREATIVE 22 COLOUR EDUCATION TRANSITION CUT & COLOURCREATIVE CUT & COLOUR 2425 CUT & COLOURCREATIVECUT & COLOURInspiration is key to being a successful hairdresser. In this popular cut and colour course, discover the latest creative work from the TIGI team. Using an advanced app

12 roach, you will develop skills to give e
roach, you will develop skills to give exciting, contemporary and creative results your clients will love.COURSE OVERVIEWCut and colour inspiration through live model demonstrationsNew, on-trend techniques and formulas to push your creative workUnderstanding of how to create the total look through cut, colour and styling SUITABLE FORExperienced hairdressers looking for inspiration and new progressive techniques. Prior completion of Transition Cut & Colour is recommended.Focusing on the progression from classic to advanced techniques, this course helps you create commercial haircuts and colours for your clients. Through live model demonstrations, understand how colour can enhance the cut. COURSE OVERVIEWLearn commercial techniques through choice of cut or colour workshopsUnderstanding how colour complements haircutsHair analysis, consultation and correct product choiceSuitability and personalisation of cut and colour for each clientSUITABLE FORQualied hairdressers wanting to develop their technical skills. Prior completion of Modern Classic Cutting or Colour advised. INTERMEDIATE2 DAYSLONDON23-24 JUNEDEMO, CUT OR COLOUR WORKSHOP

ADVANCED2 DAYSLONDON25-26 FEBRUARY29-30 JUNE3-4 AUGUST29-30 SEPTEMBERDEMO, CUT OR COLOUR WORKSHOP 26 COLOUR EDUCATION FUNDAMENTAL COLOURMODERN CLASSIC COLOURCORRECTIVE COLOURFREEHAND PAINTINGCREATIVE CONSULTATION EXPERT 2829 FUNDAMENTALCOLOURMODERN CLASSICCOLOURFocus on the essential techniques that form the foundation for all salon colour work. Build your expertise in key colouring techniques, from classic through to progressive, including highlighting, toning, block colouring, freehand and new growth application. Using your new skills, you will be able to achieve quick, classic and commercial looks for every client.COURSE OVERVIEWIn-depth colour theoryDevelop classic technical skills through demonstrations and practical workshopsColour analysis to identify suitable shadesClassic and commercial techniquesSUITABLE FORNewly qualied hairdressers or colourists want to refresh their classic skills.Focusing on fundamental colour theory, product knowledge and basic practical work, this course has been created for all colourists wanting to improve their essential technical skills and gain condence in using TIGI’s colour po

14 rtfolio. COURSE OVERVIEWFundamental colo
rtfolio. COURSE OVERVIEWFundamental colour theoryEssential application techniques through practical workshopProduct knowledge across TIGI Copyright ColourColour Consultation and hair analysisSUITABLE FORNew colour starters or advanced colourists who are new to TIGI Copyright Colour. FOUNDATION1 DAYLONDON6 OCTOBERTHEORY, DEMO & WORKSHOP FOUNDATION4 DAYSLONDON9-12 MARCH21-24 SEPTEMBERTHEORY, DEMO & WORKSHOP 3031 PAINTINGDive into the artistry of freehand painting. In this course you will gain condence and a deeper understanding of how to apply classical freehand painting and its eects. Learn how to progress and bespoke balayage techniques to create salon viable results for use in your everyday colour work.COURSE OVERVIEWUnderstanding of classic techniques through live model demonstrationsBreakdown of key trending freehand techniquesCustomise lightening techniques through practical workshopAchieving the right results using TIGI’s lightening portfolioSUITABLE FORIntermediate to experienced hairdressers wanting to gain more knowledge and inspiration on this constantly evolving, popular service. CORRECTIVECOLOURBuild your c

15 ondence and learn a simplied a
ondence and learn a simplied approach to tackle any salon colour correction service. Understand how to perform a corrective hair assessment, client consultation and achieve great results using TIGI Copyright Colour.COURSE OVERVIEWColour correction theoryCorrective services using TIGI Copyright ColourSimple lightening and pre-pigmenting techniquesSUITABLE FORIntermediate to advanced colourists looking to refresh or gain new corrective skills. Prior completion of Fundamental Colour required. INTERMEDIATE1 DAYLONDONDEMO & WORKSHOP INTERMEDIATE1 DAY LONDON1 JULY4 NOVEMBERTHEORY, DEMO & WORKSHOP 3233 CREATIVE CONSULTATIONEXPERTLearn how to elevate your colour services and eectively communicate colour change with every type of client. Building on the skills and knowledge learned in Creative Consultation, this advanced approach focuses on how you can personalise a colour to suit any client, with the most attering tones for their complexion, style COURSE OVERVIEWCommunication ideas for enhanced client consultationsCreating attering shades for every clientUnderstanding of how seasons aect colour techniques and p

16 alettesCreative intermixing of TIGI Copy
alettesCreative intermixing of TIGI Copyright Colour during live model workshopsSUITABLE FORAdvanced colourists looking to develop their consultation services. Prior completion of Creative Consultation required which is available with your Regional Education Specialist. ADVANCED2 DAYSLONDON15-16 SEPTEMBERCONSULTATION THEORY & MODEL WORKSHOP GO LIGHTER & BRIGHTER WITHOUT COMPROMISEPHOTOGRAPHED IN LONDON, UK TIGI Copyright Colour introduces True Light Freestyle BlonderThis NEW innovative high performing freehand lightener will become your new favourite blonding partner.Formulated with Clay and Mineral Oil, it provides a perfectly controlled application and achieves up to 7 levels of lift in only 40 minutes. The TIGI exclusive Anti-Breakage Arginine Complex helps to maintain the hair integrity during the lightening process for healthier, brighter blondes without compromise.Visit for further information and freehand education. 34 REGIONAL& IN-SALON EDUCATION BUSINESS CUT, COLOUR & STYLING 3637 Overcome the word ‘upselling’ and increase your potential salon prot with the TIGI Copyright Care system. Unders

17 tand how you can set goals for you and y
tand how you can set goals for you and your team and, importantly, how to achieve them.Experience a hands-on TIGI Copyright experienceDiscover how you can set and achieve your goalsLearn ways to increase prot with TIGI CopyrightOvercome the fear of upselling services and retailFind out more about the TIGI Copyright Care system. Through role-playing exercises, attendees have the opportunity to experience a fully personalised consultation and TIGI Copyright back bar treatment.Learn how to increase service value with the TIGI Copyright Care rangeThorough TIGI Copyright product knowledge and treatment ritualsAvailable as a hands-on, real time support for salons, using Copyright treatments on clientsWe believe education is key to growing a successful salon business and its team. To support you in building your business, we have designed a range of courses to arm you with the skills, knowledge and ideas to boost client loyalty, increase salon revenue and retail, and create the perfect client journey.Supported by TIGI Copyright, the perfect partner for professional salon services, our aim is to inspire and motivate so you can boost yo

18 ur prots and create services that w
ur prots and create services that will keep your clients coming back for more.For more information on how we can help you grow your business, please speak to your TIGI Account Manager or Regional Education Specialist.Discover TIGI Copyright Care, the perfect, personalised hair care range for professionals only. In this short course, learn how to use the TIGI Creative Consultation approach to diagnose and recommend customised treatments to meet every client’s healthy hair needs.Understand how to use the TIGI consultation tools as part of your serviceIn-depth product knowledge on the TIGI Copyright Care range Learn how to restore your client’s hair to virgin strength with our miracle SOS Extreme Recovery Treatment 1 DAYTHEORY & WORKSHOP SALON SUPPORT (UP TO 4 HOURS) HALF DAYTHEORY & WORKSHOP THE COPYRIGHT COPYRIGHTYOUR SERVICESCOPYRIGHTYOUR REVENUE BUSINESS THEORY ONLY75 MINUTES THEORY & DEMONSTRATION 3839 Use, create, recommend and retail. Experience a full immersion into TIGI product knowledge, giving you the condence and knowledge to successfully use and cocktail products in your salon. Learn how to identify yo

19 ur clients’ care and styling needs,
ur clients’ care and styling needs, and how to select the correct products for their hair type and personal style.In-depth knowledge of TIGI wash and care and styling productsCocktailing techniques to get the latest looksTips for recommending and retailing TIGI productsMake TIGI Copyright Colour work for you. Take an in-depth look into our versatile colour range with a hands-on experience, allowing you to work smarter, not harder.Essential colour theoryProduct knowledge of TIGI Copyright ColourIn-depth hair scienceDiscover the foundations of the perfect blow-dry. Learn a variety of styles and how to approach them from beginning to end, using the right tools and products. Essential blow-drying techniques, from preparing to nishing hairSkills to create volume, movement, and smooth and sleek looks Achieving the perfect nish for every clientGain condence in your basic cutting skills. Learn key fundamental cutting techniques and understand the step by step approach to achieving them in your salon.Fundamental techniques such as natural inversion and classic bob cutsTIGI terminology and methodologyStyling inspiration an

20 d product knowledgeWe realise it is not
d product knowledgeWe realise it is not always possible for you to attend a course at a TIGI Academy so we oer a range of in-salon and regional cut, colour and styling education courses that bring TIGI Education to you.Speak to your TIGI Account Manager or TIGI Regional Education Specialist to plan your training programme. CUT, COLOUR PRODUCTFOCUS BLOW DRYFUNDAMENTAL FUNDAMENTALCOLOUR 1 DAYTHEORY, DEMO & WORKSHOP HALF DAYTHEORY & WORKSHOP FROM 2 HOURS UP TO HALF DAYINTERACTIVE THEORY 1 DAYTHEORY & WORKSHOP COURSE BRIEFCustom Coverage focuses on one of the top salon services: white coverage. Gain knowledge, skills and condence to achieve anything from blending eects to uniform coverage results.Colour theory of non-pigmented hair and how to best address its needsProduct selection for desired coverage eectCOURSE BRIEFExperience in-salon colour education in real time. A TIGI education specialist will spend a day with you and your team to guide and advise on consultation, product choice, formulation and technique.Colour choice and product usageConsultation skillsAddress challenging hair colour scenariosCOURSE BRIEFDri

21 ve your colour business with the Creativ
ve your colour business with the Creative Consultation approach. Create bespoke salon services through hair and complexion analysis, and by identifying clients’ individual styles.Analysis of clients’ hair care and colour needsHow to customise clients’ colours by assessing skin tone, complexion and eye-levelCreative intermixing of TIGI Copyright ColourCOURSE BRIEFAn experimental and hands-on experience, allowing you to fully explore the entire TIGI colour portfolio through a live workshop session.Achieving white coverageBlonde results with high-lift seriesVibrant reds using demi and permanent rangeDiscover freehand painting techniques, essential to the salon blonding services. From balayage to baby-lights, learn how to achieve the perfect blonde result on any hair type.Theory on lightening hairCommercial freehand application techniquesProduct knowledge of TIGI Copyright Colour lightening portfolioTake your highlighting services to the next level. Build condence in this area of your work through product knowledge and theory, and develop your technical skills to create the perfect look for your clients.Lightening an

22 d highlighting theoryCommercial highligh
d highlighting theoryCommercial highlighting techniquesProduct knowledge of TIGI’s hair colour lightening portfolio CUSTOMCOVERAGE CREATIVECONSULTATIONESSENTIALDISCOVERYDAYPAINTINGSALON HALF DAYTHEORY & DEMONSTRATION1 DAYTHEORY & WORKSHOP 1 DAYREAL TIME SUPPORT 1 DAYCONDENSED THEORY & WORKSHOP1 DAYFULL THEORY & WORKSHOP HALF DAYTIGI COPYRIGHT COLOUR OVERVIEW & WORKSHOP1 DAYTHEORY & WORKSHOP HALF DAYTHEORY & DEMONSTRATION1 DAYTHEORY & WORKSHOP HALF DAYTHEORY ONLY1 DAYTHEORY & WORKSHOP 42 TIGI EDUCATION LEARN THE RULESBREAK THE RULES 4445 INTERNATIONALCREATIVE TEAMTIGI International Artistic Director, Anthony Mascolo, rmly believes in the power of the team. Leading this creative group, many of whom have worked with him for over a decade, Anthony has inuenced each member to constantly progress. Together, they share their own vast experiences With their combined salon and session experience, the team is involved in many aspects of TIGI from new product innovation and testing, to creative conceptual development, the creation of new collections and show material and most recently, content creators for TIGI FUSE.As educators

23 , they take pleasure in welcoming you to
, they take pleasure in welcoming you to TIGI Education, whether in person, at a show, or digitally, ensuring you benet from the information you receive and of course, enjoy the experience. “By hairdressers for hairdressers.” PAT THOMASAKOSJOSHUAPIERO Trained by the TIGI Creative Team, Regional Education Specialists deliver world-class education directly to salons. The rst point of contact for salons, they link closely with the sales, education and marketing teams ensuring communication with salons is rst-class.Focused on giving all-round business support, the Regional Education Specialists work in intimate salon environments, as well as in TIGI Global Academies, seminars and TIGI shows.Your Regional Education Specialist can help you develop a personalised education plan, so why not arrange a meeting. REGIONAL EDUCATION SPECIALISTS ANNE AARON EVIE GARETH HALEY JOHN PAUL KATIE LUCY RYAN 4849 COLLECTIVESESSION TEAM The important role of this exclusive group of educators, extends the reach of the TIGI Creative Team, ensuring salons have frequent access to TIGI Education. The committed and highly trained team

24 members are local hairdressers wishing
members are local hairdressers wishing to excel in their craft with a passion for TIGI Education.Under the guidance of local and regional education leaders the TIGI Collective shares valuable TIGI product brand knowledge, including TIGI Copyright colour. The highly valued team shares the development of the TIGI brand and cultivates TIGI experts within salons.For further information please email: uk.collective@tigi.comSelected by the TIGI Creative Team, the TIGI Session Team works backstage at global fashion shows and have the opportunity to develop and progress their skillset, beyond their salon work. Selection of team members is based on their ability to work under pressure, and their skills and knowledge of classic dressing hair.For further information please speak to your TIGI Account Manager or email: 5051 INSPIRATIONALYOUTH Created by Anthony Mascolo in 2004 to identify and nurture future talent, TIGI Inspirational Youth is one of the most respected and successful global youth-training programmes in hairdressing.Guided by the TIGI International Creative Team, the programme comprises an intensive training

25 which covers a broad aspect of creative
which covers a broad aspect of creative instruction. This includes classic and advanced cutting, colouring and styling, product knowledge and usage, session styling, presentation skills, photographic techniques and working to camera.Often described as a ‘life changing’ experience by team members, TIGI Inspirational Youth takes education to a new level, delivering the next generation of hairdressing stars. Now in its seventeenth year, the programme has inspired many former team members to high levels of success in their own right.For further information on TIGI Inspirational Youth, please speak to your TIGI Account Manager or “When I began my career, my brothers gave me the opportunity, support and inspiration to experience photo shoots and shows, which gave me invaluable skills. In turn, I want to provide today’s young hairdressers the chance to grow their talent. They are the future of our industry.” Anthony MascoloTIGI Founder & International Artistic Director “To have an opportunity to explore areas of our industry outside of salon work is an invaluable experience. It

26 was a positively challenging journey but
was a positively challenging journey but putting yourself in uncomfortable positions is when we truly start to learn. Inspirational Youth gave me condence and a wider skillset but, most importantly, gave me some great memories!” Philip DowningTIGI UK Academy Creative & Education Director “Inspirational Youth opened so many doors for me. What makes it special is that TIGI knows how to deal with hairdressers. Whether you want to work in editorial, fashion, stage work or salon, they’ll help you develop as a hairdresser to take the next step in your career.”Rory GambleSalon Manager, Forresters Caversham 52PERFECT SERVICE PARTNERAt TIGI, we believe every client is unique, and so is their hair. That’s why we created the TIGI Copyright range, a premium, professional brand designed to oer today’s discerning clients personalised haircare to meet their individual needs. Its unique concept enables salons to develop the perfect service for every client using high-performing customisable colour, care and styling products, backed by in-salon education programmes tailored to your salon’s needs.TAILOR-MA

27 DE FOR CLIENTSSince its launch in 2012,
DE FOR CLIENTSSince its launch in 2012, TIGI Copyright Colour has excited colourists across the globe, pushing their creativity and technical expertise by intermixing the ranges and shades in order to create personalised colours for every client.To complement the versatility of Copyright Colour, TIGI launched Copyright Care, a bespoke haircare and styling range that caters for each client’s personal needs and lifestyle. Care, colour and styling work in harmony to create professional, personal and perfect 360° salon experiences, tailored to every client.WHY TIGI COPYRIGHTThrough TIGI Copyright, our mission is to help hairdressers to reach their full potential by unlocking their creativity and giving them professional skills through education and opportunity. Our aim is to help every salon grow its business, by developing teams and ensuring every client is not only loyal, but their hair is the best advert the salon could have. Here’s just a few reasons why we think you’ll love the range.Salon-exclusive TIGI Copyright is a range available for salon professionals onlyCompactBoth Colour and Care are compact ranges, which

28 means less stock and reduced inventory.I
means less stock and reduced inventory.Intermixable Create bespoke colours every time with the intermixable Copyright Colour portfolio.CustomisableCopyright Care oers up to 28 dierent custom combinations to target every hair need, for truly bespoke services.Easy to use treatmentsNo matter the level, everyone can use the range of Boosters and SOS Extreme Recovery to drive their column and enhance their services.Delivers great resultsSOS Extreme Recovery Treatment, with its instant, incredible results, gives hairdressers greater condence when colouring or lightening damaged hair. COPYRIGHT 5455 TIGIBED HEAD “When we couldn’t nd the products we wanted, we created them ourselves.”Anthony MascoloTIGI’S HERITAGEIt was Mascolo determination and creativity that sparked the beginning of Bed Head by TIGI, a professional styling range to help hairdressers and their clients create any look in the chair and at home. In 1996, the launch of the Bed Head Wax Stick changed the face of TIGI, the industry, and hair fashion. The now iconic Stick was the perfect product for styles worn by late 90s’ youth cul

29 ture, and captured the elevation of 
ture, and captured the elevation of ‘Street Fashion’ at the time. As the brand developed, it led to the launch of Bed Head For Men, a range created especially for male clients wanting a modern, masculine look. STYLING CREATIVITYKnown for creativity and pushing boundaries, Bed Head empowers hairdressers to create endless styling combinations. The range allows for personal cocktailing of products to achieve any style, from natural movement to strong hold and texture. WHY TIGI BED HEAD?TIGI believes in inspiring hairdressers through creative inspiration and education designed to unlock creative freedom, with professional styling products that deliver endless creative possibilities for stylists and their clients. This is why we know you’ll love Bed Head and Bed Head For Men.Unlimited cocktailing opportunitiesBed Head enables hairdressers and clients to mix, layer and cocktail products to create any style for lived-in, urban looks and provocative shapes.High-performing styling innovationAn innovative range with high-performing formulas. Bed Head helps hairdressers create any style, from smooth and shine to waves and curls,

30 and from volume to texture and hold.Ins
and from volume to texture and hold.Inspired by street trendsBed Head products are created for anyone who likes to experiment, aiming for fearless self-expression. Bed Head is the original rule breaker with a stand-out design and addictive fragrances.Care for every hair needBed Head wash and care targets the needs of every client, whatever their hair type. Recommend the perfect product to care for coloured hair, boost up the volume, add smooth and shine, or give a dose of serious repair and nourishment.All TIGI courses explain product usage to expand knowledge and condence in selecting the right products. This not only helps you become more condent and creative when developing new styles and nishes, but also allows you to successfully recommend and retail the right aftercare and styling products so your clients can care for and recreate their look at home. 57 The TIGI Education team is always available to discuss your education and training requirements. Our Education administrators have the experience to advise you on the courses most suited to your team members and your training needs. Whether you are wanting to a

31 ttend a course at a TIGI Academy, partic
ttend a course at a TIGI Academy, participate in a regional training seminar or book an in-salon educator, we can help you. We believe training is an ongoing commitment and we are committed to supporting your business through education. If you would like to book a course or discuss your education plan, please speak to your TIGI Account Manager, Regional Education Specialist or contact our Education Administrator.Please call: 0207 228 5999Or email: European AcademyAlbion Riverside8 Hester RoadLondon SW11 4AXGETTING TO THE TIGI ACADEMY IS EASY!Taking public transport is the easiest way to get to the TIGI Academy. Listed are the closest stations and bus routes. In all cases, alight at Battersea Bridge or Parkgate Road.From Clapham Junction StationBuses: 49, 319, 345From South Kensington StationBuses: 49, 345From Victoria StationBus: 170From Sloane SquareBuses: 19, 319To nd out the best way to get from your London arrival station or airport go to NOW 5859 60 TIGI EDUCATIONwww.fuse.comFollow the Team on:/tigiprofessionals /TIGIProfessional /TIGIprofessional /TIGIPro

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