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Frog Dissection Guide

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Frog Dissection Guide

Amphibians Phylum: Chordata Class: Amphibians (Means: double-life) Orders: Salamanders and Newts, Frogs and Toads, Ringed Caecilian Water as larvae and land as adults Breathing: Gills and skin larvae : Lungs and skin adults


Reproduction Requires Moist Environment Eggs must develop in water (not-amniotic)


Nictitating Membrane

Tympanic Membrane/tympanum

Breathing/Respiration: Skin and Lungs

Tadpole Breathing

Anatomy of Frog’s Mouth

Answer Key External Anatomy

Dissection Directions Read the directions to cut open the Frog Pin the frog for optimal viewing

Fat Bodies

Frog Liver Right lobe, left anterior lobe, and left posterior

Frog Heart

Gall Bladder Lungs, Stomach, Pancreas

Internal Anatomy Slide 2

Liver, Peritoneum, Fat Bodies and Heart

Male Urogenital System

Female Urogenital System

Female With Eggs

Answer Key

Male Urogenital Answer Key

Urogenital System Kidneys (D): Filter BloodUreters (G): Carry urine from kidneys to bladderTestes (C): Make spermOviducts (B): eggs travel through theseOvary: makes eggs (A) - ovary is often too small to see, but eggs are visible Urinary Bladder (F): Stores UrineCloaca (E): Where sperm, eggs, urine, and feces exit.

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