How to  Use “ SendThisFile How to  Use “ SendThisFile

How to Use “ SendThisFile - PowerPoint Presentation

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How to Use “ SendThisFile - PPT Presentation

How to Use SendThisFile What to Enter on the Screen From Enter the email address you want the LGPC to send correspondence to Recipient Enter 7aLoanProgramsbagov Subject Enter the business name ID: 765819

sba enter loan application enter sba application loan docs documents business submitted click send lgpc file files control contact




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How to Use “SendThisFile” What to Enter on the ScreenFrom: Enter the email address you want the LGPC to send correspondence to. Recipient: Enter “7aLoanProgram@sba.gov”Subject: Enter the business name. ETRAN Application No: Enter the 8 digit eTran app #. If you don’t have one, enter 8 zero’s.7A Control No: When submitting trailing docs, enter the LGPC control #. If you don’t yet have one, enter N/A. Loan Number: For Loan Mod requests, enter the SBA loan #. Otherwise, enter N/A.Business Name: Enter the business name and the DBA name (do not enter TBD, unknown, etc.)Lender Location Id: Enter the lender’s SBA Partner Location ID for the main branch.Lender Contact: Who we should contact if we have a problem downloading or opening the docs.Message: (optional) Usually used for additional contacts or urgent informationAttach Your FilesAttach your documents, individually, or combine them into one, or more, zip files. There is no file size limit. Submit your Docs to the LGPCWhen all your files are attached, click “SendThisFile”. Warning: Do not exit the webpage until the “Cancel” button changes to “Continue”. If you exit too soon, your information will be lost. Note: All application documents should be submitted concurrently, via E-Tran, with your E-Tran application. All documents submitted with the application must also be submitted in the 10-Tab format. Go to: http://www.sba.gov/content/send-file , and click on “Send a file to the LGPC-CA”. Click on the “ http://www.sendthisfile....” link on the following page: You should now be at the page to upload your files:

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