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Set 3 Honors Vocab.
Set 3 Honors Vocab.

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Set 3 Honors Vocab Harpreet Dhami Block 8 Bluffverb Definition To engage false display of strength or confidence usually in order to deceive someone Sentence The poker player had to bluff so it looked like he had a good hand of cards ID: 766635 Download Presentation


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Set 3 Honors Vocab. Harpreet DhamiBlock 8

Bluff(verb) Definition: To engage false display of strength or confidence, usually in order to deceive someone.Sentence: The poker player had to bluff, so it looked like he had a good hand of cards. Synonym: To lie Antonym: To tell the truth

Brackish(adj.) Definition: SaltySentence: I can’t stand swimming in brackish water, I can only swim in a pool or freshwater. Synonym: Saltwater Antonym : Freshwater

Circumference(noun) Definition: The boundary of an area, an object, or geometric figure; especially a circleSentence: “I was never good at geometry , especially finding a circumference of a circle ,” said Suzie.Synonym: BoundaryAntonym: Inside

Headway(noun) Definition: To progress towards a place or goal.Sentence: Josh received a C+ on his test, so he made headway by retaking and improving to an A+. Synonym: Move forward Antonym: Fall Behind

Ignite(verb) Definition: To cause something to start burning; to catch on fireSentence: While cooking Jimmy was so careless he let the food ignite, so he had burnt pasta for dinner. Synonym: BurnAntonym: Extinguish

Illuminated(verb) Definition: To cast light upon someone or something Sentence: Bob was illuminated because Jimmy was shining a flashlight on him. Synonym: ShineAntonym: Dull

Impending(adj.) Definition: About to occurSentence: After the Titanic hit the iceberg a lot of havoc was impending; it happened very soon . Synonym: Approaching Antonym: Distant

Repugnant(adj.) Definition: Causing disgust; offensive or repulsiveSentence: Bob has such repugnant behavior; yesterday he was throwing spit ball at the Tyler. Synonym: Nauseating Antonym: Pleasant

Restitution(noun) Definition: To pay money or make up for damage or injury that you have causedSentence: John broke his parent’s vase, so he has to make restitution with his allowance. Synonym: Compensation Antonym: Robbing

Sabotage(noun & verb) Definition:(n) A deliberate act that causes damage or stops activities (v) To commit sabotage against somethingSentence: (n) Everyone thinks the accident of Suzie falling was sabotage; someone had to have done it on purpose. (v) Bob sabotaged Tim, so he could win the race.Synonym: (n)Wrecking (v)HurtingAntonym: (n)Fixing (v)Assistance

Scarcity(noun) Definition: Insufficient supply; a shortageSentence: Julie had a scarcity of money to pay her bills, so she had to sell her house for more money . Synonym: Low Antonym: Abundance

Zeal(noun) Definition: Great enthusiasm or devotion to a cause, idea or goalSentence: George had great zeal at his surprise birthday party; he smiled all night . Synonym: Gusto/ Zest Antonym: Depressed


Ambrosial(adj.) Definition: Delicious, fragrant, divineSentence: To me french-fries are ambrosial, and I crave them all day. Synonym: Yummy/ GoodAntonym: Repulsing/ Disgusting

Halcyon(adj.) Definition: Calm, peaceSentence: The birthday party was the opposite of halcyon; everyone was running, jumping, and yelling. My head is going to explode! Synonym: Serene Antonym: Violent Halcyon Not halcyon

Metamorphosis(noun) Definition: A transformation, a marked alterationSentence: A caterpillar undertakes the process of metamorphosis; at first it is a toad and then transforms into a butterfly. Synonym: Transfiguration Antonym: Same

Labyrinthine(adj.) Definition: Complicated, perplexing, mazelikeSentence: The Minotaur lived in labyrinthine place, in a complicated maze. Synonym: Elaborate Antonym: Straightforward

Titanic(adj.) Definition: Huge, powerfulSentence: The shoes are titanic; they basically are houses on my feet! Synonym: Vast Antonym: Narrow/little

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