BJFQMJJT i iiiviii iii iiivi iiiiiiv i i xiivi ii PDF document - DocSlides

BJFQMJJT         i   iiiviii iii iiivi       iiiiiiv   i i    xiivi ii PDF document - DocSlides

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-B$JF%QMJ%JT%7% *" --"1/* 6 1* /" ˜`i 6 `Տˆˆœ˜ ˜ii`ivœ“˜ȉœiˆi -ˆ“i‡“ˆ˜iˆ˜̏ˆœ˜˜`i iiœˆiœvœœˆ}ˆ˜“i`ˆ / 7 -/ /" 1* /" i`ˆ˜}…i˜ii}i˜iˆœ˜œv 6 `Տˆœ …i ˆi Տˆ ˆ 6 xœii`vi˜œ}…œ “ii…i`i“˜`ˆ˜}iˆi“i˜œvœviˆœ˜ðœvvi ˜iœ˜œiˆ…vi˜viivœœ˜i‡œ… 6 `Տˆˆœ˜˜ii‡vˆi˜` ˆ˜ivi ˆ…{œ˜˜`˜iˆ˜ˆˆi“i˜vœvœiˆœ˜ ˜`ˆ˜ii`œˆœ˜vœ`˜i`ið -/1/"""1- 1* /" /…i ˆi Տˆ ˆ 6 xiۏՏiˆ“iޏœ‡ ˆ˜}iœiiwi 6 œii 6 ‡7˜` ‡7`ˆˆ“Տ˜iœÏˆ…œ`ˆ˜ˆ˜}œœ“‡ iiœið/…ˆˆ˜ˆˆii“œ“ˆiœ}˜ˆi 6 ˜` vœ“vœv…Ïi‡vii`Տˆˆœ˜˜`ˆ œ“ˆiˆ…“œ 6 ˜` vœ“ð 1/* 1 /"-E"*/"- /…i“‡…iœˆœ˜ˆ˜…i 6 `Տˆˆœ˜ “Ži…i ˆi Տˆ ˆ 6 xˆ˜œœi“ œ˜œii…˜œœ}wi 6 ˆi˜`˜“‡ iœvˆ˜˜œˆiv˜ˆœ˜ˆ˜`ˆ˜}…iˆˆœ` `Տˆˆœ˜ii`ˆ˜“˜Տ“œ`iˆii““œ`i ˆ˜`ˆ˜}œi˜`iˆvœˆœ˜œ““œ`i “Տˆiiœ`ˆ˜}œið / *" --" /"" /…i ˆi Տˆ ˆ 6 xœœœˆŽ`Տˆ‡ i`ˆ}ˆ̏``ˆœ˜`ˆ`iœvœ“Տˆii… ˆ˜ˆ˜}iˆœ˜“Žiˆ˜}ii˜ˆœ˜“Տˆ“i`ˆ œiœ“œˆœ˜œ`ˆ˜vœ`ˆˆˆœ˜˜`“œi7ˆ… ˆ˜ii`ivœ“˜ȉœiœˆ̽…iˆ`iœœ vœœviˆœ˜iiŽˆ˜}œ˜œ“œ“Տˆi 6 `Տˆˆœ˜
Page 2
" $Z%%$%JJ  JZ%J " J J "J%JJJ "JJJ J JZZ "$$ JJ YY$%  % $% JJJ$% JJZJ%%ZJ%JZ%%J%% $J$% $JJJJJJ  ˆi իˆ ˆV 6 x  ˆi իˆ ˆV 6 x   ZJJ Y%%Y$% ZJJJ Y%%Y%% Y%% %Y$%Y$% J $%JZ " %% %% JZ%J %%JJ %%  %% %% %% $% $%  $%"   $%%" J$%  $% JJJ $% $%Y $%#J J  %  Z  JJ JJ YYJYY J  Z ZJJ

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