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Handwriting Analysis

EHS BioMed/ForensicsSlide2

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Handwriting Analysis

Document analysts examine and compare

questioned documents


known material (exemplar).

What do you think a questioned document could be?

A questioned document is any signature, handwriting, typewriting, or other written mark whose source or authenticity is in dispute or question.

Give an example of where you have heard of this before.Slide4

A questioned document…

Is any signature, handwriting, typewriting, or other written mark whose source of authenticity is in dispute or uncertain

Examples of questioned documents:


certificates wills licenses letters

suicide, ransom notesSlide5



Experts in the field investigate such things as handwriting, computer printouts, commercial printing, paper, and ink.

Questioned documents can include: checks, certificates, wills, passports, licenses, money, letters, contracts, suicide notes, receipts, lottery tickets, etc.

Their work can help identify a document’s author.Slide7



Document Experts

may investigate threatening, ransom, or suicide notes.

What do you think they are specifically looking for when they analyze the questioned document against a known sample?

Changes in: letter size, shape or appearance, line spacing, letter slant, style, etc.Slide8


Document Experts are



Graphologists analyze handwriting to detect personality traits (this is not a recognized part of forensic science, but is may be useful to investigations).

How could a graphologist be useful to an investigation?Slide9


History of Forensic

Handwriting Analysis

In the 1930s, handwriting analysis played a role in the famous Lindbergh case.

It was used in the trial of Richard Hauptman for the kidnapping & murder of the son Charles Lindbergh.Slide10


History of Forensic

Handwriting Analysis

In 1999, the United States Court of Appeals determined that handwriting analysis qualified as a form of expert testimony.

To be admissible in court, however, scientifically accepted guidelines must be followed.

Handwriting analysis has been used by Scotland Yard, the FBI, and the Secret Service.Slide11



Everyone’s handwriting shows natural variations.

What are some factors that affect our handwriting and cause these variations?

Writing instrument (pen, pencil, marker, crayon) our mood, age, time restraints, audience being written too.

Despite these variations, each person has a unique handwriting style.Slide12



What do you notice about the two samples of handwriting to the right?Slide13


Introduction to Handwriting

Characteristics of Handwriting

Handwriting Analysts look at three aspects of handwriting: letter form, line form, and formatting.

Letter form

includes: letter shape, curve, slant, size, continuous stroke, and correct appearance.

Line form

includes: smoothness of letters, and darkness of lines of different strokes


includes: spacing between letters, words, and lines, placement of words, & marginsSlide14


Handwriting Examination

What is the goal of handwriting examination?

To determine authorship and authentication.

To identify


: documents created with the intention to deceive…

Two writings are the product of one person if their similarities are unique and no unexplainable differences are found.Slide15


Handwriting Examination

Step of handwriting analysis:

Examine the questionable document for detectable traits and record them.

Obtain some writing of the suspect’s (an


) and compare the traits found in the questionable document with it.

Draw conclusions about the authorship of the questionable document based on the comparison. Slide16


Technology Used in

Handwriting Analysis

Biometric Signature Pads

This computerized pad “learns” to recognize how a person signs his or her name based on the speed, pressure, and rhythm of the signing.

Forgeries then are recognized by the detection of even slight differences.

Computerized Analysis of Handwriting

Computers can make objective comparisons between handwritings.

Suspect signatures can be compared with ones stored in databases. Slide17



Evidence in the Courtroom

The expert shows how comparisons were made.

The defense attorney likely will cross-examine the handwriting expert.

Shortcomings in Analysis

A particular piece of handwriting can be different from its usual style because of factors such as fatigue.

Experts can miss details. Slide18

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