Blazing Saddles Comedy by Raymond Weschler Major C - PDF document

Blazing Saddles Comedy     by Raymond Weschler Major C
Blazing Saddles Comedy     by Raymond Weschler Major C

Blazing Saddles Comedy by Raymond Weschler Major C - Description

Jim The Waco KidGene Wilder A famous gunslinger shooter of the American West who Bart finds in his jail as a sorry but loveable drunk man Hedley LamarHarvey Korman The corrupt Attorney General of the state who wants to find a way to scare the people ID: 61994 Download Pdf


Jim The Waco KidGene

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1Blazing SaddlesMajor Charactersth century actor. 2Ultimately, Blazing Saddles and burning. ÒSaddlesÓ are the leather seats used for riding horses.Song: He made his blazing saddle a torch to light the wayÉ. A ÒtorchÓ is a mass of burning material placed on top of a stick, ÒTo lollygagÓ is a rarely used verb meaning to sit around lazily whiledoing nothing. A ÒpickÓ is a pointed metal tool for digging.Dock that chink a dayÕs pay for napping 3doesnÕt thrill me at all, but I get a belt out of youÉ. ? in the world is going on . ÒTo riseÓ is to go up or ascend.Goddang, now we are in trouble. :: They in troubleÉ. A ridiculous and old fashioned way to say god damn it. Note that theverb to be is often dropped in black English dialects. Take it easy 4WeÕll put her right down there over that ridge. .Ó idiot . This one is a doozey. A funny little slang word that refers to any fool. A useful adjective that is used for people who often drop things or 5get into accidents. It can also mean awkward.There might be a legal precedent! . This is the way legal cases are described. ÒVersusÓ means against. getting rid of every living thing that moves within an inch of its life.ÒTo Whoop and whopÓ something is a ridiculous and dated way of 6That uppity nigger went and hit me on the head with a shovel. . . . equipment across a field. ÒNutsÓ is a slang word for testicles (or balls), obscene . ÒLivelyÓ is a good way to say socially active. ÒNastyÓ is a fun word for , raped. means to destroy and that a ÒbiscuitÓ is a type of cookie or cracker. 7To be ÒindebtedÓ to a person is to owe them gibberish , but it expressed a courage little seen in this day and age. trying. ÒBy gumÓ is ridiculous and never used, though you might 200,000 acres of Indian 8TheyÕll never go for it! A ridiculous way of referring to Native American Indians.These things are defective. A useful word which means broken, faulty or not functioning well. ! ÒhurumphÓ 9As Attorney General, I can assure you that a suitable sheriff Meeting is adjourned. A very official way of saying finished, or completed. . his very appearance would drive them out of town. . A useful word that means extremely important or critical.IÕd be delighted. ? 10Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln. It could lead to a nomination, for, dare I say ?É. One way of saying to take care of all the organizational details. The sheriff will be here at noon! I better rehearse my speech. 11privilege to extend to you a laurelÉand a hardy handshake. A ÒlaurelÓ is a tiny tree that is given to people as a gift or honor, whileA way of telling a band to begin to play music. ! assume the duties . ÒHold itÓ is a common way of saying stop it. ÒTo bluffÓ is to pretend that ÒHush!Ó is a way of telling a person to be quiet.I said Òorder!Ó :: Nietzsche says Òout of chaos, 12 . ÒDeviousÓ means slightly dishonest, or crafty. ÒSon of a bitchÓ is a The Waco Kid; He had the fastest hands in the West. Steady as a rock.An expression that means stable, or in this case, without shaking.You were just pulling my lariat.A ÒlariatÓ is a lasso, or rope for controlling animals, but this word is neverused. ÒTo pull someoneÕs legs A ÒpunkÓ is a bully or aggressive young person, and in this context, 13 ÒGrittyÓ means filled with tiny coarse stones, though here it is used tomean unpleasant. ÒTo drawÓ a gun is to reach for it and shoot it.I spun around. Note the past tense of spin, meaning to turn around in a circle.The little bastard shot me in the ass ! ÒFolksÓ is an old word that is still used to mean both parents and people. The ÒSiouxÓ were a powerful and well known Native American tribe.Shvartzes. To ÒrivetÓ an audience is to keep them fascinated or mesmerized. 14ÒHoly shitÓ is a truly interesting way to express The Òdeputy sheriffÓ is the police officer just under the sheriff.A ÒspadeÓ is both one of the four symbols used in playing cardsspade might turn out glad those fingers arenÕt loaded . ÒGladÓ means satisfied or happy. Note that oneÒloadsÓ a gun with bullets (but not fingers).Catch you later.A colloquial way of saying Òsee you later.ÓUp yours, nigger. . will obliterate anthrax once and for all. ÒTo deviseÓ is to create or invent, and a ÒvaccineÓ is a medicine that 15 sheriff meatballs. ÒTo mash upÓ something is to crush or ground it into tiny pieces. Another great but ridiculous line.Shitkicker. (Jelly is a type of fruit topping that one puts on bread). 16I hope this apple pie will thank you in some small way for An Òunderground successÓ is a person who has become successfuldespite the fact that the general public is not aware that this is the case. . I love it when you talk dirty. the sheriff of Rock Ridge. ÒTo seduceÓ a person is to sexually or romantically attract them. . The gal youÕve all been waiting for, the Bavarian bombshell A ÒgalÓ is a girl or woman. A ÒBavarian bombshellÓ is a slangy way of 17 ÒTo houndÓ a person is to continually bother them. break! SheÕs bushed É.donÕt you know sheÕs pooped ? A classic line that women say when they want to put 15 is my limit on schnitzenbruben. to do. 18much Vitamin E I can get my hands on. A ÒwritÓ is a legal document signed by a judge which orders people A slangy word for guy that has become increasingly popular. In this case, Òto whipÓ means to defeat. Note MongoÕs charming . ÒFellowÓ (fella) is a British way of saying guy. ÒTo take a fancyÓ Why is a high roller like Hedley Lamar interested in the railroad? 19 ! . YouÕre talking to the sheriff of Rock Ridge. black men. ÒRedneckÓ is an insult word that generally describes When a plan Òbackfires,Ó it turns into the opposite of what was hoped.People are staying in droves. leave in droves.ÓShut up, you Teutonic twat. 20 Take thisÕre leaving. and rape. 21 . Boy, is he strict. Éthrough the Vatican . :: Kinky . And now for my next impression----Jesse Owens. . , canvas . 22IÕm hip. A close copy or imitation.Every buildingÉ.right down to the orange I Rock Ridge! A ÒfakeÓ of anything is an imitation of it. It is false or not real. the chinks, but we donÕt want the Irish!Ah prairie shit, everybodyÉ. ÒPrairie shitÓ is an interesting variation of horseshit or bullshit. in one night?É. . 23Schmucks. Everything is here down to the last hitching post. A pole that was used to keep horses tied up. Look at this! TheyÕre buying it! ÒTo buy itÓ is a colloquial way of saying to believe it. ItÕs a fake; weÕve been suckered in! ! 24 ! You vulgar shit! Why you miserable pansy ! ! . . . ! 25 26Blazing SaddlesPossible Topics for ESL Class Discussion1. Is the American experience with racism any worse than with other countries inthe world?3. What, if anything, did you find offensive about this movie?

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