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Skillful Leader …Classified

Introduction to the Skillful Leader

Tony Signoret



Human Resources

Palm Springs Unified School District

Friday April 5





Skillful Leader …Classified

Confronting Mediocre Performance

If the


is performing poorly, I can better deal with that than I can deal with

an employee who

is just doing their job.”

(modified - Confronting Mediocre Teaching - pg.7



Skillful Focus

Introduce Skillful Concepts

Identify Mediocre Employees

Complete Skillful Reflection

Complete Skillful Roadmap

Workshop Modules - Collaborative Skillful Analysis and Support (Professional Learning Community)


Skillful Terms

Leniency Effect & Halo Error

Tentative and/or Mixed Messages

Evaluator Impressions

Evidenced Based Narratives

“More information, means more credibility” (p. 72)


Skillful Leader Concepts

Mediocre Employee

Debilitating Beliefs

Unpromising Practices

Confront Institutional Mediocrity


Identify the Mediocre Employee

Excellent employees & Incompetent employees share one quality - They are easy to identify

Rate Employees -

Handout 1

(Part One)


Identify the Mediocre Employee

They have satisfactory attendance and are pleasant to othersBut they are very unorganized and miss deadlinesThey assist with school or department activities outside of their job duties (Sports, Parent Activities, Staff Events, etc.)But they spend too much time socializing during work hoursThey possess necessary job knowledge to complete tasksBut they are not accountable, and will blame others when they cannot meet a deadline

Common Characteristics


Identify the Mediocre Employee

They appear to care for studentsBut they show favoritism to certain studentsThey possess excellent technical skillsBut they can be rude to othersThey demonstrate initiative while completing tasksBut they do not practice the proper rules of safety

Common Characteristics


Identify the Mediocre Employee

Mediocre Performance (defined)


Of moderate or low quality, value, ability or performance. The inability to provide reliable, high quality work on a consistent basis.

Skillful Profiles

Get in groups of 4 – 5

Read the Skillful Profiles

Discuss the characteristics of the Mediocre Employee

Rate Employees -

Handout 1

(Part Two)


Identify the Mediocre Employee





Supervisory Shortcomings

Institutional Deficiencies

Do not point fingers:


of us must own the problem of Mediocre



Skillful Leader …Classified

A skillful leader is good at pointing fingers.

When things aren’t going well,

he/she will point their finger at himself/herself first.

When things are going well,

he/she will first point their finger to others.


Debilitating Beliefs

“What can you expect? She’s been like that for 20 years.”“He’s just a couple of years away from retirement, we’ll just ride it out.”“They all like her, there’s no way the union and staff will back me if I make her change now.”

Debilitating Belief #

1 -

Diminished Expectations


Debilitating Beliefs

“Remember we’re just a support department and our jobs don’t pay much. We can’t attract high quality employees...”“If I could just clone ‘Mrs. Jones’! She’s one of a kind, you can’t expect everyone to be at her level.”

Debilitating Belief #

2 -

Diminished Aspirations for Achievement and



Debilitating Beliefs

Deciding there is only one way to solve a problem - and that one way is too difficult to do“I wish I could fire them all, but I can’t”Firing is an inappropriate and unrealistic first response to dealing with mediocre performance:

Debilitating Belief #3 - Inappropriate Problem Definition and Goal Setting

Instead think: “What are the different ways in which we can make it clear that every

employee must perform.”


Debilitating Beliefs

Supervisor’s fear of fracturing relationships and endangering collegiality - leads to ‘backing off’ or ‘looking the other way’Fear of staff being ‘devastated’ or ‘destroyed’ if presented with information indicating areas of need for improvementAfraid of the potential loss of long-time social and professional friendships because recipients will be angryFear that staff members will respond with anger, thus disrupting the positive climate of the department or school

Debilitating Belief #

4 -

Negative Assumptions


bout Costs and Benefits


Debilitating Beliefs Help Promote Mediocrity

Think of a Debilitating Belief that has affected you. Share your experience.

Diminished Expectations

Diminished Aspirations for Achievement and Opportunity

Inappropriate Problem Definition and Goal Setting

Negative assumptions about Costs and Benefits


Unpromising Practices

Unpromising Practice 1


Transferring Problems

Tailoring Job Duties - hand picking duties based upon the employee’s weaknesses or another employee’s strengths

Transferring Staff - moving the ‘weak links’ to different desk, area or department


Unpromising Practices

Unpromising Practice 1

: Results?

Short-term solutions carry Long-term


Tailoring job duties places the burden on the remaining staff

Transferring staff temporarily minimizes damage, yet mediocre performance continues


Unpromising Practices

Unpromising Practice 2


Basing Evaluations on Limited Data

Evaluating based on 1 or 2

events or observations



Using general/interchangeable feedback terms from one evaluation to the other:

“Mrs. Smith creates a comfortable working environment.”

“Mr. Jones enhances the library experience.”

“Mrs. Gomez is a real veteran security officer.”


Unpromising Practices

Unpromising Practice 2

: Results?

- Promotes

Mediocrity due to vague, tentative and ‘insecure’



Evaluator Impressions -

‘Nutshell Summaries’ based on limited to nonexistent

data or facts; hearsay or assumptions


Evidence-Based Narratives

- Provide clear narratives of the observation supported by evidence; follow with examples or models of the kind of practices you’d like to see.

More information means more competence & credibility


Unpromising Practices

Unpromising Practice 3


Assigning Inappropriate Weight to Unrelated Duties

Socially Active



; Collaborative; Brings doughnuts; Distributes Birthday

Cards; Coaching; etc.

Accessible: Always available to provide help with tasks that are unrelated to the position.


Unpromising Practices

Unpromising Practice 4


Allowing written evaluations that contain Mixed Messages and/or Inflated Performance Ratings

“The Officer’s warm rapport and quickness to respond makes for a safe environment. While students love the attention, it would seem that they are reluctant to assist when they are called upon as witnesses to skirmishes. You might want to try to a different approach. This will add to the delightful way in which you motivate youngsters.”


Unpromising Practices

Unpromising Practice 4

: Results?


is protected by poor,

tentative writing and mixed messages


Inflated performance ratings communicate that everyone is “excellent

Be directive and establish clear benchmarks for improvement


Confronting Mediocrity

ConvictionInstitutional belief that EVERY employee must be held accountable for their performanceAdopt the norm of excellenceTaking steps to improve employee performance will make a difference

Eliminate Debilitating Beliefs & Unpromising Practices with:

The Three C’s


Confronting Mediocrity


Determination to develop supervisory competence (invest the time in professional learning communities)

Ask hard questions

Avoid fluff


Use Evidence Based Narratives


Confronting Mediocrity

ControlCreate adequate structures, processes and resources to support evaluators who are charged with confronting mediocre performance

The Three C’s:

Conviction, Competence & Control


Skillful Reflection & Road Map

Skillful Reflection -



Select one Mediocre employee from your list of employees (handout 1)

Complete handout 2

The Skillful Road Map -

Handout 3

Develop your Skillful Road Map to Confront Mediocrity


Review: Skillful Terms

Evidenced Based Narratives

Structured feedback based on clearly stated narratives supported by evidence; followed with examples/models for


Leniency Effect & Halo Error


unrelated to the essential job function that encourages


evaluator to

boost the overall appraisal


Review: Skillful Terms

Tentative and/or Mixed Messages

Poorly written


that lacks clear directives,


and benchmarks for improvement; ‘warm


Evaluator Impressions

‘Nutshell S


’ based on limited or nonexistent


More information Means More Credibility

Collecting & using evidence drawn from a

variety of resources or incidents increases

an evaluator’s competence & credibility


Be A Skillful Leader

It is an immutable law that words are words,

explanations are explanations,

and promises are promises.

But only performance is reality



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